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Talk Dirty To Me
Part I: Cathy's Fantasy
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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(This multi-part story is the reenactment of a series of imaginary weekly erotic telephone conversations (phone sex) carried on over a period of time between a married woman and her best friend's husband. The language is descriptive, extremely graphic, and very raunchy. The first telephone conversation begins innocently enough with Cathy making a call to her best friend Nancy. Nancy's husband Gary answers the phone and the conversation evolves.)

* * * * *

(On a very hot day Cathy places a telephone to her best friend Nancy. Nancy is not at home, but Nancy's husband Gary answers the phone. What begins as a perfectly innocent conversation between the two of them quickly becomes more torrid than the day.)

It was an unusually hot afternoon for early May. While residents of the San Fernando Valley are used to hot weather and extreme temperatures in the summer, the sizzling heat had arrived several months earlier than usual. According to the TV newscasts the thermometers outdoors were soaring everywhere in Southern California. The clock read 12:24 PM and the needle on the clock-like thermometer in Gary and Nancy Harris' west Valley backyard pointed to 100° That was in the shade and there was very little of that. To make matters worse, the hottest part of the day was still a good two or three hours away. Gary hated to think about how hot the temperature would become later on. It would soar above 110° he suspected. Lots of new temperature records were likely to be set before this day was over. To counteract the heat outside, Gary had the air conditioning system set to a frigid temperature and the fan blowing at full power. Despite these actions, the room that served as his home office felt warm and stifling. Maybe it was the southern exposure of the room or the fact that the central air system was less than fully efficient. Under the conditions, it was difficult to keep himself from falling asleep. As hot as it was outside, Gary had no idea about how really hot things were about to become for him. Though the heat was intense, it wasn't enough to keep his wife Nancy and their teen-aged daughter Jamie, from getting their hair cut, their nails done or from their favorite recreational activity -- shopping at the mall.

Gary, a successful screen writer, was working on the first draft of a commissioned script for a new movie. He was supposed to meet with the producer at the end of the week with a full outline and treatment. The ring of the telephone disrupted his thought processes.

"Hi it's Cathy." Gary had probably heard this familiar girlish greeting hundreds of times before when he'd picked up the phone. He wasn't sure why Cathy thought it necessary to identify herself every time she called because her voice was certainly familiar enough to everyone in the Harris family. Cathy was his wife Nancy's best friend. The two women would talk on the phone for at least an hour every day and sometimes more than once a day. Cathy's daughter, Monica was Jamie's oldest and closest friend. Cathy, her husband David, Gary, Nancy had also become close as families go. Gary wouldn't characterize David as his best friend, but concluded that he was an alright guy.

"Oh, hi Cathy. How are you? Are you enjoying this warm weather?"

"No I hate it when it's this hot. I'm trying to stay cool but I'm sweating like a pig. Can you ever remember it being sweltering like this in early May?"

"No I can't say that I have. I hate the heat too!! I don't see how people can live here without air conditioning."

"Well, believe or not, we may have to. Our central air needs servicing and it doesn't seem to be doing the job at all. I can't get the system serviced on a day like today. I can't even get through to the maintenance company, their line has been busy for hours. So I've had to improvise a temporary cooling system. I have the fans blowing and several large buckets of ice sitting between me and the fans. But I'm not sure that it is helping much." She laughed heartily in her own distinctive and provocative laugh, which Gary always thought sounded like a mixture of a high pitched giggle and a belly laugh. He identified with Cathy's discomfort.

"Well ours usually works well but I'm sitting in my office and it has to be the hottest room in the house. I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt, but damn it's still unbearably hot."

"Is Nancy around?"

"No. I'm sorry she's not. Would you believe that she and Jamie left for appointments at the beauty parlor about half an hour ago and then they plan to do some shopping at the mall? I don't know how they do it, especially on a day as hot as today. Anyway they're gone for the day. I'm supposed to meet them at seven-thirty for dinner. To tell you the truth, I'm a little surprised that you're not with them."

