The Best Erotic Stories.

The Date
by Peter

The evening sun cast a soft orange light across the whispy clouds in the sky. After a long hot afternoon, a quick shower had felt very refreshing. She knew that soon, her husband would be home and that this evening would be special. As she dressed herself, she wondered how he would react to her plans...

This evening turned out to be a beautiful warm, summer night. A comfortable night to wear a sheer dress. A light breeze carried the fresh scents of early summer, grasses, and flowers, and the pleasant aromas of a healthy Earth.

He had selected this restaurant because he knew it to be quiet with a romantic atmosphere. It was a pleasant place to dine and he knew they could get a seat where they wanted.

"You look wonderful tonight." he said in compliment to his always beautiful mate. There was something about the way she carried herself tonight that made her simply radiant. He had attentively noticed that she had intentionally worn a subtly suggestive light fabric dress this evening. A high slit up her right leg, that cut dangerously high and a low neck that teased the eyes with a glimpse of the soft curves of cleavage. The restaurant had a unique atmosphere, somewhat unusual for a small town. You'd expect to see places like this in resorts and big cities, he supposed that was a part of it's appeal, and another reason for it's success.

They were quickly seated in their favorite section. This place had such a wonderful character. Originally a theatre, the dining area had seating that provided wonderful viewing of a small stage located opposite from the dining area. The stage frequently showcased local musicians and comedians who would come to perform for the dining audience. Wonderful ambient lighting made dining a treat, and the shows that accompanied them made for a delightful evening out.

The booth allowed them to sit side by side and face the stage in the center, where a local musician played acoustic guitar for the dinner crowd. They normally sat close at dinner and at first he hardly noticed her hand on his leg. Soon he noticed that his wife was not completely listening to the music or paying much attention to the show. Though he had not noticed, she had subtly shifted the fabric of her dress to one side, away from the open slit by her right leg. Though her legs were crossed he could see that she had done this for the pleasure of his eyes. Then the soft touch of her hand rising up on his thigh made his blood feel a bit warmer suddenly. Quickly he gazed around the room to see if anyone else could see her actions or suggestive posture. Obviously this was a good choice of location for dinner for a number of reasons, its seclusion on the far wall made it semi-private and the table cover served a strategic role in adding to the privacy.

Shifting slightly in her seat, her movements helped to expose more of her thigh. His eyes were drawn to the smooth curves of her legs and allowed himself to scan their shape. She had shifted inside of her dress to give as much as possible to his curious eyes, without giving it all away. Her soft, silky underwear was just visible, but she made sure by keeping her legs crossed that he didn't get too much of a view. She had learned the art of the tease and knew very well its advantages. She could see that it was having its desired effect on him as the obvious strain in his pants showed.

The dinner was a fine experience topped off with a wonderful dessert...a small bowl of ice cream over apple pie topped with a two cherries and whipped topping. She picked one cherry off the topping and raised it to her lips. Tilting her head back, she raised the cherry, and with her tongue, gently and very suggestively, licked the cream from the under side. She then slowly rolled her tongue around the cherry, knowingly teasing him with the show, before taking it into her warm mouth. The expression on his face said it all. He merely looked at her from the corner of his eye, and didn't have to say anything. Gently she reached her hand over to rub his leg. Slowly moving up his thigh to his swollen crotch, where with one swift, subtle motion, she released the strain by unbuttoning and unzipping the constricting trousers.

Startled, he glanced around the room to see if anyone could have noticed what was happening in their booth. To his delight, the room was dark enough and dinner was good enough that everyone was minding their own meals and enjoying their own conversation. This booth was well positioned indeed and the cloth of the table presented additional privacy, ensuring that their actions were free from prying eyes, even from the waiters passing by. "Thank goodness", he thought, as his now nearly fully erect cock was exposed to the workings of his woman's hand. But as quickly as she started, she took her hand away.

"Excuse me for a moment", she motioned as she slid out of the booth.

