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The Domination of Mike
by Sneap

Mike was walking down the hall when he bumped into Kelly, the star soccer player on the girl's team. Mike turned to say "sorry", but could not take his eyes off of her tits. She was only eighteen, but she sure had a set on her. Kelly was not at all amused and she slapped his face and said, "That is probably the closest you have ever come to sex you geek." Mike was embarrassed and ran into the bathroom to hide. The bell range and everyone ran to their classes. Mike looked down and saw that Kelly's tits stimulated more than his mind. He needed release, so he went into a stall and pulled the Vaseline tube from his bag. He undid his pants and pulled out his ever-growing cock. Mike smeared a few drops onto the head of his penis and began to rub it. Mike quickly grew to his full little four inches. He rubbed until he shot his load onto the stall door.

The next day was Friday, the day of the senior prom. Mike had no date, but went anyway. He got good and liquored up, as not to feel embarrassed. Kelly was there with her clique. When Mike looked at her he began to become excited. He had brought his Vaseline tube, knowing that looking at the girls would make him horny. He found his way over to his friends, the other wallflowers. They began to discuss the rumors of Kelly and her friends engaging in group sex. The wallflower group wished that they could be so lucky.

Mike worked his way out onto the dance floor in all of his drunkenness. He tried to rub up against all of the girls, and also to grab some ass on the crowded floor. He became excited and headed toward the bathroom into a stall. The room was empty so he pulled out his Vaseline and began to rub his cock. Just then some people came into the bathroom. Mike was terrified. He heard the sound of a girl's voice. It was Jen, Kelly's best friend. Jen and her boyfriend Steve had come to have some privacy. Mike had raised his legs in hopes of hiding. Mike heard Jen say, "oh baby, you know how hard it was for me to control myself out there. Now let's see how hard you are in here. I love sucking on that big cock of yours." She threw him up against the stall door that Mike was in and it opened. Mike had forgotten to lock the door. They all froze. Steve began to laugh, and so then did Jen. Jen then smiled widely as if she had come up with a great idea. She said to Mike, "Why don't you come to the after-prom party at my house. I hope that it will make amends for all of the wrong that we did to you over the years." Mike could do nothing but agree.

Mike rode his bicycle to the after-prom party. He knew that he was drunk, but this was unbelievable. The most popular kids in school had invited him to their party. It took him awhile to get there. Everyone was drunk when he showed up. He saw Jen walking around in her bra and panties. She was carrying a bottle of tequila and a large black dildo. She saw Mike and walked over to him. He could not take his eyes off of her body. She told him to open his mouth, and when he did, she began to pour tequila down his throat. She told him that if he did not spill a drop that he could join the real party. Mike guzzled down half the bottle, but he did not spill a drop. They both walked to the kitchen. Kelly saw Mike and asked Jen, "What is that little pervert doing here?" Jen told her that he was going to be the entertainment of the party. They all laughed except Mike, he had no idea what was so funny.

Steve grabbed Mike and threw him onto the couch. Mike was so drunk that he did not know what was going to happen. Jen, Kelly, and all of the other girls gathered around Mike. Kelly said, "Drop your pants and jerk off for us baby." Mike could not believe that she had called him baby. He was hypnotized by her voice. He dropped his pants and they all began to laugh and giggle. Jen then asked, "do you like to stare at our tits, thinking that we do not see you looking?" Kelly then took off her shirt and Mike began to rub his cock faster. After only two or three minutes Mike announced that he was about to cum. Kelly smiled and walked slowly up toward Mike. When she got next to him, she slapped his face hard. She said, "Little perverts like you have to be punished." She looked down at his cock and said, "that is the most pathetic little penis I have ever seen. Steve come here and show him a real cock." Steve walked over to the girls. One of the girls undid his pants and reached in for his cock. Mike could not believe how big it was. It must have been eight inches and it was still soft.