"Actually I was feeling a little dizzy earlier and I'm still involved in cleaning up the house in the aftermath of Monica's sweet sixteen party. David took Monica and some friends to the beach, but I just wasn't really up for that so I stayed behind and I'm just doing my best to survive is this heat"

Gary thought that Cathy was a bit ditzy and somewhat of a chatter-box. Although their two families were close, he'd have never really gotten into any extended or 'deep' conversations with her. Gary tried his best to end the chat and get back to what he was doing before Cathy's call interrupted him. "Can I give Nancy any special message or should I just have her call you when she gets home?"

"No. Nothing really important, just have her call me...well to tell the truth, I'm kind of glad that she's not around. I've had some things on my mind that I've been meaning to ask you about when the right opportunity presented itself and now seems like as good a time as any to do that. Are you busy or do you have a minute or two to talk?"

An exasperated look of desperation came over Gary's face but, of course, Cathy couldn't see that. Gary liked Cathy. In her own way she was attractive and pleasant. He thought that she was a very sweet and good person, but she sometimes rubbed him the wrong way. He knew that she meant well but she had the ability to talk and talk and talk, rambling on endlessly. Sometimes she and Nancy would tie up the telephone line for several hours. Cathy's repetitious attention to trivial things and her endless small talk had been known to annoy even Nancy. But, of course, she was Nancy's best friend and she was a nice person. Gary didn't want to be rude so he figured that he would give her five minutes to get whatever she wanted to say to him off of her chest - her ample chest he thought to himself.

"Sure. I've got nothing but time. What's on your mind? Anything going on with David or Monica that I can help you with?"

"Oh, no it's nothing like that. She giggled. Before I get to what I really want to talk to you about, I have to tell you that you really have looked terrific since you've gone on that diet and lost weight. How much weight have you lost?"

"Oh about thirty-five pounds and thank you very much for the compliment." He wondered exactly what Cathy was fishing for, since she could have complimented him becoming slimmer at any time. He detected some uneasiness in her voice and a sense of purpose behind her question and the compliment.

"I mean it. I wish I could find a way to lose twenty to twenty-five pounds myself, but no matter what I try, it just doesn't seem to work...anyway since you've lost the weight, you seem much more lively and ...well anyway... Let me be blunt, I can't help it but I've noticed something different about the way you relate to me the last couple of times that our families have gone to dinner together do I put it?"

'Put what?"

"Well there have been times recently when I've caught you staring at me, when you thought that I or any one else didn't notice you doing it. It almost seemed like you were ogling me. You had an expression on your face that I'm not certain I fully comprehend. And lately whenever we greet you or you guys leave, your hugs have been much more...I'm looking for the right word....expressive. You used to give me very perfunctory hugs but now you give real hugs The kind of warm cuddly hugs that a person remembers for a long time afterward."

"I'm sorry about that."

"Oh, don't be sorry. I like the new way you hug. Really I do..but there's something more too. I've noticed some other curious changes in the way you relate to me. Maybe it's just my imagination but that's why I wanted to talk with you."

"What kind of changes?"

"Well, for example, the other night when we were finishing up our meals at that rib restaurant in Thousand Oaks. When you handed me the packet of wet naps to wipe the barbecue sauce off of my fingers, you didn't hesitate to point out to me, and to me alone, that the shape and feel of the packet reminded you of a packet of condoms. Also, it used to be that when we were in restaurant that you chose to sit far away from me. I'm not certain if it is intentional but now it seems that you either sit directly across from or right next to me. Also the last few times Dave and I went to the movies with you guys, there were a couple of occasions when you've made remarks or comments that were slightly risque and even downright bawdy. I've sort of felt well, that they were meant to get rise out of me. Were they?"