"Where do you think you're going" he asked, obviously confused at being abandoned so completely.

"Going to freshen up baby" she responded. "I'll be back...don't worry."

Within about 3 minutes she returned to the table and slid back into her seat next to him. She took the other cherry from the desert and popped it into her mouth, clenching it between her teeth as she smiled at him. Disappointed, she looked down to see that he had put away his now only half-hard flesh.

Shifting in her seat, she once again moved so that her dress rode well up her thighs, exposing the silky skin of her right thigh nearly to her hip. Now it was his turn, and his hand moved swiftly to her exposed thigh and she straightened her back a little, thrusting out her bosom, and turning toward him slightly for his pleasure. His eyes moved down her plunging neckline and could easily see from this angle, not only her cleavage, but also the curves of her breasts. Sitting forward as she had, made the fabric fall away from her chest. His eyes lingered on her wonderfully curved breasts as they hung in the air, practically defying gravity. But that was not all. As his hand moved up her thigh, he moved slightly more of the fabric of her dress, up and away, and as he did so, he noticed, he no longer saw or felt the silky fabric of her underwear. Subtly she spread her legs just a little, to prove to him that his eyes and hands did not deceive him. She had gone to the bathroom to remove her panties. They were now in her purse as she showed him by opening it slightly and lifting the fabric out with a finger, then quickly tucking it away.

Leaning over toward her, he kissed her softly on her lips. "You sure know how to make things hard on a man." He whispered into her ear.

"Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to take care of that then huh." She responded smartly, licking her lips seductively.

Letting his hand explore her thigh, he rubbed higher and moved to the inner part of her thigh. That made her sigh and subtly spread her legs even wider, to make his exploring easier. His touch was sending waves of warmth and pleasure through her body. As he moved closer and closer to her pleasure areas, the anticipation was building and her loins stirred with pleasure.

His left hand swiftly moved into the crevice between her thighs and briskly his fingers moved to her now partially exposed bush. The sudden rush from his touch made her sit up and practically gasp for air. She didn't realize how much she desired his touch, until this second. With his hand between her legs, in her crotch, he let his middle finger stroke side to side, across the soft folds of her opening. His touch and the side to side motion made the folds swell and separated as the blood rushed to the area. She flushed and her whole body shuddered with the sudden pleasure from the touch of his probing fingers.

The pleasure was almost too much and she had to hold back a wince of pleasure, only letting out a quick "Ooohh" as she wiggled softly, enjoying the touch of his talented hand. To meet his touch and to ease his motions, she thrust her hips forward, sliding forward in the seat and slumping back in her seat. This made the fabric ride even higher up her hips and gave his probing hand better access to her now fully exposed flower. With one smooth motion of his fingers, he separated his index and ring finger, separating the two protective folds of skin that covered her pink inner flesh, exposing her fully aroused clit to his probing middle finger. He applied soft pressure to her clit and slid his finger downward, seeking her moist opening, slowly and tenderly stroking the highly sensitive flesh as he probed.

The pleasure of his hand was almost too much for her now. Certainly too much for this crowded restaurant, but it was also too much for her to care at this second, so she gave in as his fingers probed her pink inner flesh. From the rising heat she felt inside her and the enormous growing tension in her loins, she knew that her arousal was very obvious. So obvious that when his finger found her opening, the moisture there covered his finger. As hot as she now was, his finger was now well lubricated and the arousal allowed him to slide his finger right into her. At this angle, it could only slide in about an inch, but that was more than enough for her at this moment. As he penetrated her, she once again had to control a moan of pleasure, letting out only a muffled "aahhh....", as she closed her eyes. She could feel her moisture now as it flowed onto his fingers and onto her leg. She was glad that she had removed her panties because they would now be completely soaked. She took in the pleasure as if drinking it up. The intense feelings of having his finger penetrating her, here in this public place brought a sudden wave of intense sexual pleasure. She wanted to spread her legs further and slide down in her seat even more so that he could have full access to her, but she had to fight off that feeling, even though the intensity of the pleasure made her mind crazy with passion. Opening her eyes, she looked over at him, his arousal was again very obvious, but now he had the advantage, and she was the one who was exposed.

