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The Experience
by Brad Phillips

I am your average 30ish married, fairly good looking, well put together kind of guy. I have this one friend of mine that I spend a lot of time with. Her name is Leana, a well proportioned, athletic bisexual blonde. She is about 5'4" nice little ass, well formed firm round tits. We normally get together at her house and just sit in front of her computer looking at porn sites on the web. We just like seeing the reaction to different sites on each others faces. Other times when we actually do go out for coffee, we just end up people watching, wondering what they would be like in bed. Sometimes when we see a girl we both like, she teases me with the thought of one day having a threesome.

This one Saturday about three weeks ago, she phoned me and invited me over for coffee. When I arrived at her place I found the door open with a note on it. The note was for me, telling me just to come in and make myself at home because she was in the shower. I helped myself to a coffee and made my way down the hall towards the computer room. I was stopped in the doorway by the sound of two voices coming from the bathroom, just over the noise of the shower. It was two female voices that I heard, mainly low pleasure moans.

I turned back in the direction of the bathroom, only to notice that the door was wide open. In the mirror's reflection I can see two female forms through the clear plastic shower curtain. Two bodies pressed against each other, hands caressing each others tits, tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. I can't help but enter the bathroom to get a better look, I lean against the vanity to get the best vantage point. I see through the shower curtain, a head turn in my direction. The face is obviously smiling. A hand goes up and pulls back the shower curtain, standing there is Leana and her friend Petra.

I had never met Petra, but I knew it was her from the description I was given months before. There in front of me were two totally naked, wet, and exciting women. I could feel my jeans getting increasingly tighter, they could see it also. They both got out of the shower and immediately made their way to me. they started kissing me, pressing their wet bodies into me. kissing two women at the same time is something I had never experienced before, having two tongues probing your mouth at the same time is definitely a different feeling. I could feel them starting to pull at my clothes. Leana's hand made it's way down inside my jeans and grasped my now swollen length.

Petra was helping me pull my shirt over my head. They both then started making their way down my body with their mouths. Hot breath on my chest and across my nipples along with a few nibbles and bites. Now making their way further down my body, I can feel my jeans being pulled down off my thighs and finally off completely. Two hot mouths start working my cock, one taking in the entire length the other sucking on my ball sack. In seconds their are kissing each other with the head of my cock in their mouths. two tongues running circles over my throbbing length. Leana decides to move this party off into the bedroom, so both girls stand up and begin leading me down the hallway to the bedroom.

This gave me the opportunity to check out Petra. She was a tall brunette, 5'10" long legs, gorgeous ass and the largest and firmest tits I have seen on a woman. Once inside the bedroom, they push me backwards down onto the bed. Petra lays down beside me with Leana on top of her in the 69 position. Watching these two, tongues probing each others wet muff, I didn't think I could get any harder. Then Leana reached out with her free hand and grabbed my cock and started pumping it hard. After a few minutes, Leana was ready to have something bigger than a tongue inside of her. She climbed off of Petra, turned around and mounted me. Taking my entire length inside of her, she started riding me. Petra got up off the bed and went over to the dresser where she picked up an 8 " strap on.

After fastening the harness firmly in place she came back to the bed and positioned herself behind Leana. Petra pushed her forward down onto me, chest to chest. As her mouth found mine, Petra slid this plastic monster into Leana's ass, slowly at first, then gradually thrusting more and more, harder and harder, forcing her down onto me. With both holes full of hard cock, it was not long before she was experiencing so much pleasure she was almost convulsing, trying to take every inch of the both of us. Her body shuddered, she let out a loud but low moan, I felt her cum draining down over my balls and pooling under my ass. When Petra pulled out of her, she dismounted me and almost collapsed on the bed beside me.

I rolled on my side and started caressing her tits, running my tongue over her nipples squeezing handfuls of her breasts, biting at them, she loves this. Petra now has her device off again and now wants a turn with my cock inside of her. She straddles me and lowers herself down onto me. riding me slowly, my hands on her hips pulling her down to take every inch. I move my hands up her body to her more than ample chest, kneading her tits and squeezing her nipples, she wants more. Leana is now almost ready for round two, she sits up on the bed and moves onto her knees in front of Petra. She latches onto Petra's tits with her hands squeezing into them, then lowers her face and buries it in them. Tonguing her nipples, biting at them, she loves these tits.

I manage to get Leana to straddle my mouth so I can taste her sweet moistness, as small as it is she loves the tongue. Petra is pumping me hard, I know I am not far from losing it. She wants me to fuck her from behind, so she dismounts me, Leana does the same. Petra is on all fours in front of me, what an ass, I sink my fingers into the cheeks of her buttocks and pull myself deep inside her soaking wet pussy, she wants it hard. Leana is now behind me, she is kissing my back and moving down. I soon feel her tongue making little circles around my ass. this turns me on even more. She starts running a finger around it and every once in a while pokes it in. She then started making her way up my back again until her mouth was by my left ear. Leana whispers that she has a surprise for me, the next thing I know she pushes me forward onto Petra and she is fucking me with this strap-on. this drove me so deep into Petra that I thought my cock was going to punch through her spine.

Driving this deep into her set her off cumming which made me blow a load like no other. I didn't think I was ever going to quit cumming. within seconds Petra and I collapsed on the bed. Now I am not gay, I have never wanted and still don't want a man's cock in my ass. but that was quite an experience. After recovering and cleaning up, both girls kissed me, Petra said she would like to do it again some time and Leana? Well, she just whispered in my ear, "See, I told you I could fuck you better than any other woman."


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