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The Damsel in the Diner
by Boy

In retrospect, I realize it wasn't the smart thing to do. I mean, even the police are reluctant to get involved with what they label "domestic disturbances", but when you're right there, when it's unfolding right in front of you it's hard not to do something. After all, stupid or not, it's the right thing to do- and sometimes doing the right thing has its rewards.

I was sitting in a roadside diner just off the I-5, maybe three hours south of Seattle. I was alone so I sat at the counter. There's a certain kind of companionship there amongst the truckers and other lonely travelers like myself. Sure you run into a few crazies from time to time, but at least the conversation is pretty lively. That particular night I was on my way back to Vancouver from San Fran. My girlfriend studies down there. Anyway, the waitress had just poured me a coffee when the argument started.

It didn't seem like much at first, just a couple of voices that seemed to carry above the general din of the restaurant. I could see the couple in the large mirror that hung opposite me behind the counter. They were both quite young, late teens or early twenties. The guy was tall and thin, with a kind of uncomfortable lankiness about him. She, on the other hand, was stunning. She had long curly blonde hair that she kept up in a ponytail. Crescent moon eyebrows set over the biggest and brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Her nose was quite small and seemed dwarfed beneath her eyes and above her full lips. For a moment I was completely absorbed by her beauty. I just sat staring at the mirror until I realized that their voices were growing louder.

Their words were now clearly audible and the noise of the diner had ebbed in response. Everyone enjoys a little drama from time to time and these two were definitely putting on a show.

"If it's over between you two, then what the fuck were you doing over at his house?" His cheeks were slightly flushed as he spat out the question.

"The same thing that you and Julie do when I go visit my parents. A little sucking, a little fucking, just so I don't forget what it's like." She said this flatly, without much emotion, but her voice was loud and her eyes betrayed her anger.

"Julie? What the fuck are you talking about, you crazy slut?" It was obvious that her frank admission had enraged him, but it was equally obvious that he was startled and surprised by the sudden turn the argument had taken.

The restaurant was silent now. It was an uncomfortable silence where no one seemed to want to make eye contact. The pleasure we had taken in the beginning of the drama had soured as the situation grew more serious. We wanted it to end now, to end or go away. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the waitresses had gathered by the window to the kitchen. They were doubtlessly debating how to end the disruption.

"Dave, you are the biggest fucking coward I have ever met." Her voice was slow and deliberate each word seemed to drip with venom.

He just glared at her in response and his face grew more flushed. Under the table I saw his hand clench into a fist and suddenly I was up and moving. I didn't have a clue what I would do or say, I just had to do something.

I got to their table just in time.

"You fuckin' cocksucker!" As he shouted he leaned forward and his fist shot from under the table in an arc towards the beautiful girl. Without thinking I fell on him and caught his arm at the elbow, stopping him in mid-swing.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!" Now I was shouting, suddenly panicked and angry. With my grip still firmly on his elbow I yanked him off his bench and onto the floor.

I had completely surprised him and his eyes were bulging as he hit the tiles, but he recovered quickly and his anger returned. He scuttled backward like a crab and scrambled to his feet. I don't know what would have happened next, whether we would have fought it out right there in the restaurant or whether he would have left anyway, but one of the bigger truckers walked up beside me and that settled the matter. He took one last look at the girl and then turned and stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

I just stood there a moment, inwardly congratulating myself for acting so quickly and enjoying the rush of adrenaline the skirmish had given me. The big trucker smiled and patted my shoulder before returning to his seat. It was only then that my attention turned back to the girl at the table.

She was now reclining lazily on her bench with a freshly lit cigarette. All trace of her former anger had vanished. Her head was turned away from me looking out through the open blinds at the parking lot.

"Are you alright," I asked.

She turned her head at my question and stared at me neutrally. "I dunno. I'm in a diner in the middle of Nowhere, Washington. I've got three bucks on me and you just chased my ride out the door. Thanks a bundle, Lancelot."

I don't know what I was expecting, but her sarcasm quickly deflated the high that I was riding. I guess part of me was a little angry because I begun to imagine myself as a bit of a hero, very much like the knight rescuing the damsel in distress. Apparently, she was going to have none of that.

"Which way are you heading?"

She studied me for a moment before answering and again I was struck by the beauty of her face. Her blue darted over me in a second but they seemed so penetrating I felt as if they had exposed me to the whole room. This girl was making me at once self-conscious and extremely excited. "I'm going to Seattle," she responded, "and you?"

"Vancouver. I'll give you a lift if you like."

There was a moment of silence and in it I suddenly realized that I wanted this girl in my car a lot more than I cared to admit. Perhaps she saw the desperation on my face, because she suddenly let out a little laugh and shrugged. Holding out her hand to me she said, "My name's April."

