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The Dream Reaper Pt. XVII
by Carl East

We turned the corner to the sound of cheers; all the villagers were in the square awaiting our arrival. They were positive that we'd won this contest, but as yet, the results hadn't been given out. So we stood with them, waiting for the Dream Reaper to make an appearance. We didn't have to wait long, for two minutes after our arrival; he showed up, stepping up onto a podium that'd been erected.

"First of all, congratulations to all those that took part in this contest, your dream links were of the highest quality." He said, to another cheer by the crowd.

"Secondly, we have the results." He said, being interrupted by the loud audience.

Then an old man, who I was informed was the Dream Reaper from the other village, took to the podium.

"I am pleased to be amongst such fine people as yourselves, and having witnessed the dream links performed in this very village, am proud to announce, this village as the victor." He said, he last word almost drowned out by the applause and cheering that was going on.

We started to congratulate ourselves, with Abby and I hugging one another, and people slapping me on the back, and shaking my hands. Then we could see our own Dream Reaper trying to calm the crowd, with something else to say.

"It seems the other village had an ulterior motive for challenging us, Gerard here," he said, pointing to the other Dream Reaper, "wants to retire, and felt that whoever proved themselves worthy, could be his successor."

All eyes were suddenly on me, as the square went completely quiet, then someone shouted, 'go get em tiger,' the crowd suddenly started to talk amongst themselves again. I turned to Abby, knowing that she shouted those words, to get me out of that embarrassing situation.

"Thanks Abby," I said, "but why do they assume it will be me." I asked.

"Well, for a start, you have done something they can't do, so it naturally follows that you must be the logical choice." She replied.

"But what if they'd won the contest?" I asked, feeling I had a valid point.

"I can answer that one." We heard a voice say, behind us.

We turned to find the Dream Reaper, and Gerard, who had both given up trying to talk the crowd down.

"If our village had lost, Gerard here, would have kept his position as Dream Reaper for another year, at which time we could then challenge them again." He explained.

"Am I your choice, for being the new Dream Reaper?" I asked Gerard, bluntly.

"Yes, you are, young man, I haven't seen talent like yours, since my young apprentice here took over this village." He replied, pointing to our Reaper.

I had a lot to think about, when the crowd had started to go their separate ways, but I also had a lot of questions for the Dream Reaper. So I excused myself from Abby, and told her I wanted to see him alone. She said she'd see me back at home, then walked off. I walked to the Reapers home, trying to formulate all the questions I had, but reaching it before I could think them through.

He opened the door, saying he'd expected me, then asked what was on my mind.

"Did you know my mother and father?" I asked, being the first thing that came to mind.

"Your Grand father was born here, and later his wife gave birth to your father, so yes, I did know your father." He replied.

I was stunned, I had no idea, and they'd never so much as mentioned it, although I was only fourteen when they died.

"Why did my father leave here?" I asked next.

"Like you, he found someone in another alternate reality, you old home, that he fell in love with, your mother, but unlike you, she didn't want to leave her home, so your father left his and joined her." He said.

"It wasn't an accident that Abby found me, was it?" I said, suspecting some conspiracy.

"Actually no, I had told her that you and several others had a great deal of potential, but she had to choose herself, and she chose you." He replied, making me feel happier.

"So what happens now, do I learn from you before going off to this other village, or does Gerard teach me what I need to know?" I asked, not sure where I was headed.

"I will gladly teach you what you need to know." He said.

At that point I accepted his offer, and returned home, Abby was waiting, she asked me what had been said, to which I told her, leaving out the fact that she had been guided to me. I told her our Reaper was going to teach me the ways of The Dream Reapers, and that we shouldn't be leaving this village just yet.

We joined a few friends after that for a few drinks, then returned home to sleep, I was feeling quite randy as I started to nod off, so I decided to visit someone I knew. Once I fell asleep I found my way to my old street; then looked in on the house of my old next door neighbour. But she wasn't home, which meant she was either on holiday somewhere, or she was spending the night with her family.

I had to look in several houses before finding the perfect dream link, she had the cutest little nose, and lovely pouting lips. I entered her dream, to find she was dreaming of swimming, at first I just watched, then she got out of the pool. She was a tall slim built young woman, with a nice bust, not to big or small, with long shapely legs, her hair was blonde, and the costume she wore was a one piece.

I decided to change the scene, to that of a clothes shop, only for a change I made myself the customer, and she was the proprietor.

Walking up to her counter, I asked if she could show me some swimming trunks, to which she said yes, and asked me to follow her. We walked over to a stand, where there were a dozen different looking swimming trunks.

"What size are you sir?" She asked, fully involved in this dream.

"I don't know," I answered, which wasn't a lie, "but I don't think any of them would fit me."

"Why not sir?" She replied.

Well, I have a very large cock, that they wouldn't cover." I said.

She suddenly became intrigued, grabbing a pair, then asking me to follow her once more. She took me over to the changing rooms, then asked me to remove my trousers, which I did. Then once again I imagined my cock was bigger than it really was, then removed my underwear.

"Oh my, you are big aren't you?" She said, bending down to place my feet inside the new trunks.

When she brought them up my legs, my cock brushed against her shoulder, making it that little bit harder. She tried to place my cock in the shorts, but they were too small, with my cock sticking out the top.

"Well, I wonder if they would fit, if you weren't hard?" She said, taking the shorts back off, then starting to jerk my cock with both hands.

I looked down, watching her slide my cock gently but firmly between her hands, then for added excitement she started to lick the end as well. My cock throbbed as this treatment continued, her tongue darting out to brush my bell end. She never sucked, but the feel of her tongue working on the end of my cock, while her hands skilfully passed over the length, was really turning me on.

Then she started to go faster, my cock feeling like it was about to explode, until Wham, it hit the end, the first stream hitting her tongue as she continued to jerk it dry, then the second being directed to the changing room door, as she quickened her pace. The third and final one just dribbling out the end, with her tongue lapping it up. I then allowed my cock to deflate, wanting to reward her for her efforts, and she pulled the trunks back up. This time they fit, and I told her I would take them.

The dream was then over, with me waking up, I had cum running down my thigh again, I smiled, and thought, that young woman deserves another visit, then went back to sleep.

To Be Continued...


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