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The Dream Reaper Pt. IV
by Carl East

I was flying, the air felt fresh and the view was spectacular, I wanted to stay up here forever, the feeling of freedom was incredible. But Abby came into my dream, telling me to come back. I awoke to find Abby lying next to me, she too started to wake, she kissed me, and I held her tight. This was my second day in her realm, and I was so happy to be able to wake up next to such a gorgeous woman.

I'd met her mere days ago, when I'd discovered that she was visiting me during my sleep, and found out through setting up a camcorder, just how she was doing it. She lived in a different plain of existence, or alternate universe, I wasn't sure which but I had seen enough to know that I wanted to be apart of her life. She had shown me her realm through one of my dreams, and I had learnt the only way to get over to her side was to take a dream quest. This I did, once I'd past the quest I could then cross over to where she lived. What I didn't know was that I now had the ability to focus on another's dream and join them, just as Abby had done.

"You are getting very good at this." Said Abby.

"It's incredible, I feel like I'm there, but I know I'm asleep. I know you're people take this for granted, but for me it's like being hooked up to some sort of AR machine." I said, feeling really exhilarated.

"AR machine! What's that?"

"Oh, artificial reality, it makes you believe your somewhere you're not, a bit like our dreams." I replied.

"You need to practice some more, so close your eyes and breathe deeply, but slowly." She said.

I breathed deeply, and before long I was back in my dream state, there waiting for me was Abby. She was giving me pointers on how to achieve the things I've seen her do, like stopping someone from ejaculating, which always woke you up for real. She also told me that it was possible to cum without waking up, but that it was hard.

"Why is that so hard to do?" I asked.

"Because the emotion is so intense, you tend to feel it running down your leg, which in your mind feels like you've done something naughty, triggering a wake up signal." She said.

"So what are you going to show me now?" I enquired.

"I think I'll let you entertain me for a change and see what you come up with." She replied.

The next thing she knew was that there were three naked Paul's, all standing around her, with erect cocks. I had wanted to try this the first day, but I also wanted to make sure I could do it right. There were suddenly three pairs of hands reaching for her body, all of one mind, to undress this gorgeous woman, and take her. We removed her dress, then her panties and started to kiss her entire body. Our hands trying to cover all her erogenous zones, and finding her to be very responsive.

She was kissing us all in turn, holding two cocks at a time. Then she got to her knees and started to suck their cocks, I went behind wanting to fuck her while at the same time I could watch her giving head. Her pussy was wet as I placed my hand between her legs, then I got into position, and entered her. She moaned with her mouth full, and I knew this was turning her on, as I delved deeper into her womb. Her cries of pleasure being the driving force for my thrusting to go faster, I wanted to cum before the others, because I wanted to try and stay in the dream without waking up.

My thrusts began to get more urgent, as she shouted out that she was coming, and when I could feel myself about to explode, I kept thinking about keeping within the dream. My cock started to jerk, and I could feel it about to enter into her pussy. When it came I imagined it was easy to stay, and would not stir from my sleep. I exploded taking my cock out to see if I could do it, I pulled on it making another stream of my seed hit her back, then another, still I hadn't woken up. I looked down to find my alter egos were also coming, their seed covering her face. She took one in her mouth as he shot his load, while the other was sloppy and cum on her hair. My cock jerking wildly as my next jet of cum spewed out the end, suddenly I was awake and feeling extremely damp. But I had lasted quite a while before waking up, which meant I was getting better, I turned to see Abby starting to stir.

"That was very nice," she said, sitting up, "I was surprised you had mastered that one so well."

Just then there was a knock on the front door, which Abby answered. It turned out to be a neighbour, bringing an invite for a dream party, which was being held later that night.

"What's a dream party?" I asked.

"You can only go in your dream, and not in your physical form." She replied.

That sounded like fun, so we spent the rest of the day practising, then we got ready for bed.

"Do we have to dress in this dream party?" I said.

"Yes, you have to behave like this is real, but you will know that it isn't, I think there inviting us to welcome you into our community." She replied.

Soon we were asleep and finding ourselves outside the house we had been invited too. We entered to find the party in full swing, with people dancing and drinking, and generally having a good time. It was completely normal; in that nobody was doing anything outrageous, people were dressed respectfully, and looked exactly as they would if you met them while awake. Then the host of this little shindig approached us.

"Hello Abby, this must be Paul?" She said, offering her hand.

After the introductions we were told to mingle and enjoy ourselves. I couldn't help feeling uncomfortable, as all the people there were total strangers to me. Then I recognised a face, it was The Dream Reaper, and he came over to say hello.

"Are you settling in all right young man?" He asked.

"Yes, I just don't know anybody here, except you and Abby." I replied.

"Well, let me give you a tip, this is how they all believe you would act in reality, but if you want to liven up the party, they will all join in." He said, pointing around the room.

"So I could in theory turn this into an orgy, and they would all be happy with that?" I asked, hoping that the answer was yes.

"Yes, but let me tell you a bit about these people, they are sex mad, and I mean that literally, what ever you do here tonight governs how they perceive you in the future. He replied.

Armed with that information, I thanked The Dream Reaper and went over to join Abby, who was now talking to several of her closest friends. Two of them were just as lovely as Abby, which I couldn't help noticing.

"Paul, this is Contessa, Gabe, and floay." Said Abby, pointing to one after the other.

I decided to waste no time in my experimentation, and looked straight at Contessa's breasts.

"You have a very nice pair of breasts." I said, wondering what kind of reaction I would get.

She suddenly removed her clothing in an instant, revealing a full-bodied pair of tits.

"Thank you." She said, holding her bust up for all to see.

They really didn't have any hang-ups here about the human body, in fact it was turning out to be the opposite, if anything they would flaunt their bodies at a drop of a hat. I then decided to make every one else in the room naked, which I might add livened, the party up no end. The house was now full of naked young men and women, all of which were still dancing drinking and mingling as if nothing had happened. I bent down to whisper in Abby's ear; she looked up saying yes please. I then placed my hands onto Contessa's breasts, feeling how nice they were to touch.

She then kissed me, making me want to kiss back, and soon we were in a passionate embrace, and falling to the floor. A crowd gathered around to watch, while some of the others started to pair up and copy us. Then I felt a mouth around my cock, looking down I saw it was Abby, who had no intention of being left out. I was at this moment sucking an erect nipple, which Contessa loved. With both of us on our sides and Abby sucking my cock, I got Contessa to move up, so that I could put my tongue into her pussy. Then suddenly someone decided to join in, and started to lick Abby's pussy.

It was as if we were making a train, all joining up on the floor licking and sucking each other's genitals. Before long there were thirty or more people all writhing on the floor. This went on for some time, until I decided that I wanted to cum, and when I did, they all did, it sounded like multiple orgasms being echoed through out the house. Of course I woke up on the bed, quickly cleaned myself up, and then got back as soon as I had gone to sleep. They applauded my sexual showstopper, and all wanted to talk to me at once, and that's how the night wore on. By the time we left I had made a lot of friends, and been accepted into their community with open arms.

"Did you enjoy that?" Asked Abby.

"I did, that sort of thing just couldn't happen in my world, I would have gotten arrested." I said, laughing.

We got back home in an instant and woke up. Sitting on the bed we talked about our plans, and what we were going to do tomorrow. Having been asleep most of the night, Abby taught me a few more tricks. But that's another story.

To Be Continued...


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