Satisfied that he had teased her enough, he slowly, teasingly slid his finger out of her soaking cavern, adjusted his hand just slightly and with a quick stroke, pushed his finger inside again, even further this time. She was so moist that he was able to slide it right in, up to his middle knuckle he could tell. This motion caused another quiet moan and she arched her back to meet his motion. He knew that this had to be getting to be too much for her now and he couldn't keep up the teasing much more himself anyway. Sliding his finger out of her now, he let his fingers come together to slide along between the folds of her lower lips of skin, giving a last sensation of intense pleasure to her clitoris before pulling his hand away.

She looked over at him with a hungry look of lust and desire. She almost wanted to punish him for making her so intensely aroused, then teasing her with only his hand and pulling away, leaving her wanting, craving, starving to have him. She wanted to punish him right here, to pull his cock out of his pants, push him down on his back, straddle him and fill herself with his cock, right here in this booth. But it was now time to get out of here, besides, as far as they'd gone, they might have actually gotten someone's attention. Quickly, she gathered herself back together and sat upright again in her seat. Apparently, even though she had gotten lost in the pleasure, she had been able to keep from drawing attention and no one, not even the people two tables away had noticed the intense sexual scene she and her husband had created. She noticed that he too had to quickly get his composure back, as he shifted in his seat and in his pants.

Quickly he called for the check as he glanced over at his incredible sexy wife next to him in the booth. "You are soo fucking Hot," he whispered to her, "I don't think I can wait to get you home..."

"You'll make it," she said confidently, knowing really that she barely had control enough to wait to get home.

By the time the waiter came back with the check, they both had collected themselves just enough to make a safe departure. "Thank heaven the lighting in here is low," they both thought as they slid out of the booth to make their exit. He slid out first and turned to open the aisle to allow his wife to slide out, also intentionally blocking any prying eyes from her beautiful legs. She noticed this gesture and took advantage of it by allowing once again, the fabric of her dress to ride high on her thighs and up her hip. His eyes fell right to the tops of her thighs where he was able, as she knew that he would be, to catch a glimpse of her now glistening pussy. As she stood, she shifted her dress back down appropriately, once again, appearing as the perfect lady. Of course, now he had to stroll closely behind her, as his pants were once again stretched in front by his swollen cock, trying to push its way out.

They were both so relieved to step out of the restaurant into the cool evening air. They both felt very flushed from the excitement over dinner, and now were just cooling off. Outside, they stepped to the side of the entrance, and out of the front light. He pulled her to the side and softly positioned her against the wall, scanning her face, before kissing her inviting lips with a deep passionate kiss. Slowly the kiss broke and they gathered themselves together, checking to see if anyone had taken notice of their display of affection, (not that at this moment it would have mattered), but the only people that could have seen them were on the sidewalk over 20 feet away, engaged in conversation of their own.

"So my darling, what can I interest you in now?" he asked, coyly.

"Must you ask...?" she responded, with a wink.

They quickly headed back to the car for the ride home, flirting with each other with very suggestive postures, and language. She stopped along the way at one point, turning to him as she walked in front, and quickly pulled away the fabric of her dress, exposing her breasts to him, stopping him in his tracks after one of his suggestive comments. She quickly covered them and turned again, walking briskly in the direction of the car.

Like a gentleman he opened the door for her and bowed as she entered. She showed her appreciation by leaning forward suggestively, and hiking up her dress as she ducked in. This allowed him a quick glance down her dress at her cleavage, then she lifted one leg into the car at a time, with a short delay while she positioned her left leg before bringing in her right. She hadn't needed to hike up the dress much, but since she had, and had pulled the fabric in with her left leg, her right leg out the door lay bare, but that was not all. She was essentially nude from the waist down, completely exposed to his intent gaze, but quickly she pulled in her leg, snapping him to action, closing the door and quickly coming around to the driver's side.

