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The Demanding Duke
by Young At Heart

It was another chilled morning as he rode his black derstier across the open field with a keen eye. His torrid breathe spewing forth in clouds of mist as he and his horse moved over the land, one fluid body of motion. He sat low upon his mount, his unbound midnight black hair whipping around behind him as he rode to his hiding spot on the hill, so he could watch her undetected. His broad chest filling the dark blue jacket, the riding breeches pulled tight over his muscular thighs as they gripped the steeds billowing sides, and his manly arms stretched out alongside the horses sleek neckline, his long dark fingers holding the reins tight.

He slid behind the outcropping of rock and trees and waited to see her chubby form flash by on her chestnut mare once more. Her golden hair glistening sliver in the sun, her large breasts bouncing gently over her thick waist, her rounded rump plopping lightly against the saddle, and shapely, legs bare below the calf as she rode astride her mare and drove her with the wildness of her youth.

Every morning for the past month she had ridden across his land freely, seemingly basking in her disobedience, almost as if she were daring him to catch her. He had begged her father again and again to please keep her from riding onto his property, that one day he may not be able to control himself. Her father had not understood the full extent of his warning but had commanded his daughter to no longer ride on the duke's property, and yet she continued to do just that.

It wasn't long before he caught sight of her beautiful majestic form riding along through the fields of deep green grass. She glowed in the rising sun's morning mist. Her golden hair shining, her bright eyes quickly glancing this way then that, as if she knew she was doing wrong and didn't want to be caught. The flush of pink covering her cheeks as she rode bringing forth that much more of her charm. The alabaster skin showing over the top of her low cut, emerald green riding dress causing his intake of breath as she rode towards him as if she saw him there.

He pulled back on the reins of his horse a bit thinking she had seen him and was going to call him out or something so confident in her ride was she. She made him feel the guilty one. "She was trespassing on his property not the other way around!" he reminded himself and pushed his horse out into the clearing. He saw her startled expression as he sat atop his black destrier a couple yards in front of her. He crossed his brawny arms, peering down upon her, daring her to bolt, make a run for it and allow him the chase he had so dreamed of.

She was startled and so was her horse, it clawed at the air as it came to a screeching halt. She hung on and finally got control of her mare once more. She was frightened; it showed all over her shocked face. She began to shake visibly, she could feel it over take her body. She couldn't believe he had caught her at her, now, foolhardy ride, something she never thought would happen. She had never come upon a soul on her rides over his land, and yet he had known she continued to break her promise to her father and ride his land anyway. She thought herself very foolish indeed now.

"Why do you continue to ride upon my property after I have so many times forewarned your father? Must I punish you myself and make you realize your mistake?" he spoke in a harsh voice, like that of a parent to a naughty child. He watched her beauty as one thought after another crossed her mind.

The blood pumping in her ears as the tidal wave of mysterious gossip about him flooded her mind, her thoughts scattered from his strange lifestyle to his unseen bed-partners, or if he even had something to offer one if he had a bed-partner. From strange to erotic her mind leapt from one gossip ridden thought to another. She had heard so many juicy tidbits about him throughout the year he had lived in this long forgotten castle, "How had her father expected her to stay away from him?" that is what she eventually settled on asking herself.

His virility overwhelming her young woman's mind and stopping it from further thought than how beautiful and god-like he was. His long ebony hair shining in the sun, turquoise eyes watching her intently from behind his dark complexion. He had a thin nose, full lips and a strong jaw-line. She boldly admired his brawny arms, the huge form of his body, and his bulging thighs surrounding the horse's frame. She wondered how the horse held him up he looked so big. She had seen him before when he had come to her father's house to tattle on her, but never had she seen him this close. Her father usually locked her in her room when he came and she had only seen him through her bedroom window slit from the third floor. He certainly was comely, she thought to herself and she almost smiled fully.

He looked upon her in puzzlement. He had asked her a perfectly reasonable question and she but smiled at him. The girl is obviously trying to seduce me into allowing her release with but a smile. Well, she had better have second thoughts. He was a fair man, a decent man, a controlled man when the time need be, but she had tempted the fates too much. He couldn't take it anymore his control over himself had let itself loose when he saw her tiny smile. He moved his mount closer to hers as she stared at him in awe. He reached out for the reins of her horse, as he felt the leather slide between his fingers, she awoke from her dream-like state and whipped them out of his hand and kicked her horse to run.

