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The Elevator
by Sean Matthews

Finally, after talking on line for what seemed like forever, we were finally going to meet in person. I hoped I would meet your expectations of me. I really loved writing my stories for you. From what you told me, you enjoyed reading them. Now it was time for us to meet and see where we could take our relationship.

You meet me at the airport, holding up a sign that simply said, "Sean". Something told me that was you, even before I saw the sign. There was radiance in your face that was unmistakable. My Gawd, you are even more beautiful than I imagined. My eyes soaked in your body, starting at your open toed heels revealing red, perfectly manicured toenails. Traveling up to your ankles, I noticed slim, firm calves and knees unencumbered by hose. Seeing you was enough to get me going. Seeing so much of your body nude nearly pushed me over the edge. I finally saw the hem of your short skirt at the mid point of your thigh. Damn, I thought. I guess you wouldn't have come to the airport naked. I laughed at myself for what I was thinking.

The light summer dress you wore showed the outlines of your thighs silhouetted through the thin cloth as I looked at your body through the bright lights of the airport. Traveling up your body to your full, taut breasts, I thought I was in heaven. Finally, your face had a look of anticipation, looking for me through the crowd of hugs and welcomes that happen at the gates.

I walked up to you and smiled. "Looking for anyone special?"

"Sean?" Your eyes lit up and you threw your arms around my neck. Your embrace covered my entire body, making it VERY difficult to hide my excitement at seeing you in person for the first time. I had anticipated this moment for so long, I felt awkward. I REALLY felt like taking you into my arms and crushing your lips with mine, but I didn't want to come on too strong and scare you off. I had seen an angel and wanted to make her mine. I risked a quick peck on the cheek and returned your hug with a lighter one of my own. You looked at me quizzically, but accepted my shyness with a grasp of my hand, leading me toward the baggage pickup.

You began to fill the silence as we waited for my bags with the tales of the day. I noticed you took every opportunity to place your very hot body in close proximity to mine. A cuddle here, a sweep of your hand over my back there. At one point, I ventured my hand to your waist, just as I saw my back come around the carousel. I hurriedly picked up my bag and we went to your car to travel to my hotel. I had traveled there for business and had my company picking up the tab in a very nice hotel. "All the better to seduce you with, my dear" was my original thought. It was late evening by the time I arrived in town and I asked you if it was OK if I took a shower before we went out to our first dinner together. Plus, I would have to change from the jeans and t-shirt I traveled in to something more appropriate for dining with a beauty like you.

As we entered my room, I laid my bag at the foot of the bed and opened it up to get some fresh clothes to change in to. As I pulled out some fresh clothes, You took notice of a pair of boxers I thought I had hidden on the side of my bag. They were my lucky Winnie the Pooh boxers. The ones I always wear when I have to give a briefing. The thought of having those underwear on in front of all those people made me relax and not take myself so seriously. You grabbed the briefs I had chosen out of my hand and asked me to wear the boxers, saying they "Turned you on." I blushed, but took the boxers anyway.

I took my clothes into the bathroom, not wanting to seem presumptuous and dress in front of you. As I undressed, I thought of the vision sitting on my bed and my cock was instantly hard. I hoped a cold shower would help control my lust, but it did little to "dampen" my feelings. For a short time, I fantasized about coming out of the bathroom, sans towel, presenting myself to you in all my glory. I laughed and quickly finished my shower. I didn't want to keep you waiting.

I quickly dried off, gave myself a fresh shave, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on some Calvin One to accentuate the green slacks, white shirt and Winnie the Pooh tie that matched the boxers you talked me into wearing. If I can't have fun and be myself with you, I thought, I couldn't be myself with anyone.

As I sat on the bed next to you too put on my shoes, I felt your eyes on me. I liked that feeling. It was the feeling that you appreciated my efforts to make myself look good for you. "I want to take you to my favorite Japanese restaurant." You told me as I finished tying my shoes. I allowed you to walk to the door in front of me, forgetting my manners in order to get a quick look at your incredible ass. We walked to the elevator, because there was no way I wanted to walk down 20 flights of stairs. I wanted to get sweaty with you in an entirely different way. We entered the empty elevator and giggled as we both tried to push the button to get us to the lobby at the same time. "This is really nice," you said. "This glass elevator gives you a view of all of downtown. Everyone looks so small." You said as we held hands at the edge of the glass. Suddenly, the elevator stopped with a jolt, throwing your body against mine roughly. As I tried to cushion the blow, I put my hand up quickly, accidentally placing my hand on your full breast. You smiled as I quickly removed my hand and blushed. You reached up to give me a quick kiss on my lips, keeping me from apologizing. After a moment of looking into each other's eyes, I began to wonder what happened.

