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The Drive
by secret_fellow

After sharing an entire week together all alone, Wendy and Brad awoke to their alarm clock, as it was all coming to an end. It was time to pick up their children. Wendy peered off at the clock in a daze and then reached to shut it off. She was frustrated. Suddenly she felt all worn out again from all the attention the children took from her.

Brad lay there feeling the pangs of frustration building once again. He had tried everything he could to bolster their relationship and as a result, he was worried. It seemed the entire week they just spent together literally wasted away before his very eyes. They each cherished the quality time they spent together but something was missing. The loving dinners, dances and closeness they shared when they went on walks were genuine and true. However they both yearned for new sparks to fly between them and much to their displeasure none occurred. They loved each other, but everyday seemed like the one before. Just too plain and continually draining.

Brad turned towards Wendy and held her close. He leaned over her slightly and kissed the side of her left cheek. She lay there feeling secure, not really responding, but wanting more. Brad slowly eased back on his pillow when he sensed Wendy draw herself away from him.

He was ready to get up and just walk away. He was crushed. His feelings were hurt and he actually felt a bit peeved she was doing this to him. She was feeling the same thing and he knew it. However he couldn't believe she just gave him the cold shoulder. In his mind he was triggering himself to do everything he could to please Wendy. But his attempt was snubbed. As he lay back on his pillow staring at the ceiling he began festering with resentment towards Wendy. He felt terrible.

After a few moments of silence Wendy got up out of bed. She reached for her bathrobe on her way to the bathroom to shower. Brad kind of leered over towards her following her with his eyes as she walked away. He thought, "damn I love her." He had to do something. He knew she was everything her ever dreamed of. However, she was once again in a mood too shattered for him to pull her out of it.

Brad walked this tightrope before and felt totally helpless. His mind was in circles and he was aching for her. His entire body was tingling for her from the moment he woke up. His thoughts constantly reminding him, "if she only knew how bad I'm aching for her." He sort of bit his lip and got up out of bed. Another raging hard-on morning shot right down the tubes. He wasn't nearly as horny for her as he was for missing their companionship. He knew Wendy felt the same way.

He went out into kitchen and poured himself a tall glass of milk. He drank it. Then reaching into the refrigerator he grabbed a can of pop. His mind was playing games again and he suddenly felt sneaky. His mind just never stopped. He never gave up for one moment. He didn't feel resentment anymore. As soon as it entered his mind it was swept away. Off he went to the bathroom, grinning devilishly.

He entered the bathroom and could barely see his way through the steamy room. As he walked in, he spoke to Wendy letting her know he was there so she wouldn't tense up. He honestly thought to do everything he could to make sure she was always at peace with him. He knew she liked that about him, so not once did he stop thinking of her first. He called out to her; "I love you Wendy."

As she was answering him, he slowly opened the shower curtain behind her and touched the ice-cold pop can on her butt. She jerked and instantly stopped short of saying how much she loved him as she squealed in a shriek at how damn cold the can was. They both laughed.

Brad opened the shower curtain more and stepped halfway into the shower. He reached for her and pulled her firmly against his chest, then he kissed her. Water was spraying everywhere and he didn't care one bit. He pulled back slightly, looking deeply into her eyes and whispered, "I love you." Wendy's heart just melted.

She loved his puppy dog stares. She really did. Her emotions were melting her into a little puddle. "Brad" she said, "please don't scare me like that again okay?" Brad lifted his half-soaked body out of the shower entirely amused at himself. He didn't say a word. He started to shake up the pop can, hoping Wendy was watching through the faintly clear shower curtain. She did. She was begging him, "oh no, Brad... damn it, what are you doing now?" He stood there with a huge grin plastered on his face knowing deep down she was enjoying the hell out of this. As he reached into the shower again, teasing her as if he was going to spray her with the pop, he said, "come here and kiss me again and I promise not to open it." She shot him a coy, weary look of apprehension and hovered near the corner of the shower. She figured he wasn't going to actually open the can, so she kind of slithered over to him and kissed him. As he was kissing her, he kissed his way to her ear and whispered, "later on I'm going to go down on you honey." Brad then handed her the pop can and left.

"Damn him, he did it again!" She thought to herself, "that bastard made me wet inside and out and left!" He sure did. She was so overjoyed at how giggly he had just made her, she forgot all about the stunt he just pulled.

It wasn't but a few short moments and she noticed how damp he had just made her. Now she was angry with herself for letting him slip through her fingertips.

All week long moments like this had occurred and until now she didn't realize how distant her feelings for him had been. Lately her frame of mind would resent him for it, but the lust she felt overpowered it. What Brad just did finally woke her up out of the spell she had been in. "The poor guy," she thought to herself, "he's been trying all along and I missed it." She felt bad. She was totally in love with him.

