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The Day I Was Raped

It was the Saturday of the big homecoming game at my high school. I was a cheerleader and I wanted to make sure I would get with a football player so I made sure I dressed sexy. I put on a pair of green lace thong panties so they would get a good look at my ass, a green lace bra that held up my firm 36C tits, and my two piece cheerleading outfit. The top was an extremely tight v-neck that only went down to my belly button and showed off my cleavage so well. Then I had my extra short skirt which barely covered my ass.

I started walking to school through the woods because it is quicker when all of a sudden a huge man grabbed me covering my mouth and dragging me into his van. He gagged me and tied me up. He then drove for about a half-hour till we got to a ranch in the country. He dragged me out of the van and brought me into his house and to the bedroom, which had a huge bed with satin sheets. He untied and gagged me and put me on the bed. He said, "don't scream no one will hear." He began to lick my face as I started to squirm. He laughed as he squeezed my tits with his big hands. He then said, "if you are gonna dress so sexy you are bound to get fucked." He ripped my top and skirt off leaving me there in my lingerie. I tried to cover myself, but he would not let me. He said I looked so sexy in lingerie. He began to lick my pussy through my panties and then pulled them off as I screamed for him to stop. He just laughed. I could feel myself reaching orgasm and he noticed too, so he stopped.

He then took my bra off exposing my huge firm tits and he began to suck on them. He then took his pants off and exposed his already hard cock. It must have been at least 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. He told me to suck it and if I bite him I would die. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth and began to suck on it. I have never had one this big. I knew that I should not be enjoying this but it was the best cock I have ever sucked and I really got into it. I began to let out soft moans to let him know I enjoyed being raped. He then took it out of my mouth and said how every girl loves his cock. I told him that I wanted his cock so bad and wanted to be fucked so badly. He asked if his cock would fit in my young cunt and I said, "I don't care how much it hurts, just shove it me, you rapist." He said, "ok but it ain't rape if you wanna, girl." I told him that I knew but, "let's still pretend that you are raping me with that huge hard dick."

He then said spread your legs bitch as he forcefully pushed my knees apart exposing my pussy. He then slowly entered his huge cock into me as I moaned with pain and pleasure. I told him to pump harder and he did. He was fucking me so hard I couldn't stop moaning so loud. He told me to shut up so I began to suck on my tits to keep him happy. He finally came in me and pulled his cock out of my pussy. He then ordered me to go into the closet and dress up like a bigger slut than I was when he kidnapped me. I walked into the closet and was amazed at the collection of sexy lingerie and clothes that he had. I took a pair of silky black thigh-highs and a red lace thong panties with matching demi bra. I then put on an extremely tight (it must have been three sizes too small) green satin button-down blouse, leaving the top three buttons unbuttoned. I then put on a skirt that had a two-inch slit and only came down to barely mid thigh. You could see the top of the thigh-highs without me even sitting down. I then chose a pair of 4-inch pumps and walked back into his room.

He asked me how much I charged. I said, "for a man with a ten inch cock it is free." He walked over to me and placed his hands on my ass and slowly lifted my skirt up. He then put his head between my legs and began to eat me as I moaned in pleasure. Once I reached orgasm he moved his mouth and began to suck on my tits through my blouse. He then slowly unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked my bra, exposing my tits. He sucked on them so well. I then told him to fuck me in the ass and he said, "in a minute, I enjoy sucking on your wonderfully large round and firm breasts that have perfectly sized firm brown nipples." I moaned an "ok" with pleasure. He then said, "let me fuck you now," as he picked me up and placed me face down on his bed. He said, "put your ass in the air," and I did. He put one hand on my hip and guided his cock into my asshole with the other. I moaned as he slid it in and started to pump really hard. It hurt so much but I was still having the fucking of my life. He finally released his cum into my ass and I licked all the cum off of his softening cock. He then told me, as we were lying on the bed and he was playing with my nipples, that he liked it when I dressed up and he could fuck me. He then said, "let's have you dress up and we will have our own little sex shows." I asked if first I could be a French-maid and that he be the boss. He said, "Lets go for it."

