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The Dream Reaper Pt. XIV
by Carl East

Abby and I were the first to congratulate Rone the next morning on a dream link that we both enjoyed. As we talked, more and more people came over to express their congratulations on a dream that they thoroughly enjoyed. This all just seemed to pile the pressure on, as each new contestant seemed to beat the last. Again I was asked several times if I was going to be next, but I said no.

Then Conrad admitted that he was going next, taking the pressure off me slightly. When asked if he knew where he was going, he informed us all that he would be visiting a policewoman in her home. That sounded like fun, and I found myself looking forward to watching this one.

I was a fairly newcomer to all this, coming from another world that these people seemed to be able to come and go from at will. Abby was the one that introduced me to this world, when I discovered she was visiting me during my sleep, and actually participating within my dreams. Then upon asking to come over to her side, and having to pass a test to do so, I'd discovered I too could dream link.

We had been invited to join The Dream Reaper today for lunch, so when that time was upon us, we made our excuses, and left the party of people, that were still talking about last nights dream link. Pretty soon we were in the Reapers home sitting down to a very nice spread, which consisted of a fish that I didn't recognise but which tasted delicious, and vegetables that the white sauce gave a nice taste too. Then after lunch he opened a bottle of wine which went down a treat.

"Do you have any plans for where you're going in your dream link?" he asked, more out of curiosity than a need to know.

"I have some idea, I also intend to be different to all the other's, but I would rather not say, or I'll spoil the surprise," I replied.

They agreed, then wondered how Conrad's dream would turn out, I confessed at that point that I was looking forward to finding out. We spent a pleasant day around the Dream Reapers home, talking mainly about the contest, but also the world I was now living in. By the time we left it was getting late, so we wasted no time in getting home and going to bed.

Then the dream link started; with Conrad entering a nice looking house, which had a policewoman's hat lying on a phone table in the hallway. He proceeded up stairs and located the woman in question, then entered her dream.

She was dreaming of sex, she had a man handcuffed to a bed, and was teasing his cock with her tongue. Conrad must have decided to change the scene, for the next thing we knew he was a police instructor, demonstrating how to use the handcuffs. She was the only other one there, wearing a short skirt, that was riding well up her thigh, and a blouse that was threatening to burst open revealing her breasts.

"Now, I would like to show you the correct way of placing these cuffs onto your perp." He said, getting her to stand up and turn around.

He then took hold of one arm, bringing it round the back, then placing one cuff over her wrist; he reached for her other arm, while still holding the first. Bringing her other arm around, he then finished the procedure by cuffing it. She now stood there with both hands securely fastened behind her.

He turned her around to face him, noticing her breasts heaving with excitement as he asked if she was comfortable.

"Yes Sir, but what if the perp is naughty and tries to use his or her legs?" She asked.

"Then we place ankle cuffs on, which would totally immobilise them," he replied, getting the ankle cuffs out of a box.

She sat down, almost eager to try them out, he smiled bending down in front of her, then touching her ankles gently, he placed the cuffs around them both, then snapped them shut. She was now completely at his mercy, as he started to remove his clothing. He watched as her breathing became heavier, which in turn made her ample bust stretch her already struggling blouse to breaking point.

Once naked, his cock stood at an impressive ten inches long, making her lick her lips, then bending down once more he started to undo her blouse buttons. The blouse came undone easily, showing a small bra that was nowhere near big enough for what they held. The clasp was located at the front, so with finger and thumb he pressed the stud, releasing her buxom. They fairly sprang out at him, as they became free from their restraint.

He cupped one making her moan, then placed his tongue over an already erect nipple and started to lick and suck the end. While he was doing this, his hands found the zip at the side of her skirt, and were pulling it down. Her moans of pleasure, making me wonder how she would react if he were actually fucking her. Having pulled the zip down, he then pulled her skirt off as far as it would go, then only had her panties to remove.

She felt both his hands, running over her pussy, as he reached down to remove them. Once they were with the skirt, he started to play with her pussy, first running a finger over her vulva, then stroking the hood of her clitoris, forcing her clit to make an appearance. Then bending down he licked the clitoris vigorously, enticing a squeal from her mouth. Her hips bucked forward, wanting his tongue to enter her vagina, as he also started to squeeze her breasts at the same time.

Then he helped her to stand, making a ceiling harness appear behind her. Bending down he unlocked the cuffs around her ankles, then removed the skirt and panties. Then he turned her around, making her aware of the harness; he then fitted the seat of the harness around her butt cheeks, and clipped the leg straps on. Next he had to put the rest of the harness around her shoulders so that it would support her weight. Once all this was do, he removed her cuffed wrists enabling her to hold onto the shoulder straps.

He then hoisted her up into the air at just the right height, locking the contraption in that position. He could now swing her about, and she was powerless to stop him, not that she would, for she was enjoying every last moment of this. He gripped her butt, then pulled her towards his waiting cock, once he had it in position, he entered her now moist cunt. He plunged it in, making her cry out with joy, then instead of moving his hips; he swung her back and forth impaling her on his cock, whenever she came back. Her cries of pleasure at this point were so loud, nothing else could be heard, the sight of her pussy engulfing his cock was a big turn on, as this assault continued.

Then he stopped, and spun her around, her mouth immediately and hungrily closing over his huge cock. He once again began to swing her back and forth, with his cock travelling deeply inside her throat. He knew it wouldn't be long now before he came, and as she reached down with one hand starting to jerk his cock off. He suddenly started to cum, she pulled it out allowing it to hit her face and tongue, then put it back in to swallow whatever else was left.

By the time she had finished he was still rock-hard, so he turned her back around and began to fuck her again. This time making sure she came to a climax before stopping, his timing just a little off, as she came a couple of minutes before him. He pumped his load deep inside her womb, then started to slow down.

The dream link then came to an end, and we both woke up once more.

"We have got to try that ceiling harness out!" said an excited Abby.

"I agree, that looked like fun," I replied, smiling.

We talked a lot about that one, clearly thinking that that would be hard to beat, then we finally went back to sleep, looking forward to the next one.

To Be Continued...


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