Three other girls grabbed Mike and tied his hands behind his back. They also tied his ankles together. There was not much of a struggle since Mike was so drunk. He could not move. Jen began to laugh as she knelt in front of Steve. She put Steve's balls in his hand and began to rub them. She asked Mike if he saw what she was doing and Mike said yes. She said, "good because it is your turn now. Mike thought that Jen was going to rub his balls, but he was mistaken. Steve walked right up to Mike and put his growing penis right in front of Mike's face. Kelly said, "This is a real penis, now stick out your tongue and lick his balls." Mike turned his head away and Kelly slapped him hard. Someone grabbed his head and forced him to look at Steve's growing member. He tried to turn away and that move was greeted by several more slaps. He then reluctantly stuck out his tongue and quickly licked the front of Steve's balls. It tasted salty and smelled sweaty. Mike was not enjoying this at all. He turned his head away and was punched in the stomach by one of the girls. He heard, "the more you resist us, the worse it will be on yourself. Now lean forward and give Steve a blowjob. You will probably like it anyway you little faggot."

Three other guys had worked their way inside and saw what was happening. Steve was getting a blowjob by the class geek and all of the girls were cheering him on. They all walked over to the couch. Kelly smiled when she saw them and told them to take off their pants, but to leave their underwear on. They all then lined up in front of Mike. Some of the girls were getting hot and were taking off their clothes and rubbing themselves through their underwear.

Mike could not believe how big this cock in his mouth had grown. His mouth was hurting and he hoped that Steve would soon be done so he could get this over with. Jen said, "now little faggot, when Steve cums, you better not let one drop out of your mouth. Swallow it all like a good-little cock sucker." Mike closed his eyes and tried to image a happy place. Steve began to fuck his face fast now. He had grown to his full eleven inches. April, one of the other girls, watched as she rubbed her clit fast and furious. Jen reached over and began to finger-fuck April. April began to moan as she watched Mike suck on Steve's cock. She was panting and began to shout, "Come on Steve, cum down that little bitches throat. Fill his mouth up." When Steve heard her he let out a loud moan. Mike felt his cock expand and saw Steve's balls rise tightly under his enormous cock. He knew what was going to happen next and felt the first wave hit the back of his throat. Steve kept cumming and cumming. Mike could not take it all in and some ran down his chin.

Mike felt like a dirty-little slut, but he was relieved that it was over. He opened his eyes and saw Brett, Joe, and Tyler standing in front of him in their underwear. Fear ran through his body. Just then Steve pulled his shrinking cock out of his mouth. Steve grabbed the base of his huge cock and whipped it toward Mike, slapping him on the face. All of the girls laughed and Jen said, "Now it is time for the fun to begin. I hope you see what a real cock looks like now, not like your pathetic little thing." April told Mike that he was only one fourth of the way done. Kelly came walking downstairs holding something in her hands. She threw it at Mike and told him to put it on. It was her school uniform: white blouse, plaid skirt, and knee length stockings.

Mike felt someone untie him. He was instructed that if he tried to get away that he would be punished. Mike reached down to pick up the uniform. April grabbed her black thong and told Mike to put it on as she threw it at him. Mike stripped completely naked and everyone laughed at is little pecker and marble sized balls. He did as he was told and got dressed up in the school uniform for the girls. He saw Kelly pulling objects out of a bag and he did not like what he was seeing. There were many dildos of different sizes and also a few strap-on dildos.

Jen explained to Mike that the three boys standing in front of him were a little shy and needed moral support. Jen told him that he had to ask each one if he could suck their cocks and then reach into their underwear and get them. Mike mumbled quietly, and unheartedly asked Brett if he could suck his cock. Kelly walked up to Mike and kicked him in the nuts. Mike let out a loud cry and buckled over. Kelly grabbed his hair and lifted his head. She told him that if he did not improve his manner, he would be sorry. Mike caught on quickly. He tried to fake smile as best he could and said, "Brett, may I please suck your cock?" Brett laughed at Mike and told him he better do a good job. Mike then reached up and pulled Brett's underwear down. Brett was not as big as Steve, but he was much bigger than Mike. Mike leaned forward and started his cock-sucking routine once more.

Mike was told to get on the floor on his knees. As he sucked Brett's cock, Joe and Tyler stood on either side of him. One of the girls told him to give the two hand jobs while he sucked Brett off. He reached up and started to stroke Joe's cock first. He was about seven inches long but at least four inches around. Tyler was almost as big as Steve. Mike tried to stay in rhythm. He had seen this type of arrangement on pornos, but this time he was the little bitch in the middle. April came over and pulled Brett's cock out of Mike's mouth. She began to jerk it off and said, "Come on baby, cum on the little schoolgirl slut's face." She jerked him faster and Brett let out a loud yell as squirt after squirt landed on Mike's face.

