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The Elevator
by Sourcer

Another shitty day heading for work. Jack, as usual, had to park his car on the street and walk the three blocks into work. It was not a grueling walk, by any means, it just was one more indication to Jack that he was getting nowhere with the company. Real employees, or those who the company thought were going to eventually become real employees, had parking spaces in the complex garage. But not Jack. He parked on the street and he walked in to work. Jack reached the corner and waited for the light to turn green so he could cross the busy street.

As he stood there he noticed a young woman racing across the street from the corner opposite his, attempting to beat the light that was about to turn green for traffic moving in Jack's direction. What caught Jack's eye were her tits. She wore a tight-fitting, fashionable dress, beige in color and as she hurried across the intersection her breasts bounced delightfully in the tight confines of the dress. "No bra on this baby," Jack thought. The movement was hypnotizing. They were firm and heavy, just a beautiful set of knockers. Jack could feel a stirring in he shorts, proof that there was still life left in his dick, no matter how rarely he got to put it to any real use.

The light turned green, and Jack hurried across the street, toward the corner the woman in the beige dress had just reached. It seemed he was lucky today. She was walking down the sidewalk in the direction of his building. As he reached the other side of the intersection Jack turned along the sidewalk and found himself not more than 15 paces behind her.

Her ass was wonderful, very tight and round. The firm cheeks swayed back and forth as she continued down the street. There was definite action in Jack's shorts now. He licked his lips as he focused his attention on the beautiful set of ass cheeks in front of him. He fantasized about running his tongue up along the crack of her butt, inhaling the intoxicating aroma of her hot ass, lubricating her puckering asshole with his saliva, then plunging his dick deep into her hot rectum. So lost in though was Jack that he was almost hit by a car entering a driveway he was crossing. The irate drive blasted Jack with his horn, startling him. The object of his desire turned around to look and glared at Jack.

"She thinks I'm a shithead," he thought to himself. It was the first time Jack got a look at her face. She had quiet, almost pixyish features, pale skin, and short reddish-blonde hair with thin bangs above her eyes. And God, what eyes they were, a piercing gray, cold, yet they seemed to burn with an icy green fire.

Jack only got a quick look at her face, but it was enough to keep his dick throbbing. Beautiful ass, gorgeous face, wonderful full tits; this woman had everything Jack wanted in a fantasy girl. He knew that tonight, as he stroked his cock to a sticky climax, he would be thinking of her face, her eyes, her tits, her ass. Jack loved the show her beautiful ass was performing for him as he continued along the sidewalk toward work. He knew it would end soon as his building was the next one. He wondered where this beautiful woman worked, knowing he would never find out. Oh well, just another piece of information to make up in his fantasy tonight.

Jack had closed to within 10 paces of her, when he reached the steps leading off to his building. He couldn't believe it when she turned and began down the steps before him. She was going into his building! He wanted to rush, get in front of her, and open the door for her, but then thought better of it. "She's just a fucking dream girl, best to keep her that way" he thought. They walked down the corridor toward the bank of elevators. Would she take one, would she turn before reaching them, or would she continue on past them?

She reached the elevators as the last person stepped out of one and she slid easily inside. "God, she's going up too," Jack realized. He rushed to the elevator as the door was closing. She saw him coming but did nothing to keep the door from closing in his face. That pissed Jack off and he thrust his arm through the door just before it closed all the way.

The door pressed hard on Jack's arm, as he slowly worked it back and forth. Finally, the door realized it could not close all the way, and opened to let Jack in. She was looking at the floor, apparently deep in thought, but looked up suddenly, as if noticing Jack's predicament for the first time. "Oh, sorry, I should have held the door for you," she said matter of factly.

"Hey, no problem," Jack replied. "Snooty fucking bitch," is what he thought. It was an uncomfortable ride. He tried to make eye contact with her, but she ignored him completely, pretending to be fascinated by the weave of the carpet in the elevator. He had pressed for the 18th floor and she for the 19th. The floors seemed to creep by.

Suddenly the elevator seemed to lurch, knocking Jack against the side of the wall. The "snooty fucking bitch" was not so lucky and fell to the floor on her adorable ass. The elevator stopped moving, then for a second the lights flashed off, then came back on again, only noticeably dimmer.

