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The Day We Saved Our Marriage
by Fred

Our marriage is O.K, no great earthquakes and the fucking is quite good when we get around to it. After fifteen years it's dragging a little. My little brunette wife Linda is still as slim and good looking at 32 as she was at 19 when we were married, her body is pure dynamite. We have very little variation in our sex life, being generally the close the door lights out types.

Of late our lives seem to be going our separate ways, me continually into business, with the attendant loss of contact with what's going on at home, and hers into the oblivion of suburbia, tea parties, school run, and inane conversation. She is more interested in her good friend Sarah's daily tribulations with child raising as well as her circle of friends, than in our family business and where the bread and butter is coming from. For the last year we seem to argue, make-up, fuck, then retreat, the same cycle continuing ad-infinitum. This all changed last new years eve.

The party was at Sarah and her husband Mike's place with a few close friends in attendance. As usual I got a little pickled on gin and tonic and asleep before midnight. My wife woke me up some time before midnight, to sober up enough to wish everybody the obligatory 'Happy New Year'.

It was 30 Celsius and very humid, we all decided on a swim in the early hours of the morning to sober up, or simply see the night through.

The pool lights were off and we were all lounging around in the water sipping our respective drinks, the odd quiet conversation going on here and there. Linda was busy talking to Mike in the shallow end of the pool. Her with her elbows on the side, drink in hand cute little ass swaying from side to side, generally cooling off in the sultry humidity of the coast, he simply standing behind her. They both obviously thought I was still out of it. Soon I saw Mike's hand on her butt, stroking it, and her pushing back more urgently as the rhythm was established. For a moment I was incensed with rage, then possibly the years or boredom, or the after effects of the Gin, made me think 'what the hell, our marriage is fucked anyway, let her get on with it'.

Mike continued to stroke the back of Linda's legs, and the furtive movements were getting a little harder for them to conceal. I stayed down at the far end of the pool, splashing about, and generally pretending not to notice what was going on. In the mean time Sarah sashayed around on the verandah clearing the usual party debris, her friend Deborah helping her. Other bodies lay around sleeping, or talking in the lounge.

Mike's attention to Linda was now piquing my interest, as I wasn't sure how where they were headed, or how they would handle the situation. The languid stroking was also getting very erotic. His hand was now slipping into her bikini bottoms, and she was reaching back to stroke his ass and thighs, drink forgotten. We have holidayed together in Mauritius where the women all swim and sunbathe topless, so it was no surprise when Linda suddenly ripped her bikini top off. She also did a few lengths of the pool so as to disguise the action and also to plant herself in a new position once she got back to Mike's end of the pool. Their attempts to hide their actions were hilarious. Linda went back to the step at the shallow end, and sat facing Mike, stroking his average length cock under the water, through the Speedo swimsuit.

The furtive feeling carried on in the darkness of the pool, as I watched the progress of the two lovers to be. Soon Linda was leaning over the edge of the pool again, with drink back in hand. Mike moved behind her, I'm sure his schlong was out under the water and moving between her legs. I went inside on the pretext of getting a drink, walked through the house and out the back to the pool again. By the time I got back they were seriously fucking each other. Linda's cute ass right out of the water, and Mike's cock pistoning in and out. Linda suppressed a groan as orgasm after orgasm racked her taut body. By this point in time my cock was stiff enough to break, without thinking I simply walked around the pool, moved Linda's drink and quickly sat down in front of her. Their surprise was total 'keep fucking Mike' I said as I hauled out my cock and presented it to Linda's mouth. She immediately sucked my cock straight in and the contractions of her throat almost had me spewing my load immediately. Cock sucking is not one of Linda's favorite pastimes, as she is small, and my average seven-inch boner makes her gag. Tonight she was so turned on that she went at it like a life-long devotee. Her tongue swirled around the purple head of my cock and her hand jacked me off and fondled my nuts. The first experience of deep throat in fifteen years had me breaking gut to hold off cumming like a horse. Mike in the mean time had stopped all pretenses and was fucking her from behind like a mad-man, with her pushing herself back onto his cock with abandon.