"Let's get home dear" she didn't have to say, but whispered into his ear anyway. As he started the car and began to pull away, she leaned closer and whispered again, "I want to feel your cock inside me."

He found it just a little difficult to drive being so aroused. His pants were straining at his erection and his mind wasn't really able to focus 100% on the road ahead, but he proceeded safely, yet quickly to their home 10 minutes away.

She could not wait that long, and reached over into his lap, feeling once again the hardness straining against the fabric of his pants.

"We've got to let him out I think...He's suffocating" she joked as her fingers fumbled with the button of his trousers and his zipper. Within a few seconds, she had released his cock from the confines of his trousers. The sensation of his cock being released, brought a moan of pleasure. Her fingers immediately wrapped around the hardened shaft, feeling its warmth in her hand. Without further warning, she yanked downward on his trousers, pulling them off of his waist and pulling the waistband of his briefs down and out of the way of her hand, giving her freer access to his shaft as he attempted to drive. The feel of it in her hand made her loins begin to stir once again, as her arousal again climbed. She rubbed her thighs together and the soft pressure and friction hightened her arousal even more.

Hungrily, she leaned her head down towards his lap as he drove. With her hand, she guided the tip of his engorged penis to her soft lips, kissing the purple head. She then opened her lips and licked at the tip with her tongue, then flicking her tongue across the tip. She turned her head to the side and brought her lips to the under side of his cock now. She spread her lips and opened her mouth on the lower sensitive side of his cock, sliding her tongue along the shaft. Slowly she moved down, planting kisses and licking his shaft with her tongue. Raising her head again, she brought her lips to the tip, and slowly pushed her mouth down, allowing her moist lips to slide along, pleasuring his shaft, feeling the length of him insider her mouth and moving her tongue around on the shaft. She took almost half of him into her mouth at first and paused, allowing her tongue to slide around on him a little. His moans of pleasure made it obvious that he enjoyed what she was doing. The feel of his warm cock in her mouth, being pleasured by her moist lips and tongue made her even hotter and she could feel the moisture now obviously flowing from between her legs. She enjoyed having him in her mouth, but mainly because it made her imagine him inside of her pussy, and that thought right now was making her hornier than she felt she had ever been. She raised her head, sliding her lips up his hard shaft, until her tongue was again able to flick at the tip of his cock. Then hungrily she closed her lips on him again and began to slide him into her mouth again, stroking his cock with her mouth, lips and tongue. She was able to take him into her mouth now past half way, and with an adjustment swallowed his entire manhood into her warm, wet mouth, imagining the feeling of him pushing his hard cock, deep inside her moist, flowing vagina. As she felt the car shudder from pulling into their driveway, she slowly pulled her mouth off of him and kissed the tip as she sat back up, smiling at him and noticing the smile of pleasure on his face.

The car had barely stopped before they were both out of the car and racing for the doorway. "Thank heaven for the privacy border" he thought as they sneaked quickly behind the privacy of the front entryway plant border. He had not had a chance to completely cover himself and felt a little peculiar as he fumbled for the right key, quickly finding it and pushing the door open.

The door shut quickly behind them and they were quickly on each other. He was fumbling with her dress and she was fumbling with his pants and shirt. Within moments she had his pants again undone and down to his ankles. She reached around behind her to undo the two buttons that at this point barely held her dress on as he pushed it off her shoulders and made it fall to the floor. He fumbled to remove the rest of his clothing as he gazed at the glory of her body now naked except for the white satin fabric of her garter, suspenders and white thigh stockings. The teasing view he once had of her breasts at the restaurant was now a clear view of perfectly shaped globes of flesh that stood proudly off of her chest, tipped with inviting nipples. He now stood before her with his manhood pulsing under her longing gaze.

