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The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVIII
by Carl East

It was a scorcher the next day, the heat could be seen hitting the ground and swirling in the light breeze, as if in a desert, as Abby and I joined the other villagers.

They were pleased to see us, and immediately wanted to congratulate Abby on a good dream link and me for sending it. After they had discussed it with us, they wanted to know who was next, to which I announced it would be Lotticha.

Lotticha was a very sexy woman, always dressed impeccably, and a pleasure to look upon, but she was shy, so how she would make an impression was going to be interesting.

We also received a visit from my old mentor, The Dream Reaper, he was checking up on us, wanting to know how it was going.

"It's going well, our sixth contestant is about to take part, so we'll have chosen the three finalists just in time." I told him.

"May I make a suggestion?" He replied.

"Of course."

"Why don't you send more than one in a day?" He said, smiling.

"I suppose I could, but why the rush?" I said.

"No rush, it's just that if any problems do occur, you have time on your hands to sort it out, rather than leave it all to the last minute." He commented.

I began to think about it, and realised that it did make sense, so in order to get us ahead of time I decided to try it that day, first however, I wanted to see what the villagers reactions would be.

I called a meeting in the square, then stood up on the podium, and addressed the crowd.

"I would like to send two dream links today, and wondered if anyone here would object?" I said, out loud.

Straight away I knew that nobody objected, then decided to pick another contestant, whom I would dream link with, after Lotticha. I chose Corbeth, who was another good looking female that I looked forward to visiting. I then informed them that I would send the first dream at nine and the second at ten, to which they agreed, and it wasn't long before the first one was due.

To think, this had all come about, when I was visited by Abby in my dreams, and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, being the new Dream Reaper in a different village, and over seeing a contest that would give the village some prestige.

By the time I got to bed that night, I was quite looking forward to the events that were about to happen, and keen to get to sleep. When I did, I immediately located Lotticha's dream, and found she was looking for her dream link in a hotel. She found a man sleeping with a woman, who was probably his wife, but liked him, so in she went.

He was dreaming of golf, and practising his golf swing, which she changed into a scene of bondage. 'Watch out for the shy ones,' I thought as I watched the proceedings, for her wrists were tied to a bedpost, and she wasn't allowed to sit on the bed.

He was walking around her, telling her that she had been a bad girl, and would be punished. She was dressed in a short skirt, which showed her long legs off a treat, and a low cut top, which revealed an ample bust.

He picked her skirt up from the back, and ran his hand over her panties, feeling her butt beneath, then started to tear them, his fingers ripping holes in the fabric, as he suddenly tore them away. She yelped has her butt become exposed, and he ran his hand through her butt cheeks, brushing her pussy as he did so.

She looked down, not making eye contact with her assailant, then watched as he pulled her skirt down, telling her to step out of it. She obeyed, then felt his hands running up the outside of her legs, until he reached her midsection. He then slapped her arse, making her moan, then again, telling her she was going to get his cock rammed up her pussy.

Her pussy was moist as he bent her over and guided his cock to the entrance; her wrists still bound to the bedpost, as he spread her legs. Then he shoved his cock deep and hard, making her cry out with joy, and proceeded to pound away, as her juices began to flow.

He then pushed her top up and over her head, leaving it resting on her outstretched arms. Her breasts swinging as he continued to fuck her hard, then reaching around with one hand to grasp her breast. His cock plunging in, and enjoying her moans of pleasure, and smacking her arse cheeks from time to time, was all she could take, for her first orgasm was about to erupt.

He sensed her delight and stopped, wanting to tease her, and then he grabbed a small chair, and picked her left leg up, placing her foot squarely on the seat. Then getting down on his knees, he started to lick her swollen clitoris, making her want to grind her cunt into his face.

He stopped her by opening her legs a little wider, and taking a firm hold of her hips, then carried on. She moaned out loud, feeling his tongue dart in and out, then around her clit, she hadn't quite cum, but was so eager to do so.

Then he stood up, and leaving her left leg on the chair he re-entered her pussy with his cock, but having to bend his knees this time to do it. She cried out again, as he pushed her up a little on his initial thrust, then started to climax, her juices almost pouring out, as his cock ravaged her faster and faster.

Then he came, his grunts and groans just adding to the pleasure she was feeling, as his seed mixed with her own. He pulled out, then stood on the bed, demanding that she clean his cock with her mouth. She engulfed it, making him sigh deeply as his cock touched the back of her throat, then pulled it out, only to do it again, only faster.

His moans of pleasure were as audible as her own were, he looked down seeing her breasts swinging to and fro, as she moved her mouth back and forth, the image making him get excited. Then he came again, his cum trickling from the side of her mouth as he told her to keep him hard.