"I'm Jeff."

I got my coffee and a doughnut to go (free of charge no less) and five minutes later we were back on the highway heading north. I was pretty excited about my whole adventure and I was already planning how I would embellish it to further impress my friends north of the boarder. As it turned out, I didn't have to.
She was pretty quiet as we got started. I made a few attempts at small talk, but she kept her answers short and I quickly got the hint. I tried not to take it too personally. I mean, I wasn't old enough to be her father but the difference in our ages didn't leave us with a lot of common ground for chit-chat. She smoked and watched the stars and the silhouettes of the passing mountains. I just contented myself with the fact that I had an incredibly sexy young woman in my car and tried to leave it at that. I say tried because my eyes kept wandering back over to her body.

She was quite a bit taller than she seemed sitting at the table, 5'7'' or more. Most of her height came from her long firm legs that she displayed proudly beneath a short sundress. She had lean and athletic build but it curved outwards at her hips and chest. It was mostly the latter that captivated my attention as we drove. Back in the air-conditioned restaurant she had worn a large plaid shirt but as soon as we stepped into the hot summer night, she had taken it off and tied it around her waist exposing her hidden treasure. Now in the light of the nearly full moon my attention was constantly drifting back to them. They were impossibly large on her frame, a pair of ripe grapefruits that seemed on the verge of bursting the fragile cotton of her dress. They stood straight out from her chest, weightlessly bouncing before her. I could feel my cock slowly creeping across my thigh.

"I'm sorry about what I said back at the restaurant."

Her voice startled me and I was flustered for a moment before finding my tongue, "What do you mean?"

"You know, the Lancelot comment. I was kinda' freaked out just then and I didn't know what I was going to do. I'm really glad you stepped in when you did. David can be a total asshole." Her blue eyes were luminescent in the dim light.

"He didn't seem like too nice a guy."

"I was kinda' goading him on."

"Still, from what I heard of your conversation, he didn't treat you too well. The guy's an idiot if he doesn't treat you like a princess." What can I say? Every man speaks with conviction when his dick is hard.

She smiled at me then and turned back to the window. She didn't say anymore and neither did I. She just squirmed down in her seat a little and made a pillow out of her plaid shirt. She put it against the window and in a few minutes she drifted off.

I was able to keep my attention on the road for some time. Mostly I thought of my girlfriend and how much she would disapprove of me riding with such a beautiful companion. But she and San Francisco seemed so distant from me as I drove. My eyes were soon playing over April's body again.

As she slept her chest rose and fell rhythmically with her breathing. I couldn't help but imagine my hands spread over those magnificent orbs, feeling the hard button of her nipples against my palms, feeling their pressure against my fingers. Unable to stop myself, I was suddenly conjuring a fantasy. We were back at the restaurant where we had met and I had just thrown her boyfriend out, but in my mind the place was deserted. When I turned back to her this time she was no longer scornful, rather the admiration shone in her eyes. I moved towards her and she stood to meet me. We kissed passionately and her tongue darted into my mouth, hot and forceful. My hands fell to her chest and she let a low moan into our kiss. My fingers found the bust line of her dress and curled over the edge of the fabric. With a quick violent jerk the material tore open and her full breasts burst out. I broke off from her mouth and kissed her throat. I moved along the underside of her jaw finally stopping at her earlobe, which I bit and licked playfully.

She began to murmur to herself and her breathing grew short and rapid. As I began to descend to her full breasts, her hands found the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it over my head as I drew level with her nipples. The areolas were small, no bigger than a quarter but each nipple stood out like a trio of stacked smarties. I took one in my mouth and then the other. With each, I sucked hard rolling the nipple with my tongue and lightly biting it. Her fingers sifted through my hair occasionally clenching a handful as a sudden burst of pleasure overwhelmed her. She pulled my head closer flattening her chest against my face. My cock was pulsing in my shorts. As hard as a diamond, it was lifting the seam of my briefs off my waist.

My hands moved lower now to cotton that was hung loosely over her spread legs. I had no sooner begun to trace over the soft fabric when she thrust her hips forward in a frantic effort to search out my hand. I moved my fingers up and between her legs and instantly the cotton separating us was wet with her lust.

I had to jerk my attention back to the road as I was suddenly aware of a transport truck passing us. Without realizing it, I had slowed down to only fifty miles an hour and now several lights were gaining on our car in the rearview mirror. I didn't care though; I just wanted to get back to my fantasy. After the final gust of wind from the truck's slipstream had passed, I turned my attention back to my sleeping passenger. My cock was getting uncomfortably hard and I dearly wanted to move it to a more pleasant position. I was wearing a loose fitting pair of soccer shorts so I simply moved the fabric up the length of my left leg and quietly pulled my cock under the seam of my underwear. It wasn't terribly comfortable but it was a little better than the previous position and now I could subtlety touch my cock-head as I drove. I started off rolling it between my thumb and forefinger and turned my attention back to April.