I went into the closet and put on a pair of fishnet thigh highs, a pair of black satin panties, and a satin black shelf bra. I then took the French-maid outfit that was there and put it on. It was perfect and fit me so tightly and showed off the top of my tits and the skirt was so short and sexy. I then put on a pair of 3-inch pumps; I took a pair of black satin gloves and a feather duster. I then walked out and saw "the rapist" sitting behind a desk pretending to be doing work. I began to dust his desk and gave him a full view of my cleavage. His hand then went directly under his desk and he "accidentally" knocked his pen off his desk and asked me to pick it up. I turned around and bent over letting my skirt ride up and giving him a view of my panty-covered ass. When I turned back around and handed him his pen he was obviously jerking off under the table. He then asked me to empty the garbage pail that was under his desk. I began to crawl under his desk keeping my ass in the air so he could see my shiny panties. While under the desk, I saw his hardening cock through his dress pants. I asked him if he would like any help with it and he said, "just promise to clean up when you are done." I unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. I began to suck on it and I was able to get all 10 inches in my mouth. I felt just like Monica Lewinsky. He then filled my mouth up with his sweet hot cum as I tried to swallow as much of it as I could. I licked up the rest of his cum and he said, "get back to work you slutty maid." I told him I loved acting like a maid as I sat on his lap. He told me that I looked so god damn sexy. He asked what I would like to be next and I said, "how about you dress up as a sexy female student and I will be your male teacher." He was a little hesitant at first but then he said, "ok."

I first put on a huge strap-on dildo that was 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. I was getting horny just holding it. I then put on a suit and tied my hair back. I went back outside and saw him sitting in a school desk wearing black pantyhose, a very short black satin skirt, of which his cock was almost coming out, and a tight blue velvet shirt, which covered his fake 40EE tits. I began the role-play right away. I told "her" that her grades were not doing well and she has to do something or she will fail. I was sitting on the teacher's desk so she could see my dildo through the pants and see how I want to fuck a student. I then stood up and put my hands on "her" shoulders and asked if she had any ideas on how "she" could improve? I slowly lowered my hands as she said, "well, you could fuck me, that should get me an A, right?" I said, "yes," as I began to massage her huge tits. I told her that I always starred at them during class. Then I went in front of her, unzipped my pants, and pulled the dildo out as "her" eyes got big with excitement. "She" said, "wow, Mr. Smith that is the nicest cock I have ever seen." As "she" began to suck it I was telling her she would get an A for the rest of the year as long as she does this monthly and dresses slutty, showing off those sexy tits. I then said that I really wanted to fuck "her" and she said, "ok," as she bent over on the floor and lifted her skirt, exposing the g-string she was wearing. I then entered the dildo into his ass as he moaned like a sexy schoolgirl after a couple minutes of hard pumping she said that she had to go and will let me fuck "her" everyday.

We were having so much fun having sexual role-plays. He then said, "dress up like a nurse and give me an erotic massage." I went into the closet and put on a pair of silky white thigh-highs, a pair of satin white thong panties, and a satin white bra. I then put on a two piece white nurse's uniform that was extremely tight and had a very very short skirt. I then went into the main room and "the rapist" was lying on a massage table with a towel around his waist. I began to massage his back. I then began to massage his shoulders from in front, so my pussy was right in his face. As I was massaging his hand began to ride up my legs and he was squeezing my ass and playing with my panties. I let out a soft moan and said that this was against hospital policy, but he did not stop. He then lifted up the front of my skirt and began to lick my pussy through the panties. Before I knew it I had reached my orgasm. He then flipped over and his raging cock peeked out through the towel. He said, "massage my cock." I began to play with his cock in my hands and I was so horny that I took my top off and my bra, exposing my tits. I bent over, rubbing my tits against his huge cock and then began to suck on it. I was teasing him at first and then he said, "suck it, bitch," so I really got into it. I was taking the whole thing in my mouth and then it swelled and filled my mouth with sweet warm cum. He then said that I was the best rape victim he ever had. I said, "thank you," as he told me to get dressed.

He then took me home and I went inside. My mom was there and asked me where I was all day. Before I could say anything she noticed a cum stain on my uniform. I tried to avoid the questions but I eventually told her everything that happened. She was shocked but I could tell that she was turned on by it because she had her hands rubbing her pussy above her skirt and the other was rubbing her huge firm tits through her satin blouse. I could see her nipples harden and that she had no bra on. She then walked over to me and began to rub my tits through my uniform. I was so turned on by my mom doing this to me that I unbuttoned her blouse exposing her perfect 36Dtits that were still firm at 40. I began to suck on them as she moaned with pleasure. She then pulled off my uniform and underwear. Both of our hips were bucking wildly 'cause we were so horny. I told her that I was going to get my double-dildo. We each put an end in our pussy and began to fuck uncontrollably 'till we reached our orgasms. We then just laid there, playing with each other's pussies and tits and talking about men's cocks. As we were doing this, my dad and brother walked in and were amazed at what they saw. Both of their pants began to bulge. My mom moaned, "more cocks, lets suck them." I went to my father's cock and my mom went to my brother's, and we began to suck them off. Before they came we switched so we could get a tasting of the whole family. They then said, "lets fuck um!" They went over to my mom first and my dad took her pussy and my bro took her in the ass. I put my pussy in my mom's face so I could reach my orgasm. They them came in my mom and said, "lets go for some young flesh," as both their still hard cocks entered me. I was sucking on my mom's tits as I was fucked. That night we all slept together and knew we were gonna be real close in the future.
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