He reached out to pull her body to his. His hardness pressed against the smooth skin of her belly as they kissed deeply, exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Leaning his head forward, he began to kiss down her neck, to her shoulders where he lingered, licking and placing kisses all over. He then slowly began to move down her chest, planting kisses as he went, until he reached her breasts that stood in front of him, pointing into the air, suspended perfectly, with her erect nipples, throbbing with anticipation. Feeling his breath across her nipple raised the excitement in her and she felt her body flush. His left hand moved to cover her right breast and his mouth fell to the other, closing his lips over her nipple and taking as much of her breast into his hungry mouth as he could. The sudden warm sensation of his hand and mouth on her caused her to gasp as her hands went to his head and her fingers ran through his hair. She arched her back, pressing her chest against his touch, the surge of sexual sensations flowing through her, her breasts suddenly filled with warmth that seemed to flow out to the rest of her body. Softly he stroked her nipple with his fingers of one hand while sliding his tongue over the other and sucking her breast into his mouth. His right hand now moved to her left leg, slowly stroking and caressing her skin. In response she spread her legs apart, lifting her left leg slightly to allow him easy access to her. He stroked her leg and moved his hand to the firm flesh of her bottom, feeling the smooth skin, then grasping a handful of her soft flesh and kneading her with his hand.

The gentle, but firm touch brought chills of pleasure up her spine, as she felt herself submitting to his touch, and yearning for him to touch her more. He moved his hand along the skin of her bottom, feeling her soft flesh between his fingers as he wrapped his arm around her leg and moved his hand down along the back of her leg. She lifted her left leg off the ground and leaned backwards against the wall for balance as his hand rubbed down the back of her leg to her calves, then back up. Shivers of pleasure ran through her from his touch. As his hand moved up her leg, he moved it around further, towards her inner thigh from behind, and she sighed in anticipation. His hand glided expertly up her leg, with his fingers touching her inner thigh, stroking her skin. His hand finally reached the top of her leg inside her thigh and to her surprise he moved his fingertips immediately to the soaking folds of her pussy. Expertly, he immediately found her parted inner lips, swollen and moist from sexual arousal. She felt herself melt into his hand as it found her moist crotch. Making his exploration of her easier, she lifted her leg further, opening herself further to his touch. Her hips moved with his touch, as pleasure pulsed through her. The sensations so strong she had to hold her breath for fear she might pass out. She was incredible aroused and her juices were flowing from her opening now. His hand found her opening and his fingers spread the folds of her skin as he easily slid his hand along her moist well-lubricated slit. His fingers moved in a rhythmic pattern, back and forth, side to side, gliding along her slit in her slippery lubricant, and making her flow even more. She ground her hips back and forth, matching his rhythmic motions, and trying to get more by grinding herself into his hand.

With her left hand she rubbed his back and neck and with her right, she now reached down to wrap her fingers around his massive erection. The sensations that gushed through her body were electric and pleasure was pulsing through her veins as his talented hand ministered to her pouting pussy. With her right hand, she felt the fullness of his straining cock in her fingers, as she imagined it in place of his hand. Her knees began to feel week as she stood practically balanced on one leg held up mostly by his support. She was leaning on the wall, with her left leg lifted high to give easy access to the pleasure center between her legs. She was becoming anxious now, and could feel the waves of pleasure growing as his hand and fingers probed and glided over her hot wet slit. His talented hand was pleasuring her tremendously and her moans grew louder as he played with her moist lips, rubbing gently, then holding her folds apart with two outside fingers and rubbing her clit with the middle. Her flowing moisture softened the sensations that otherwise might send her into orbit and the feelings of pleasure spread practically to her whole body. It was as if he were rubbing deep inside of her, massaging the pleasure centers of her body and she felt a tremendous wave building inside her.

Lifting his head with her left hand, she looked into his eyes with incredible lust and whispered lustfully, almost demanding, "I want your cock inside me!"