She turned and rode off like a comet streak, her long blond hair slapping his face and leaving behind the most erotic scent he had ever inhaled. All he saw, when he came out of his revelry in her aroma, was the blur of her green dress, covering her mare's haunches and flapping in the breeze behind her. He had expected her to bolt on him. He knew she was daring and prideful enough to think she could get away.

He grabbed his horse's reins and urged him commandingly after her. He rode like the wind, the sight of her bare legs and rounded behind causing his manhood to twitch inside his breeches, his breath to catch in his throat as she bounced up and down in her escape. His horse ate at the ground, throwing tufts of grass and mud into the air as he rode hell bent to capture her, have her, feel and taste every inch of her. For god's sake he was only a man and could be tempted no further. He had to have her now, feel her creamy skin and taste her persimmon lips.

Her small mare couldn't keep his stallion at bay, he closed the space of her running in but a few minutes and grabbed her around her waist with his tree-trunk arm and pulled her to plop in front of him astride his horse from hell. She was in shock as she felt the strength of his arm snake around her body and pluck her from her horse as if she were no more than a child. Her teeth jarred in her head as she was roughly plopped down in front of him. She could feel the strength of him engulfing her form. Never had she felt so over powered before, so much like a woman. She was scared but she also was curious and her heart soared as his body's strength and warmth swallowed her. She clung to the horses main as he rode like a madman across the field, leading her mare behind them. The poor thing was winded already from her ride and then her daring attempt at escape, but now to be pulled by this beast of hell was her undoing.

He felt her body shaking in front of him as he drove his horse harder and harder towards his castle. His cock engorged in his breeches, as her body trembled in front of his. He felt the heat of her fear, or what he thought was fear, causing her to perspire, saw it sprinkle her brow and wet her dress. He imagined what it looked like dripping down her neck and chest, streaming over her alabaster globes leaving darkened stains on her chemise, her nipples exposed through the wet cloth.

He bore down on the gates of his castle and pulled back on the reins just inside. His squire came out to meet him and rushed to his horse's side. The duke jumped down from the horse pulling her body down to slide beside his, wrapped his large arm around her shoulder and held her there. He pushed the reins of both horses into his squire's small hand and turned to walk towards the dark walled castle's huge wooden doors, with the intent of forcing her to walk beside him or be dragged.

As he turned her body towards the castle she kicked him in the shin and ducked out from under his arm. She spun around to stand in front of him as he stared at her and rubbed his shin for a second, it didn't hurt he was just shocked that she would try that. He looked at her strangely as she stood with her hands on her hips and her bare feet showing under her gown, tapping one foot in the dirt, and glaring at him with the greenest eyes he'd ever seen. They were mesmerizing to say the least. She was ranting and raving about something but he couldn't think past the beauty of her eyes. He eventually just scooped her up, tossed her body over his shoulder and walked through the wooden doors and on up to his chamber, passing man after man on his way, none of which would help her. In fact they hadn't even bothered to pay any attention at all to their duke carrying a screaming young body through the castle and up the main stairway.

She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She had thought he would have brought her to her father for the scolding and punishment she deserved. Then it hit her, in all her fluster over his brawny body and her fury over her horse she had forgotten what he had said, it came back to her now...."Why do you continue to ride upon my property after I have so many times forewarned your father? Must I punish you myself and make you realize your mistake?" It seemed that was what he intended. Now she was truly terrified and her shaking began anew with much more intensity.

He felt her begin to quiver again. Then she bucked and whaled at his back screaming for her freedom from his powerful grip. The more she squirmed around atop his shoulder the more he feared she would send them both sailing to their death off the stone steps. He reached up with his other hand and gave her a firm swat on the behind. His hand remained there burning her for endless seconds as he felt her round firm ass. He smiled at the thought of gazing upon her naked form lying prone, her hands and feet tied.

She stiffened and gulped as she felt the sting through all her clothing, and felt his hand not remove itself for several seconds, but instead feel her bottom in his hand, almost caress it after the slap given. She was shocked that he would touch her so, but then he had already proven himself a man of ill manners. "Ill manners? She asked herself. What was she thinking, she had to get out of here, away from him before he did the things to her she had heard in the naughty rumors. She decided to lie still and allow him to finish his carrying of her to wherever it was he was taking her, then she would figure how to get away from him. This time she had to make it away from him or her foolish rides would cost her everything.

