The Best Erotic Stories.

The Dream Reaper Pt. VIII
by Carl East

I was very excited, when I learnt, that both Paul and I had gotten through to the top ten finalists. We were trying to get three people from our own village, who would go on, to challenge our neighbouring village, for the right to govern them both. As this involved dream linking with unsuspecting people, the Dream Reaper, who then had the task of picking the best, had monitored us. He would also be choosing the three finalists, from tonight's fun and games.

My people and I have always had this ability to interact with other people's dreams, making it feel as if, we were really there.

Paul had given me a couple of ideas, one of which I thought sounded like fun, so after talking about it, for the best part of the day, we retired to bed. Once asleep, I returned to Paul's home world, and located someone who I would like to interact with. I found someone very easily, and entered his dream. He was dreaming of winning a race, so I changed it into a gym scene, Paul had told me it would be a good place to go. Having never heard of a gym, I first had to make the subject, think of one, then we were in. He found himself lifting weights, with me watching I was wearing my usual short skirt, really short, and a tight top, urging him to lift more. I wasn't wearing any panties, so when I stood slightly behind his head, he could see everything. I told him he was very strong, as he stared upward not paying attention to the weights in the slightest.

Then I strolled over to where there were two rings attached to two ropes, being small built I couldn't quite reach them.

"Could you help me reach these rings?" I said, pointing up.

He placed the weights back down, then standing up he came over, and then he grabbed my waist from behind and lifted me up. I gripped the rings, my butt hanging at just his head height, I then planted a suggestion into his mind; he placed both hands between my thighs from around the front and opened my legs. He then started to lick and suck my pussy, making me grip the rings harder. My legs were over his shoulders at this point, so he wouldn't have needed to exert much effort in the real world for this, as they were taking most of my weight. He licked furiously, as I continued to hold onto the rings, my juices starting to flow onto his tongue. He kept pushing my clitoris in, swiping it with the tip of his tongue. This was driving me crazy; I could feel my climax already starting to build. Then I spotted a piece of equipment that looked ideal for sex, it looked like a ladder, but a very wide one, and it was sticking out from the wall.

Changing the scene, I stood with my legs open gripping hold of these bars, but bending down slightly. He got the message and guided his cock to the entrance, I started to be pushed forward then he was in, making me gasp at the suddenness of it. Then slowly at first, he started to rhythmically slide it in and out, picking up speed, before long his body was pushing me forward with each new thrust. My first orgasm started to build, he was going at it like an animal, which made me wonder if he got it in the real world.

When I started to cum, he seemed to go faster, as if he was also about to let go, and sure enough he came. He pumped it into me, but continued to thrust his cock in and out, I came again feeling the juices running down my leg. Then he stopped, and picked me up across his arms, and carried me to another piece of equipment. This time it was a large flat sheet which was held up with springs, I read the words on the side, trampoline. He placed me on top, then climbed on himself, and then he lay on top and re-entered me. At first I couldn't see the attraction for this piece of equipment, until he started to speed up. Suddenly he got into a rhythm that had me bouncing down, while he stayed up, leaving his cock to greet my pussy whenever I came back up again. His arms were doing most of the work, making the trampoline move up and down. As the motion got quicker I really started to like the sensations it was giving me, and already I felt like I was going to cum again. Only this time he beat me to it, coming inside my pussy, I felt the first burst, as he was on the downward thrust at the time. Then I started to climax, my juices intermingling with his, making me feel very wet.

He pulled out after that, rolling off, the springing motion starting to subside, I turned over and started to suck his cock. He was soon hard again, though in real life I doubted he could have done it so quickly. I had learnt while dream linking that some people believed they could accomplish things, which in the real world they could not. This tended to transfer itself into the Dream State, which worked out pretty well most of the time.

I then climbed on top of him, placing his cock at the entrance, I sat down, then copying what he had done, only instead of arms I used knees, I started to bounce him up and down. I had to sit forward a little to achieve the same results, but it worked perfectly. He loved this position, as his cock started to punish my pussy once again. Then I had an idea, I imagined the rings over my head, but within arms reach, then gripping hold of them, I pulled myself up a little, working the trampoline with my feet, or rather the insides of my feet. The penetration felt a lot better, has he continued to bounce up and down, my juices were really flowing again, reminding me to thank Paul for his idea of a gym.

This time we came together, and I quickly left soon after, knowing that his sheets would be soaked when he woke in his own world. I awoke in my own land, with Paul fast asleep next to me, thinking 'I can't wait to hear the results tomorrow.'

To Be Continued...


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