He softened his hold on her and removed his hand from her copiously lubricated crotch as she turned her back to him, still holding his cock in her hand and looking into his eyes to watch his reactions to what she wanted. She moved over to the couch in the living room not 5 feet away from where they had been as he followed close behind, his cock pulsing in her hand, being led by her. She approached the couch from the side and leaned over onto the arm pushing her backside into the air and spreading her legs, presenting him with a glorious view of the firm globes of her ass. Her breasts swung from her chest and the open, wet, slippery folds of her slit begged for the attention of his engorged cock. He didn't have to wait for instructions as she subtly led his cock with her hand to her gaping opening before letting him take over.

The site of her positioned like this made his cock jump. The tension had been rising within him now and his hard cock was throbbing, anticipating the slick opening it approached. With his right hand he guided his straining cock down to her slippery, moist slit. Teasingly he rubbed the head along the slippery slit, feeling her slippery moisture cover his pulsing cock as it easily slid along the tender flesh between her folds. Finding her clit with the head, he rubbed against it, working his hips forward to pleasure her clit with his cock. She responded with a moan and pressed back against him, grinding her clit against his erection. Not able to take much more of this, he slid his cock back along her moist flesh until the head of his cock found the soft opening of her hole. Completely lubricated with her slippery moisture, his hard cock instantly slid inside the soft, moist opening, just covering the head. As she felt the head of his cock just inside her hungry opening, she let out a moan of intense pleasure. He pulled back, watching the head and tip of his cock, glistening with her moisture, slide out of her love canal which beckoned for his return. Unable to wait any longer and with his hands on her hips, he pulled her back onto him while pushing forward with his hips. His manhood glided easily into her slippery canal, which seemed to swallow him. He felt her pussy engulfing his hard cock as he continued to slowly sink into her.

Her body shuddered as she felt his cock sliding deep into her. She savored the feeling of his hardness as his cock slid inside of her slowly.

"OOOOoooohh yesss..."she moaned as his cock sank into her, filling her with its length and fullness. She drove her hips back to meet his forward motion, wanting to have him fill her completely. Her left arm supported her weight on the couch and with her right, she reached behind her, finding his ass and pulling him forward to fill her even more with his incredible cock and letting out a long moan of intense pleasure as he slid even further into her. She felt his cock deep inside of her now and she swam in the warmth of the sensations. His cock was now buried deep inside of her and she could feel her insides stretching to accommodate his length as another shudder of pleasure came over her body. She felt herself coming closer and closer to the edge as she moved on his hardness. Grinding backwards into him, she moved her pussy around on his cock, letting out moans of pleasure and feeling every inch of him inside her, wanting even more, but knowing she could not possibly handle more.

It was all he could do now to stand up and knew that she must feel the same. Her gyrating hips helped him to slide as deep into her as was possible and the sensation was incredible. He felt her tight canal all around the length of his cock as her insides seemed to expand to accept his size. It felt as though her pussy was sucking him into her. From the sexual moans that came from her he could tell that she was very close now to a climax. He enjoyed the sensation of being buried deep inside her and feeling his cock move only slightly inside her as she gyrated on him. Now he grabbed her hips with a firm grip as he began to slide his cock back watching again as the glistening shaft emerged from her slippery love canal. She let out another loud moan of pleasure as she tossed her hair to one side and looked back at him. He slid his cock out of her until he once again was positioned with the head at her wet, hungry entrance. With even pressure he thrust his hips forward and pulled back on her hips with his hands, watching as her moist entrance expanded to accept his hardness and then swallowed the length of him as again he drove his cock deep into her starving pussy. Deep inside her again he felt the full length of his shaft fill her and felt her insides expanding to accept his full length. Her breathing was loud and came with long moans of sexual pleasure. Not letting things stand still he pulled himself out of her again, his cock sliding back along her canal until again it emerged from the wet entrance. Then with the same gentle pressure he drove the length of his cock back into her, gliding easily in to fill her again.

