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The Dream Reaper Pt. XXV
by Carl East

Norris shook my hand vigorously, thanking me for sending his dream link so clearly, to all those concerned.

I was starting to get used to this attention, for they hadn't received such vivid detail in their dreams, until Abby and I had arrived. The first two contestants had now completed their dream links, so it was up to me to announce the next contestant. I waited until the crowd that had gathered around to be quiet, and then I spoke.

"The next one will be Fren, she wishes me to inform you all, that her dream link will start at ten o'clock tonight." I said, as clearly as possible.

They started to gather around Fren at that point, all wanting to know what she had planned.

'The same routine,' I thought walking over to Abby.

"Well, they looked excited about it all, didn't they?" I said, taking Abby's hand.

"Yes, they love this, it's the best form of entertainment around, so they look forward to a new dream link every day." She replied.

To think, this had all come about when I was visited by Abby in my dreams and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, being the new Dream Reaper in a different village, and being happy for the first time in my life.

We walked over to the tavern, I had a thirst that needed to be quenched, and having only just discovered this delightful little inn, I wanted to sample some of their home brews. Stepping inside we found Lolita cleaning the tables; she greeted us with a smile, then asked if she could fetch us anything.

"Is there a drink you would recommend?" I asked.

"All our home brews are potent, but the nicest one for me, is 'lookout post', mainly because it doesn't taste like alcohol, but when it hits, lookout!" She said, smiling.

"Ok we'll have two of them, thank you." I replied.

We took a seat in the corner, talking about the contest, and I wondered how good the coming dreams would be. Then Lolita came back with two tall glasses, filled with a frothing substance that was as black as coal. She put them down, then stepped back, waiting for us to sample the brew. I brought it up to my mouth, taking a sip, then a gulp.

"This is pretty good!" I said, taking another mouthful.

Abby had already tried this drink, so I was not surprised to see her taking a large mouthful straight away. Lolita smiled then walked away, but decided to come back, having meant to say something.

"I would like to thank you, for such a good dream sending last night, it was most enjoyable." She said, blushing.

"Thank you my dear, I hope you enjoy the others just as much." I replied, taking another drink from my glass.

After a couple of hours, and several glasses later, we decided to return home, but upon stepping out of the tavern the alcohol hit me. I suddenly felt lightheaded, wanting to lean to my left, but found my right not wanting to go anywhere. We stumbled up the path, eventually making it to our house, then collapsed onto the bed.

"Whew, that stuff really is potent, isn't it?" I said, looking at the bedpost.

"I'm over here Paul." Replied Abby, getting off the floor.

We must have fallen asleep shortly after that, for we woke up five hours later with someone knocking on the door. I answered it to find Fren, who just wanted to inform me, she was ready to retire to bed. Telling her I would be ready, I got back into bed, my head feeling like someone was trying to get out, then concentrated on going back to sleep.

I eventually had to put a suggestion into my own mind that everything was fine before I went to sleep. Fren was on her way, going to my Old World and entering an army barracks. Once she found the man she was looking for, she entered his dream. He was dreaming of drinking with his friends, which soon changed, as Fren made the scene appear like his barracks, with her on all fours polishing the floor.

He stood over her shouting that this floor had better look clean, or else. She was wearing a short skirt, and loose fitting brown tee shirt, which looked totally inappropriate, for the job in hand. He stood over her admiring her butt, and creamy white thighs, as she continued to polish the floor. Then she turned to face him, coming back along the floor in the opposite direction. He could now see her breasts, as the opening to her tee shirt gaped open, and the movement of the same, as she passed her hand from one side to the other.

His erection started to become obvious, as she got nearer to him. She looked up seeing the bulge for the first time, her tongue going around her lips, as her thoughts of seeing his package, became urgent. He told her to stop, and come to him, she put down her polishing kit, then stood up to walk over.

"Yes sir." She said, standing to attention.

"What are you wearing under that shirt?" He said, knowing full well, that she had no support.

"Nothing sir." She replied.

"Take your shirt off." He ordered.

She removed it without question, dropping it on the floor, and revealing a gorgeous pair of tits, her nipples sticking out in front. His bulge twitched, as he walked around her, then cupped the bottom of her left breast, and feeling the softness.

"Why are you not wearing a support?" He said, letting go.

"To please you sir." She said, looking up at his eyes.

His persona mellowed a little then, as he once again touched her breast, only this time using both hands. The firmness of her lovely orbs making his bulge, wanting to get in on the action. She suddenly placed her hands onto his zipper, pulling it down without any complaints being made. Then she put her hand into his pants, touching his rod for the first time.

He pulled his trousers down around his ankles, revealing a large fully erect cock, which she now held in both hands. She fell to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth, he grunted as her mouth covered his length. Then she started to give him head, the likes of which he had never experienced, for he was watching his entire cock disappear down her throat.

She cupped his balls, gently squeezing them, continuing to suck his joint, like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue almost wrapping itself around his cock, making him jump on a couple of occasions, when she concentrated on the ridge. He started to moan louder, the feelings making his knees bend as he prepared to cum.

When he did blow, his seed hit the back of her throat, making her swallow as quickly as she could, then she helped the remaining two bursts out, by gripping his cock, and running the full length several times. His knees nearly buckled as his sperm continued to escape, then it was over, with Fren sucking the remains out, and standing up.

His cock was still hard, as he placed his hands beneath her skirt, running them up her outer thighs until he touched her panties. Then in one swift movement, he hooked his fingers inside, and pulled them down. Being down on his knees, he picked the front of her skirt up, revealing her cute little pussy then leaned forward to lick the slight bulge in front of him.

She placed her hands on the back of his head, as his tongue found just the right places, opening her legs a little, for easier access. Her moans of pleasure becoming louder as his tongue became more athletic. Then her first orgasm started, with her moving her hips back and forth, as the penultimate moment arrived. He carried on for a while longer, then stood up, and started to remove his clothing.

She did the same, and pretty soon they were naked on the floor, not wanting to wait for a comfortable bed, in which to perform the lust they were both feeling. She was now on her back, with him holding her legs up, and guiding his cock into her womanhood. Penetrating her outer lips easily, he commenced in giving her his cock, a bit at a time at first, then speeding up, as she begged for him to give her more.

His thrusting almost became aggressive, as he started to pound her cunt with all the force he could muster. Her screams of I'm coming, being an encouragement for him to speed up. She shouted out that she was coming again, and not to stop. The sweat was running down his chest, as he continued the onslaught, making sure she could feel every single inch of his large cock.

Then he started to moan just as loud, for he was about to shoot his load deep into her womb. When he did, his over enthusiasm got the better of him, and it slipped out, his cream going all over her stomach, as he grabbed it, in order to finish himself off. Pulling on his cock over her pussy, the next load hit her pussy lips, making her want to run her fingers through the creamy substance, then taste the salty cum on her tongue.

As the third and final spurt hit her breasts, she brought the dream to an end.

We woke up, once more, sitting up in bed, discussing her dream link.

"I would have to say, I liked that the best, so far." Said Abby.

"I did think it was good, but my favourite is still Candra's." I replied.

We then went back to sleep, feeling slightly hung over, but still looking forward to the next one.

To Be Continued...


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