He leapt onto the landing and with long confident strides walked down the hallway and stopped in front of the only chamber door. He kicked out his foot and contacted the wood door with it. The wood smashed against the wall as he stepped inside and strode over to a granite slab of a bed. He lay her upon it on her back. She fought and kicked and bit him as he secured her wrists and ankles into the leather straps. She was a wild one. She had called him several names that no proper woman should ever hear. But, then no proper woman would ride about the countryside, astride, with anything covering her calves, her feet bare as a wood-sprites or her hair flying free as a fairy's, much less be traipsing around alone and on someone else's property.

He reached behind him and pulled a long black cloth out of an already open drawer and walked back to her. She was whimpering and crying in her captured state, she felt defeated. So much for her chance of getting away from this man. Why had she not thought about this part of the rumors. He placed the blindfold upon her eyes, the dryness of the cloth soaking up her tears and bringing darkness to her. He tied it securely behind her head and then took a second cloth in his hands.

He bent over and licked her trembling lower lip. Her intake of breath as he did so was enough to make his blood pump ever faster in his ears. He dipped his tongue into her mouth, tasting of her. She tasted of warm honey and sunshine. He kissed her deeply until she was aroused, he felt her stiffen. He tasted her sweetness her innocence, but soon he tasted his own blood, for she had bitten his tongue, the little hellion. He pulled back and spat upon the floor. With rage and lust clouding his mind he ran the cloth in his hand over his bleeding tongue and then pressed it between her lips and wrapped it and tied it around the back of her head, her hair becoming tangled in the ties.

The duke was strange in his appetites for sexual gratification. He loved to control, command. Loved to play and tease, loved the fear of his wenches, the smell of it. He stood above her and slowly undid the buttons of her gown, gazing upon her white quivering flesh as he did so, hearing her whimpering and begging in her muffled cries. He stripped her of her emerald dress and sliced her corset right down the front exposing her huge breasts pressed against her thin chemise.

He could wait no longer he had already tortured himself with her for far too long, in fantasy and thought. He had to see her, all of her. He pulled the dirk from his belt and sliced her chemise up the middle and spread it apart. The cool air blowing in the window slit of the tower room sliding across her body making her nipples harden and her body shake and quiver all the more. The cold air heightening the fear in her, now nude form. He loved watching them shake and quiver and eventually, beg. They never knew what to beg for by that time though, their freedom or sexual release. It made him smile to think of her begging him. His white teeth flashing against his dark skin as he threw the dirk across the room and it thudded into the now closed and bolted door of the chamber.

She heard everything and felt that much more. She was terrified of what he would do to her, mostly because of her knowledge of the things between a man and a woman but never experiencing it; she had no idea if it would be painful or not. All she could think was she was sorry she had ever dared him, ever rode on his stupid land in the first place. She found, quickly enough, it did hurt a bit when she fought her restraints but if she lay still she was not in pain, she was just frightened, vulnerable and had this terrible feeling of curiosity overwhelming her. She was decidedly more afraid of the thought that she actually wanted him to do this to her than of him actually doing it. She felt his hands undressing her then slicing her corset her body feeling released of their bonds but yet her hands and feet were tied. It was a strange feeling to be utterly without control, forced to trust someone else not knowing what might happen.

He gazed at her naked body. Her alabaster skin flushed pink. Her breasts heaving with her labored breathing, the nipples dark and puckered. Her chubby tummy, and satin thighs shaking with her fear. He ran his hand up over her solid calf, sliding higher to the softness of her inner thigh. He felt the heat of her on his hand as he slid it over her very private area, to engulf her with it. He heard her muffled cry and pushed it harder against her, feeling her moistness. He smiled the smile of a wolf at his dinner, as he slid his fingers between her swollen lips and grazed over her pouty love-nub. Her lips encasing his fingers as he slid them back and forth over her now wet pussy, making little sucking sounds.

He slid his finger inside her tightness as he pinched one nipple between the middle finger and thumb of his other hand. He fingered her in and out enjoying the feel of her heated walls. Her grinding to move away from him, her panic turning to pleasure and her grinding changing to take more of his finger inside her instead of push him away. Her cries turning to whimpers as his mouth found her tummy kissing and licking and tasting of her, as he fingered her twat and pinched her nipple harder and harder. Moving from one nipple to the other until his mouth found one and sucked it into the torrid heat. Biting it, chewing it, as he forced two fingers inside her deeper still until he found her maidenhead. He pushed against it again and again as he continued to bite one nipple and pinch the other.