Her mouth had fallen open slightly as she slept and it was her full lips that caught my attention as I began to fantasize. Now I pictured her laying back on one of the diner's long tables. I was kneeling above her, also on the table. She forced her breast together clamping my cock in their soft firmness. With my free hand I grabbed the base of her ponytail and pulled her head forward. Each time my cock-head emerged from between her breasts her tongue would dart out and lick the sensitive underside of my shaft. Each lick provided a sudden flash of pleasure and seemed to add to a growing surge that was raging throughout my body. Because of the bright lights of the diner the picture window at the head of the table was like a giant mirror. I could see her firm young body writhing beneath me. Her ripe chest shuddered with my every movement. I was thrusting steadily, absorbed in her beautiful begging eyes and her full pouting lips. With a sudden urgency I withdrew from the crease of her breasts and shuffled forward a few inches. I placed my tip of my cock against her lower lip and tried to pull her mouth forward, but she resisted momentarily. Instead, she lifted my cock far above her face and began to stroke it as she sucked and licked my balls. My whole body grew ridged as powerful waves of pleasure seemed to lift me from the table. Then suddenly my cock was in her mouth, a hard hot pull on my aching shaft. She lingered at the head a moment, rolling it over her tongue while she continued to stroke the shaft. Then, she thrust her head forward engulfing all but an inch of my length. Within seconds I was bucking uncontrollably, fucking that perfect young mouth without restraint. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and I knew in seconds I would shoot my load down her throat.

April turned slightly in her sleep and moaned softly. My left hand flew back to the steering wheel in an instant, almost inadvertently turning us off the road. My heartbeat was pounding in my chest and I could feel that my cheeks were hot and flushed. I knew I was beyond help at this point, absolutely sick with lust. My only cure lay in getting off as soon and as quickly as possible. I considered just pulling over and walking a short distance from the car, but at that moment I saw a sign that told me a rest stop was only two miles away. Two miles? It might as well have been a hundred the way I was feeling at that moment. I was absolutely aching to come. I wanted to just pull it out and get it over with. Better yet, I wanted to pull over and take April over the hood off my car. Bend her young body over forcefully and tear her underwear off her. I'd step between her legs and bury my cock in her soft tight heat. I could hear her moaning and see her blonde ponytail bouncing over her back with each thrust. Her incredible breasts would be bouncing as a single mass in the confines of her dress.

There was an unmistakable soft whimper to my right and my attention was suddenly snapped back to my passenger. April still appeared to be sleeping, but I noticed immediately that her long legs had parted slightly and her left hand lazily moved between them. Though she wasn't actually rubbing herself, I could tell that her left arm was no longer relaxed and her wrist seemed to be pressing down on the cotton stretched over her legs.

My grip on the steering wheel tightened and my right foot went down hard. A minute and a half later I reached the access ramp to the rest stop. April woke suddenly as the car decelerated.

"Where are we?"

"A rest stop," I said without turning. I could still feel the flush on my cheeks and I didn't want to betray anything to those penetrating blues.

We moved off the ramp in silence into the parking area. I maneuvered the car between a long line of transports parked for the evening and a similar line of family cars. There were no spaces close to the building containing the bathrooms so I had to settle for a spot two hundred yards away under the shadow of a large oak.

As I opened my door I turned to her. "I need to use the bathroom," I explained.

She smiled mischievously and her eyes moved to my crotch. "I can see that."

With a growing horror I too looked down. With the interior light on it was easy to see the engorged head of my cock sticking out the leg of my shorts. I quickly pulled the fabric down. "This isn't what it looks like."

"It certainly looked like it earlier when you were stroking yourself."

My jaw dropped.

"Where do you think I got the idea?" she continued.

I was too stunned to move. I just watched as she undid her seatbelt and began to unbutton her dress. "I gotta' tell you it was awfully hard just to lie here and pretend to sleep with you stroking that thing next to me. I've been dying to ride your cock for the last five miles at least. When I couldn't take it anymore I just had to touch myself." She lifted her left hand to her nose and inhaled deeply.

"I need you to fuck me Jeff. I need you to." She turned and tucked her legs underneath her, then leaned over to me. We kissed and her mouth was hot on mine. Her tongue moved frantically as her full lips engulfed my own. Finally I broke through my inertia and my hands began to move over her body.

