The Best Erotic Stories.

The Darkroom Pt. II
by Leslie

I find myself thumbing through folders of old proof sheets from time to time. The fact that this one has the most worn edges is very obvious. From the time her eyes changed from blue to black and her bathing suit reappeared to cover her beautiful nakedness, I had been unable to explain the phenomenon. How a black and white photo of a model in a bathing suit could take on the color and complete nudity is beyond my meager reasoning. Every time I look into the folder from that model shoot and see her cold gray eyes that once were a brilliant blue, my mind flashes back to masturbating in the darkroom and the disturbing phone call. Her voice is as clear in my mind today as it was all those months ago...."How did you like my pictures? I knew when you were taking them that you wanted to see me naked." Then a click and the line was dead.

I felt a fluttering in my chest. I reached for the folder and felt a slight tingling in my hand as I lifted it from the file. The feeling continued up my arm and made me sweat. In the stark light of the darkroom with the lights on and the door open, I didn't notice anything peculiar about it, but I did feel something. I slid the negative strip that held the model photos into the enlarger holder. I closed the door and flicked on the enlarger and the darkroom lights off.

The strip was glowing in the holder! The hair on the back of my neck was standing at attention. I held my breath as I spun the lens into focus on the enlarger surface. There she was.....smiling at me in a pose I didn't recognize. Her eyes were bright blue and she was wearing only bikini bottoms. She was holding her breasts cupped in her hands as a sort of offering. I slid the negative strip to the left to view the next shot. Beads of sweat now dampened my brow. My head ached. In the next shot my mysterious subject was nude and on all fours. Her ass was pointed back at me. Her pussy was in clear view. The lips were just slightly parted and the lighting was distinct enough to make out a bit of moisture, beckoning me. Her head was twisted back around her shoulder and her blue eyes and sultry smile made me twitch. I was losing control. What was happening? This can't be for real. I must be hallucinating!

Quickly my fingers urged the strip further to the left revealing the next glowing shot on the negative. I stared at the photo. I couldn't breathe. The image burned onto the negative was of two people this time. The model was on her knees and naked. She had her hand wrapped around a man's penis and her mouth was covering the head. Her cheeks were hollowed in a sucking motion and her eyes took on a hotter glow. The other person was me! My eyes were closed tightly as if I was in ecstasy. My ass and legs looked to be severely tightened like I was straining to prevent myself from cumming. I looked at the photo in more detail. All this was taking place in my darkroom.

My breath was coming in shallow jolts. The soft glow of the safe light in the darkroom seemed to pulsate with every beat of my racing heart. I felt a sudden chill from the sweat on my neck and face. I turned and she was there! On her knees, pulling at my zipper and belt. My knees began to buckle. She pulled my pants down to my ankles and grabbed my erect penis and guided it into her mouth. Her hand applied pressure to my shaft as she slid back and forth on my erection.

She slowed and looked up at me...."This is what you wanted isn't it? Enjoy" Her eyes of bright blue flickered as she returned to her furious motions. She pumped her face back and forth on me. Her hand followed the movement of her mouth and she twisted her fist each time she moved away. She was trying to milk me dry. The friction was intense. My legs and buttocks tightened and started to spasm. My eyes clamped shut. I knew I was going to cum, and in buckets. I could hold it no longer. A searing pain flooded my body as the release began. I could feel it everywhere. It echoed in my veins and bones. It cried out to me. I saw a glowing blue light in the distance.

I saw myself from above. My vision was so acute that I could see every detail like it was enlarged to the max. I was laying on the floor in the darkroom. Fully clothed with the proof sheet holder in my hand. The folder no longer was glowing. My blood was no longer flowing.


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