Two of the other girls came over and started sucking on Joe and Tyler's cocks. Kelly then got on all fours in front of Mike. She said to him, "Now you're going to earn your brown wings. Get over here and kiss my ass. Suck on my hole." Mike could not believe his luck. He leaned down and started to lick her pussy. She slapped him in the face and said, "Not that hole you little pervert, lick my asshole. That is all you're good for is cleaning my ass." Mike shifted his aim and began to tongue the outside of her asshole. Someone pushed his head in farther and his nose was now pressed against her hole. He began to lick it.

Mike began to get hard and Jen noticed. She said, "look at the little pervert, he is getting excited licking ass. Is there anyone else here who wants their ass licked?" Three more girls lined up in front of him, all with their asses pointed toward him. He would lick one ass for a few seconds and move to the next. Steve had decided to join the line as well. Mike tried to skip over him, but a quick slap reminded him to lick his ass also. One of the girls began to tease Mike. She said, "Tell us how much you like licking assholes." Mike was instructed to tell each person how much he enjoyed licking his or her ass. Everyone saw Mike going from person to person burring his face in his or her ass. Before he started the next person he would have to say, "thank you for allowing me to lick your asshole. This is all that I am good for because I am a little bitch boy with a tiny four-inch cock."

He was going from ass to ass when he felt someone lift up his skirt and pull down his thong. He turned to look and saw Jen behind him wearing a strap-on dildo at least nine inches long. The girls all shifted to the floor ten feet in front of Mike. They grabbed some dildos off the desk and took turns on each other. Joe and Tyler kneeled in front of Mike. Jen said, "Be a good little schoolgirl and suck their cocks." He felt her rubbing something on his asshole and looked back. With one hand she was rubbing KY-Jelly on his asshole, while the other hand rubbed it onto her dildo that she was wearing. She looked like she was jerking off. He tried to get away but was grabbed by the guys. He was forced onto his hands and knees. He began to suck Tyler's cock when he felt the tip of Jen's strap-on entering him. She said, "The more you struggle the more it will hurt. Now be a good little girl and relax, my big cock is going in you one way or another." She pressed harder and harder. He slowly took more and more of it. Jen had the whole nine inches in him. She began to pump hard.

Mike had tears running down his face. That big cock stretched his asshole wider than it had ever been. Jen reached up and grabbed his hair. She was pumping him harder and harder. Mike looked around and saw everyone else having sex now. The girls were using dildos on each other and Brett was fucking Kelly as Steve fucked April. April and Kelly were positioned directly in front of Mike, each on her hands and knees. The three of them formed almost a perfect triangle. Tyler was still on the floor in front of Mike. April reached down and began to stroke Tyler's cock. She told Mike to take Tyler's balls in his mouth as she stroked his cock. Mike did not want to get slapped again, so he did as he was told. Tyler began to moan and soon began to shoot his load. April aimed his cock directly at Mike's face. Mike felt his hot warm cum splatter all over his face.

Mike, April, and Kelly were being fucked harder now. They were all moaning. The girls began to order Mike to say things. Mike obeyed their requests and said, "Fill my ass like the little slut that I am. I love the feeling of a big and hard cock in my ass." Mike heard the other guys yell out as they came in April and Kelly at the same time. Jen began to spank Mike's ass as she fucked him fast. Everyone watched as they were the center of attention. Jen finally stopped and rolled off of Mike. She kicked him in his ass and told him to go sit on the couch.

Mike thought that his ass was going to explode as he sat down. Kelly told him to jerk himself to an orgasm. She smeared some Vaseline on his pathetic cock to help him. She whispered something in his ear and began to laugh. She then sat down on the floor. He began to say, "Everyone watch as I jerk my little cock off. It is not big enough for anyone to enjoy, so I will jerk it myself." Mike was about to cum when he was pushed down onto the floor. The girls bent him over so that his back was on the floor, but is legs were up in the air. When he looked up he saw his own cock. April began stroking his cock fast. Mike moaned and began to cum. April aimed his cock directly at his own face as load after load came out. Jen and Kelly spanked his ass and called him a dirty little slut as he came. Mike was then thrown onto the front porch with no close on. Everyone laughed and slammed the door on him.


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