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The Dream Reaper Pt. III
by Carl East

I was on the verge of committing myself to the Dream Quest, a sort of right of ascension. It had all started when I had discovered I was being visited during my sleep, and falling for my unexpected guest. Her name was Abby, she had the ability to enter peoples dreams, and even interact with them. In fact the powers she possessed, were nothing short of miraculous. She had shown me her world, and I had shown her my desire to stay, but in order to do that I had to pass The Dream Quest. There was one snag however, if I failed the Quest, then I would never see Abby again.

Abby came to me in my dream that night, she looked as lovely as ever.

"Have you made up your mind." She asked.

"I have decided to go for it, but I need to know if I can have a quest on sex?" I replied.

"Yes you can, but be aware, the Dream Reaper will test you to the limit, only ending the quest when he is totally convinced that you are worthy." She said, with concern in her voice.

I had made up my mind; I wanted this with every fibre of my being, because for the first time in my life I had found someone that I cared about. Abby waved her hand, and the meadow was replaced with the village, an impressive sight the more I saw it. We were soon in the presence of the Dream Reaper, who asked if I had come to a decision.

"I have," I said, thinking of the best way to put this, "I would like the quest to be one of a sexual nature."

My thinking for this had been simple, the Dream Reaper had told me, the reason I wanted the quest would somehow be involved in the quest, and as Abby was the main reason, I felt sure that she would be involved in the sex part.

"What are your reasons for wanting this Quest?" He asked.

"I wish to spend the rest of my life with Abby, she is all I care about." I replied.

"The Quest begins!" He said.

Suddenly I found myself in Abby's house, then horror, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, he had changed me into a woman. I looked more closely; I was wearing a short dress, and had long dark hair, with a large bust. I placed my hand onto my left breast, this was unbelievable it felt every bit as good as the real thing. Then I looked down pulling my dress up a little; I was wearing panties that felt very comfortable, I rubbed my finger over the area that most intrigued me. Then realised what it must be like for women everywhere, I felt a tingling in my groin, followed by a longing to rub the clitoris.

Then I came to my senses and realised that I was now in the Quest, and wondering what my task would be. As if in way of an answer, a man appeared before me, and I realised in an instant what I would have to do. He never spoke; he just stood there looking me up and down. I wanted to ask where Abby was, but then I had a thought, I wondered if this man was indeed Abby. If it was, then I could do this, I just had to get the idea of making love to another man out of my mind. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuality, I just had no desires in that direction.

The man in front of me started to move towards me, I braced myself thinking, this is Abby, the woman you love. He started by kissing me on the cheek, then working down to my neck, still not saying a word. Then his hands went behind me unhooking my dress, and letting it fall to the floor. I was now almost naked, and thought that if I am to prove myself, I had better start to enjoy this. I tried to imagine what it must be like for a woman to undress a man, but of course I couldn't even begin to understand. Then I had an idea, why don't I imagine it was a woman, at least that way I could act out what I would do in real life.

Taking the plunge I placed my hands on either side of his face and gently pulled him towards me, we kissed for the first time. It wasn't as bad as my imagination was portraying, and slowly but surely I got into the mood. He put a hand down my panties, making me jump back slightly. But then his finger touched my clit, and I suddenly found myself wanting him to rub me there a bit more. Then his finger entered me, I wanted to push forward, but allowed him to take control, his finger was doing all right up till now. He kissed me again, then his hands were around the back of my panties and pulling them down. He had to crouch in order to get them right off, which meant his head was now level with my pussy. He applied pressure to my inner thighs opening my legs, and then he started to lick the area known as the vulva.

I was getting to learn how a woman must feel when these things are done to her, it was a nice feeling but it lacked something. Then he started to lick the clitoris vigorously, and a very pleasant feeling shot through my body. I placed both hands on the back of his head, pulling him gently into my mound. He started to dart in and out of my womb, making me want to feel more, and then he stood up and undressed. This was it, I thought, if I can get past this, I will surely have past the Quest. His muscular body didn't do anything for me, in fact it was making me wonder if I could go through with this. Then he removed his trousers revealing a nine inch cock that was fully erect, strangely I could imagine what a woman must be thinking when she sees a sight like this. He then pulled me gently onto the bed, and laying me down he climbed on top pushing his cock up to the entrance.

I knew at that moment that I was going to let him do this, and still believed that this was indeed Abby. Then his cock started to enter me; my thoughts getting me worked up for nothing, because it felt quite pleasant. Once he had slowly and gently entered into my womb, his pace started to pick up. The juices were suddenly flowing, it was a delightful experience as his cock went faster and faster. I suddenly found myself opening my legs wider, wanting him to go as far as possible, then it started I was having an orgasm. Wow! So this is what an orgasm feels like, it's no wonder a woman hates it when a man comes without satisfying her needs. I felt like thrusting upwards, a need for more building inside my womb.

He plunged his cock in again and again, my orgasms coming more frequently, then I felt him coming, another experience that I had often wondered about. I could feel some of it running down my ass, but he hadn't stopped fucking me, so that sensation was furthest from my mind. Then he turned me around, and entered from the back, as this was my favourite position in my natural form, I was more than curious as to how this might feel. I didn't have to wait for long, his cock soon making the juices flow once more, only this time I could thrust back getting the maximum penetration. By now I think I had successfully let myself go, for the orgasms were even more intense, and his treatment of my new pussy was gorgeous. Then it all came to an end, with me suddenly being dressed and standing in front of The Dream Reaper.

"You have braved that, which you most dread, and past the Quest." He said, smiling at me.

Abby was behind me, and jumped into the air shouting, 'yes,' as I turned to see her. All that remained now was for me to enter this realm in my physical form, but I had to know.

"Was that you in my Quest, disguised as a man?" I said.

"I cannot say, it's against the rules." She replied.

I had past, so I didn't care, but I would forever remember that experience. Shortly after that Abby was explaining how I would be getting into her plain of existence. It meant sleep walking into the light that I had witnessed, the day before I had met Abby. She would put the right suggestions into my mind, and I would follow her commands. I told her to let me have the next day back there, for there were some things I needed to do.

Pretty soon I had informed all the people that mattered, that I was going on a long trip, and that they shouldn't worry. Then stopping the mundane things like subscriptions to various magazines, and the utility charges, I packed a few personal belongings in my rucksack and placed it on my back. Soon after all that I was starting to get tired again so I retired to my bed for the last time. It all must have worked, for when I awoke I was standing next to Abby, who turned out to look just like her dream self. We kissed, then holding hands she told me that there was so much to see and do, I couldn't wait.

To Be Continued...


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