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The Dream Reaper Pt. XVIII
by Carl East

I awoke to the smell of cooking, and getting dressed, I discovered Abby was making a cooked breakfast.

"Good morning." She said.

"Morning." I replied, yawning then giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked.

"Not bad, but I think I was bothered, by not exactly knowing what the duties of a Dream Reaper really are." I answered.

"Well, for a start, although most of the villagers can dream link and dream receive, they can't dream send, which is what our Dream Reaper was doing during the contest." She said.

"I'm not even sure, I can!" I replied.

"Oh, I think you could, because you already have a gift that none of us have, and that's putting two dreamers together at the same time." She said, making me think that perhaps it was possible.

"In that case, I'll try it with you tonight, I'll go into a dream link, and try to send it to your mind, without you entering the dream." I said, dropping the subject.

We then had a nice breakfast, of bacon and eggs, which was delicious, then went out to see if anything was going on. All we found, was a notice board that had vacancies for several key positions in our neighbouring village. Positions like tax collector, (it seems you can't escape them, even in an alternate reality) plus a judge, who it seems was retiring just like Gerard.

There were several names that had been added to these posts, all eager to help run the other village. We were greeted by a lot of people that day, all eager to shake my hand, and totally convinced that I was the man for the job of Dream Reaper.

Later when we had decided to go to bed, I remembered what I said about sending Abby the dream link, and asked her if she knew how to commence.

"I would guess it's just a matter of thinking about me, while in the dream link, and trying to project the thoughts you get, back to me." She replied, making it all sound very easy.

I had decided to make my dream link a one-on-one affair, not wanting to make things too complicated. So I chose the last person I visited, I'd gone to her on my last dream link, and felt she was worth another visit.

I found her sleeping so entered her dream, she was dreaming of eating in a restaurant, I instantly changed that scene, and started to think about Abby, hoping that she could see everything. The new scene, showed her in a sexy looking outfit, the sort of thing Abby would wear. A short skirt that showed her long legs off and a tight top that clung to all the right places.

We were once again standing in a clothes shop, and she was showing me some suits.

"This one would look good on you sir, what size leg are you." She said.

"I'm not sure." I replied, knowing what would come next.

She produced a tape measure then got down on her knees; she held the tape at crotch level, her knuckles resting on my balls, then stared down at the measurement.

"Ah right, this should fit sir, if you will follow me." She said, leading the way.

She took me over to the changing rooms, then asked me to call if I needed any help.

Once in the changing room, I stripped naked then pulled the trousers up, I imagined they were to small, then I called her in, my cock fully erect and sticking out the top.

"They're too small." I said.

She came over and bent down, her panties clearly showing in the free standing mirror behind her. She asked me to pull my trousers down a little, so she could check the label, my cock sprang out as soon as they came down. Her eyes were transfixed, as she stooped over to look at the back. Then her shoulder was touching my cock, as she rubbed her body over it, by pressing into me and moving down. She was getting aroused, for she deliberately took her time in locating the label.

"I've given you the wrong size." She suddenly said, standing up again.

She took them away, then shortly after, she returned with another pair, then bending down once more, and giving me another nice view in the mirror, she asked me to step into them. I put one foot in, allowing her to pull the leg up, then the other foot, letting her do the same again. She pulled the trousers up, when she reached my hardened cock, she pushed it back with the palm of her hand, then pulled the trousers over it.

Once they were on, she brushed the front, running her hand over my cock once more, and making it pulsate. I told her I'd take them, if she would remove them for me, she didn't have to be asked twice. Bending down again, she unzipped them then pulled them down, my cock brushing against her neck as she bent forward.

She looked up being confronted by my large member, then suddenly grasping hold of it she placed it in her mouth, my cock throbbed as her lips covered the end. She hadn't got to her knees, so she was still giving me a show of her panties in the mirror behind her. Then she dragged a chair over, that was just in arms reach, and sat down, not once letting my cock out of her mouth.

Her hands seemed to be everywhere, as one moment she was caressing my balls, and the next, she was running them over my shaft. Her tongue kept touching the ridge of my bell end, making my dick twitch inside her mouth. Then she would try and take it, as far as possible into her throat, before coming back to lick the end once more. She had clearly done his before, working my cock in an effort to make it explode.

I hadn't been given a blowjob as good as this, for a long time, and wasn't surprised when I started to cum. The first gush of sperm hitting the roof of her mouth, and the second, being helped out with her hands pumping it onto her waiting tongue. Then squeezing it gently and licking the last drop off, she stood up and removed her panties.

I turned her around, bending her over the chair, guiding my cock to her pussy with one hand, while resting the other on her butt. Then pushing forward, I felt her lips part, my cock plunging into her womb, at some speed. She moaned out loud, pushing her hips back to meet my thrusts, then settling to a rhythmical pelvic thrust movement with my cock.

Her moaning getting louder, as I began to slam her arse cheeks, at one point the chair she was leaning on, started to move forward, bringing me back from the ecstasy I was feeling. Then I came again; my juices shooting out like gunfire, making me want to bury it as deeply as possible. Then the disappointment, when you know it's all over.

I woke to find I had cum running down my leg, but didn't care, because that had been so intense. Abby woke next to me; I asked her if she'd witnessed it.

"Yes, I saw it all, you did a wonderful job of sending it to me." She said, kissing me then lying back down.

I was happy that I could dream send, and felt that maybe I could be The Dream Reaper after all.

The next morning however, I was in for a big surprise, for when we left the house, people were congratulating me on a good dream. I then found out, that not only did Abby receive my dream, the whole village did.

To Be Continued...


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