"What the fuck?" Jack questioned the air around him. He certainly wasn't asking the "snooty fucking bitch" what was going on.

She was on the floor, on her side, hands rubbing her sore tailbone. "What's happening?" she asked. She seemed to be talking to Jack.

"Fucking cunt. Now that you need a man to get you out of a problem, you decide you can talk to me," he thought. "Not sure," is what he said. "Here, let me help you up," and he reached out his hand toward her.

"Thank you," she said, taking his hand and gingerly regaining her feet.

"Ooohhh, my ass," she complained, continuing to rub her delicious derriere.

Jack opened a little door in the wall of the elevator and pulled out a phone. There was nothing to dial so he just lifted the handset to his head. The line was ringing. After six rings a harried male voice came on the line. "Yeah? What do you want?" it asked.

"We're trapped in one of the elevators," Jack said. He looked up at the row of lights that indicate the floor you are on and noticed they were all dark. He couldn't remember how high up they were. He hadn't been paying attention. "I don't know what floor we are near," he said to the voice on the line.

"Look, we seem to have a major electrical problem in the building. Might have been caused by the remodeling going on 15. We're just not sure yet. How many people in your elevator?"

"Just two of us," Jack replied.

"Sorry, but that makes you low priority, We got people trapped in sixteen elevators. Just sit tight and wait. The power may come back on. If not, we probably won't be able to get to you for a good hour or so. Just sit tight and don't try any of that heroic climbing out of the elevator shit; that's how people get killed in elevators. Got it?"

"Yeah, got it." Jack said. The line went dead in his hand. He hung up the phone and turned to his companion, who was staring at him anxiously.

"We sit tight. We're low priority. Some sort of electrical problem. We have an hour or so to kill. How's your ass?"

"A little sore," she laughed just slightly as she replied. "I'm Karen Robertson, Technical Training Supervisor and your are . . .?"

"Jack, Jack Edwards."

"Well, Jack Edwards, what do you want to do for an hour?"

It was Jack's turn to laugh. "I don't think I'll touch that one with a ten-foot pole," he said.

"Well, a ten-foot pole would be a bit much," she said, a mischievous grin dancing across her face. Jack couldn't believe it. Her whole attitude toward him had done a 180-degree turn in a matter of seconds. She was playing word games with him, taking what he said in a lewd way. Jack tried to think of something clever to say to keep the conversation going in the direction that she appeared to want it to go. Jack began to pat the pockets on his suit and pants as if feeling for something.

"It's OK, I don't appear to have a ten-foot pole on me anyway." Karen did not seem to respond to that one. Jack didn't want to turn her off now, before he even got her going. Throwing caution to the wind, Jack began patting his pockets again. This time he reached between his legs and gave his dick a good feel making sure it pressed tight against his pants and gave Karen a good look at its hardness. "Nope, no ten-footer here," Jack said.

Karen stared at Jack's crotch. "You're hard," she whispered. "How did that happen?"

Jack knew it was now or never. This was about to become either a very friendly elevator or a very cold elevator. "Watching your ass made me hard," Jack said and he grabbed his dick once again through his pants to add emphasis to his words. "Thinking about your tight butt was just too much for me."

Her voice was a raspy whisper as she eyed the outline of Jack's dick. "What exactly were you thinking about my ass?"

"Do you really want to know?"

Karen slowly moved her stare up from Jack's crotch to look him in the eyes. "Yes, tell me," she said softly. Her tongue momentarily escaped her mouth to travel slowly around her lips. Karen turned her face away from him and whispered, "Tell me all about it." She was trembling slightly in anticipation.

Jack moved forward and ran his hand slowly across her cheek, firmly grabbing her face turning her averted eyes back toward him. "I'll tell you every dark desire I had," he told her, "but in return, you must do exactly what I tell you. Understand? Everything, exactly as I tell you. Deal?"

"Uh . . . I . . ." Karen didn't know what to say. She was rarely in the mood to be submissive, and never while at work. Yet, here she was, unbelievably hot, with a perfect stranger ready to do whatever he wanted. Maybe it was a manifestation of feeling trapped by the elevator. Since she felt trapped she felt a need for someone to make everything better for her. Karen needed to be taken care of. She needed there to be someone in the elevator she could trust completely. That need was showing up for her as sexual submission.