With a rhythm now, he drove into her, filling her completely before sliding back out, his cock completely coming out of her before slipping back in to fill her again. She moved with him, mirroring his rhythm, arching her back and pushing back onto him as he pushed his hips forward to fill her with his cock. The sexual animal inside of her took over now and looking into his eyes with lust, she let out a loud moan.

"Oooohh yeah..." she moaned as he slid his cock into her again.

"Fuck me with your cock!" she demanded, wanting, craving to be filled with his long hard cock.

"FUCK MEEEE!" she cried even louder this time, her voice cracking from the sexual intensity as he met her demands with increasing intensity. The pace quickened as she now arched her back more, allowing him to enter her even deeper with each stroke of his cock.

With the pleasure growing inside her, she repeated her demand with each deep thrust of his cock

"Fuck me.... Yes baby....Ooooohh yeah....That's it... Fuck me... Yes... Yes... OOOOhhh... Fuck me... Fuck me with your cock..."

With each stroke she felt him fill her and felt her cavern expand to accept his full size and length. She began to bounce against him and drove herself back onto him harder and faster, now fucking him furiously with her hungry pussy, wanting him completely inside of her. Wave after wave of growing pleasure pulsed through her as he continued to stroke in and out of her, plunging himself harder and deeper to meet her demands.

"Oh yeah baby... Aaahh yessss... Fill me with your cock baby... I love the feel of hour hard cock inside me... Ooooohh yeah" she groaned in pleasure. The room was filled with the sounds of sex as their bodies moved together.

The waves of pleasure inside of her grew steadily and she began to feel the waves cresting as another shudder of pleasure coursed through her body, this one larger than any of the others.

He continued to drive his manhood into her and she continued to match his thrusts, spreading herself and pushing herself onto him with each stroke. Another wave swept through her, then another, and then another, and then the swell grew and spread through her body, erupting from her toes and tingling through her legs, then erupting through her thighs as he drove the full length of his hard cock again deep into her pussy.

"Oooh yeah baby...I'm gonna come now...Yes baby I'm gonna come on your cock...Ooooh Fuck meeee!!!" she exclaimed as she felt the intensity grow and her body riding the wave of pleasure as it rose and carried her beyond the point of no return.

The eruption instantly grew into an explosion as wave after wave of shuddering orgasm rocked through her body. She continued to rock against him, riding his cock, feeling him pounding inside her as wave after wave crashed over and through her. The waves crashed outward from her pussy with tremendous pleasure, filling her body with an overwhelming explosion of sexual pleasure and release. His enormous manhood inside of her stirring new waves and triggering more minor explosions with each movement and each explosion bathing his cock in more of her flowing juices. Her orgasm seemed to continue for minutes but she lost all concept of time, lost in complete sexual ecstasy.

He felt the waves of orgasm rock through her body as she bucked against him. Her head rocked from side to side and she continued to rock back against his cock. With every movement of his cock inside her, her body shuddered with more waves of pleasure. He felt her shudders around his cock as her pussy quaked around him, clinching him in her grasp then sending ripples along her inner walls that felt as though her pussy was milking his cock. He slowed his motion and held his cock steady inside of her, letting the waves of her orgasm subside as he enjoyed the sensations of her still quivering love canal on his hardness.

Her screams of pleasure subsided to soft moans as she came back to Earth from her explosive orgasm. As he moved inside of her again her body shuddered with an aftershock of orgasm, the waves still coursing through her body. Gently he let his cock slide out of her quaking pussy, drenched and glistening from her lubricating juices.

Barely able to support herself after the physical tidal wave that had just crashed over her, she leaned onto the couch for support and then rolled herself onto her back on the cushions of the couch. Nearly drunk with pleasure, she draped her left leg over the arm of the couch and spread her right leg out, propping it high and spread wide with her foot up on the cushion. She slid both hands down her stomach, sliding her fingers through the curly hair of her pubic mound before reaching the soft pouting folds of skin covering her quivering love canal. With the forefinger of each hand she pulled out and up on the folds, opening herself wide for him.