The top of her dress now hung loosely off her shoulders. My fingers curled behind the nape of her neck as we kissed then slid under the fabric of her collar. I moved my hand lower and was further excited to find that she wore no bra. Ah, the joys of youth. Her nipple was hard and it slid between the crease of my index and middle finger as I cupped her breast.

"You've got the most amazing body," I panted between kisses.

"You're not so bad yourself," she replied placing her hand on my crotch. My cock pulsed involuntarily in response. She kissed me passionately once more, sucking and biting my tongue, as her hand slipped under the waistband of my shorts and found the base of my shaft. As she broke our kiss and leaned down take in my cock I hurriedly forced my shorts and underwear down my thighs. My dick was momentarily tangled in my clothing, but suddenly sprang up to meet her waiting mouth.

She seemed to linger forever at the head, licking it playfully and kissing it with her firm pouting lips. My whole body trembled with each touch as a surge of lust and excitement bolted though me. The only thought in my head was the desire to feel her hot mouth sheath my cock. Her nipples had grown harder as she teased me and now forced my fingers apart. Finally, her head plunged forward taking me deep into her wet mouth. An immense wave of pleasure crashed over me and I crumpled forward like a marionette with its strings cut. I was delirious as she continued to work my cock. She alternated between short quick bobs of hard sucking and long, deep tonguing pulls. Despite her age, she had already mastered the art of giving head. Within moments I could feel the buzzing of an intense climax raging in my temples and down my spine.

"Wait," she stopped suddenly. In the dim light I could see a string of pre-cum or saliva spanning from her lower lip to the tip of my cock. "I need you to fuck me," she pleaded again with heavy lidded eyes.

I tried to reply but my voice was buried somewhere deep within me. I nodded instead, slowly at first and then with a greater urgency. She took one more long tonguing pull on my cock and with a great effort I managed to hold back the eruption of come boiling in my balls. Then she sat up, opened her door and got out of the car. I scrambled out of my side after her.

She didn't go far, just a couple of yards up the grassy incline past the oak tree. As she walked, she kicked off her sandals and lifted her short sundress over her head, dropping it in a heap behind her. I discarded my clothes as well, though much more awkwardly.

I could see her smiling at me in the moon-light.

"Right here?" I questioned.

"Right now."

We kissed again with an even greater urgency than before. I was aware now of the incredible heat that seemed to seep from every pore of her skin. My hands crept down her sides, over her ribs, around her abdomen and back onto the soft curve of her ass. I pulled her closer to me and we began to grind our pelvises against one another. Her breasts were flattened against my chest and I could feel her nipples in their heart. Gradually our movements gathered force. She let out a soft moan as we swayed together.

After a while, both our chests grew slippery with sweat. We drew apart slightly and my hand slowly crept around and between her legs. Her underwear was drenched by her excitement and I could feel the folds of her sex through the material. I carefully pulled aside the fabric and ran my index finger down its length. Her breath came in short gasps. Pulling my finger forward again I stopped at her erect bud and gently began rubbing it. After only a moment, she shuddered suddenly and seemed to lose her footing. I caught her with my free arm and lowered her gently to the grass.

After removing her underwear I knelt between her legs. My cock was now guiding me like a compass into her. I inched forward slowly and moved my cock down her fold, repeating the path my finger had taken. This time however when I reached the center of her lips I thrust forward and forced the tip of my cock inside her. She moaned loudly and her hips bucked forward to meet me. Despite her obvious excitement, she seemed remarkably tight and difficult to penetrate. We began rocking together. With each movement more of my cock disappeared. Finally I was buried within her.

I began to move slowly. With each descent I felt an explosive surge of pleasure throughout my body. I could hear myself making sounds now but they seemed dulled and distant. Everything was dimming around me as my senses gave way to the growing feeling inside of me. The only things that held my attention, that still seemed immediate, were April's luminescent blue eyes. They seemed to grow wider with each thrust.

I had increased my pace. April continued to meet my every thrust by rolling her hips forward to meet my cock. She was moaning and tossing her head from side to side violently as I buried my shaft.

"I love it. I love it. I love you fucking me." She let out a loud yelp.

A numbing began in the back of my head and moved down my spine. In my temples the buzzing of an intense orgasm began. I was thrusting madly now, no longer in control of my body. April suddenly shuddered violently and her body clamped down on my cock. I came just as suddenly. My body was racked from tip to toe with wave after wave of pleasure as my cock released inside of her. I collapsed on the grass beside her and we lay there together for some time.

Eventually we got dressed and got back into my car. We talked a little on the way to Seattle and I took her for an early breakfast before heading home myself. I left her sitting in a diner much the same as when I found her. Only now, she was happy and alone.

It may have been stupid of me to get involved in the fight, but like my parents used to say: Sometimes, doing the right thing has its rewards.

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