Then getting off the bed, he reached for some gel that was on a cabinet beside them, and smothered the end of his cock, rubbing it in, before pressing his dick up against her anal passage.

She screamed as he pushed forward, then began to push back, wanting him to go deeper, as he reached around and started to rub her clitoris with his finger. His strokes were getting faster and deeper as her orgasm began again, and shouted for him to fuck her hard.

He slapped her arse cheek, making it red, then continued his own feelings of imminent ejaculation foremost in his mind. Then he came; pulling his cock out to jerk his cream over her back, and telling her she deserved that, the dream then came to an end.

Abby and I woke up, and sat looking at each other; not being able to believe, it was Lotticha who had just had that dream.

"That was so good." I said, the surprise evident in my voice.

"I know, I was shocked too, it was very erotic, I wonder what the villagers will make of it." She replied, putting her head back down for the next one.

We talked for a while, and then I prepared myself, and soon found my way into the start of Corbeth's dream link.

She had entered the dream of a young man at home, and he was dreaming of eating a hotdog at a big game.

She changed the scene, as with so many others, it wasn't what she was looking for. They were suddenly in a photo shoot, with her being the model, while he took the pictures. She wore a see through negligée, and nothing else, while he moved all around her, telling her what positions to get into.

He asked her to open her legs, wanting a shot that just saw her shaved pussy peeking through her negligée, then asked for her to straighten her back, and push her bust forward. She obeyed, as her breasts could be seen pushing against the material and her nipples hardening.

She then noticed the bulge in his pants, and wanted to go further, so she decided to tease him, by pulling down a sleeve from her shoulder and exposing one breast. He loved it, and clicked away, seemingly getting nearer and nearer. She held her breast up, running the finger of her other hand over and around the nipple.

His camera had never seen so much action, as he continued to take these erotic shots. Then she pulled the other side down, revealing both her breasts, then pulling the negligée up and over her head. He got a few shots of her stretching, then asked her to lie down, which she did.

Now totally naked, she opened her legs, while still playing with her breasts, hoping to get a response. He saw her pussy lips opening slightly, and got his camera a bit too near, for the lens brushed her inner thigh. She made a sound of pleasure, as he backed away a little, then got in close again.

She'd had enough of teasing him, and wanted him to know, that she wanted more, so she pushed one of her fingers into her pussy, hoping he would get the message. It worked; he suddenly stopped taking pictures, and watched her body writhing in front of him.

Then unconsciously his hand rubbed his cock, making him aware that she was looking straight at him. He took his hand away, saying sorry, for losing his concentration, but she pointed to her pussy, telling him he could do something nice if he wanted to.

He continued to stare down at her beautiful body, his hand finding his erect cock once more, as she put two fingers into her cunt. Then kneeling down he placed his tongue over her clitoris, and began to lick her vigorously. She pulled her pussy lips apart, wanting him to have better access, and moaning as his tongue repeatedly flicked her clit.

Then he entered a finger as well, as he tasted her juices flowing over his tongue, and sensed as she arched her back that she was about to climax. He didn't stop until he was aware that she was lying back down, with a smile that said it all.

Standing up, he then removed his trousers, and briefs, revealing an eight-inch fully hardened cock, that was dying to meet her pussy. Quickly getting down on his knees, he pushed the end of his cock up to her entrance, then moved forward.

She cried out with joy as he began to penetrate her outer lips, then again as he delved deeper, and only stopped because he couldn't go any further. Then he began to fuck her, his moans mixing with hers, as the passion built between them. Her second climax, already on its way, as he seemed to get carried away, with the speed he was going.

His cock jerked as the cream filled her pussy, making him slow down, as the pleasure he was feeling took hold. Then she came again, knowing that he had cum, but loving the feeling his cock was giving her.

He stopped shortly afterwards, pulling his cock out, then finding her getting onto her knees.

"Fuck me again." She said, looking back at him.

His cock was still hard, as he placed it back into her pussy, with her juices making re-entry an easy task, then began to fuck her hard, his cock now able to go that little bit further. She closed her eyes, feeling his big fat cock with every fibre of her being, and knowing that she would have another orgasm any minute now.

He didn't know whether it was the heat of the moment, or the fact that he was able to go so deep, but he was already feeling like he was going to cum, and as if preordained, they came together.

Her cries of pleasure stopping, as he pulled his cock away once more, leaving both his and her juices running down her inner thigh.

Then we woke up; feeling very pleased with the fact, that we had witnessed two very good dream links.

"You know I'm glad I'm not judging these, it would be very hard to pick just three, from the ones that have gone so far, let alone the three that remain." I said, sitting up.

"I know what you mean, they are all good aren't they?" Replied Abby.

I looked forward to the next day, wanting to congratulate them both on a most entertaining evening.

To Be Continued...


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