He needed no further beckoning and dropped to his knees with his cock in his hand. Positioning himself in front of her, he guided his cock forward to her widespread waiting entrance. The sight of her positioned like this in front of him, holding herself open for his exploration was an extremely arousing sight and his cock, rock hard already, throbbed with anticipation. Without slowing he continued guiding his cock into her waiting hole which opened for him swallowing him as he glided smoothly into her. He plunged himself into her, all the way to the hilt, his cock filling her drenched pussy once again. This position allowed him to penetrate her even deeper than he could from behind, and her well-lubricated canal accepted every inch of him.

After pausing for a brief second, allowing her to settle to the sensation of being filled again he began moving inside of her. Stroking and filling her with his hard manhood then sliding out, feeling the walls of her canal swallowing him as he slid into her then feeling her canal quiver as he slid his cock completely out of her. Each time he brought his cock completely out of her, enjoying the feeling as he pushed back into her and her pussy engulfed and swallowed him completely.

Her moans once again began to grow louder and her breathing faster as his rhythm increased. His cock gliding deep into her, filling her. Her inner walls stretched to accommodate him, the sensations of his cock deep inside of her sending rumbles of pleasure quaking through her body.

He quickened his pace now, fucking her wide spread pussy with growing fervor as the waves continued to grow and surge through his body now. He moved so easily inside of her, stroking deep into her then out, taking time to pause every so often inside of her and grind his hips in a circle like motion, allowing her to feel all of him. His pace quickened as the waves grew larger and larger inside of him.

She could tell that he would come soon. Her pleasure grew with his as his pace quickened. She matched his rhythm with her hips as he moved inside her, the waves still flowing through her, never having really stopped from before, but growing more intense now. Her hands moved to his hips and ass, guiding his motions as he fucked her so completely, filling her with every stroke of his body. Wave after wave coursed through her and it became hard for her to keep her breath as the pleasure began to build inside of her again, the waves only precursors to something bigger.

He was gliding in and out of her now and the pleasure continued to build inside of him like waves growing in a storm. Plunging into her again he felt the waves inside of him reaching their break point, the steam and pressure building up inside his body. It was coming now, and he felt it growing inside of him, building in pressure as he continued to stroke his cock in and out of her.

Now he pushed himself deep into her one more time, filling her and feeling her engulfing him, squeezing his cock and that was all he needed. He felt the cork burst and the pressure that had built inside of him now exploded out of him. From his feet to his hands, his body quivered with release and explosive pleasure. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, his cock buried deep inside of her already as it now jumped and pulsed as he exploded inside of her. Burst after burst of orgasm coursed through him and he felt his cock gushing forth his fluid, exploding against her inner walls, filling her with his cum.

As she felt his body rock with the first overwhelming explosion of orgasm, she wrapped her legs around his waist and threw her arms around his back, pulling him onto her, feeling his pulsating cock as it exploded deep inside of her. His plunging motions having brought her again to the peak of orgasm, timed perfectly with his.

She felt his cock throbbing and pulsating, filling her with his cum. The shooting cum splashed against the deepest inner walls of her pussy. The release of his cum and the sensation of his juices splashing against the walls of her womb triggered another quaking orgasm from deep within her, this one easily as intense as the first. Her body quivered and she clutched at his body as he quivered against her and inside of her. The waves crashed through her uncontrollably as she felt her pussy now so completely filled and satisfied. She clutched at his body, still pulling him to her, and feeling the glorious feeling of his cock still throbbing inside of her, his juices still splashing out of him against her inner walls, causing the waves of orgasm to crash over and through her with greater force than before.

As the last waves coursed through her, she began to get her senses back. He brought his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply, his lips caressing hers, his tongue meeting hers. As the waves subsided he laid his head down onto her bosom holding her close to him.

Her legs staid wrapped around him and her arms held him close, feeling his weight on her body, feeling him still inside of her, softer now. She basked in the glory of fulfillment; not only sexual but complete emotional fulfillment with this man, her husband locked in her embrace, in her life forever.


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