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The Dinner
by Still_me

It had been a long week and a long time since we had been together. It was time for something special. A special night together. Before I went off to work that morning, you told me to be prepared for an incredible night. A night to remember. A special night. I could tell by the lusty sparkle in your eyes that it was not dinner alone that would be satisfying my appetite...

However, it was your night to be pampered. You had a long week too, and I wanted to surprise you...

You find my first note, as I knew you would, wrapped around the handle of your hair brush...It reads "Be ready at 7pm tonight...." Ready you think... for what? You know how imaginative I can be and how I always leave you's only 7 am. Twelve more hours, yet you already tingle with anticipation.

You find the next note was on top of your breakfast plate, which I have covered with fresh fruit. This note reads "Eat will need your strength! Don't worry, I will eat well later..." As you sit down to eat, you start to fantasize in wonder what it could be. You realize that your panties are wet...

You find it hard to concentrate all day at work. Your mind is on tonight. An email arrives, with a list to prepare you for tonight, it reads, "Dear Gorgeous, Go to the gym as you normally do after work. Shower thoroughly there <wink> I have made arrangements for you to have a manicure, she will meet you right after the gym. When you arrive home tonight, I will leave the door open for you. Come in, leave all your clothes at the door, and follow my instructions. I will make sure that this is a wonderful, electrifying night of passion and pleasure. One that you will be sure to enjoy." You close your eyes and re-read the note. What is in store for me tonight??

As your leg swings out from the car, your skirt falls open and you marvel at how nice your legs look, now that you have returned to the gym. In fact, your entire body has tightened up. You know that you turn heads at the gym and you can only guess that the guys fantasize and touch themselves at night thinking of you...As you open the door to the house, it is then you remember that you are supposed to remove all your clothes. You wonder, Am I supposed to walk naked through the house? What would the neighbors think?

On a red silk ribbon, hanging just inside the door is a rose, with a note which reads "put this on and meet me in the dining room" It is then you notice that the ribbon is attached to a beautiful silk kimono. You disrobe, realizing that the cool house air has made your nipples contract and harden...or is it the though of what is to come? As the silk material slides over your skin, you feel incredibly sexy and confident. Excited by what is to come.

You take your first step toward the dining room then stop, and with a giggle, step back and put the rose in your mouth. Then you walk silently to the dining room. You find it in a light glow from candles that I have alight in every imaginable shelf, and crevice. The table is set with two plates, two wine glasses, two champagne glasses and a basket of silks. Kenny G, playing a soft romantic sax tune floats in the room. The scent of Lavender form the candles fills the room with a warm fog. In your mind you think, only one thing is missing, and with that thought, you feel my presence behind you, my arms slip around your waist as my lips find your neck. As I kiss you, you smell the faint hint of cologne, feel the smoothness of my just shaved face and the power of my strong arms as they rap around you.

You moan and whisper "Its wonderful - you put so much effort into this" I tell you "You are worth every minute of it " and with that, I put a glass of cool wine to your lips and you sip it deeply. You realize how thirsty you are, that you have not had anything to drink since the gym, and gulp the wine down much faster than you intended. I fill your glass again as we kiss and in minutes you have a warm feeling from the wine. You try to undo my kimono as you whisper "what's for dinner" I stop your hands gently and whisper back "you"

With that I sweep you off your feet and lie you down on the dining room table. You did not even notice that I had removed all the plates and glasses, leaving only the basket on one side. You no longer wonder what the silks are for, with a tone of nervous excitement, you whisper "no, don't" but you know it is no use. We had spoken of fantasies before and we are comfortable and confident with each other to know that we would never go over the line... You trust me and in no time, your arms and legs are bound lightly by the silks to the four corners of the table. The silks are soft and delicate enough for you to know that you could pull free at any time, yet you resist from doing so... You want to experience what is going to happen next.

My hands slide down your wrists, across your chest, stopping not once to caress your still protruding nipples, even though you arch your back in anticipation. Untying the knot at your waist, I pull your kimono open, exposing your gorgeous body. I think, My God! How can it be that I have not noticed how firm you are, How much your time at the gym has shaped your body! How am I going to control myself? I kiss your lips, as my hands explore everywhere, roaming on their own will. Sensing where you want to be touched, how firm and how often. For what seems hours I let my hands touch you, but never touching you down there, down where a fire of passion has been building. My mouth follows the guide of my hands, kissing and nuzzling all your sweet spots. My tongue is inside your knee right now, working its way up, between your legs, which are still secured by their silk bindings in an open position, one that leaves you exposed and vulnerable. My tongue on your pussy lips brings your mind back from fantasy to the present. My hands hold your hips as my mouth covers all of you, absorbing all your sweet scent. With infinite care and incredible expertise, my tongue licks, probes and explores all of you, except your pearl, which is visibly throbbing with anticipation. As my mouth inches closer to your clit, you encourage me on, "yes, yes Yes, YES" you beg for my mouth to find your pearl, and with that I suck it hard into my mouth, sending you into your first orgasm - whole body convulses against your restraints, my mouth holds steady on your clit as electric shocks flood your body..."yes, Yes, no, Yes, No" you scream and thrash as I hold you close.

Only moments after you wave subsides, my mouth is replaced my something harder, I have climbed on top of you and you pull your hands free so that you can guide my hip movements. I place the tip of my throbbing cock against you as your hand reaches in, slides along the shaft from balls to tip, feeling the protruding veins that spider out across my engorged shaft. I am so hard I am afraid it will break off in your hand.

With your palm to guide me, I push my swollen head past the initial resistance of your opening. Even though you are drenched in juices, your warm tightness almost makes me cum on the first thrust. I pull back and then thrust forward again, as your magnificent chest moves in rhythm with my thrusts. I pray that the dining room table, now creaking with our lovemaking, will hold us. I can't hold back, the sight of you still flush from orgasm, your hard nipples, gorgeous tits, the extreme look of passion and the wetness of you pussy brings me to the boiling point - I scream "I'm cumming" as I thrust five, four, three, two one more time deep into you, I completely fill you to my hilt, my GOD! I moan as my balls contract, pumping load after load of my seed deep into you...My body goes rigid as the wave of intense feelings overcome me... I collapse on to you and we hug in the after glow of orgasm, me still deep in you, growing softer...

We a devilish look in your eye, you reach down between us, bring your finger back to your lips and ask .. " what's for dessert?"

I'll leave that to you ......


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