Before long I realized we had an audience in Sarah and Debbie. They stood speechlessly aghast watching the spectacle unfold. 'Come and join us' I said more for something to say in covering my embarrassment rather than as a serious invitation.

Sarah is a tall handsome Rubenesque girl amply endowed with huge tits and silver blonde hair an eye catcher. Debbie looks fifteen, extremely thin in a anorexic fashion model way, with tiny pointed tits, sharp long little nipples, puckered hard from their exposure to the cool water, her long black hair tied up in a bun so as not to get wet.

Imagine my surprise when Sarah approached quickly, and joined Linda in sucking my cock. Debbie simply sat with her feet in the water and watched until I started fondling her cute little tits, feeling those delightful little nipples that I had my horny eyes on all night. Before long she was kneeling beside me and pushing them into my mouth, her fingers on her pussy, rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. While Sarah and Linda gave my cock a good going over a got Debbie's mini-skirt off and she stood over me, holding her clit open, as my tongue stroked the underside of her clit. Before long another two fingers joined my tongue as Sarah started to vigorously finger-fuck her. Linda by this time had forgotten my cock and Mike was fucking here for all he was worth. Iiiiii'mm cummmmming Linda shrieked, as Mike gave her one last shove pulled out and shot his load all over her neat crack, ass and back. As Linda lay limply over the side of the pool, Sarah started to lick Mike's cum off Linda, two fingers up her own twat and frigging herself senseless, meanwhile I had lain back with Debbie squatting over me, her long clit rolling between my lips and my tongue laving her fanny every now and then. My cock was fit to burst, and just before Sarah had an earthquake of an orgasm, she sat astride my cock and impaled herself, cumming instantly. I was the most intense load I have ever shot in my life, within ten strokes; I arched my back and let rip, cumming what seemed like bucketful's of spunk deep I Sarah's blonde bush.

Even after my earth shattering orgasm my cock remained as hard as a rock. I am usually a one-fuck man, but tonight it seemed like there was no letting up. I lay Debbie back on a towel on the pools edge with her head resting on Sarahs stomach, and proceeded to fuck her with long hard strokes, my cock-head almost pulling out of her twat, and burying it to the hilt every-time. Sarah lay there stroking her lovely little tits, her feet dangling in the water, and before long Linda, had joined her in licking Debbie's nipples. The sight of my wife with another woman spurred me on to new height even though she was only sucking a little tit. Mike had recovered by now and was wanking himself over his wife Sarah's face. Before long he moved back into the shallow water and started fucking her as yet un-used pussy. Debbie and Linda were by now kissing, tongues dancing with each other's. Debbie's back arched as she came repeatedly. 'Fuck me harder cum deep inside my pussy, I want to feel your spunk inside me' Debbie shouted as she sensed that I was about to shoot my wad. Just then both Mike and I let loose. It felt like I had cum another gallon of spunk, as it jetted out in one almost continuous stream, spasming deep inside Debbie's lithe little body, the force of it eliciting a deep groan from me. Mike's face was contorted in ecstasy as he let loose a torrent of spunk, his cock twitching a couple of times inside Sarah's poos, then pulled out and shot another stream of hot cum all over her exposed clit.

Linda then went over Sarah in a 69 position and started licking Mike's cum off her clit. Sarah in what I am sure was her first experience with another woman, licked Mike's spunk off Linda's hot little cunt, and brought her to her second series of orgasms of the night.

We sat around stunned for a moment then swam to clean up, and no doubt reflect on what had just happened. After recharging the drinks, we sat around and chatted about everything except what had just happened until the sun just started to show over the sea, and 1999 began in earnest. I suppose we were all a little shocked.

Shortly after sunrise, we woke up all the sleeping beauties in the house, surprised that no one had woken up to our sexual heat and groaning, and set off for an early morning barbecue on the beach. Debbie's husband Andre receiving her undivided and somewhat guilt ridden attention, for the rest of the morning, whilst Mike and I re-evaluated our family friendship, marriages and where we were going from here. Linda and I have returned to our mundane marriage, however it is tempered with the knowledge of the possibilities. I suspect she is having an affair with both Sarah and Mike and look forward to catching them in the act one day. In the mean time I can't wait to get my hands back inside Debbie's skirt.

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