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The Dream Reaper Pt. XI
by Carl East

Abby and I were discussing Flic's dream, as were most of the village. It had been quite good. Jade was there - she had enjoyed it too, and said that she would be dream linking tonight herself, so we knew who would be next.

I was in the middle of a contest, one that would decide who governed two villages, one of which was my own. This all came about, when I had discovered a beautiful woman was visiting me in my dreams. Her name was Abby, and she lived in an alternate plain of existence, or reality. She had shown me how to dream link, by entering my dreams and making me feel as if it were real.

Having come over to her side, I had to undergo a dream quest, which was a sort of test of character. After passing this quest I was then allowed to stay, now I found myself in the middle of this contest, hoping to ensure that we kept control of our own affairs.

"Do you know where you're going yet, Jade?" Asked Abby.

"I do, but I'm not going to tell, I want it to be a surprise." She replied.

We talked for sometime then the Dream Reaper interrupted us; he wanted to see me privately. I excused myself, then followed him to his home, when we got there, I was surprised to find he already had some guests.

"So this is Paul?" said the oldest looking one, amongst the three that stood when we entered.

"Hello, yes that's me, and you are?" I said, holding my hand out.

"My associates and I, are from the council of elders, we have legitimate reasons for enquiring, as to your right to be involved in this contest," he said, solemnly.

I didn't know what to say, I hadn't thought my presence was a difficulty, or even heard anybody saying there were any objections.

"Because I wasn't born here you mean?" I guessed.

"That would be one of our concerns."

Just then the Dream Reaper interrupted.

"If I may, you all know that anyone of our people have a right to pick a soul mate of their choosing, and in accordance with that right, I allowed Paul here to cross over, once he had undergone a dream quest," he said, authoritatively.

"His right to be here is not in question, just his right to participate in this contest," came the reply.

"Let us be clear about all this, we feel Paul might not be up to dream linking, in the best possible tradition, and that, he unintentionally could be a disadvantage to the people of this village," said the only woman there.

"If that is your main concern, then I think I have a solution," replied the Reaper.

He went on to say that if Paul could prove himself a worthy dream linker, would they be satisfied with allowing him to continue. They all agreed, then the Dream Reaper turned to me, asking if I wouldn't mind being tested.

"I don't mind, if that what it takes," I said, feeling confident.

The Dream Reaper asked me to lie down, which I did, then with just a couple of words from him I was asleep. He later told me that all he had to do to make me sleep, was place a suggestion in my mind that I felt very tired.

I decided my dream link should feel erotic, because I needed to impress these people, first of course I needed to find someone who was also asleep. I had also decided that my world would be the best place to go, simply because I needed to show I wasn't restricted to their world.

I found what I was looking for pretty quickly; I'd gone to a college dorm, knowing that there would be someone asleep. I knew that some of these girls studied all night, especially if they were not due for any lectures the next day. Sure enough I found one, she was a delightful looking young woman, eighteen maybe nineteen years of age.

I entered her dream, to find she was dreaming of being a doctor, I liked this sort of scenario, in fact I'd recently had a dream link along the same lines. Only, in that dream, I had pretended to be the doctor. I watched for a while as she proceeded to go from one bed to another, miraculously curing her patients. She obviously felt that she could make a difference in the real world, and that was being played out in her dream.

I changed the scene slightly, as she suddenly became my student; I was asking her some questions on the human body.

"I am going to ask you several questions, by demonstrating on our own bodies," I said, starting to unbutton her long white gown.

I removed her uniform, revealing just bra and panties, then asking her to remove her bra I stood and watched. She unclipped it from behind letting it fall to the floor, her breasts standing erect and plentiful.

"Now, what part of the breast is this?" I said, reaching out to touch the under side of her left breast.

Her nipples became erect as my hand lifted the weight of her tit; her lips opened slightly as a sigh could be heard escaping them.

"That is where the Areola is located," she said, as I let it go.

"And this?" I said, gently rubbing her nipple.

"A nipple," she said, looking down and pushing her breast forward slightly.

I then put my hand down her panties, making her jump a little.

"What area is this?" I said.

"Labium Majora otherwise known as the Vulva," she said, pushing her hips onto my hand.

Then I removed my trousers, with my cock standing proud and erect, I took her hand placing it on the end of my dick.

"What part of a man's penis is this?" I asked, starting to rock back and forth in her hand.

"A large bell end," she said, not using the technical term, but staring down, fascinated at my cock rubbing her hand.

She suddenly got down on her knees and engulfed my cock, slurping the end around her tongue before letting it go down her throat. I watched as my cock disappeared, then slowly reappeared, the feelings making me as hard as I was going to get. She then started to rub it with her hand at the same time, in affect jerking me off at the same time as giving me a blowjob.

Her breasts swinging slightly as she started to speed up, I bent over in order to cup her breasts with my hands. Her moans of enjoyment making me want to cum, but I held the feelings off, wanting to demonstrate that I could control these emotions. Grabbing hold of her arms gently, I pulled her to her feet, then proceeded to remove her panties. Once this was done I turned her around bending her over the couch, and then with one hand holding my cock I guided it to the entrance of her pussy.

She must have been enjoying this dream, for she was very wet, as my cock was sliding in with ease. She gripped the opposite side of the couch moaning with the pleasure she was receiving, as I began to thrust my hips faster. Her moans becoming cries of joy, as this onslaught continued. I wanted to cum at this stage, knowing that I was able to avoid waking up, and hoping that I would prove to the elders I was more than worthy of being part of my villagers contest.

I started to cum; the first load being spent deep inside her womb, then pulling my cock out I came over her buttocks then her back. She turned around taking the next load in her mouth, I think at that stage I started to show off, for I came three more times, before thinking that maybe I'd better stop. Her face was covered in my salty cream, as she ran her fingers over her tongue, collecting it all up.

The Dream Reaper must have thought I had done enough, for the next thing I know I am waking up. I looked around the room, and found they were all waking up, which confirmed to me that they had witnessed everything.

"Well Paul, I think I speak for everyone here when I say, you have proved yourself worthy of dream linking," said the oldest one there.

Looking at the others and seeing their affirmative nods of approval, I thanked them for allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate, then begging their leave I returned to Abby.

I told her what had happened, and what I had to do to prove myself, then we joined the others for drinks, looking forward to Jade's dream link.

To Be Continued...


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