"I will do whatever you tell me to do . . .without question," she said looking Jack in the eye. Her eyes were dazzling. Gray would never be a cold, dull color to Jack again. Her eyes radiated a healthy lust that Jack found intoxicating. It bolstered his confidence.

"Turn around so I can see your sexy ass," Jack ordered. Karen did as requested.

"Push you ass back toward me." Once again, Karen did as she was told.

"Lift up your dress. Show me your ass," Jack commanded. Karen tentatively reached back behind her. Then grabbing the hem of her dress, she raised it up over the round globes of her ass cheeks. She was trembling.

"God, your ass is beautiful," Jack said as he eyed her firm butt. Her pantyhose and panties covered the tight cheeks, but it was still a sight to stop Jack's breath. His throat was suddenly dry but Jack managed to say, "Take off the pantyhose . . . and the panties."

Karen slid off her shoes and then pulled her pantyhose down and off. She then lowered her panties as well. She tried to put them in her purse, but Jack grabbed them first and thrust the panties up to his nose, inhaling deeply the smell of her pussy. He then handed them back to Karen who placed them into her purse. Karen lifted the back of her dress again, exposing her bare ass to Jack's lustful gaze.

"Put your shoes back on. They lift your ass up so nicely," Jack whispered into Karen's ear and she immediately complied. The heels of the shoes did raise her ass up at a delicious angle, affording Jack an even better view of Karen's wonderful rear. Jack stood mesmerized by the beauty of her butt; its smooth perfection, its tight contours. His dick felt like it was going to explode in his pants.

Karen looked back over her shoulder at Jack, "So please tell me, what were you thinking about."

"I thought about running my tongue up along the crack of your butt, like this," Jack said as he lowered himself to the elevator floor behind Karen's upturned ass cheeks. Her smell was intoxicating. Jack moved in close to her rear and snaked his tongue deep into the crack. It was even better than he had fantasized. Jack washed Karen's ass crack in strands of saliva, from her rectum up to the dimple above her tailbone. His tongue dug deep into the crack of her butt, chasing a multitude of flavors back and forth and up and down Karen's sweet ass: a little sweat, a touch of soap from her morning shower, a little bit of wetness from her nearby pussy, and the overpowering musty, funky taste of her asshole. Jack nibbled at her right cheek, ran his tongue from her dimple to mid-crack and then over to her left cheek which he took a small bite at, catching a bit of skin and eliciting a moan from Karen. Jack tongued one beautiful cheek and then the other, but he couldn't help from repeatedly returning his attention to her ass crack. She tasted and smelled so wonderful he had to keep burying his face between her lovely cheeks, inhaling the pungent aroma of her beautiful ass. Each time Jack's tongue headed toward Karen's asshole, a deep, throaty moan or a raspy sigh would escape from her lips.

"Hold your butt open for me," Jack ordered and Karen immediately moved her hands back around to her cheeks and spread them wide apart. Jack pushed down on her back and Karen bent over at the waist, bringing all of her ass and the pink, puffy lips of her wet pussy into view.

Jack looked at Karen's puckered brown hole and felt the pre-cum begin to drip from his dick. He moved his face into her shit hole, lightly blowing as he did. His breath mixed with his wet saliva dripping down her crack and the coolness sent chills down Karen's spine. Jack stuck out his tongue and began to do circles around her brown rosebud, getting it wetter and wetter. At first he just lightly pressed the outside ring of her sexy asshole with his tongue, relaxing her. Soon his tongue was darting into her butt, trying to push past the tight sphincter. The wetter he got her ass, the more light tonguing he gave her ass ring, the looser it became. Jack alternated pressing into her butt and planting his lips around her asshole and kissing it, adding a bit of sucking to the kiss.

Karen was about to jump out of her skin. She was acting like the cheapest slut she could imagine, bent over at the waist, spreading her ass wide open for a man she didn't even know, thrilling to the things his tongue was doing to her ass, and loving it more than she could believe. She would do anything he wanted, perform any bizarre sexual act, any perversion he requested. Her moaning was getting louder, coming from deeper within her. He was touching some need, some desire, that she had kept hidden for so long and she felt as if she was losing control totally. She wanted it nasty, she wanted it dirty, perverted, she wanted to be used like a piece of meat, like a fuck toy, like the gutter slut she knew she was deep inside.

