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The Dream Reaper Pt. V
by Carl East

Abby woke me up, her mouth around my cock in the real world, was making me extremely hard. I pulled the covers that she had slipped down, back, to watch her perform, her little head bobbing up and down. I loved this way of being awoken, and lay there moaning with pleasure, her mouth engulfing my member with ease. Then her hand started to fondle my balls, making me jerk, a feeling of contentment passing over me as my cum blasted out the end of my cock. She sucked me dry, before coming back up the covers to give me a hug.

"Morning." She said.

"Good morning lover," I replied, "what's on the agenda today?"

"The Dream Reaper, wants to see everyone, apparently there's some danger on the way." She said, suddenly getting serious.

After getting something to eat, we ventured out to find the village buzzing with activity. We arrived at the Dream Reapers home to find a large crowd gathering around the front door. Then, the Reaper himself appeared putting his hands up to stop the commotion that was going on.

"Our neighbours have challenged us to a contest, if we win, we get their lands and govern their people, if we lose they get the same, so I have called you here to vote." He said.

The crowd was once again talking amongst themselves, when the Reaper interrupted them once more.

"I feel, the best way to do this, would be for all of you to vote on a piece of paper, then hand them over to me, I will then tally the yes votes with the no votes and give you the result tomorrow." He said, going back into his house.

I turned to Abby.

"What's this contest about?" I asked.

"It's a sex contest, we choose three representatives from our village, and they do the same, then we have to come up with the best sex dream we can." Abby replied.

"Can anyone enter?"

"No, we have to hold our own competition to pick the best three, it's really a lot of fun." She replied, happy to be involved.

"I thought you said, there was danger!" I said.

"Well there is, we're in danger of losing, and being governed by someone we don't like." Replied Abby.

We walked home talking about the dream contest, which both of us intended to enter. In this world the dream was almost a real event, in that you could participate just as you would in the real world, only here you could dream up just about any scenario. I had discovered this world when I found I was being visited by Abby, she would come to me while I slept, and do erotic things with me. Always waking me up with cum juice running down my thigh. I had wondered how she managed to do that, and not wake me up. Now of course, I knew that you could place a hypnotic suggestion in the person's mind that wouldn't allow them to wake up.

Once we got home, we set about making our vote which Abby returned, then we decided to sit and think of how best to impress the judges for our own little contest. Pretty soon we both had ideas, and were looking forward to implementing them.

The next day we found the vote had gone in favour of our participation in this little endeavour. Then we were informed how the contest would be run here in our own village, starting from that day, you could visit whomever you liked in your dream. The Dream Reaper would monitor these dreams, then he would decide who gave the best performance, and the ten best would eventually be whittled down to just three. The three of course would then go on to challenge the neighbouring village, but that would probably not be for a week or two.

That night was going to be special for everyone, then Abby and I had to discuss weather or not to do something together, or go our separate ways. In the end we decided to do our own thing, giving both of us a better chance of thinking up something good.

I already knew where I was going as I started to fall asleep, I had been shown how to get back to my own world, and I intended to visit a certain Miss Taylor who was my old next door neighbour. I had to check first that she was asleep, and as luck would have it she was. Then I had to place a suggestion into her mind that all was well, and she would be having a very nice sleep. Once this was done, I entered her dream, it involved sex, which was a surprise to me, because Miss Taylor always came across as someone that was prim and proper, and not in the least bit active in the sex department. Not that she couldn't have been, for although she was in her early forties, she clearly looked after her body. She had a lovely bust that I had always admired from afar, and her figure belied her age, in fact she looked like she was in her thirties. So there I was watching her dominate this weasel of a guy, thinking how could such a lovely creature, want to dream up such a stupid looking guy.

I made him disappear, then I put her at ease by telling her the doctor would see her next. Suddenly she was fully dressed and entering the doctor's office, believing that she had now entered another dream. I sat behind the desk as she entered.