"...ummm..well maybe...they could have been ... kind of ...they probably were...I don't know what made me do that, maybe it was something in the air." She was right, of course. Gary had been staring at Cathy a lot lately. He wasn't certain what the exact nature of his attraction to Cathy was. It could have been her feisty, perky personality and her raucous laugh. Maybe it was her red hair, her complexion and her lovely face. It was also probably her girlish playfulness, nearly to the point of naivete that appealed to him, although he suspected that her pretended innocence was mostly part of a well rehearsed 'act'. That's something below the surface that he was tuned in to. Almost certainly it was her big breasts that also made her alluring. Possibly it was the way she smelled or some combination of all of those things. He knew that large women turned on some men but he wasn't one of them, though Cathy's heftiness didn't repulse him either. Cathy had said she needed to lose twenty-five pounds. It was probably closer to forty. She wasn't fat but she was large, but then at 5-11 she was nearly as tall as he was. As he thought about it, Gary realized that his first serious girl friend Carla was a tall well-built red head and so was his first wife Linda. Whatever it was about her physical appearance or her personality, Gary found Cathy to be physically very appealing. She had increasingly become the sexual object of many of his secret erotic fantasies over the past six months. Now obviously, she had caught him ogling her. He wondered whether she'd picked up on any other signals that he might be giving off. Despite his recognition of her distinctive allure, he was reluctant to open up to Cathy knowing that she and Nancy shared so many of the intimate details of their lives as trivial gossip that she might reveal this also.

"Let me explain what I think is going on with me that might help you understand my behavior. Do you remember the time when the four of us were out together on some kind of dinner date. We went without the kids and you told us a very entertaining dirty joke about a woman who'd just given her boy friend a blow job. I remember that the thing that made the punch line especially funny was your imitation of the woman trying to talk while her mouth was filled with her boyfriend's cum. That was pretty bold of you. Anyway, I thought it was. Those are the kind of jokes that I expect to hear at a poker game or watching football with the guys. The fact that you even knew those kind of jokes let alone told it in public gave me a new perspective of you. I guess I didn't expect you to be telling that kind of raunchy joke. I had always thought of you as being so non sexual. Another thing that impressed me was when you went out and got a henna tattoo painted on your arm. Somehow those two things made me think of you in a new way. I no longer saw you merely as the friend of my wife or as merely one part of a family unit with whom we've become friendly. I began to think of you as my friend, and as an individual. The kind of person that I can relate to and relax my guard with. Believe me it wasn't that way before. I see you as kind of a kindred spirit."

"Oh you mean that you saw me being 'one of the boys'...something like that?" There was something peculiar about the way about the way that Cathy phrased her question. It was almost as if she was teasing him and fishing for quite a different answer.

"Well I wouldn't put it that way !"

"Then, how would you put it?" Now there was definitely a seductive undertone in Cathy's question.

"Well I just feel much freer around you than I have before. I'm able to relate to you as a real person and open up some more, to express my true feelings and so on. Am I being clear?...I guess I'm a bit uncomfortable. I'm not certain I know where this conversation is leading."

"Where do you want it to lead?" That clinched it. Gary no longer doubted that Cathy was trying to seduce or at least tempt him sexually. He was confused. He did find her attractive and yes sexually alluring, but he wasn't ready to admit it too her just yet. He needed to stall for time and decided to play dumb.

"Oh, nowhere special, I was just commenting on how I see things. PAUSE By the way, I know a really good Heating and Air Conditioning contractor. He's honest, he's good and least he won't cheat you." Obviously, Gary was making an effort to change the subject and take the conversation back to a more comfortable level. Somehow Cathy wasn't buying any of it.

"You're hinting at something else. If I were a betting woman, I would bet that you have some much more basic motivation in hmmm ...sexual feelings for example. By the way, do you think that I'm sexy?"

"What makes you say that? What makes you think that I'm interested in having sex with you?"

"I didn't ask you if you were interested in having sex with me, YOU used those words, and attributed them to me. I only asked if you thought that I was sexy but your little slip of the tongue indicates that having sex with me is something that has crossed your mind before! But you still haven't answered my question. Do you think I'm sexy?" "Well, yes I do. I think you're very sexy as a matter a fact."

