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True Desire
by CaroleS31

The first time I ever thought about another woman in a sexual way was about a year ago. My husband and I had been fighting a lot and it had been about a month since we had been intimate. A month may not be a terribly long time, but even when we did have sex it lacked any passion. We didn't have any time to ourselves so it was always a quickie while the kids were asleep which ended with Ted having his fun but my itch barely being scratched.

It was late at night and Ted and the boys were all asleep. I was still awake having thrown my final load of laundry in the washer. I turned on the television figuring I would watch something on cable until the clothes were ready for the dryer. As I flipped through the stations I came across a movie on Cinemax that caught my eye. I watched the movie for about ten minutes before I realized that it was a soft core adult movie. I came to this realization when the two attractive women on screen began kissing passionately and slowly shed their clothes. Their tryst continued and as it did my hand slipped under the waistband of my sweat pants and into my moist panties. I stroked my lips and the slippery opening causing my juices to flow steadily from my long ignored canal. My nipples were stiff, and my mons and clit were swollen as I watched these two lovely ladies explore one another's body. My breathing became labored as I continued my ministrations on my needy pussy until the ladies on screen and I all reached a wonderful climax.

After that I thought about lesbian sex often. I began to look up lesbian sights on the Internet searching out pictures and stories of women enjoying each others bodies. I would read stories of women making love to one another and imagine it was me in the story. My fingers would stroke my nether regions and I would imagine they were the soft talented fingers of another woman bringing me to the heights of ecstasy. The more I saw and read the more I ached to be touched and loved by another woman.

Ted and I stopped having sex altogether at this point and I honestly didn't miss it. For the next eight months we went through the motions of marriage, but with no intimacy or love, just constant bickering. At night after Ted would drift off to sleep I would stay up and look for the adult movies on cable, or drift across cyberspace looking for another story to satisfy my needs for a lesbian fantasy. My hands and my vibrator becoming the hands and tongue of the woman in the story on the screen, and always ending in a glorious climax.

When my youngest son asked me why daddy and I fought so much I knew it was time to make a change. I told Ted that we should separate and the following week he was gone. I was alone for the first time in years and I was faced with the prospect of learning how to socialize and meet people all over again. It was a frightening thought. I had little time to interact with other people so I began to frequent chat rooms to satisfy my need for adult interaction, but as we all know that type of interaction while intriguing lacks the warmth and intimacy of human contact. I was alone and frustrated but unsure of how I could meet the person I dreamt about. She existed of that I was sure, but I was far too shy and inexperienced to take the initiative to go out and meet her.

One day as I was traveling through the erotic world of cyberspace I came across a story that moved me far beyond the usual fantasy. It spoke to me in ways I can not express. As I read the story of a woman being seduced by a stripper at a Jack and Jill party I was taken by the erotic but tasteful images presented. The story seemed to speak directly to me, and when I finished reading and my breathing had returned to normal I typed an e-mail to the author. It was the first time I had ever commented on a story I read but I had to let the author know how much her story had moved me. As luck would have it shortly after I had sent the letter my computer told me that I had mail. It was a reply from the author. My heart fluttered for a moment as I opened the e-mail. After I read her reply I typed out an instant message just saying a simple Hello, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. We began to converse and I learned that the story was fictional, but based on her life, and I slowly revealed to her my situation. She was pleasant and helpful in telling me how to go about meeting people and gave me some ideas which I assured her I would try. After nearly two hours we said our good-byes and I read her second story which she had directed me to. I was left with the same feelings of want and desire and retired to the bath to relieve the sexual tension that had build inside me all afternoon.

The following day I decided to throw caution to the wind and go buy an x rated video. I drove to the next town so no one I knew would see me going into a seedy video store and parked in a far corner of the lot. Butterflies danced furiously through my stomach as I slowly approached the entrance. I pushed the door open and tentatively looked inside. There were boxes of videos displayed everywhere all with beautiful naked women smiling alluringly at me. I took a deep breath and pressed on. I slowly walked up and down the isles of videos finally finding a section labeled "All Girl". I smiled and looked for a video that caught my eye and settling on one called "All Eight Girls Are Wet and Working". I picked up the box and slowly waked over to the register. As I approached the counter I noticed that there was a young woman behind it. I sighed in relief, thankful that I would not have to face a man on my first foray into the world of x-rated videos. I shyly placed the box on the counter and waited for her to ring in the order unable to look up at her. As she entered the price into the register I could feel her eyes on me and I slowly looked up. Our eyes met for just a moment and she smiled. She was pretty, very pretty in fact. Her auburn hair reached just below her shoulders and framed a soft attractive face with bright blue eyes. I looked at her for just a moment before she said "this is a nice selection" and told me the cost. I reached into my purse and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and slowly handed it to her. Her hand lightly touched mine before she took the money and placed it into the register. It sent shivers down my spine. As she placed my change on the counter her hand reached over and lightly stroked the back of my hand. She smiled and said "you have never been with a woman before, have you?"

