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The Dream Reaper Pt. XII
by Carl East

Jade had informed us that she was going to dream link next, so as we lay in bed preparing to sleep, we knew who we would be watching.

As I closed my eyes I momentarily remembered how I came to be here. I had discovered Abby my lover and soul mate was visiting me during my sleep, and actually found a way of communicating with her. I learned that she had the capabilities of entering people's dreams and even participating in them. I ended up joining her, in her own world, after undergoing a dream quest, and found that I too could dream link.

I suddenly became aware of Jade heading towards her dream link, the Dream Reaper was making this possible, by transmitting her dream through all those that wished to see it. She soon found the person she was looking for, and he was asleep, so entering his dream, she found he was dreaming of eating chocolate.

She changed the scene, making herself appear clothed in a short dress, that when looked at in a certain light could be seen through. Her long legs looking sexy as a light breeze caught the hem of her dress, pushing it up slightly. He held a camera, telling her to pose for him, she gave him a seductive look, then started to get into various positions. Each one more suggestive than the last, her breasts heaving below the thin material that the dress was made of.

He moved over to her side, placing his hands into her hair, then flicking it back in an effort to make it look wilder. He then unbuttoned the first of three buttons that were on the front of her dress. Her cleavage becoming more apparent, as she once again held several positions. Then undoing the remaining buttons, Jade pulled her dress up and over her head, revealing a bust that was both large and rounded.

The camera started to click away, a bulge appearing inside his trousers, as he attempted to get her from all angles. She teased him by pulling her panties down slightly, just above her pubic hairline. His camera now working overtime to get as many photos as possible, then the action really started as Jade pulled her panties off, then sitting down and opening her legs, she inserted a finger slowly into her pussy.

He was kneeling, getting a close up of her cunt, as his camera continued to snap away. His cock bursting as she moved her finger in and around her pussy, tempting him to get a little closer. She placed a hand onto her breast pulling it up in order to lick her nipple, but not quite being able too.

He got closer, not believing what he was seeing, and then she reached out rubbing his erect cock through his trousers. He closed his eyes, moaning with the pleasure her hand was giving his hardened cock. Then looking down he witnessed her unzipping his trousers and pulling out his erect penis, he clicked away on his camera, getting close ups of her handling his joint. Placing his camera onto the floor he stood up and started to remove his clothes, first his shirt then his trousers, followed closely by his underwear.

He stood in front of Jade, his cock throbbing for her attention, which he soon received as she placed her mouth over the end of his large dick. Her hand came up to cradle his scrotum, which made him jump slightly, as her tongue started to lick his bell end. His face giving away what he was feeling as she started to go further. He looked down to see his entire cock vanish inside her mouth, then feeling the back of her throat.

She began to work it faster, gently squeezing his balls at the same time, then feeling his imminent cum starting to make his cock jerk. She sucked it hard, his cum bursting into her mouth with such a force, that some shot off her tongue back onto his cock. He came again a second later, moaning out loud with the sheer bliss he was feeling.

Jade cleaned him up swallowing all his seed, then making sure he stayed hard she sucked his member a little longer. Once she was sure he would remain hard, she stood up and turned around, then bent over. He positioned his cock at her 'all men's desire,' then pushed it in, her squeal of pleasure making him smile as he started to pump her pussy, with deep strokes.

He held both sides of her butt, using it as leverage, as he pummelled her womb with his cock, going faster and faster. Her cries of joy encouraging him on, he soon felt he was about to cum another load. When he did she could feel it running out and down her leg, then he came again, and carried on. She too started to cum, her knees feeling weak as the climax began, but his firm grip on her buttocks prevented her from falling.

Once he had finished coming, she turned around pulling him down to the floor, and then once on his back she squatted over his still hard cock, and guided it back to the gates of heaven. His cock entered easily as her moist pussy lips started to part, and then she started to ride him, her knees taking most of the strain as her buttocks rose then fell, taking all of his cock into her womb.

She placed her hands onto his chest for balance, then went to work, going just as fast as he had done, in order that she would feel every last inch of his magnificent cock. He had his eyes closed as she did all the work, the feel of her pussy surrounding his cock a delight to experience. You could tell, he wasn't going to last long, for he suddenly grabbed her arse, in an effort to help her lift off his cock, just that little bit more. Then she started to moan clearly experiencing a climax, as he too started to cum yet again.

They both came together, his sperm shooting into her pussy and mixing with her own juices, then she started to slow down, liking how it felt to feel his length deep inside her. Once they stopped, the dream came to an end, and Both Abby and I woke up.

"I think that was better than Flic's." Commented Abby, as we both became fully awake.

"I personally didn't think there was anything in it, but I did enjoy it." I said.

We talked a while longer, wondering how the rest of the village would judge it, and then we went back to sleep, knowing that someone else would be entertaining us tomorrow.

To Be Continued...


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