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Talk Dirty To Me
Part I: Cathy's Fantasy
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

'Cathy, would you mind if I put you on hold for a minute, I want to move from where I am to a more comfortable location and we'll pick up the conversation when I get there.'

"Sure, but don't take tooooo long. This conversation was just beginning to get really interesting."

He pushed the hold button on the telephone, got up out of his chair, and looking down noticed for the first time that he had sprouted an erection...a full blown hard on. He got up and walked about ten feet into the master bedroom, sat down on the bed and flipped the speaker button on the phone.

'Hi, I'm back. Sorry about the interruption."

"Where are you now?"

"Oh, I'm in the bedroom."

"Oh I see. And was there some specific reason that you wanted to continue our conversation from the bedroom?"

"We..Wel.." For the first time that afternoon Gary the wordsmith and master conversationalist found himself being absolutely without words and tongue tied. Obviously he was aroused and a little flustered by the turn the conversation had taken. Cathy was beginning to probe further and obviously she was about to discover that he had the hots for her. Furthermore she would learn that she has been the secret object of his lust and lascivious thoughts for a very long time.

"I seem to have pushed a couple of your buttons, haven't I. Uhmmm. Uhh Do you have a hard-on?"

Though Cathy's question was very intrusive and totally unexpected, Gary didn't hesitate to respond honestly. "Yes..YES as a matter of fact I do."

Snickering. "That's very nice and thanks again for giving me another compliment. I'll admit that find you sexy too, and if you must know the truth, I'm feeling very, very flushed and warm myself and it's not from the hot temperature outside. Something else is going on...isn't it? Something venturesome ..but also very pleasurable in a risky way."

"Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, I guess you mean physically or emotionally?"


"Well I suppose that I could prop some more pillows under my ass and my neck..."

"Oh, are you lying on your bed too?"

"Mmmm. Why of course, my bed is a very comfortable and welcoming place."

Cathy had lured Gary with the bait and hooked him, but now he wanted to take charge of the conversation, at least for a little while to test her a bit more. "Why don't you do that?"

" far as the other part .. well I've got butterflies in my stomach and my mouth is very dry. I guess I'm wondering what I'm letting myself in for and where this conversation is leading. After all you are my best friend's husband." Cathy's voice had taken on a tone of 'staged' and pretended scolding.

"Who knows where it's leading? I certainly don't. Wherever we let it go, I suppose. But remember you can stop me or yourself anytime you feel really uncomfortable. You can even hang up on me if you want. I'll understand."

"You're right! I can hang up. But I don't want to.. at least not yet."

"What are you wearing?"

"Oh just an old flowered throw on robe, my bra and a pair of panties."

"Would you like to take off your robe? If it will make you more comfortable, that is."

Yes, as a matter of fact, I would like to do just that."

"Then do it!"

Gary could hear the rustling sound of the fabric rubbing against her body. "It's off."

".. and why don't you push the speaker phone button, that way you can hear me and speak without having to hold the receiver, leaving your hands free to do other things if you feel like doing something."

"OK. Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear! Now would you describe your bra and panties to me? I want to picture what you look like in them."

"How about what I look like 'out of them'?"

"One step at a time, maybe we'll get to that later.. now tell me about them, pretend that I'm there on sitting on your bed next to you. What would I see if I was looking at you now? I want the details."

Cathy was beginning to breathe a little more heavily and even the crackling sound of what must have been her body squirming and adjusting itself on the fabric covering the bed's surface. "Hmm pretend that you're sitting on my bed... now that's an interesting thought, and come to think of it -- a pleasant one ... Well, I'm wearing a hunter green Victoria's Secret large push-up bra. It has florets and its cut low on the bodice. The cut pushes my breasts upward and together exaggerating their voluptuousness. Because of the cut of the bra, there's a lot of flesh showing. The bra has a lacy finish and it's got florets patterned on the cups, the trim is satiny." "Very good I can almost see it. Green goes nicely with your complexion, I can almost see it on you. What about straps and how does it open -- in the front or the back?"

"The straps are over my shoulders resting on my collar bone."

"Lower them onto your upper arms."

"Right...and the bra snaps open in the front underneath my breasts."

"Would you mind telling me your bra size?"

"Umm .. well if you must know its 40 DD but sometimes even bras that size feel a little tight on me. So maybe 'they've' grown. Does that do anything for you?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it does! I've always been a breast man. Just a little fetish of mine, I suppose. Obviously it hasn't taken too much exposure or more than casual observation on my part to notice that your boobs are large and voluptuous, but I never realized or imagined that they were nearly that big . I'd love to have a look at them, do you think you could...?"