Wendy may have felt bad, but instead of going back into the trance she usually went into, she decided right then and there she was going to make it up to him.

They each prepared for the drive they were going to take to get their children. Brad was obviously hiding that he was upset. His mind was racing to somehow shake Wendy's attitude.

He was feeling a little beside himself as he reached down into the trunk putting their suitcase in it. Suddenly Wendy came around to the back of the car and hip checked him very hard. She was in a very flirty mood and Brad knew it immediately. As she did this, Brad's mood lifted entirely. He was sort of fumbling and yet feeling pretty cool. He gathered himself trying to tease her into thinking he wasn't horny, but the cool look in his eyes said something entirely different.

To make sure she made her point, Wendy stepped in front of Brad and straddled his right thigh. She was rubbing her crotch on him and clamping her legs tightly around his thigh. With her right leg between Brad's legs she wrapped it around his leg and hooked her foot around his ankle as she was rubbing her crotch on him. She looked right at him and said, "you're right, you are going to eat me, but not here at home though, but in the car."

Brad was puzzled. He was kind of nervous, worried even. His sweetie was sure hot now though! After all, that lovely, lively smile she shot at him made him hard! God he loves her like this! He couldn't get the in the car and on the road soon enough.

Then it occurred to him, "how the hell are we going to do this?" he thought. "Its daylight!" At that, he all of the sudden went limp. "Oh man?" he thought.

Shortly they were on the road and listening to songs and flirting with each other. Wendy was wiggling all over and Brad's pants weren't roomy enough. He kept adjusting his pant legs and pulling the material down so they weren't so tight in his bulging crotch area. He loves the full, thick feeling he gets when Wendy turns him on. You know... the kind of feeling where he feels real cock-heavy and thick. Not rock hard, just heavy... pulsating and that all too familiar deep down trembling feeling.

With Wendy being in such a horny mood, he was feeling awfully cool right about now and was living it up to the hilt.

Wendy on the other hand was bouncing off the walls. Her entire body was abuzz. She continually had slight hot flashes with her entire body quivering. Anything she touched made her hotter, especially Brad. She knew she was in a mood, a naughty mood and nothing was going to make her stop wanting to fuck Brad the way she wanted to!

She sat there constantly reaching over and feeling Brad's thighs. Touching and feeling his thighs alone nearly made her explode. She loves his legs. Especially the feeling that she gets when he's between her legs, pumping into her while she's brushing her own legs on his. The thought of that, sent shivers throughout her whole body.

As she reached over to touch him, she made sure her arm reached across the front of her breasts so she could feel her own warmth. Squeezing her swelled breasts together almost took her breath away. Her top, each time she reached to touch him, would loosely tease her nipples as her arm pressed against herself.

The ride was going to last a few short hours. However this time it seemed like time was standing still.

Shortly after they had left home, Wendy had taken off her shoes and socks and at times would put one or the other of her feet in Brad's side or on his leg.

Brad loved it when Wendy touched him. Whether it was with her hands, her feet, anything, he always was in heaven whenever she paid this much attention to him.

Any part of Wendy that touched him, sent sparks flying down deep within his loins. He's always been very aroused at anything she did whenever she touched him.

Nearly every time Wendy touched him, his hands touched her. He felt sort of cool, and she was on fire.

Out of nowhere, Wendy unzipped her pants and tugged and pulled at them until they were completely off. Brad was raging hard instantly!

Just looking at her legs made him want to pull over and make love to her.

Wendy hung one foot out the window and the other planted on the floor of the car. She casually looked over to Brad and told him how she could feel the wind make her pubic hair dance and how horny it was making her feel.

"Brad, the air is blowing over my legs and it's making me want to fuck you," she said.

Brad reached over to her and placed his hand on the near side of her shoulder and neck, kind of edging her on to lean over towards him. She obliged him by leaning over to him. He looked over to him and kissed her briefly. With probing eyes he starred directly into hers and said, "when I pull this car over, I'm going to lean you out that window, lay down on the seat and eat your pussy while you fuck my face."

Upon him saying that a lost, eye wandering blank look came across her face as she shuddered in a small orgasm.

She wanted him right now!

Brad knew she just came. Now it was his turn to make her love him again.

"Wendy," Brad said, "if you want my mouth to taste your pussy you have to do what I tell you to do." Wendy thought to herself, "you'll be tasting my pussy whether I do what you want or not!"

At that Wendy took her top off. She filled her lungs with air and watched Brad glance at her. Her nipples were tight and hard as her breasts felt the air rush over them. She was having a very calm, slow orgasm as she sat there.

She reached out for Brad's right hand and placed it on her breast. He gently felt the coolness of the air pass over her breasts. Then he softly caressed his hand all over her chest, totally ignoring her nipples.