Jack continued tonguing her tight asshole. She tasted wonderful. He was running his tongue up into her ass and then squirting his saliva up into her, where it would mix with the delightful juices of her butt. The taste was indescribable and Jack was wallowing in the smells and tastes of her delicious rear. But he had other needs. He took two fingers and began to roughly probe her hot, juicy pussy.

"OOOOhhh," Karen gasped sharply. The fingers were unexpected and course and it hurt when they first began probing her hot cunt. But she was so turned on, her pussy so wet, that the intruding fingers were immediately coated with her slippery juices and even the roughness of his fucking fingers felt instantly wonderful.

"Ohhhh. . . .Yes . . . fuck my pussy with your fingers Jack . . . fuck my pussy baby," she hissed. Jack was only too happy to finger fuck Karen's delightful cunt, for the time being. His fingers made wet, squishy sounds as they delved deeply into her moist pussy. Jack's tongue was still glued to Karen's asshole, which was getting looser by the second. Jack pulled one of his fingers from Karen's twat and let it snake down lower where the fingernail raked across the hard, exposed nub of her clitoris.

"God!! Yesssss!" Karen moaned. Jack's other finger was rewarded with a gush of cuntal juices, and Karen's asshole clenched tight around Jack's probing tongue, then relaxed completely, allowing the tongue free access to her wet rectum. Jack had to force his face from her lovely ass as he got to his feet. He quickly unbuttoned his pants, slipped down his shorts and slammed his dick into Karen's dripping pussy.

"Fuck . . . .yes, fuck me! Oh, Jack, pound my pussy."

"Oh, baby, you know that's only the start . . .don't you?" Jack ground his cock into Karen's hot twat. The question hung heavily in the air.

"Y. . .y. . .yes," she answered hesitantly.

"You know where this dick is going, don't you baby?"

"Yessss," she hissed.

"Tell me where it's going. Tell me where you want this big dick."

"I want it . . .<gasp> . . .I want it in my ass. Fuck my ass with your big fat dick, Jack. Stick it in my hot asshole . . .ohhhh God! . . . Butt-fuck me Jack, butt-fuck me!"

"Anything you want, sweetheart."

Jack slowly slid his dick, slick with Karen's cunt juices, from her grasping twat. He hefted his cock up rubbing it along her crack, from cunt to asshole. "This is what I was thinking about, baby, I was thinking about fucking your tight asshole."

"Oh . . .do me, Jack, please, fuck my ass. Shove your cock up my shit hole." Karen was having a hard time maintaining control. She was shaking so much her knees were almost knocking together. She both wanted and feared Jack's dick in her ass. She had only been fucked there once, and it had not been a good experience. The fear, from the previous encounter, was there, waiting to take hold of her. She knew that if she had to think about it for too long, she would back out. Yet somehow, that didn't matter right now, she wanted that dick in her ass, she craved that dick in her ass, she needed to have that dick plowing into her ass. "God, stop toying with me Jack, fuck my ass . . .FUCK MY ASS!!!"

Jack stood on his tiptoes and leveled his dick at Karen's puckering hole. He pressed forward and Karen jumped slightly when she felt the head touch her rosebud. "Here is comes baby." Jack pressed forward and his greasy dickhead slid easily into her well-lubricated ass. Karen fell forward, bracing herself against the wall, bending slightly at the knees. This lowered her hole and made it easier for Jack to shove his dick all the way in her ass, his balls slapped noisily against the lips of her dripping wet cunt.

"Oh shit!" Karen screamed. She had not expected Jack to go so fast. There was no tearing, she was too well lubricated for that, but the pressure of his dick, pushing into her in such a forbidden, wicked way, felt strange. She was not used to feeling an intruder in her backdoor. But his dick was sliding easy and quick. He was fucking her butt with abandon. She looked back over her shoulder and saw Jack's eyes were glassy, yet filled with lust. He was staring at her ass, at his cock sliding in and out of her wide open butt. She wished she could be enjoying the view with him. A dick, his dick, slamming in and out of her obscene asshole. "I'm a slut, I'm a slut, I'm a fucking slut, 'cause I love this," Karen thought. "I want to watch his dick fucking my shitter."

