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The Dorm Room
by unplugged

Anne was our best friend. We were inseparable the last two years in college. My wife and I lived in university housing for married students, Anne in the towers across campus. On any giving night we could be found either in our apartment drinking and partying or in the dorm room doing the same. Somehow we still managed to get to class the next day. I still don't know how.

This night found us an Anne's trying to console her latest failing attempt at a relationship. My wife and I couldn't understand it. Anne was pretty, sexy, petite, 5'3" tall, with the most incredibly green eyes I had ever seen. She had long silky blonde hair, and small but perfectly shaped tits. Her ass was tight and tiny, and her lips were just asking to be kissed. But no matter what she did, the guys would date her once and then vanish into the ozone. And it wasn't because she was a prude.

She had often told us tales about "the one" she had meant last night at the Petals, our local drinking spot and how they had gone back to her dorm room and fucked each other crazy all night.

Tonight was more of the same. This really cool guy with great big blue eyes, a great body, and an enormous bulge in his pants had picked her up at the club; they had grabbed a bite to eat and the pizza house and then retired to Anne's room. She proceeded to tell us all the sorted details. How they had practically ripped each other's clothes off as soon as the door was closed. How she had dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until it was rock hard. How he had picked her up, pressed her to the wall her legs draped over his shoulders and ate her pussy until she screamed. How she thought she would never be able to get his huge prick in her cunt but somehow had managed. You can imagine what the details were doing to my wife and I. We sat on the couch listening, she leaning against me between my legs, my arms wrapped around her waist, fingers entwined with hers. I knew she could feel me hard-on pressing into her back and she made little tiny movements against me to let me know she was aware.

Anne's story continued, detailing the taste of this guy's cum, how big his balls where, no detail was left out. We were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Before long I started to let my hand drift over my wife's belly, teasing the bottom of her tits with my fingers. I half expected her to push my hand away, because we where only four feet away from Anne, but on the contrary, she pushed herself harder against me. She was enjoying the sensation. As Anne's narration ran on, I became bolder and occasionally swept my hand across her tit, quickly at first as if I where just shifting my position, and then slowly, cupping and caressing her tit. I saw Anne's eyes focus on my hand as she spoke. After another ten minutes of "The Erotic Life of Anne" I started to stroke Susan's thigh starting at the knee and working up to just short of her pussy and back again. Within three strokes, Susan's legs drifted apart. She was obviously turned on by my attentions, Anne's story and the fact that Anne was watching the whole thing. Anne still talked. And I continued to test my wife's limits at this game. My hand settled directly on her cunt. I could feel the heat of her excitement though the denim. I kept my hand still, waiting to see if it got a reaction. Anne's eyes were glued to my hand. For a second she stopped talking and stared at my hand as if it were the sole focus of her life. She began her narration again, this time explaining her first attempt at anal sex with "Mr. Right" and as she got to the good part, my wife's hips moved up and against my hand, her legs closing on it, holding it against her. I pressed back to her, and for the next chapter of Anne's story, my wife pushed her pussy against my fingers as I worked them against her. My other hand had found its way under her short blouse and was playing with her nipple, pinching it and pulling at it until it became hard.

Suddenly my wife reached down and undid the button fly of her jeans, spreading the fly open. She took my hand and slid it along the soft skin of her belly, under her panties and pushed it down until it was right on her pussy. Anne didn't miss a beat. One finger slid into her, spreading her swollen pussy lips, while another searched and found her clit. Slowly I rolled it beneath my finger while I finger fucked her.

Anne went on to tell us about how good this guys cock tasted, that she could have sucked it for days if he had let her. And with this my wife lifted her hips and pushed her jeans down to her knees and pulled one leg out. I couldn't believe it. Anne was telling us dirty stories, I was finger fucking my wife in front of her and my wife was getting naked. What a great country, America!

By this time, my cock was so hard it hurt. I kept pressing against my wife's back, but that wasn't doing it for me. I needed some attention. I stopped feeling her tit for a second and shifted her position so she was on her side against the back of the couch and took her had and put it on my cock. And Anne spoke on. Susan quickly grew bored with playing with my cock though my pants and proceeded to unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down far enough so she could put skin to skin. Anne's voice was getting a bit shaky at this point, but on she went.

Soon Susan's lips had engulfed the tip of my cock and she was sucking furiously at it. My finger continued to finger fuck her and her hips moved more quickly against my hand. I looked over at Anne as she spoke and noticed she had her hand down the front of her sweat pants and was working her cunt over pretty furiously herself. And still she continued. She started to repeat herself, revisiting the sexual escapades of the previous night that excited her more and Susan and I raced each other to orgasm. I wasn't' sure if my wife was still paying attention to Anne (I sure was!) because she had managed to free my cock completely from my jeans and was giving me an incredible blowjob. He alternated between sucking me against the back of her throat, and letting her tongue trace the vein along the underside of my cock all the way to my balls. We were both ready to explode. The aroma of pussy was heavy in the room.

It was then, as I was seconds from cumming down my wife's throat and she was ready to cum from my finger fucking that I noticed that the room was silent except for the sounds of my wife's wet cunt slurping under my fingers, Anne's pussy slurping under her fingers, and my wife's mouth sucking my cock. Anne had finally shut up.

And then the lights went dim as all three of us moaned an animalistic primal moan. My wife's legs clamped around my hand as her hips fucked it in violent spasms of orgasm, Anne's hips rose from the couch in uncontrollable thrusts against her own fingers, and stream after hot white stream of cum rocketed down my wife's throat.

When I awoke, my wife was still cradled between my legs; my now soft cock resting against her cheek, pearly white droplets of cum still clinging to her lips, and Anne was nowhere to be seen. I guess she is out looking for Mr. Right. I hope she finds him.


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