"Take my bra off? ... of course, your wish is my command monsieur. The snapping sound of a plastic clip being unfastened crackled over the speaker phone. "There, it's done. That's better I like it when they feel free and unfettered. You likee?"

"Hmm.. tell me about your tits!"

"What do you want to know?"

"Everything! I want to know their size, shape, texture, any differences between the right one and the left one, whether they sag, the size and texture of your aureolae and your nipples, please don't spare me any of the details. Then after you tell me all of that, why don't you touch them and play with them for me and then tell me how you like to have them touched and sucked, what turns you on....?"

"Whew .. this is getting really private. I'm getting hotter, maybe I should drink some water first to cool me off. This conversation is turning me on...a lot!"

"Do you want me to stop being so personal?"

"No..No..NOOO ... Don't stop! Please Don't Stop!!! You can ask me anything that you want about my body. In fact, if you want to know the truth, I would love it if you would come over here right now! I'll leave the front door unlocked for you and when you come in you'll find me lying on my bed with only my panties on. Then you can see my breasts for yourself and see and even touch so much more of me too if you want that. If you'd like me to, I'll take my panties off too. So if you want to cumm over now, I promise to make the trip very worth your while and you won't be disappointed I can assure you of that."

"Thanks for the invitation, but no. I think it's best if we limit this ... whatever this is -- to phone seduction or phone sex...for the time being anyway. There are too many complications involved and emotions, besides, the possible consequences of anything more would be too much for either one of us to handle at this point. We'd regret it. Big time!"

"I suppose you're right, but I really meant what I said and my invitation is still open if you change your mind."

"I know you did. If things were different I'd take you up on your proposition in a minute."

"You are so full of compliments. I'll 'fess' up to being sexually attracted to you too."

"Oh really!! Is that a recent thing?"

"No, not really. Sexual thoughts of you have titillated me on for some time. Only I've repressed those feelings and the thoughts and images associated with them pretty well don't you think. I'll bet that you never suspected that I had the hots for you."

"You're right I hadn't. I was totally clueless."

"Anyway I'm glad to know that your penis has gotten hard because of me. But I wish there were some way that I could take advantage of that situation and that is was possible for me to feel your hardness. I love to have my fingers playing with stiff, hard man things or the feeling of a man's long hard thing planted deep inside the place between my thighs, or filling the inside of my mouth.."

"Uh oh, this is pretty steamy, raunchy stuff! Gary felt his heart palpitating uncontrollably. Listen. Maybe we should stop this teasing right now or change the subject before one of us says or does something we'll live to regret."

"No Gary, I don't want to change the subject!! This is the first time that I've ever had the nerve to own up to my sexual feelings and to share those feelings with the person who evoked them, especially knowing that the same person is sexually aroused by me too. I've never opened up like that even with David. Besides knowing that I provoke sexual excitement in you makes me feel much better about myself. I haven't felt this good in a very long time. I mean, I love David. In fact, I adore him. He is a wonderful husband, a good companion and a great father. I can't imagine not being married to him or ever leaving him, but you know how it is, familiarity breeds boredom. He just doesn't light my fires anymore. I'll bet that if you asked David to be honest and open, that he would tell you pretty much the same thing about me."

"What do you think he'd say?"

"That I don't excite him anymore. That he is indifferent to the prospect of having sex with me. I think that's why I we've both allowed ourselves to become so fat and sloppy. It's also why I used to spend such late hours at the office when I was working and why David spends so much time away from me. I'll tell you something that no one else knows."

"What's that?"

"I have always been much more sexually expressive and needed sex more than David did, and I was and I still am far more adventurous too! Don't get me wrong, David was usually a good lover. But in the last five years or so the frequency of our sex has dwindled to almost nothing and somehow I always suspected that David was having sex with me because he was doing his husbandly duty. That he wanted to please me and that he didn't need very much reciprocation himself."

"Somehow that part of it doesn't surprise me at all."

"I mean I love to fuck, and I really enjoy oral sex, both giving and getting head, and I treasure and indulge myself in all of the playing and playfulness that goes on before and after lovemaking. I haven't had an orgasm from any kind of sexual activity with David in .. let me see .. at least the last nine .. or maybe ten years. I want it. In fact, I want it more now than ever before. But David doesn't. Somehow he just doesn't seem to need it the way that I do. He can take sex or leave it. I couldn't be unfaithful so I've had to resort to other means, more basic one's if you know what I mean to bring me to my climax."

"Wow, that's quite an admission. Okay, I think I understand you better now and I can appreciate and just enjoy the give and take and the sexual energy that's going one right now." As a matter of fact Gary was creaming in his pants, he hadn't anticipated that one telephone conversation could arouse him as much as this one was doing even though Cathy was frequently the subject of some of his most explicit and lewd masturbatory fantasies.

