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The Dream Reaper Pt. XV
by Carl East

The villagers were very excited as we walked over to join them; they had all been extremely impressed with Conrad's dream link. We tended to agree, for it had been very erotic, and also quite original.

This time, before anyone asked who was next, Candra said she would be, they asked her questions, wanting the details, but Candra was keeping a tight lip about it all, not wanting to spoil the fun.

Then someone realised that I would have to follow her, and couldn't put it off anymore. The only thing I gave away, was that mine would be different to all those I had seen so far, that of course got them all speculating about what I was going to do.

I listened to their conversations, and thinking what I would have missed if Abby hadn't chosen me, as her soul mate. I had discovered she was visiting me during my sleep, and playing a large part in my wet dreams. Once I had found out, I requested the opportunity to cross over to her plain of existence, leaving my old life behind. Upon reaching her realm, I discovered I was able to dream link myself, making me want to stay even more.

The large group of people started to break up shortly after that, all looking forward to tonight's show. Abby had told me she had a secret, and that she would reveal it that day. So when the crowd had all but disbursed, I followed her to where she said I would find something of interest. She led me to a large metal plague, which was inscribed with the names of literally hundreds of people.

"What is this?" I asked, looking closer.

"It commemorates all the people that have lived in this village." She replied.

"This is the secret!" I said, expecting something more.

"No silly, that's the secret." She said, pointing to the inscription near the bottom of he plague.

I bent down to look where she was pointing, and there as clear as daylight were my mother and fathers names, and along side was my name at the age of two.

"How can this be?" I said, more to myself than to Abby.

"I don't know, a friend pointed it out to me yesterday, so I thought I'd better tell you." Said Abby.

I'd never mentioned my parents before, because they had died in a car accident a few years ago, and I didn't like dredging up the past. But this totally threw me; I had no idea they'd been here, 'but in what capacity,' I thought as we walked away. I decided to get this contest out of the way before looking into this further.

The day seemed to drag, but eventually we went to bed, and were soon watching Candra's dream link. She had decided to go to my world as well, which didn't surprise me. She was wearing the skimpiest outfit yet, her skirt was just below her buttock line, the way Abby likes to appear, and her tight top was so thin, you could clearly see her nipples poking through.

She entered a college for young men, looking through it for someone special, then she found him. Upon entering his dream, she found he was dreaming of his father beating him with a belt. She quickly changed that scene, replacing it with a lecture hall, with him being the only pupil and her being the tutor. He clearly felt more comfortable with this dream for he visibly started to relax as his eyes stared at Candra's gorgeous body.

Candra deliberately dropped some papers on the floor, then bent down to retrieve them. Her skirt not able to conceal her panties, as she gave him a view he would not soon forget. The lecture was to be about the reproductive organs, of both the male and female bodies, a simple biological lesson. Candra had decided to take the first part seriously, knowing how arousing this would be to those observing it.

She asked the young man if he would volunteer to help her with her demonstration, to which he jumped at the chance, clearly getting involved in this dream. When he was standing next to her, she started to undo his trousers, and then she pulled them down. Then she pulled his underwear down revealing a semi hard cock, dangling between his legs. Candra then grasped hold of his cock, bending down in front of him.

"Now, the male penis is easily enlarged when a person of the opposite sex, handles it in this way." She said, jerking him off slowly, and watching his cock grow in her hands.

He looked down watching his cock being handled, overjoyed to be part of this demonstration.

"Then if we take it into the mouth, he will become very excited," she said, putting her mouth over his cock.

He moaned as he felt her mouth surrounding his penis, then pulled back slightly as his shaft hit the back of her throat. Her nipples were fully erect, making him stare down at her breasts. She started to jerk him off, making him feel like coming all too soon, her lips still covering his bell end. Then he came, his cock momentarily coming out of her mouth, and losing some of his cream onto her cheek. She quickly got it back in her mouth swallowing the rest of his cum.

"That shows what can happen when you get really excited," she said, standing back up.

Then she sat on the desk, asking him to point out the woman's vagina; he stood between her legs his cock getting hard again, and gently parted them. Then slowly pulling down her panties, he revealed her pussy. She then asked him to show how he would make a woman climax. He started by rubbing her vulva, then stroking the hood of her clitoris, then when she leaned back he pushed a finger up into her womb, making her moan with excitement.

After finger fucking her for a few minutes, he then bent down and started to lick her clit, using both hands to open her cunt, he then inserted his tongue as deep as it would go, making her thrust up her hips to meet it. By now his cock was rock solid, so she climbed off the table, then turned around and leaned over. He didn't need to be told what to do next, for she could suddenly feel his cock entering her womb. Her hands reaching over to the other side of the desk, in order that she could hold herself steady.

His back and forth motion getting quicker and quicker, as she started to scream out with the pleasure he was giving her. Her juices making the inside of her legs extremely wet, as he continued. Then before he could cum, she let it out and turned around, quickly taking her top off and bending down. She placed his throbbing cock between her breasts, and started to tit fuck him, her own juices making it slip easily between her cleavage, as she held them together. Then he came, the sperm hitting the underside of her chin, and falling back on the top of her bust, with the second load finding its way into her mouth. His third only a trickle, as she relaxed her breasts, and sucked him dry.

Then the dream was over, and once again we were waking up.

"I thought it was good, but not as good as Conrad's," said Abby.

"Yes, I agree," I said, thinking that all I had to do now was give a reasonable dream link, and we could win.

I was about to give them something they hadn't as yet seen, because I had practised this secret of mine, after every dream link that week, and I was sure I'd gotten it down to an art. I had even informed the Dream Reaper that my dreams were not to be taken as the real event, as I was trying to perfect something special. He had told me that my dream linking would not be seen until I had informed him it was going to happen. We fell asleep soon after that, with me looking forward to the day ahead.

To Be Continued...


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