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The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVII
by Carl East

Flic's dream was a definite hit with the villagers, for the talk in the village the next day, hadn't stopped referring to it for hours. Abby and I were gauging their comments, trying to find out the sort of things they liked viewing, for although I was not voting for the winners, I did want Abby to get in.

I announced to the crowd, that Abby was to be the next dream linker, and that she intended to go to my home world. I knew that that would be one of the first questions, everybody would ask, and thought it saved a dozen people from asking what they already knew.

We mingled with the excited crowd once again, and I started to realise how important all of this was. Their lives were pretty dull, in fact some would say boring, but the ability to dream link, meant that they could do things in their dreams, that no one could do in reality. For them, it was better than reality, for in a dream you couldn't get hurt, but you could do things, that reality couldn't touch.

To think, this had all come about, when I was visited by Abby in my dreams, and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, being the new Dream Reaper in a different village, and over seeing a contest that would give the village some prestige.

All too soon we found ourselves back home, and were preparing for bed, I kissed Abby goodnight, wishing her all the best, as I lay my head on the pillow, ready to send her dream around the village.

By the time I'd gotten into her dream, she was already viewing the dream of her next host. He was dreaming of football, a game that I used to play a lot back home, but she soon changed that scene, to one of a doctor's surgery. I knew straight away, where she'd gotten this idea from, for I had had a similar dream link myself, the only difference here, was that she was the patient, and he was the doctor.

He seemed to fit into this roll straight away, asking her what the problem was.

"I can't stop getting excited whenever I'm with a man." She said, looking all hot and bothered.

"When you say excited, what do you mean exactly?" he asked, staring at the cleavage in her dress.

"What I mean is this, if a man I like touches me, I start to have an orgasm, and feel the need to jump on him." She replied.

"I think I'd better examine you, would you kindly get undressed, and lay on the couch." He said.

She stood up and started to get undressed in front of him, her dress falling down around her ankles, revealing a gorgeous pair of breasts, that the doctor sat admiring, she then removed her panties, and climbed onto the couch.

His eyes never left her body, as he walked over to the couch, then spoke again.

"Now, if you could open your legs a little, I will see what's going on." He said.

He then saw her slightly opened pussy, and placing a rubber glove on, he proceeded to probe her womanhood. She moaned with pleasure, as his fingers entered her then began to have an orgasm. He stopped there, taking the glove off, and then he reinserted his finger, making her cum again.

"Does this mean you like me?" He asked, blushing slightly.

"Yes, I think you're very horny, and want you to fuck me." She replied.

"It's my job to make sure you're fit and well, I cannot compromise a patient in that way." He said, in a rather stuck up fashion.

Looking at her breasts, he started to get over excited, and unconsciously started to finger fuck her, then realising what he was doing, he stopped and pulled his hand away.

She sat up, her legs dangling over the side, then reached out for his cock, and only managing to brush it as he pulled backward.

"Please my dear, lay down and allow me to continue." He said, thinking he'd regained control of the situation.

She lay back on the couch, allowing him to run his hands over her body, while he concentrated more and more on her breasts, making her nipples harden. Then she reached for his cock again, and finding it to be hard and ready, his trousers not enough to hide the evidence.

Quickly unzipping them, she reached in for his cock, finding no reluctance on the doctor's part to participate. She managed to pull his cock out from his pants, holding a nice sized joint in her hands, then jumping off the couch, she turned him around to lean on it, then got to her knees.

He closed his eyes, as her mouth covered his cock, unable to express the joy he was feeling, as she began to deep throat him. His cock fairly disappeared, as her throat filled up, then it reappeared only to be engulfed again and again. He started to moan out loud, the signs that he was close to coming all too obvious.

When he did cum, his face was one of sheer exhilaration, as the first burst of sperm was gulped down in the blink of an eye, while his second was allowed to shoot over her tongue, sending him over the top and making him cum a third time.

Abby sucked him dry, then pushed him back, wanting him to lie on the couch. He obeyed without question, taking his trousers off as he did so. Then she mounted the couch, and straddled his still hardened cock. Squatting over him, she guided his cock into her pussy, and commenced what he could only describe as a trip to heaven and back.

Using her legs as leverage, she started to work his cock in and out, raising up just enough to not let him fall out, then dropping to get the full impact of his large cock. He watched her breasts, as they bobbed up and down in that delightful way, reaching up and fondling them both. Then looked down to see his cock impaling her once more, knowing that he wouldn't last long at this rate.

She then picked up the pace, making him want to grab her butt with both hands, and help her reach the orgasm he so wanted to give her. She started to moan out loud, signaling the fact that she was close, but not once slowing down.

Her breasts were once again bobbing up and down, making him want to cum like never before, and as he did so, her screams of 'here it comes,' made his seed pump out even faster. The cum from them both was beginning to cover his cock, as he looked down, he wondered if she would now stop, but she continued, until she was quite sure he had reached the end.

Then she moved down the couch, taking his cock into her mouth, undoubtedly tasting both his and her cream together. He threw his head back, not quite expecting this turn of events, and not sure whether he could remain hard. He needn't have worried, for she was just cleaning him up, in an effort to make this as realistic as possible.

Then her dream link was over, and we were both waking up.

"I have to say, I really enjoyed that, and I'm not just saying that, because I want you to do well." I said, seeing her smile.

"I sort of pinched the idea from you, but changed it a little." She replied.

"Yes, I did notice, now lets just hope those judging this event will have liked it to." I said, getting ready to go back to sleep.

We talked for a while longer before drifting back to sleep, and looking forward to the next day.

To Be Continued...


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