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The Dream Reaper Pt. XVI
by Carl East

The whole village was by now confident that we would win this contest, for as they greeted us on the morning after Candra's dream link, they shouted out my name, placing a huge weight on my shoulders. I couldn't fail them, if I did I wouldn't be able to face them again, Abby tried to lift my spirits by nudging me, and saying 'go get em tiger.' I smiled knowing she meant well, but I couldn't get the responsibility of this contest out of my mind. That was the price I paid for wanting to go last, and now I wasn't so sure it was such a good move. I was asked what my surprise would be, but I wouldn't give anything away, telling them they had to wait.

This had all come about, when I was visited by Abby in my dreams, and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, that of challenging our neighbouring village, to the right to govern the two villages.

Mine would be the last dream link, so I had to make it a good one. I had been practising something, that nobody as yet had tried, and hoped that it would impress them all. Not even Abby knew my secret, for I wanted to surprise her as well.

The day went by all to quickly, and before I knew it I was ready for bed, and hearing Abby say 'good luck.'

Once asleep I proceeded to find the right two houses, once there I entered one house to find the young lady I was looking for. I entered her dream, to find her dreaming of lazing in the sun, with a cool drink in her hand. Then I tried my surprise, knowing that the whole village was watching me. I fixed her dream in a sort of pause mode or holding pattern, then proceeded next door, once there I found the second young lady, and entered her dream, she was dreaming about horse back riding.

I merged the two dreams together, still in control of the dreamer next door, and then changed the scene. I was now a salesman, while they were both my next clients, the game began. They were both dressed in short skirts and tight tank tops, with figures that suited them both; I started my sales rep bit.

"These are our best sellers." I said, taking out a pair of crotchless knickers.

They reached out to touch them, both of them accepting this dream without any qualms.

"Um, very nice, can we try them on?" They said.

"Yes, please let me help." I replied.

I then got down on my knees, and slipped my fingers beneath the panties one of them was wearing, deliberately brushing her pussy with my fingers, then pulled them down, she sighed deeply. She stood there looking down, her eyes watching every move I made, then stepping out of her own panties, and revealing a nicely shaved pussy. I then slipped one then two feet through the crotchless ones, and pulled them up, her pussy clearly visible.

"Why crotchless." She said, innocently.

"It's so that your partner can do this." I said, rubbing a finger around her vulva.

She pushed her hips forward slightly, wanting me to go further, but I wanted to play first.

"Can I try them on?" The other one said.

"Of course you can madam." I said, trying my hardest not to spoil the fun.

She started to remove her panties, while the one wearing the crotchless pair removed hers. At that moment I had both their panties off, then being handed the crotchless pair I slipped them on the other girl. Pulling them up I ran my fingers all the way up her legs and thigh, making sure I brushed past her pussy. She, had a lovely trimmed triangle of pubic hair, with none covering her pussy lips, she grabbed my hand, placing it over her womanhood.

"Do the men, rub it here?" She asked, running my fingers through her pussy lips.

"No it's more like this." I said, inserting a finger deep into her womb.

She gasped, saying she would have a pair, then I stopped and stood up.

"This next item, is a negligée, and is guaranteed to get your man hard, and excited." I said, pulling one out of my bag.

I had thought this one up from an old memory, of seeing something similar in a dress window, but there, it was on a dummy. I held this skimpy looking, see through negligée up, then asked if they would like to try one on. They both nodded, and started to undress, I produced another negligée from my bag. By the time I turned back they were both naked, and reaching for a negligée. I couldn't help but stare, as they both placed them over their heads, their breasts standing tall and erect.

Just looking at them both was enough to give you a boner, but standing there and seeing these two gorgeous women, wearing negligées that only just reached their pussies, and were completely see through, would make a lesser man lose his load.

"Do they suit us?" One of them said, giving a twirl, which made it possible to see her butt.

"Yes, they do, you look very sexy." I replied, my cock twitching as I looked on.

"Anything else in that bag?" One of them asked.

"Nothing you would be interested with," I said, "just some men's underwear."

"Oh, lets see." She replied.

I took them out, the shortest briefs I could imagine.

"I could try them on, if you like?" I said.

They both said yes, together.

I took my trousers down, then before removing my own underwear, I imagined my cock was two inches longer than it was. I pulled them down, revealing a huge cock, then when I was about to put the brief's on, one of them snatched it out of my hands.

"I'll do it." She said, bending down in front of me.

I put my feet through the openings, then she brought them up slowly, by the time she reached my cock it was rock solid, and standing proud. She gently pushed it back, holding it as she pulled the brief's over. They of course couldn't cover it all, as I stood there with two sets of eyes glued to my cock.

"They don't seem to fit." The other one said, joining the one kneeling.

They both then started to remove them, once my cock was free, I felt a mouth covering the end, looking down I watched as they passed it to one another, my dick pulsing, as they attempted to take it down their throats. Their breasts, clearly visible through the negligées they still wore. The hardness of my cock was such, that I could feel every bit of their mouths and tongues, as they passed over my shaft.

Then I could feel the signs that I was about to cum; I had practised this quite a lot, for in the beginning I used to wake up in the real world, once I ejaculated in the Dream State. I allowed my seed to burst forth, going down the throat it was now in, and making her gag, she brought it out, as I came again on the face of the other one. Then she put it in her mouth, again I came, hitting the roof of her mouth, she swallowed my load while pumping it with her hands. Then she brought it out, with both of them catching the last explosive burst on their tongues as they put their heads together holding it in front of them.

They carried on sucking and licking me clean, then stood up; one of them removed her negligée, and started to kiss me passionately. The other one still held my cock, but turned around, then bending forward she guided it to her pussy, I pushed forward, not able to see, but quite able to feel. Her sudden gasp was all I needed to know it was in, then I started to thrust forward, my cock burying itself deep within her womb.

The kiss was getting hotter as our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths; I started to massage her breasts at the same time, her erect nipples feeling hard to the touch. Then while leaving one hand on her breast, and still kissing her, I placed the free hand between her legs, inserting a finger or two inside her pussy.

My thrusts had stopped now, for she was doing all the work, rocking back and forth, and making sure my entire length was going in. I could feel it hitting the inner wall of her pussy, as her moans became louder, knowing that she was close. I then started to push myself, and got faster, her screams clearly indicating I was doing the right thing.

Suddenly they changed places, and I was now fucking the one I'd been kissing, her moist pussy an easy hole to enter. I placed my hand down to finger fuck the one I had just serviced, to find her juices were still flowing strongly, and being able to put several fingers in.

Their moans of pleasure at this point was really starting to turn me on, as I could feel that moment was nearly upon us once again. When I did cum, I let them have both barrels if you know what I mean, my cum fairly shot out deep inside her womb. She pulled it out, then turned around with her mouth wide open, the second load hitting both her tongue and cheek as she grabbed hold of it. They both then started to clean themselves and me up, making sure that not a single drop escaped.

I was then suddenly awake in the real world, and sat up in bed, then I could hear shouts and applause from around the village. Abby sat up next to me, smiling and putting her arm around me.

"That was, without doubt the best dream link, I ever witnessed." She said, holding me tighter.

"Do you think so?" I said.

"Oh yes, if we don't win this contest after that, then it's rigged." She replied, feeling very confident.

I was delighted that she rated it so highly, and lay back down.

"How did you know, that you could control two dreamers?" Asked Abby.

"Well, the thought occurred to me, that if the Dream Reaper could send a dream link to all those villagers, then surely it should be possible to dream link with two people, at the same time." I replied, feeling tired.

We both went back to sleep shortly after that, looking forward to tomorrow.

To Be Continued...


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