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The Dream Reaper Pt. VII
by Carl East

We all stood outside the Dream Reapers home, talking about the contest. Abby was feeling confident, and telling me all about her dream. I was just about to tell her mine, when the Reaper appeared at his front door.

"I have now picked the top ten dreamers, for last night's little contest." He said, pinning the results to his door.

We all crowded round, looking for our names on the sheet of paper, wondering if we had made it into the top ten.

This was now my second week in this New World, I had discovered that I was being visited during my sleep, by the very woman I stood holding hands with. She had been giving me some very erotic dreams, and making me wake up with cum running down my thigh. I had discovered a way to communicate with her, and found that she came from another reality, liking what I saw, I'd asked if it was possible for me to come over to her side. Having gone through the dream quest, I was then allowed to enter their realm. To my surprise I'd found that I could now dream-link, and was able to interact with anyone that was dreaming.

We heard someone calling out the ten winners, and both Abby and I had made it through to the second round.

"The ten finalists have the rest of the day in which to dream, I will choose the best three in the morning." Said the Dream Reaper, before going back into his home.

Being quite pleased with ourselves, we walked home discussing our plans for that nights little adventure. Once again we decided to go our own ways, and spent the rest of the day talking and thinking about what we would do. Once we started to feel tired, we retired to bed, wishing each other good luck.

I'd decided on who to visit long before I fell asleep, there was a certain young lady who lived a block or two away from my old apartment. She was in her final year at college, and used to tease all the guys that I knew. Of course, first I had to check if she was sleeping, and once I found she was, I entered her dream. I was in a classroom, and she sat near the front, her long legs and short skirt clearly visible.

'Why should she be dreaming of this scene,' I thought, as I watched her positioning her legs in such a way, that the teacher should be getting quite a view. Then looking into her eyes I realised, she had a crush on him, this gave me an idea. I was suddenly the teacher. Being able to control any part of the dream, this was easy, I also created the sound of the school bell, which signaled the end of the lesson.

Her dream included her schoolmates, so I had to clear the room somehow, and although I could just imagine them away, it felt more realistic this way. As they all started to get their things together, I asked that Mary stay behind. Once everyone else had left, I asked her to tell me where she brought her skirt.

"Oh, do you like it?" She said, pulling the hem up slightly to make me feel the material.

I touched the cloth, then placed it down, deliberately touching her thigh very gently.

"Yes, it's a nice skirt," I said, playing into her dream, "but I like your panties much more."

She lifted her skirt again, showing me her white panties.

"Would you like to touch them?" She said, clearly loving this attention.

I reached down, rubbing my hand over them, just above her womanhood; she sighed, pushing her hips forward slightly. Then she ran her hand over the front of my trousers, pretending to feel the material as her fingers brushed my now hardened cock.

"Your trousers are nice as well." She said, keeping her hand there, longer than she need too.

By now these games were getting me hot, so I decided to take it to the next stage.

"Sit on my desk, I want to check your panties out." I said.

This seemed to fit in her dream, for she jumped up onto the desk smiling. I opened her legs slightly, and then I pulled her skirt up revealing her panties once more. I could just see a wet patch, which told me she was enjoying this dream. I placed a hand on the hem of the material, running my fingers along until I touched her pussy with the back of my hand. Her legs seemed to open a little further, and as yet I hadn't felt any pubic hairs. I decided to go for gold, and in one swift movement I removed them. She sat there with her legs opened, and revealing a shaved pussy. I touched her inner lips with one finger, eliciting a gasp from her mouth, then I pushed a finger into her womb, making her put her arms back on the desk and thrusting her hips forward.

"Take your top off." I said, going deeper with my finger.

She sat back up undoing the buttons on her blouse, and then pulling the last one off, she discarded it. Her bra barely holding the breasts that heaved below, she then unclipped it from the front, making each side suddenly spring open, freeing her bust. She had very nice breasts, that jiggled about as she got her hands back behind her, I then leaned forward, and started to lick her pussy.

Her legs were now as wide as she could get them, and her hips were moving up and down slightly in an effort to meet my tongue. The sight of this little minx, sitting totally naked on the desk, was enough to make any man hard, but my boner was begging to be released. I stood up, and started to undo my trousers, she watched as they fell to the floor, revealing my large cock. I had forgone the inclusion of underwear, as my cock was bursting to get in her tight little pussy.

Holding her legs, and pulling her to the edge of the desk, I placed it at the entrance to my goal. She felt the hardness touch the outer wall licking her lips in anticipation of my entry. I pushed; feeling the give as my cock started to slide in, her back arched as my cock traveled all the way. Then I started to rock back and forth slowly, making her start to moan out loud.

"Oh, fuck me hard, please." She begged.

I started to go faster, my cock going as far as it could in this position.

"Ahhhh...yes...faster?" She muttered.

I pulled her legs up a bit more, and thrust in and out as fast as I could, her screams of more, filling the room. I could feel her juices, as if this was really happening, the belief of the event sometimes feeling more intense than the real thing.

"I'm coming, Ahhhhhh...yes...don't stop. She shouted.

I had no intention of doing so, as her climax reached its peek. I then reached for her left breast, and started to pinch her nipple, her first orgasm making her nipples erect. Then grabbing her hands I pulled her off the desk, and turned her around, she knew exactly what I wanted, so spreading her legs she leaned over the desk.

"Fuck me again." She said.

"I re-entered her pussy, and started to pound away yet again, her breasts drooping slightly as they rocked back and forth. This had always been my favourite position, mainly because you could get more penetration, but partly because you could see the nice rounded arse in front of you. I opened her cheeks with both hands, in an effort to get that little bit deeper, and her screams of pleasure started up again.

"Oh, yes, you are so big." She said, gripping the other side of the desk.

I looked down to watch, as my cock kept disappearing into her womb, the feel of her tight pussy whenever I went in getting me worked up. Then I could feel the imminent sign of ejaculation, as my cock started to throb. Having practised at not waking, whenever I came, I was ready as the first stream of cum shot out the end. She must have felt it, for she turned around, getting down on her knees to take the second load in her mouth. It hit the back of her throat as she engulfed my length, then a third load came making me almost lose concentration. My seed started to seep out the corners of her mouth, as she tried to swallow as much as she could. I stopped coming after the forth time, not wanting to spoil it, cum was running down her chin, as she continued to suck my cock dry.

I picked her up running fingers over her chin, in order to clean her up a bit, she suddenly grabbed hold of my hand and sucked my fingers dry. I decided to leave the dream at that point, knowing that she would wake up, just as I would with a damp batch between our legs.

I cleaned myself up, then decided to just sleep, as Abby was still in her dream-link, I once again wondered how the Dream Reaper rated my dream.

To Be Continued...


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