"Hello, Miss Taylor, please lie on the couch, and I will join you shortly." I said, loving every moment of this.

She took her jacket off and placed it over the chair, revealing a white blouse and a skirt, then she lay on the couch as ordered. I walked over, and for a while played it seriously.

"Now, I'm going to check you over for any lumps, so please don't move." I said.

I slowly started to undo her blouse buttons, then let each side slip down, her large breasts heaving under her bra. I then told her to undo her bra, which she did, then I removed it, placing it on the chair with her jacket. Her breasts were as magnificent as I thought they would be, full and round with cute little nipples. I placed my hands onto her breasts, pressing gently, and moving around to cover them both, her nipples became erect. Which told me she was enjoying this dream, then I unzipped her skirt, and pulled it off. To my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties, but then I knew you could subconsciously participate in your dreams if the thought was strong enough. Her neatly shaved and shaped pubic hairs, were a delight to behold, as I opened her legs to insert a dildo that I imagined into my hand.

She of course could not see this, and would assume it was a medical instrument, I pushed it in eliciting a delighted moan from her lips. Then rhythmically started to fuck her with it, she in turn started to writhe on the couch, her juices flowing freely as I stimulated her clitoris with my other hand. Once she had come, I made the dildo disappear, then told her to place her legs in the stirrup's that had just appeared. She didn't bat an eyelid, but just raised her legs placing them wide open on each stirrup, her pussy open slightly as I got down and started to lick her clitoris. Again she started to moan, her sweet nectar running onto my tongue, I licked and sucked her clitoris vigorously, making her cum once again. Then I told her to get ready for a new medical procedure, by bending over the couch. She did this without question; I placed my hands on either side of her inner thigh, gently forcing her legs apart. Then dropped my trousers, and directed my now hardened cock into her pussy, she squealed as my cock drove in.

I informed her, this would show how well her juices were performing, which she accepted by opening her legs a little wider. My cock plunged ever on, making her cry out in ecstasy, her moans of pleasure the driving force that was all I needed. By the time she had climaxed again, I turned her around to place one leg up onto the couch, then bending slightly I re-entered her womb. Holding her breasts, I carried on my onslaught, the feelings were unbelievably real for me, and as I had experienced what she was going through, real for her too. This position was a nice one, I could not only watch my own cock, but I could also fondle her breasts at the same time, making it all a real turn on. Then the moment I had been looking forward too started to arrive, I was about to cum, but I had practised this part endlessly and hoped that I had it down by now. It exploded, and I took it out, coming over her pussy and thighs, then again, shooting up over her stomach.

Still I hadn't woken, another jet shot out making me moan, but I never lost concentration, even managing to cum a forth time. She, reached down rubbing the cream into her body then tasting it, I came again, thinking no that's overkill. I was still there; I had mastered one of the hardest things to accomplish in the Dream State. Looking at her cum covered body, I decided to continue, telling her that she should clean my cock up in case of infection. She got down to her knees, and started to give me a blowjob. I enabled her to take it all, just by imagining she could, my entire cock was going down her throat, her moaning again starting to turn me on. She was starting to slurp her tongue around my cock, which gave me an idea, I imagined her tongue was twice its length. Suddenly her tongue was wrapping itself around my cock, and giving me sensations I had never felt before.

It didn't take long before I started to feel it coming once more, I quickly got her tongue back how it should be, then started to cum. My first stream filling up her mouth, with her swallowing it all, then my second and third landing on her face. She licked it up as best she could, then stood up, saying your cock is now clean of any infection. I fucked her once more, wanting to leave her coming when she awoke, then left.

I awoke on my own bed; with cum running down my thigh, well I thought, at least I can go as long as I want now, without having it spoilt by coming. I turned my head to find Abby was still in her dream, so I decided to leave her alone. I cleaned myself up, then decided to have a sleep. I wondered how I had done in the Dream Reaper's eyes, then got a little tired and thought that will have to wait until tomorrow.

To Be Continued...


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