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by IndianAsian

Jack and I were friends only because we happened to be in the same place at the same time with nothing better to do. Yeah, we ended up having some pretty wild fun and doing all the things that teenagers do, but we weren't 'close'. It came down to the fact that Jack was slow and athletic, and I tended to be cerebral and quiet. We just didn't connect on that level.

Jack had been kept back a grade several years earlier and almost got kept back this past year. I had pulled him through his math class by the skin of his teeth which, it turned out, was the one thing that got him through and passed him. But, it was summer now. Long, lazy days of sitting around watching TV, riding our bikes to the beach, and walking through the woods swatting at mosquitoes.

I spent many nights at Jack's when my mother was away on business. Most of the time the games we would play consisted of 'torture sessions'. This most often consisted of one of us tying the other up and seeing if you could untie yourself. It was exciting to me to be tied up and helpless, though I wouldn't admit this to Jack. I would often times lose during our 'qualifying matches' of games like checkers, which would determine who was the torturer and who would be the unfortunate (ha!) soul to be tied up. The qualifying games would last minutes, those exquisite torture sessions would last well into the wee hours of dawn.

We had gotten into doing these things slowly at first. First it was a game in the barn when we fed the horses. He tripped me in the hay once and lashed my hands with the leather leads and left me to untie myself. I returned the favor. Innocent? Well, at the time, yes. Later, it progressed into something a little less innocent.

One night after I was asleep, Jack crept over to my bed and tied my hands and feet to the posts. I was a fairly heavy sleeper and was, that night, on my stomach. All of a sudden he grabbed my underwear and lifted it as high as he could, waking me up to very strange feelings in my ass and in other more private areas.

"Now let's see you untie yourself!"

Jack was naked. I knew that he had been wearing his underwear when he went to bed. I looked over at his silhouette and saw his erection and quickly turned the other way, embarrassed by the rush of excitement that came over me at seeing his arousal. He clicked on the light and my eyes were drawn like a magnet towards him. For the first time I saw another boy naked.

Jack's torso was hairless and smooth, very taught an muscular, his ass rippling with each step. The only sign of body hair was the light covering of red between his legs. It certainly didn't cover anything, but rather accentuated it and made it all the more fascinating. I started to tear my eyes away from the breathtaking site in front of me when he saw where my eyes were glued.

"Oh! So, you like what you see? I'll fix that!" And he proceeded to tie a bandana around my eyes. "No peeking! heh heh heh..." I heard him go over to his bed and sit down. It was mostly silent except for my breathing and his looking through some magazine, as I surmised from the rustling of pages. Soon I heard a rhythmic creak of his bed and couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was doing. "Jack? Untie me, I can't move!"

"Hang.. H...Hang on!" He was out of breath and the creak grew louder and faster. Jack let out a long grunt and relaxed. Two or three minutes later, he came over and examined his handiwork. "No, I don't think I'll untie you yet. But, this looks a little loose". He had seen that my underwear had crept out from the crease of my buttocks and pulled them up.. HARD! And my erection had jumped to attention. "Now. What can I tie these undies to?" He got some clothes line, looped them through my underwear and tied it to the head board, looping it under and back to the post at the bottom of the bed. I was having these tingling sensations in my groin that were sheer heaven and didn't want it to stop, though I was embarassed to say anything. Jack looped the clothesline over the post and dragged on it with all he could. My ass was on fire from the torture of cloth raking over it, but my groin was on fire of a different sort. Jack didn't relent except to stifle my groans with a home-made ball gag. "Shut up... I know you like this!!" He laughed and started tugging on the rope in a slow, rhythmic pattern that sent me to heaven and had me rocking back and forth. After probably 10 second of this, the tingling I had felt turned into a flood of ecstasy. I groaned and strained to stop the tide of pleasure that ripped through me, but soon I had to release it. I felt warm, wet jets of liquid pump out of me and onto the bed, soaking my stomach and the sheets at the same time. My groans didn't go unheard, either.

"Awww... Did Benny cum? You like this, don't you? Well, we'll let you clean yourself up and loosen the gag.." Jack took off the ropes and blindfold and let me loose.

"God, my ass hurts!" Duh! What about the other stuff you felt?!

I looked over at Jack and at his erection. "Ben, you ever jerk off"

I admitted that I hadn't. That was the first time that I had ever remembered having an orgasm.

Jack proceeded to bring himself to another orgasm as I watched, awestruck. He shot cum all over himself and massaged it into his hairless torso. I thought I would lose it right there. I was in heaven and didn't ever want to leave. I wanted to do to him what he had done to me. I didn't remember anything so pleasurable in my life, and it didn't matter to me that Jack was male. I hoped that 'things' would happen again - that he would tie me up and make me do things.

It turned out that that is exactly what would happen over the next several weeks.

Later that summer....

Jack and I had been getting tired of sitting around watching TV, and our 'torture sessions' had basically degenerated into nothing more than mutual masturbation sessions. Effectively, we were bored silly.

We ended up riding our bikes all around town and decided to ride through the woods on one of the many winding paths that existed from the deer runs. After a few minutes down the path, Jack saw a camp and turned towards it. I, being a true follower, turned in beside him.

"This place has been empty for years." Jack looked at the dilapidated condition of things and started peeking around inside. The furniture that was left was pretty moldy, but still sturdy. The power was, naturally, off making things kind of dank, dark and musty.