Her nipples were on fire and she forgot all about her being captured by this strange man, but instead could think of nothing else but the pleasure pain he was spinning her into. She was embarrassed at first and definitely frightened but now she just felt numb and in a fog. The best fog she had ever entered into, the warmth in this fog was overwhelming her entire being. She unconsciously began to wrap her hands around her bindings to pull them tighter and her feet pressed against the cold stone of the bed that she lay upon as he spread her womanhood farther and farther apart with his demanding fingers. She tried screaming out her pain as it felt he shoved a tree inside her so searing was the pain of it at that precise moment, then she knew, he had taken her maidenhead. Not even with his own body did he steal it from her but with his hand, his thieving fingers had destroyed her.

She felt the warmth ooze out of her as he watched it slide down her lips and drip onto the white chemise under her body. His fingers were covered in her virgin's blood; he brought them to his mouth and tasted of her metallic life-giving fluid. He licked his tongue over the tip of one finger enjoying the taste of her. Never before had he tasted any so sweet, and there had been many in his past, many who had never been heard from again. He could never kill this one he had to figure a way to keep her with no questions.

He leaned over her prone white body, shaking once more. He placed his bloody fingers over her white stomach leaving trails of her own blood glowing on her skin. He pinched both nipples very hard and tugged on her breasts. She whimpered and cried behind the gag. Her white teeth biting the black cloth and her breath coming in tormented gasps. He walked over to the washstand and poured water into the bowl. He washed the blood from his fingers and toweled them dry once more.

He walked back over to her and reached under the marble slab for some, well designed, chains. At the end of each three chains were little clamps. He reached over her body, dragging the cool chains across her skin, as he attached one to each erect nipple. He pulled the third chain down her body, over her stomach and abdomen. He pulled her lips apart and slid the third clamp over her swollen clit. She jumped in reaction to the chains and clamps and then gasped behind the gag. Her breathing intensified and she began to rotate her hips as he slid his tongue over her ear and neck. He nibbled her neck and shoulders and tugged the chains of her captured parts, telling her all the while this is what she gets for disobeying him, pushing him, tempting him so.

She soon became delirious and he could have done any torturous thing to her and she believed she would have liked it. She was practically begging him not to stop, if only he'd remove this gag she would. Her woman's place throbbed and throbbed, not from pain but from something she had only felt when on an adventure of some kind or when she knew she was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing and might get caught. She felt him leave her side no longer bringing her to madness with his wet kisses or the torturous tugs of his chains.

He walked to stand between her spread legs. Glaring at her in his heated state he could wait no longer and had to feel her tightness wrapped around him. He stripped out of his clothes and climbed on top of her prone trembling body. He pressed his engorged cock against her spread silken lips. He swathed it back and forth watching the tip smear with her blood. His cock jumped at the feel of her. Slapping back and forth against her swollen nub and then sliding down to her opening. He slammed into her, she screamed behind the gag, choking and gagging to get air into her lungs. The searing pain of before was nothing compared to him filling her. Her hips spread even more to accommodate him. He felt her swallowing him.

He continued to slide in and out of her feeling her tight hot pussy engulfing his length over and over. He watched himself slide in and out of her smearing her chubby inner thighs with her own blood. Hearing her muffled cries of pleasure pain as he leaned down and grabbed the center-chain in his teeth and pulled it hard. He felt her pain and it heightened his lust, he was pounding into her not caring if it hurt her. He fucked her harder and faster until he felt his release exploding inside her, pushing inside her so deeply.

He slowly spiraled down and collapsed on top of her body. She was panting and breathing erratically, he felt her body moving his. He also heard her begging, almost, it seemed, for her own release. She didn't know what to beg for, was just begging for it to be done, for him to finish her off. She was probably begging for death not knowing what to feel.

He got up off her body and reached down under the table pulling out a huge wooden carved cock. He slid it into her and hooked the chains to it to keep it inside her no matter how much she wiggled or squirmed. He then got dressed once more and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Leaving her there unsatisfied and wanting, he was hard already and had not been away from her for more than a minute, as he looked back at the closed door of the tower chamber. He had plans later for her, but now he had to figure a way to make it look like she had disappeared and not on his land...


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