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The Dumas Rebellion
by Softly

Dumas, Arkansas should have been called, "Dumb Ass." The entire county was populated with men who never thought of the necessary things to please their wives, and they richly deserved to be known as "Red Neck Assholes." This was a cult thing, in that the highlights of their day was drinking moonshine, and following some coon hounds into a swamp, after dark, with the idea of treeing a coon, but not to shoot it. They like their fathers and grandfathers before them had eight grade educations, and most could not read. The average family income was $13,876.00. If you liked ten year old pick up trucks, you would feel like you were in Heaven in Dumas.

The woman of Dumas, and the surrounding county were another thing all together. Being confined to their homes because of lack of money, they were glued to their televisions. Some had scraped up enough money to buy a computer and get on-line. Curiosity and frustration led them to search for any way to improve their lot.

The one social club in the area that you could belong to for free was the Dumas Garden and Social club. Every woman in the county belonged. Its highlight was the "Pot Luck" lunches that went on twice a week. These were held in the school gym, and as many as three hundred woman would be there.

Little by little, the drinking of "Moonshine" became a custom at these events. For those that have never tried "Moonshine", it is enough to say that if you drink two ounces, don't plan on driving for two hours. The woman became rowdy as their complaints of lack of attention or excitement grew.

Sadie Bakerman, proud owner of a computer and a head strong married lady of twenty four, stood swaying from too much to drink and said; "If you gals have any moxie, real guts, I have a plan to change how our men treat us." No one could hear as 287 woman told her that they had enough and would do what ever was necessary to change things. Everyone was sworn to secrecy, the doors were guarded, and the plan was laid out for them.

THE PLAN: Sadie had two brothers that lived in a nearby county. She had discussed the problem with them. Their question to her was, "What do you want, and how can we help?" They were some of the biggest, toughest, most looked up to men in the area. Their buddy was "Bubba Dorfhofen" the guy that won the tough man contest this year. If they and Bubba wore pink shirts that would become the in thing. Anything they said would became the in thing. What Sadie was going to have them say, if the ladies approved, was that for a man to be in charge of his household, he should be able to require that his wife give sex to anyone he told her to. If a woman would not do that, she was not trained right.

Bertha Jones stood up and said; " you mean if my Red tells me to fuck his brother Denny that I am to do it?' Sadie, "Yes." Bertha could be heard saying as she sat down, "Well, good, I'm fucking him anyway." The plan was set in motion.

Friday night thirty five Rednecks stopped for some "shine" after the first coon was run to ground. Sadie's brother said to Bubba, "Bubba, you son of a bitch, I been a hankering on a asking you what y'all are doing to your woman that makes her obay you like she sure does?"

Bubba's reply; "taint no secret, sure enough. I give her lessons by requiring that she suck and fuck me when and where I want. But the big thang is she knows God damn well that she is ta fuck or suck any of my men friends when I tell her to."

Well, there was a lot of voices raised as to just what he was a talking about. Bubba summed it all up by saying, "Boys, is it her twat, or is it yours?" If its yourin, then remind that woman that you will have her use it any way y'all want." "I'll tell y'all this, if you want to stop at my house. I'll let a couple of you fuck my Jane, while the others watch" That was exactly what they did. His Jane was told what was going down by Sadie and was ready.

Just who and the hell is in charge at "Your House" was the talk in every shop, repair garage, and bar for the next two days. Were you "tall" enough to demand that your wife obay you like she should by sucking and fucking who you direct, while you watch to be sure that it was done right ?" By the third day, man after man sat his wife down at the kitchen table and let her know that things were just not right. She, for shit sure, had to learn that she was to suck and fuck anyone that "He", the master of the house, told her to.

Sadie got a big wink and a happy smile from every woman she passed while shopping downtown.

Saturday night was the monthly "Hodown" at Edward's barn. Every body was there. Sadie, with two shots of "shine" in her and was dancing with a young Buck naned Jake. Her husband, who had just downed his fourth, and would not be standing much longer, felt a hard on come on thinking of Jake fucking his Sadie. He blurted out, "Sadie and Jake, you come over here. Jake you take a couple good men and give this Sadie some training, you hear."

At that he sat down and in moments was out for a few hours. Once in the horse barn, a blanket was laid down and three "Good Ols Boys": dropped their clothes and went down on Sadie. Sadie has a nice young woman figure with B cup tits. Her sweaty untrimmed bush reeked of the smell of a woman that is sexually aroused. It filled the barn, and caused the "boys" to cut short the foreplay and insert the first of six cocks that would ride her bucking and thrashing body from the peak of one orgasm to another. Bubba had followed them and was watching from the shadows. As the boys went back to the barn, Bubba climbed onto Sadie. "How is it going?' he asked.

"Bubba, you don't see me rushing home do you?' They both laughed as Bubba put his meat into her pussy.

"I owe you Bubba", Sadie said. "You are welcome to train me anytime you like." They both laughed again. The cum in there prevented him from cumin for several minutes, allowing Sadie to cum for a fifth time. Great stuff, for a woman confined to the area around Dumas.

Helda Bradley had a great body with huge swaying tits. Not that anyone had ever seen then except Helda when she admired them in the mirror. Rome, her husband was the grand dragon of "Rednecks." He had never let her dance till tonight. He thought that Bubba was the King of everything, so he really laid it on Helda that he was going to show everybody that he was "another Bubba." "Helda was to fuck anyone who looked her way, by golly!" Helda, age 39, had to wear a pad all day, because of vaginal seepage, waiting for the magic moment that she would be turned loose at Edward's barn. Wearing no bra or panties she paraded into the center of the barn. Rome said, "You are all to witness that my Helda will fuck any one that wants her.

Go to it boys." When her top came off ,and those country boys got a load at her swaying D tits, sitting on the chest of that small 123 pound woman, a circle of cocks surrounded that woman. Soon there was a cock in her ass, vagina and mouth. Rome hollared, "Pump her hard, boys." and they did for the next thirty minutes. The sight of it drove every man there to seek out a woman other then his wife. Sadie, who had wisely restricted the Hodown to females over age twenty one, was later told that even Ms. Etterford, the spinster librarian, age sixty four, was sexed three times, and can't wait for the next Hodown.

Is life better in Dumas, Arkansas? As they once said on the TV show, "Laugh In", "You bet your sweet bippy" it is. The men strut around, " Kings of Red Neck country." The woman, who all are "Pleasured", and "Pleasured" some more, are thinking of a monument to be erected in Sadie's likeness. "A woman's woman."

I'm Softly, UB2


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