"Oh! What have we here?" Jack had opened up a cupboard near the pine-post bed and uncovered what seemed like a lifetime subscription to the raunchiest porn mags and books I had ever seen. He immediately plopped down on the bed and looked at the pictures (to hell with the articles!) with great interest.

I poked around a little more and found ancient nests and stashes from rodents long gone now, and even came across a jar filled with change. After poking around outside and underneath the cabin for a while, I came in to find Jack in his favorite position - shorts on the floor, magazine propped beside him, cock in hand. "Hey, Ben! Torture session?" Jack rarely asked for one any more without having something new in mind. Most of the time now, when we were together we would just forget about our little sessions.

"Sure... Am I 'it'?" I looked at his erection and noticed that it already had a little pre-cum oozing from the tip. Jack was about average in the length department, but he was wide as hell. I had trouble wrapping my hands around him at times.

"Yeah. No 'qualifying rounds'.. Now, recite the creed..."

"I promise to do your bidding, regardless of the task, and to perform it until you say to stop." I recited the words in a dreamy state. We had come up with this little saying when one day I didn't want to run naked in front of his sister. We made up a few ground rules stating that everything must be absolutely private and not be damaging to our health. Other than that, everything was ok. (Especially if it included me doing things to/for Jack)

"Ok.. I've never asked you to do this before. I want you to look at the magazine and do what they are doing to the guy in there. Oh, keep your clothes on... I don't want you to cum today." Fine with me, I usually didn't care about that. Most of the fun I had was in being tied and trying to aid Jack in achieving a climax. (Anal sex was out, just by mutual agreement... Too intense, I guess.) I looked in the magazine and saw a mass of women surrounding this one (average looking) guy. The center of the picture was this absolute knock-out red-head with her hand cupping his balls and her mouth completely swallowing his cock.

"Uh, Jack? I'm not sure..." I feigned disinterest, but was so excited about this I could hardly stand it. I had touched him, sure. He had used me as a tool to bring himself off, often times using the crack of my ass as his favorite place and cumming all over me while I would jerk myself off. But I had never put my mouth on him...

"Do it! You promised!" And he was right.. I had.. I always did, and always would. There was something about giving a man pleasure without necessarily having any myself that made me flush with excitement.

I put the magazine down and shut the door. It got quite dark in the already dim cabin. All I could hear was Jack's breathing and my own heart pounding in my chest. I was going to give a blowjob! My God! I stepped closer to Jack and knelt down on the ground, his red-haired crotch about a foot from my face. Jack leaned back against the wall and pushed himself towards me a little more while I sat looking at him. I had never been 'face to face' with his crotch before, and I was mesmerized. Jack was fanatically clean and smelled mildly of the soap he showered with, plus some scent that made me giddy and shakey. His cock jumped and bobbed on its own volition, and I watched it with intense concentration, willing it to get larger than it already was. Everything else had ceased to exist for me. I couldn't see the bed underneath Jack, the walls, the floor. All I could see were my hands, reaching toward his manhood, grasping and tugging a little. My blood pounded in my ears, rushing so loudly that I couldn't even hear the wind outside or Jack's breathing. I moved my face over him, twisting a little one way, then the other, trying to find the best angle to take him with. Parting my lips I tickled the head with my tongue, tasting the small bead of liquid that had formed there. Its taste and texture drove me wild with excitement and I lowered my mouth onto him slowly. At first I tried to take it all, but almost choked. I put my hand more firmly around the base and tickled his sack, making him jump and squirm. Soon, very soon, I started to pump a little with my hand and matched the rhythm with my lips, pulling and sucking, swirling my tongue around him. With each down stroke, I took slightly more than the time before, until I had swallowed him almost completely. My jaw was mostly unhinged now (a talent, I admit!) and I decided that I wanted even more... I opened widely and pushed for all I was worth, taking both his balls into my mouth. Jack groaned and pumped a little, but I had to let some of him go. I could feel muscles in his legs tensing and untensing and put my hands under his ass. The muscles rippled and tensed, filling my hands and mouth with his sex. I started applying even more pressure, pumping with my hand and mouth faster and faster, wishing the moment would never end.

"I'm close.. Pull away!"

I was in seventh heaven and didn't even hear what he said, only that he had made some noise. Jack started to pull out of my mouth and away from my hands, but I wouldn't let him. I grasped his ass with ferocity and plunged his manhood all the way in again, nibbling and tickling as much as I possibly could. I had lost track of time and reality, consumed by the power of what I was doing. I made an upstroke and he tried again to pull away, this time starting to tremble in his buttocks and legs.

"Ben! I'm gonna cum!"

His words were hit me like a sledgehammer. Did I want to stop? Did I want to take him all the way? Jack's hands were in my hair, pulling me away. Now was the time. I pulled out now, or I would have to finish it. I had promised to do what he said... And to stop when he said. But I wanted all of him.. I wanted him to climax because of what I did. I pushed myself down again, yanking the hair out of his hands and pushing him over the edge. His hands were in my hair again, this time clenching and pulling me up, then pushing me down. His warm fluid jetted into my mouth and over my tongue. Salty, acidic, warm and heavenly. I sucked and pulled the last drop from him and pulled away, watching Jack fall sideways on the bed and let out a relaxed sigh.

So, that was my first time. But, not the last.

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