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The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVI
by Carl East

The wind howled through the village the next morning, tossing about anything that wasn't tied down. The roof sounded like it was being torn off, and as I made two drinks, I wondered how well these houses had been built.

By mid afternoon, the wind had calmed down a little, enabling us to go out and survey the damage, and apart from a few loose items, that had been blown down the street, there was no real damage.

"Do you get bad weather here, on a regular basis?" I asked.

"No, that was a stronger gale than most, but that's as bad as it gets." Replied Abby.

Nobody else had ventured out just yet, so we decided to see who was at the tavern, and it turned out that most of them were. We were greeted with the usual enthusiasm, with most of them congratulating me on the previous nights dream send. I spotted Fren over in the corner, surrounded by people telling her how much they'd enjoyed her dream link.

"Well done Fren," I said, shaking her hand, "that was a good one."

Abby pulled me to one side after that, telling me that I shouldn't get close to the contestants, as it might look like I was playing favourites.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, I've given the job of judging these dream links, to three of the villagers." I told her; feeling annoyed that I'd forgotten.

"Why?" She asked.

"It's mainly because of you, if you get into the top three, I want them to know it was an unbiased decision." I replied.

"That's a good idea, I know now that if I do succeed, it's because I was good enough, and not because you love me." She said, giving me a hug.

I heard someone say who's next, and turned around to find them all looking in my direction.

"The next contestant will be Flic." I said, loud and clear.

I turned back to find Abby had gotten us a couple of those 'lookout posts,' a draught that was more potent than it tasted. This time I only had a couple, I felt that I needed to have a clear head.

By the time we left there it was getting late, and Flic had already told me he was going to bed shortly. So when we got in, we retired straight away, and I prepared myself for the up and coming dream send. I fell asleep quite quickly that night, no doubt having something to do with that drink we liked. I then got into Flic's dream, finding he was on his way, he'd only just reached the thresh hold, a sort of barrier, between our reality and the next. It looked beautiful as we entered, with brilliant white light surrounding us, then we were through.

I had wondered how you found what you were looking for on the other side, so quickly, and was told the mind found it for you, you just had to think the right thoughts. Then we were at our destination, the boarding school for young ladies. I had the distinct feeling Flic liked coming here, for I remembered the last time.

On that occasion, Flic had dream linked with the principal, and it had been very erotic, but this time he was looking for a younger woman. He proceeded to the senior dorms, where there were some very attractive young women. Finding one he liked, he entered her dream, with me monitoring the whole affair.

She was dreaming of eating cream cakes, but Flic soon changed that scene, they were suddenly in one of the classes, evidently an art class, for she was preparing her canvass and brushes. Flic was the tutor, for he asked her what she would like to paint.

"Still life, if I can sir?" She replied.

"How about painting me?" He said, smiling.

"Ok, but can I paint you nude?" She asked.

"I don't see why not." Said Flic, starting to remove his clothes.

She watched closely as he started to remove his trousers, then stared wide-eyed as he took his underwear off. His cock hung down, a good nine inches, making her mouth gape, as she prepared to put brush to canvass.

He must have been standing in a pose she didn't like, for she suddenly put her brush down, and walked over to him, then she got him to cross his arms and stand sideways. After that she returned to her paints and began, not being able to take her mind off his cock.

Flic watched her work, and liked what she was wearing, a school uniform with cotton socks, and her two top blouse buttons that were undone, he started to imagine what she must look like naked.

She let out a gasp, as the thoughts he was having elicited an erection, his cock now standing out, as she tried to continue. She put her brush down again, walking over to him once more.

"I'm sorry sir, I just can't seem to concentrate." She said, looking down at the huge cock in front of her.

"Well, perhaps it would be better if I put my trousers back on." Said Flic.

"No! I mean no sir, we need to get rid of your erection." She replied.

"How do you suggest we do that?" He said, toying with her.

She then reached out, taking his cock in both hands, and started to pass it through her fingers, he stood up straight as his cock jerked, the reaction of a man enjoying the moment. He looked down, and saw her left hand pulling his foreskin back, while her right cupped the end, rubbing him slowly. Then he caught the movement of her breasts, looking down the blouse that was slightly open.

She was doing all the right things, but he wanted more, suddenly he put a hand down her top, cupping her left breast and squeezing gently. She let out a sigh, as he fondled her perfect bust, going from one to the other, and feeling her nipples becoming erect. Then he placed his free hand up the back of her skirt, feeling her butt through the panties she wore, then pulling them to one side, and groping for her pussy.

She started to moan as his fingers stroked her pussy lips, then moved a little closer to him, as she felt the tip of one finger enter her womanhood. His cock was now receiving more attention, as she began to pull on it with both hands, wanting him to shoot his load.

His fingers had induced quite a reaction as the juices began to flow, her hips moving in time with his probing, starting to make her climax. She felt his cock jerking, knowing that he was close, then continuing with one hand she unbuttoned her blouse, and managed to remove it. Her breasts standing straight and firm, as she once again took hold of his cock with both hands.

Her breasts were enough to take him over the edge, for suddenly he started to cum, the first stream going over the desk in front of them, while the second landed on the edge. She continued to pump him dry, and wouldn't stop until he had, then, when she was sure he had finished, she removed her skirt.

Her panties were soaked as she removed them, then moved around to stand in front of him. His cock was still hard as she got to her knees, then placed it in her mouth, taking in his length, in a slow and deliberate manner. He watched her mouth covering his dick, and her breasts bobbing up and down as she engulfed it, the erotic image making his cock twitch inside her mouth.

He now knew what she looked like naked; she was beautiful, from her breasts to her arse, a perfect ten. She used her hands on his cock, quickly getting him excited enough to cum, but stopping there. Then she stood up, and started to kiss him while guiding his cock between her legs.

He felt the moist passage then bent down slightly, his cock pressing against her, then he was in. She began to grind her hips, and stand on tiptoe, as she felt it start to slide past the opening. Then the pleasure over took them both, as he worked his cock, while she did the same, both of them wanting this moment to last.

But it wasn't to be, for she was already reaching a climax, and he was so close that he felt his balls start to tighten. Then he came, the first gush of sperm making him sigh loudly, as he continued to pump the remainder into her womb. Her breasts were pressing against his chest, as they slowly started to come down from the pleasure zone.

The dream ended there, making Abby and I wake up.

"He's very good at this, isn't he?" I said, admiring Abby's breasts as she sat up.

"Yes, I actually got wet viewing that dream." She replied, putting her hand down the covers.

"Well, let's not waste a perfect opportunity." I said, placing my hands onto her breasts.

We made love, knowing that Flic's dream was the catalyst, which said a lot, for how much we had enjoyed it.

To Be Continued...


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