"No" I answered. My eyes quickly looking away.

Her hand continued to rub mine lightly and I looked back into her pretty eyes. Her hand moved up and began to stroke my arm while I stood staring at her not believing what was happening. Her other hand moved to my arm and pulled me toward her, while she leaned across the counter. Our lips met in a soft kiss. I swooned and our lips parted. I could taste the lipstick on her soft lips and the sweet taste of her mouth as out tongues began to dance. Her hands moved up my arms and ran sensually through my hair while we kissed, our passion beginning to build. My hands moved up to her face and I gently stroked her cheeks while I experienced the most wonderful kiss of my entire life. My nipples stiffened and I felt a familiar tingle beginning between my legs and spreading outward. I could feel the juices begin to flow while her hands slid down to my chest. Her hands found my hard nipples and lightly pinched them through the fabric of my sweater causing me to softly moan into her mouth. We continued to kiss there in the store her hands getting bolder and slipping under the bottom of my sweater finally touching my bare tummy. I let out another moan into her mouth letting her know she was pressing all of the right buttons. She took the cue and moved her hands up and released the front clasp on my bra allowing her access to my bare breasts. Her fingers brushed lightly against my hard nipples and I tried to make harder contact. She laughed into my mouth while our tongues dueled. Her lips left my mouth and moved to the nape of my neck kissing and sucking the soft flesh. She kissed and licked my ears as her hands pinched my nipples with increasing force. My body began to shudder and I felt the beginnings of a small tremor. She moved my sweater up exposing my breasts to the cool air, her hands rubbing my now achingly hard nipples. The tremors increased, her mouth sucked on my neck and ears, her hands rubbed my breasts and I exploded in a small but wonderful orgasm. Her mouth moving back to my mouth to muffle my moans and yelps of ecstasy.

We continued to kiss across the counter until she broke off the kiss and asked me if I would like to continue this someplace more comfortable. Realizing where I was I breathlessly said "yes" and she locked the door and led me back to the office. There was a couch in the room and she led me to it by the hand. We stopped in front of it and she turned and kissed me again. Then our lips parted and she said, "By the way my name is Lisa"

I laughed and told her my name was Lynn and then I pulled her back to me and kissed her. I was slowly feeling more confident as I felt her tight body pressed against mine. In the privacy of the office she slipped my sweater over my head and then slowly slid her dress off her pantiless body. I saw her body and my passion skyrocketed. I slid my jeans and panties over my hips and pressed my naked body against her warm flesh. My lips kissed her neck and slowly down to her breasts. I began to kiss her nipples, biting them lightly causing her to moan softly. I kissed her breasts learning as I went. My hands roamed over her body while I sensually sucked and kissed her taught nipples. She let out a soft moan while her hands moved to my head and lovingly caressed my scalp. I began to kiss my way down her body, my tongue leaving a wet trail down her tummy. I stopped momentarily at her navel before slipping between her legs and slowly kissing my way to her sweet wet sex. Her legs were spread wide and I studied the folds before leaning in to kiss the tuft of hair just above it. My fingers parted her lips and I inhaled her scent deeply. It was sweet and I loved it. I had to taste her.

My mouth descended on her sex and my tongue slipped inside. She was sweet, sour and salty all at once and I lost myself in her wetness. My tongue was everywhere while I tried to inhale every drop of her juices. Her hands ran through my hair directing me to her most sensitive places. When my tongue touched her clit she moaned her ardent approval. I began to concentrate on her clit, licking and sucking it into my mouth. My fingers slipped inside her pumping furiously while I continued my assault on her clit. Her legs began to shake and shudder while I licked and sucked her. She began to talk to me..."Yes that's it, come on lover make me come" she pleaded. Spurred on by her words my free hand moved to her breasts while my mouth devoured her sex and my other hand slid in and out of her soft wet hole. She continued to talk..."yes that's it right there, oh yes, I'm close, oh yes right there" she yelled as her body began to quiver and shake violently. She yelled my name as she exploded in a fabulous release. I continued to lick the folds of her sex avoiding her hypersensitive clit before I slowly kissed my way up her lovely body. I pressed my body against hers and kissed her on the lips again, letting her taste the delicious juices I had just enjoyed.

"Are you sure you have never done this before?" she asked

"No never, but I plan on doing it again," I replied.

"Well, not before I do!" she said before kissing her way down my body and bringing me to heights I never knew existed with her very talented tongue.

I left the store with the video, a new vibrator and a new lease on life.


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