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The Dream Reaper
by Carl East

I awoke feeling the sperm running down my thigh, it had happened again. A wet dream that I'd been having three times a night. It always started the same way, I would be in a bar getting a drink, then once I sat down in an alcove that was situated at the back of the bar, someone would get under the table and start to give me the best damn blowjob ever. But I couldn't see who it was, then when they had taken me to the very edge, I would come for real, and wake up. I cleaned up the mess, then lay there wondering why I should be having such vivid and incredible wet dreams. It wasn't, because I didn't get laid, on the contrary, I had my fair share of sex. Also I was twenty-one, and had never experienced a wet dream in my life.

Then I noticed something on the floor of my bedroom, a small brooch. I got out of bed and picked it up, upon examination I discovered engraved writing on the back, too small to read with the naked eye. I searched through my desk, until I found my magnifying glass, looking closer under the lamp, the inscription read, To Abby, for passing the D R exam. I didn't know anyone by that name, I also knew that brooch hadn't been there when I'd gone to sleep. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I had had an intruder, but upon checking the house, I had found all the doors and windows locked from the inside. At that point I figured that it must have been snagged onto my clothing, and I'd not noticed. I decided to hide it away, and had the perfect place for it.

A week later, I was still having these wet dreams when it suddenly changed. I was still in the bar, but a voice could be heard in my head, saying, where is my brooch. I awoke with the dream still fresh in my memory, wondering why I should dream about the brooch. Then I had a wild idea, what if someone were visiting me during my sleep, who had lost a brooch. I laughed at myself, but couldn't shake the idea, so I decided to humour me. I set the camcorder to record my movements during sleep, and then the next night when I was ready for bed, I started the camcorder off and went to sleep.

I awoke with my own cum running down my thigh, then remembering the camcorder. To be honest I didn't think I would find anything, but what I did find was mind blowing. First of all the tape had only been going for half an hour, so I rewound it, then placed it in the video player. At first it was what I expected to find, me asleep, with an occasional turn for excitement. Then suddenly a light appeared above my head in the film, I watched this light carefully, and witnessed a vision of beauty appearing from the light.

She was a young woman, of small stature floating above my bed, then I saw the covers start to move on their own, revealing my naked body underneath. She then proceeded to hover above my cock, taking in the entire length down her throat, and giving me a blowjob. I looked down and found I had a real boner right now, this was incredible, she continued until I came then placed everything back as it was, and vanished. I rewound the tape going over it again and again, not believing what my eyes were seeing.

I just had to talk with this little beauty, but how, the only time she appeared was when I slept. Then I looked at the computer, and started to get an idea. If you've ever owned a computer you will know that they are incredibly versatile, able to do a number of every day things. The obvious things being typing out letters, playing games, using the Internet and so on, but you can also set your computer up to do a number of things around your home. For instance if you had the right equipment you could actually save money on your electricity bills, simply by setting up sensors around your home that the computer could identify with. Then when it detected you in one room, it would automatically turn out the lights in another. So what I did first was get the right equipment for the job in hand, and started to set it all up. Once I had set things up I sat in front of the camcorder and recorded a message just for my little visitor. Then re-recording it onto my computer, I set the camcorder as before to watch what happened. I had set the camcorder to start as soon as my computer activated. That night I waited until I was really tired, then making last minute checks I got into bed.

When I awoke twenty minutes later, the lights were all on, as well as my computer and camcorder. Quickly getting out of bed I rewound the tape and started to play it through, it began as before with nothing happening, then the light appeared above my head again. She appeared, floating above my head, then the lights came on, and at the same time my voice could be heard coming from the computer.

"Please don't be afraid, I will not harm you, but I now know of your existence."

I watched her face on the tape, at first she had been startled, and was about to flee, but she then heard my voice, which seemed to calm her a little.

"I have found your brooch, and it is safe with me, I would like to meet with you," I heard myself saying.

She listened intently, then spotting the camcorder she floated over to it.

"I can only meet you in my dreams, for it is forbidden by my kind to make contact with the dream receiver," she said, in a soft voice.

I looked at her face, she was beautiful, her hair was white and flowing, her eyes a gorgeous blue, her skin perfect, and a body that you would die for. The only defect, if you could call it that was her height, for she only stood four foot from the ground. But four foot of perfection was still, four foot of perfection.

"I will come to you once you fall asleep again." She said, floating back up and disappearing.

I quickly turned everything off, then climbed back into bed, before long I was asleep again. I suddenly heard a voice and turned around, there she was a vision of loveliness.

"Hi, is Abby your name?" I said, looking into those gorgeous eyes.

"Yes, and you are Paul, I have made you my soul mate." She replied.

"Are you real?" I asked.

She laughed at that, her laugh being infectious, for I laughed back.

"Yes, I am real, I just exist in another reality." She replied.

Up until now our surroundings were dark, with nothing to see, but she waved her hand and changed that, for we were suddenly walking in a meadow.

"How do you do the things you do?" I said, sounding like a song I once heard.

"All the things you see are illusionary, even I am a projection of my real self." She said.

"But you do exist in the flesh as it were?" I said, reaching out to touch her, and feeling her solid arm.

"Yes, only my projection is controlling everything around you, for I too am asleep at this moment, and if I woke up in reality, this would all vanish." She said, explaining it all very clearly. "I see, what did you mean when you said that I was your soul mate?" I asked.

"When we have learned to manipulate our dreams we can choose a soul mate as a kind of reward, this reward is nearly always of a sexual nature, as we think about sex every bit as much as you." She explained.

"But if you're just a projection, then how could you have left your brooch in my reality?" I asked, thinking this will stump her.

"We found out a long time ago that when we enter your reality, whatever we bring with us becomes a part of that reality, but only while it is fresh in our minds." She replied.

"So what you're telling me is, that as soon as you blank that memory out, the brooch would disappear?" I said.

"Exactly." She said, taking my hand.

We walked for a while taking in the beauty that she had created, then I spoke again.

"May I kiss you?"

"Yes, you may."

I drew her into my arms and kissed her softly on the lips, having to crouch a little. Her return kiss was more passionate, making me get hard once again; I placed my hands onto her butt, squeezing slightly. She reached down taking hold of my cock, which made me realise I was now naked, she really did control everything in this reality. Her hand moving along my cock, she too suddenly appeared naked. Her body was a work of art, but I couldn't help thinking how much was projection and how much was reality, was this how she looked, or how she would like to look. We found ourselves on the floor, our kiss becoming more heated, then I felt the wall of her pussy, she was wet. I pushed it in, she gasped as my cock entered the tightest cunt I ever felt, and then I started to work it faster. My cock feeling great as I felt every inch sinking into her love canal, her cry's of pleasure turning me on even more. Her breasts were heaving, as her breathing seemed to get more pronounced. Then I felt myself coming; it was running down my thigh, once more, I suddenly realised I had awoken. Sitting, I cleaned myself up, and returned to sleep. She was still there waiting for my arrival, we were both dressed again.

"That was incredible!" I said, taking her hand.

"I waited, for I knew that you would return, but I am about to wake up myself, as soon as that happens you will return to your own thoughts, and I will see you again tomorrow" She said.

We walked for a while longer hand in hand, not saying anything, then I was back, sitting up in bed, and looking forward to the next night.

To Be Continued...


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