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The Dream Reaper Pt. XX
by Carl East

Gerard had shown Paul and Abby around, and was just explaining why the villagers had given them such a cold reception.

"You've got to understand, they don't know anything about you, and for them to take you into their confidence, you have to prove yourself." He said.

"In what way will I have to prove myself?" Replied Paul.

"Mainly in your ability to dream send, but partly in your ability to dream link, if they think you are competent in both these areas, then you will find them a good group of people." He said, picking up his luggage.

"Will you be alright Gerard?" Asked Abby.

"Yes, don't fret, I'll be fine, I have a good friend taking me up to my cabin, so I had better go, but before I do, I want you to know that this house has always been good to me, so treat it right." He said, pointing around the house.

"Don't worry about that, we will." Replied Paul, opening the door.

I helped Gerard load up his luggage into the wagon, then both Abby and I stood and waved him out of sight, before returning into the house. I was now the official Dream Reaper for this village, a post that was given to me by the old Dream Reaper, who wished to spend the final days of his life in the cabin he loved.

This had all come about, when I was visited by Abby in my dreams, and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, I wondered if I could fill Gerard's shoes.

The very first decision I made that day was to grab a paper and pen then write a message. Once I'd done that, I took it outside and pinned it to the notice board I'd seen, before entering my new home.

"What did you write?" Abby asked, watching the crowd now gathering around the notice board.

"I've told them, that I will send them all a dream tonight, in order to prove my credentials." I replied, starting to unpack our belongings.

By the time we were ready for bed that night, not a sound could be heard from the village, for they had all retired for the evening, waiting for me to send them a dream. I wanted it to be something special, but what, that is what I pondered as I lay down to sleep.

In the end I decided to find someone new, I returned to my old home in a blink of an eye. Then started to search the houses on the other side of the road, until eventually I found someone I thought was very cute. She was sleeping on the sofa in her lounge, so after putting the usual suggestion into her mind, that everything was fine and she should sleep soundly, I entered her dream.

At that point I started to think of the villagers, hoping that this was being received. The Dream link had begun, and I found myself in a bowling alley, she was dreaming of being very good with the bowls, and repeatedly scoring a strike. But I had to change the scene, for one more intimate, suddenly we were in a classroom, I was the pupil and she was the teacher.

She wore a short skirt, and blouse, and was telling me off for staring at her legs; I'd started this dream link in detention class, with my intention to make it a tease.

"But miss, the other guys said, you haven't got a good pair of legs, so I was only defending you." I said, wondering what her response would be.

"Going around, and telling everybody, how you would like to run your hands right up my inner thigh, is hardly defending me." She replied, pulling her skirt up a little to demonstrate.

I stared again, when I caught a glimpse of her panties, but she put her skirt down to quickly.

"Besides, you have never seen all of my legs, so how would you know how good they are?" She added.

"I have seen them, and more." I replied, shocking her.

"When!" She said, bluntly.

"Last week, when we were at dinner in the canteen, I dropped my fork, and upon recovering it, I happened to look over at where you were sitting, I not only saw your legs, but your inner thigh and panties too." I boasted.

She suddenly blushed, and went quiet for a few minutes.

"What were you thinking, at that moment?" She suddenly asked.

"I was thinking, how I would like to crawl over to your chair, then run my hand up to your panties, and take a peek at your pussy." I said, making her blush even more.

She was sitting on the edge of her desk fidgeting, and without knowing it, allowing her skirt to ride up her legs a little.

"Surely you've seen a woman's pussy before?" She said, clearly feeling a little warm, as she unbuttoned the top of her blouse.

"Yes, but not yours, I think you have the sexiest body I have ever seen, and wanted to see more." I replied.

Then, I could have sworn she deliberately moved her skirt further up her thigh, revealing her panties, and watching to see my reaction. My cock started to grow the bulge in my pants more than obvious. She noticed, then getting off the desk she came over to where I was sitting, and pulling up another chair she sat facing me.

"This is wrong," she said, putting her hand onto my pulsing cock, "you shouldn't be having thoughts of a sexual nature with your teachers body." She concluded, running her hand the full length of my dick.

I took a deep breath, then exhaled as her hand folded itself around my hardened cock, then winced as she gently squeezed. Her legs opened, giving me a nice view of her panties, which seemed to have a wet patch. I couldn't help myself, I reached forward running my hands over her legs, then tucking them under her skirt I touched her mound. She closed her eyes, her head straightening up; then I pulled her panties to one side, and my fingers were suddenly touching her pussy. A moan of pleasure escaping her lips, as I fumbled for the opening, then inserted a finger. Her response was one of pure carnal lust, for her butt rose from the chair to meet the fingers now penetrating her womb.

Her face looked flushed, and then I saw the hood of her clitoris for the first time, rubbing my thumb over it gently, I watched her tongue swirl around her bottom lip. Her juices were becoming more apparent, as I moved my thumb up and down, taking her erect clitoris with it. Then her legs came together slightly, making me aware that she was having an orgasm, her entire body then relaxed as the emotion of climaxing came to an end.

Her eyes opened, and she looked down at my crotch, seeing the bulge that was still more than evident, she leaned forward undoing my zipper. My trousers were then removed, and the bulge in my underwear made her stare intently, at the size I'd imagined it to be.

She pulled my briefs down, allowing my trapped cock to spring to attention, her eyes opening even wider as she grasped hold of the magnificent specimen before her. Pulling it through her hand a few times, to gauge the length, she then bent down and closed her mouth around the end. Now it was my turn to sigh, as her tongue came out and started to lick the ridge, while her mouth sucked on her prize.

Her hand then started to move over my shaft, making me close my eyes, and relaxing back in the chair. Before long I could feel the inevitable, my cock starting to pulsate, as the sperm was released into her mouth. She then engulfed it; making sure every last drop went down her throat. By the time I had finished coming, she had made sure I stayed hard, then began to remove her clothes.

I sat watching as her skirt and panties were discarded, she then started to undo her blouse, revealing the white-laced bra that covered her gorgeous breasts. She reached around the back, not once taking her eyes off my cock, then her breasts bounced free, her nipples fully erect.

I tried to reach forward, but she pushed me back in the chair, then straddled my legs, positioning her pussy over my cock. With one hand she then guided my cock to the entrance of her womanhood, then sat down, the pressure giving my cock no choice as to the direction it should take. I was in, and she slowly started to move up and down, getting used to it being in her womb.

Then placing her hand on the back of my head, she pulled me into her breasts, and started to ride me more vigorously. My tongue flicked her nipple back and forth, as I put my hands around her butt, in an effort to help her get the best penetration possible. She started to moan out loud, shouting how marvelous my cock was.

I pulled my head back, looking at her breasts as they bounced in that delightful way breasts do, when being put through such a vigorous exercise. Then looking down, I saw she was using the floor with her toes, to push up and almost drop down, my cock now feeling the urge once again to ejaculate. As I did she started to have another orgasm, making it a more satisfying event. Then calming down, she pulled my head into her chest once again, embracing me tightly.

I awoke, the sperm running down my leg, as my senses returned to me, then wondering if the villagers had seen it all. Abby opened her eyes, reaching over to cuddle me.

"That was very good, I'm sure they will like that one." She said, reassuringly.

We both went back to sleep after that, wondering what their reaction would be.

In the morning, we stepped outside to find a dozen people, who all had requests for their own little dream quests. Yes, I thought, I think I'm going to fit in nicely here.

To Be Continued...


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