Jack had fantasized many times about fucking a woman's ass, but every time he tried it had turned out badly. He couldn't believe how wonderful her hot butt felt against the stoking shaft of his dick. He knew he had gone too fast, but he couldn't stop himself, her ass had beckoned to him and he had responded. He had to possess her ass. It was his to take and with his hard cock he was marking his territory. This ass was his for the fucking, now and forever. "Your ass is mine, bitch! MINE!"

"It's all yours, lover. You can have it anytime you want it." The steady sawing of Jack's dick was causing a wonderful friction in her ass. The heat felt so good, she never wanted it to end. "Ohhhh . . .butt-fuck me baby . . .fuck my ass."

Jack was working up quite a sweat pounding Karen's ass. The perspiration was collecting in the hair flowing down in front of his eyes. Drops of sweat fell and dotted Karen's ass cheeks. Jack dug one hand down into Karen's sopping pussy, cruelly shoving three fingers into her pink fuck hole. His middle finger snaked out of her velvety sheath and by flexing it, Jack could rake his fingernail against Karen's clit. Fingers in her cunt, nails scraping her clitoris, a dick plowing through her butt. It was all too much for Karen. The warmth of her orgasm was flowing from her pussy out to the rest of her body. Her cunt was gripping tight against the fingers shoved into it. Her ass was flexing wildly, making love to the dick sliding so hotly in and out of it, coaxing the cum out of Jack's balls. "Oh God, I'm right there, Jack . . .<gasp> . . . I'm cumming, lover, I'm cumming!"

The pressure on Jack's dick was fantastic. Karen's butt was grabbing his shaft like no cunt ever had. It was exquisite. Her convulsing cunt and ass was too much for him to stand. He wanted to hold out longer, continuing to fuck her wonderful back door, but it was not to be. "Here it comes, baby . . .take my cum in your ass."

"Yes, Jack, give it to me . . . give it to me! Cum in my ass, baby, cum in my ass!!"

Karen's tight butt charmed the hot juice from Jack's balls. He could feel the jism beginning its journey up the shaft of his cock, shoved deep within Karen's clasping bowels. Karen could feel Jack's dick expand in her butt and she tightened her sphincter, giving his dick on last love squeeze before his scalding hot sperm blasted into her asshole, coating her insides with sticky love broth.

Jack could feel the thick streams of his scum coating the inside of Karen's ass. His dick was on fire with feeling, suddenly so tender. The squeezing of Karen's butt was exquisite pain to Jack's cock, but he loved every sharp pang of it. Finally his dick stopped erupting, and Jack fell forward, against Karen's back, his prick still buried in Karen's butt. His hand reached down and lovingly, lightly stroked Karen's sopping pussy and clit. He kissed the back of her neck and nibbled at her left ear, breathing heavily into it. "You . . . have the most wonderful ass . . . I . . . I have ever seen."

"It's your ass now, Jack. Yours forever." Karen contracted her ass muscles, giving his cock a few last loving squeezes before it slipped noisily from her rectum. Karen used her panties to clean up Jack's dick and they slowly got their clothes back on, trying to get each other presentable. As they dressed their tongues played with each other, giving little love kisses here and there.

Ten minutes later the elevator began to move and luckily no one was there when the doors opened, to see the look on their faces or to smell the heavy aroma of sex in the air, as they departed the elevator. Jack tried to talk to Karen later that day, but she ignored him. She never spoke to him again.

Jack held on to the hope they would someday get together for almost a month before he finally accepted the reality of the situation. Jack was never sure if she was just stuck up or embarrassed by their encounter in the elevator, but it really didn't matter. The end result was the same. It bothered Jack for a while, but eventually he realized that even though she would not even acknowledge his existence, for an hour, for one special hour, his dick was the most important thing in the world to her. And for that hour at least, she was his own personal slut and he had done her fully and completely and there could really be nothing to regret from an opportunity seized, from life lived to the fullest.


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