Wendy was loosing control. Her breathing said it all. Brad traced his hand down from between her breasts down to past her navel and he felt her tummy twitching. Wendy couldn't stand it anymore. She had to have him. She needed him to stop the car. She needed him to!

Wendy took his hand in her hands and kneeled on the front seat. She turned her back to him and allowed for his hand to rest on her butt as she held onto the open window frame. She purposely pushed her ass closer to him as she began to lean partially out the window. Then she placed her right foot over the back of Brad's seat and spread her legs apart while kneeling on her left knee.

Slowly Brad began to slow the car down to pull over. As he was doing this he was asking Wendy if she was going to be able to fuck for a while. Wendy replied by telling him that if he didn't hurry up and get his mouth on her pussy, that she was going to finger herself and make him keep driving.

The car soon stopped. Brad got out and walked around to the front passenger window. He unzipped his pants, pulled his underwear down over his cock and let Wendy see how much he was throbbing.

As she started to reach for him he stepped back and took his shirt off. He then handed her the shirt and walked around the car and got in the front seat again. By the time he got into the car his pants were three quarters of the way down.

He slid into the car and lay under Wendy's aching body. He reached up with both hands and placed them on her ass. She felt so hot but yet fresh.

Wendy now had one foot on the floor of the car and the other half draped over the back of the front seat. She felt his warm lips kissing on her inner thighs. He kissed and sucked on her very lightly. He felt her body tremble frequently. Wendy was pumping her hips down to meet his mouth but Brad wasn't going down on her yet.

In between moans and gasps of air, Wendy said in a very broken up sentence, "Brad, ...I, Oooohhhh, I have... to... have you!!! Brad filled each of his hands with her breasts and began to tease her nipples. Her broken speech was begging him and each time she would say anything, he would intentionally pinch or pull slightly on her nipples. He leaned up briefly and opened his mouth and sucked on her breasts, then her nipples.

He looked up at her and she was quivering and trembling all over. He abruptly stopped when he sensed she was losing control. Sliding to lower himself under her again, he began messaging her butt very firmly. He could smell her and he was going insane to have her. Eagerly he finally pulled her soaked pussy to his mouth. As soon as his mouth touched her pussy lips she came. Brad felt his face become damp and sucked and licked on her even more intensely.

Wendy was going mad grabbing at the open car window frame. Her entire body was one long, continual series of twitches and convulsions. Her panting was out of control and she was reaching for the roof of the car to push against to keep her balance.

Brad couldn't control himself any longer. He slid out from under her and knelt behind Wendy. Wendy leaned part way out of the open window as Brad hunched down behind her and pressed his cock into her entrance. He had his cock in his fist and was not pushing himself all the way into her. Wendy was driving herself back hard against him and praying he would move his damn hand!

Brad took his hand off his cock as he slid out of her, reaching for her breasts. The he positioned himself firmly behind her and told her to fuck him. Wendy didn't need any coaxing; she already was contracting the walls of her pussy on his engorged cock.

Their thrusts against each other shook the car from side to side. Brad would push himself deeply within her as he pinched her nipples and firmly caressed her breasts. When his muscles began to feel the strain of him holding himself inside her, he would begin pumping in very long, slow stokes. As he felt Wendy clamping her pussy on him tighter he would go faster and faster until she couldn't clamp down any harder.

Brad and Wendy each had to see each other. They shifted positions and Brad lay on the seat as Wendy mounted him. She was sliding herself all the way down on his cock, clenching him tightly, then lifting herself up off of him as he watched her face as she teased him.

This couldn't go on forever, but they wanted it to. Brad reached up to pull Wendy down onto his chest in a tight hugging hold as he pumped up into her. They couldn't keep going any longer. Their needs were being strained to the limit and their pain to cum together was now.

All the sensing and the feeling of wanting each other was revived. Passion was at an all time high. And naughty, they felt a hunger to be naughty.

Their muscles were flexing extremely tight as they continued being consumed in each other. Daylight or not, time was standing still and they were in a frenzy.

Brad felt Wendy start to shake all over again. He told her he was going to cum with her this time. That sent sparks of lust throughout her entire body all over again. Brad's breathing was very jagged. His entire body, as well as Wendy's was convulsing in a very erratic, but continuously explosive body spasm.

Hanging onto each other tightly, they swam with each other in bliss. Exhausted, they lay together caching their breath. They couldn't hold each other long enough. Sharing kisses and whispering to each other how much they loved each other.

Wendy was lying on top of Brad and opened the glove compartment. She began to smile and giggle slightly. She asked Brad not to look so he closed his eyes. She asked Brad, "are you thirsty?" Brad may have had his eyes closed, but he thought for an instant that Wendy was going to open up that pop can and pour it on him. "Or was she fooling?" he thought.

"I sure love you," they each said simultaneously.


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