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The Dream Reaper Pt. XXII
by Carl East

I'd started to write down all the requests I was receiving, mainly because it was impossible to remember them all. They all wanted something different, fortunately Abby could help on some of them. Although she couldn't dream send, she could dream link, like most of the other villagers, so she had the ability to help with some of them.

Tonight was one such case, one of the villagers, whose name was Bylo, wanted to be seduced by a red headed female, and although it would be easy for me to create her in his dream, I thought it best, that a real female do the job.

To think, this had all come about, when I was visited by Abby in my dreams, and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, being the new Dream Reaper in a different village, and being happy for the first time in my life.

Abby Helps Out

I enjoyed helping Paul out, it gave me a chance to practise, and I liked changing my appearance from time to time. Bylo was a nice man, who everybody got along with, but he was one of those that couldn't dream link, not that he would admit it, but it was common knowledge.

When I joined him that night in his dream, he was dreaming of fishing, something he did a lot of, while in the waking state. I had changed my hair colour to red, and was wearing the usual short skirt with no panties, and tight top with no bra. This always worked for me, men just seemed to love leering at women's attire, or lack there of.

I decided to change the scene, to that of a garden, with Bylo sitting on a bench and admiring the roses. He saw me approaching, but I pretended not to notice him, then standing with my back to him, I bent down to smell a rose. He must have been able to see everything; I stayed down there for a minute or two, then walked a little further down the garden path.

I noticed he got up to follow me, so I stopped now and again to give him a show, then I imagined it starting to rain, and at the same time created a small hut. Sheltering inside the hut, I knew that Bylo would follow me, and sure enough in he came. My top was soaked, allowing him to see my breasts beneath, my nipples sticking out through the fabric.

He then spoke for the first time.

"I haven't seen you before," he said, pausing, "do you live around here?" Not once taking his eyes off my top.

"No, I'm new to the area, I thought this garden looked lovely, so I wanted to have a closer look." I lied, getting a bit nearer.

He then suddenly realised how wet I was, and gallantly offered me his jacket.

"I think I'd better get this top off, or I'll catch phenomena." I said, pulling the top up and over my head.

His eyes bulged, as he handed me his jacket, then I slipped it on, leaving it undone, knowing that whenever I turned sideways he would get an eyeful. He sat down on one of the two benches I had imagined would be in the hut, and then I sat on the one opposite. I could visibly see the bulge twitch in his trousers, as he stared between my legs, I opened them slightly, then started to talk to him again.

"Are you from around these parts?" I asked, for want of something better to say.

"Yes, I've lived here all my life, but I have never witnessed anything as attractive as you." He said, blushing.

It seemed he was just as shy in the Dream State, as he was in the waking one, but I was going to change that. I got up and sat next to him, his eyes watching my every move, and then I thanked him for the jacket, and gave it back to him. My breasts stood firm, with my nipples sticking out, he looked long and hard not sure what to say. Then I stood up and removed my skirt; he at last got the message, for he suddenly placed both hands onto my hips pulling me towards him.

I put one leg; up onto the bench, which gave him access to my pussy, he bent forward and started to insert his tongue, his hands going around to my butt to pull me towards him. I remained in that position gyrating my hips a little, as his tongue found all the right places, and then he added a finger into the game, slowly sliding it back and forth over my clitoris.

My juices were starting to flow, as his tongue started to go into the hole in little darting motions, then his finger joined in, sliding up past his tongue and making me cum for the first time. I let out a deep sigh, as he began to work both his finger and tongue a little faster. Then he stopped, and placed my leg back on the floor, he then removed his clothes, and turned me around to gently bend me over the bench.

His cock was a moderate size, but nice and thick, so when he entered me I was being stretched. He started off slowly, not wanting to rush the moment, then when my juices were really flowing; he redoubled his efforts pushing me against the back wall. His moans gave away the approach of the inevitable; he then began to cum and slowed down as he pumped his seed into my very wet pussy.

I stood up feeling his cock slide out, then turned to bend down in front of him. Then taking his cock into my mouth, I sucked the last remains of cum out, with him moaning with pleasure. Then standing up I kissed him on the cheek, and ended the dream.

I awoke to find Paul was still asleep, so thought I would enjoy myself with another dream link, only this time I would dream of flying, which Paul liked doing in his spare time. As I went back to sleep I hoped that Bylo had enjoyed his dream link.

To Be Continued...


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