"Would you mind if I pry? What about yours and Nancy's sex life. I mean Nancy has been a doll and she's my best friend and even though I've had lusty thoughts about you for quite a while, I would never do anything that would hurt Nancy. I couldn't live with myself if I did."

Gary was careful not to say anything that might get back to Nancy or that he might later regret saying, but he didn't want to lie either.

"Nancy is a very affectionate lover and she really turns me on physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, we don't have sex frequently enough to suit me. Even though I fantasize about you and I've also fantasized about other women in the past, until this phone conversation I've always been absolutely faithful and loyal to her and I've never had any reason to cheat on her. We're very good in bed together but I wish that she were more adventurous and aggressive in bed. I love women who are sexually aggressive."

"Hmmm.. and tell you what they want."

"The only thing is that our sex is pretty conventional...our experimentation with a variety of sexual positions has been very limited and frankly, Nancy is not responsive to oral sex...I mean to my going down on her. In fact she won't allow me to do that to her any more. And I love eating pussy."

"Um, I love being eaten!"

"I thought that might be the case. Sometimes I have fantasies about you sitting on my face and my chowing down or rather 'up' on you to use a crude expression."

"OOOuuuuhhh...siggghh. You Do? I like that too!"

"Your pussy would probably taste delicious!"

"Oh do you really think so? Tell me more. I'm blushing and you're making me feel even warmer than I was when we first started. What do you think my pussy would taste like?"

"Sweet and juicy like a great big peach or a ripe plum. Those are the images that keep popping up whenever I try to visualize your pussy."

"Huff .... Pant , mmmmmm ... ooohh ... that's soooo nice! Please come over now and I'll let you take a bite out of me and give you a nice generous sample of my pussy to taste."

"You know I can't do that! What's going on?"

"My pussy is getting juicy, just thinking about you eating it."

"I like the feel of pussy juice on my cheeks and on my chin."

"Oooooh... lets change the subject before you drive me out of my mind and I pop my cork, especially since you're not willing to come over and sample my pussy for real!"

"I want to admit something else to you. I love it when a woman is very expressive in bed, especially when she's in heat and in the throes of passion building toward her orgasm Kind of like how Meg Ryan was in the 'Deli Scene" in Harry and Sally only more so. Sex is doubly pleasurable for me when a woman is noisy -- you know -- loudly sighing, screaming, moaning and using crude, descriptive language that leaves no doubt about what she's feeling and what she wants you to do to her.. . I really get off on that sort of thing. I love to feel my lover's finger nails clawing at my back and her legs thrashing or kicking wildly or the feeling of my hips or cheeks being crushed by her powerful thighs squeezing them."

"Oh....Is Nancy like that?"

"No, I'm afraid not... not really ...I wish she were.. too bad. Are you?"

"Well I can be...I used to be years ago. But David hasn't made love to me in a way that would make me respond in the manner you described in years. When we were first married he used to go down on me, sometimes. When he did that I'd go crazy in just the way you're describing. As I said, I love being eaten.. but that's ancient history. David has lost all interest in oral sex if he ever had much. Except, of course if I tell him that I want to suck him off...but you know he doesn't even want that very much any more and somehow sucking his cock doesn't appeal to me that much any more either. Do you like having your cock sucked?"

"I can't think of anything that brings me more pleasurable feelings than getting a good blow job. In a word, I love it. Especially when the person doing it really knows what they are doing and enjoys doing it. I mean I love it when someone knows how to knock my socks off with a blow job."

"I give great head. It's something that I really enjoy doing. I'm licking my lips. I'd love to deep throat your cock."

"UHHH ohh, speaking of my cock. It's standing at attention again. Describe how you'd suck my cock!"

"Sure why not. I picture you in a pair of tight jeans and barechested sitting on a sofa. I'm in sitting next to you wearing just a bra and panties. I'd put a pillow on the floor and get down onto my knees facing you. I would take off my bra and rub my tits up along the rough fabric of your bluejeans. I'd begin to lick the fabric on your jeans right around the crotch and make it nice and wet while enclosing your little bulge in my hot mouth. Then, I'd unbutton your fly and put my mouth on your crotch, you know so that there would be prominent mouth shaped lipstick marks staining your shorts. I bet you'd keep them as a souvenir or a trophy to commemorate my blowing you. I would want to make your dick hard and feeling very uncomfortable that way. I would love to see your inflating cock straining at and trying to rip through the fabric of your underwear. Next, I'd start talking dirty to you."



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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