"But I put on this weight and I'm so fat. Sometimes I think that I look like a cow, or a whale or even a hippopotamus. How can you find that sexy?"

Though she was on the heavy side, Cathy was still a very pretty woman and being so tall her heaviness was not unattractive. She had reddish auburn hair which was cut fashionably short, with wisps that cascaded playfully over her forehead. She also had compelling green eyes and her ruddy complexion was splattered with light freckles. Her face was rounded and complemented by a lovely nose and an even better mouth. In fact, Cathy's mouth was probably her most attractive and sensual feature. Her teeth were straight and her lips were perfectly proportioned and slightly pouty. She had a dimpled yet elegant chin. But she had put on weight, a lot of weight, in the ten years that Gary had known her. Without the weight she'd have been even more beautiful. In fact, she'd be drop dead gorgeous. "Well because you are a very beautiful woman. I've always thought that you are one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. I mean that sincerely. And you weren't always heavy. I remember those photographs of you that David showed us that he took when you guys were on your honeymoon. There were a couple of you wearing a two-piece bathing suit in which you were an absolute knockout In fact you had a great figure and if I didn't know who you were I could have easily mistaken you for a glamour model. (Or even Playboy Magazine's Playmate of the Month with those kind of tits)" he thought to himself silently not wanting to share that last part of that thought with Cathy. "You looked fabulous when those pictures were taken." Gary secretly wondered whether David would have had the balls to take some topless pictures of Cathy that were locked away and forgotten. He also wondered whether David had taken any nude or even intentionally erotic photographs of Cathy during that time.

"Yes but that was twenty years ago, I was barely out of my teens."

"But time has been good to you. There is a lot to be said for the mature beauty of a good looking 40 + year old woman. With you, beauty improves with age. You've gotten better and better looking over the years I've known you."

"I'm blushing and I really don't know what to say. That's very sweet of you and it's a very lovely compliment...thank you."

"You're welcome. I mean it. Are you embarrassed by my frankness?"

"A little I suppose but ... well I lovvved hearing it as a matter of fact. I haven't gotten very many compliments of that kind in the last few years."

"Well you deserve them and as for 'fat' that's primarily a cultural thing, Have you ever seen paintings by the renaissance Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens or any of his contemporaries or more recent one's by Renoir."

"Yes, I think I have." "Well those painters glorified, venerated and elevated 'big' women to a new level of eroticism. Their paintings of naked 'voluptuous' ladies are among the most sensual ever painted on canvas."

"What do think I'd look like without any clothes on? Would seeing me naked turn you on? Maybe I should rephrase my question. Have you ever thought about seeing me without my clothes on?"

There was an uncomfortably long silence. Gary was too embarrassed to answer a question that was so direct, so personal, and so potentially embarrassing to him.

'You haven't answered my question, maybe I should phrase it slightly differently to make the meaning more clear. Have you ever wanted to see me without any clothes on?"

'Well I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but yes I have."

"Have you had that thought more than just one time?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I've fantasized about seeing you naked quite a few times, especially in the last few months".

"Hmmm.. that's nice, very nice. I appreciate your honesty and I take it as a compliment."

Gary felt himself blushing and beginning to perspire profusely. Although he knew that Cathy couldn't see him, he was embarrassed by and felt pangs of guilt about the confession that she'd just cajoled out of him. He also felt himself becoming sexually aroused. There was a tingle and a quickening between his legs and became aware of the fact that an involuntary release of seminal fluid was oozing into his jockey shorts. Obviously this telephone conversation was about to take him into some new and uncharted territory. It was a potentially very dangerous area to explore but it was also a stimulating one. Gary needed to stall for time and to compose his thoughts. He had distinctly mixed feelings about whether or not he even wanted to continue this conversation. In fact, he wondered if he hadn't said too much already. Maybe Cathy and Nancy had conspired in order to test out their husbands' commitment and faithfulness, and Cathy was using this conversation to test his loyalty to Nancy. If that were so, would Nancy be having the same kind of conversation with David?



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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