Although I wanted to stay there with my body pressed firmly against mine, I went to the emergency telephone and asked the person who answered if there was a problem. The answer I got was that they were having trouble with this elevator and it usually took no more than an hour to fix. "Great!" I thought. "Here I am trying to impress you and we get stuck in an elevator." You seem to make the most of the view, looking down at the people walking to their dinner dates. I look down jealously, but then my attentions turn to you. I decide to take a chance. "You know, you REALLY look great. No matter how nice I thought you would look, it couldn't compare to you in person."

You returned with a smile and a thank you. That made me relax and enjoy the time we were having right now. I caressed the side of your face and tilted my head, leaning forward to finally kiss you properly. Your lips slightly parted in anticipation of the kiss. Mmmmmmmm. I pulled your face close to mine with both hands, tentatively exploring your mouth with my tongue. I let my hands fall from your face to softly caress your bare shoulders and down to the small of your back. Your return kiss gave me the courage to explore your body with my hands. I ran my hands up and down the length of your back without letting go of our kiss. Pulling you closer, I feel your breasts crushed against my chest. I could swear I feel the points of your nipples poking my skin through my shirt. My hands drop down to your tight ass and you begin to grind your hips against mine.

I finally break our kiss without letting go of my grip on your body, saying, "I can't tell you how long I've waited for this." The look in your eyes is all the answer you give me, but the look was unmistakable lust. I once again kiss you, but quickly this time as I have something else in mind. I quickly look to see if anyone can see us through the glass and decided the likelihood of getting caught was slim. I pull my body away from yours and pull your spaghetti straps for your shoulders. The entire dress fell to the ground, leaving you entirely nude. Oh, My Gawd! You were completely nude under your dress! I take a moment to drink in your body. I was right, your nipples were burning a hole in my chest from the way they are sticking out now. I figure if you can reveal yourself to me, the least I can do is return the favor. I undress slowly, hoping to entertain you while keeping my excitement in check. As each piece of my clothing fell, you rubbed your hands over your body. You explored your breasts, paying close attention to your nipples.

I finally complete my undressing. You notice my hardness and you place your hand on my cock. Your silky skin touching my cock made me jump with excitement. I watch as you get onto your knees and blow your hot breath on my stiff pole. My hands are running through your hair as you kiss the head of my cock. Your mouth parted and you took my entire length into your mouth. Your hand drop to my balls and you gently squeeze them. The feeling of your mouth on me and the anticipation of our meeting are too much for me. My body begins to convulse and I empty my seed into your mouth. You continue to suck my cock through all my thrusts and stroke it with your hand as you swallow my jizz. I gently push your shoulders down to the floor of the elevator.

I kiss your face and your neck, stopping to pay attention to the spot under your ear. As my mouth stays busy, so do my hands. My hands travel over your body, paying close attention to your breasts and flat stomach. My lips travel from your neck to rain kisses on your upper body. As my lips get lower, so do my hands until you feel my mouth on your belly button and my hands on your sensitive inner thighs. You raise your knees in hopes that gravity will pull my hands to your pussy. As tempting as that would be to me, I tease you despite our time and place constraints. I run my hand down one thigh, skipping over your wetness to run my hand up the other thigh. I move my body around so my face is between your knees. I kiss my way down the sensitive flesh to stop short of your hairless pussy. "You pulled out all the stops, didn't you?" Your only response is a moan as I flick the tip of my tongue to the drops of your juice along your outer lips.

I once again think about where we are and decide not to tease you. I plunge my tongue into your wetness and feel your legs clamp around my face. "I must be doing something right." I think to myself. I run my tongue up and down your slit, finally settling on your clit. Once there, I open my lips and begin to suck your clit. That seems to be too much for you and you begin to thrust your hips up to meet my mouth. You grab the back of my head and move my head from side trying to keep up with your movements is almost more than I can handle, but I keep up. You thrust again and again against my sucking mouth until the ride is over. Satisfied for a moment, you release my hair and lie back. I pull myself up to your side and kiss you deeply. As I move up your body, you notice my still hard cock against your hip and smile broadly.

"Time for some REAL fun now." You flip me onto my back and grab my cock in your hand. Raising over my body, you guide my cock to your soaking hole. Not waiting for any other preliminaries, you lower yourself forcefully down on my hardness and instantly begin rock against my pelvic bone. You don't bother with any "In and Out" motions, concentrating on grinding your pussy from side to side against me. After a few minutes of that pleasure, I decide it's time for me to take charge. I roll you over onto your back and lift your ankles over my shoulders without pulling out of your pussy. I grab your hands and pull them down to your sides so they are under your ass. I use the leverage of pulling your hands and your legs over my shoulders to ram my cock deeper and deeper into your pussy. You begin to shake your head from side to side. I watch the beautiful dance of your tits as I plunge into your depths. You begin to get that wonderful look of a woman who is about to cum and none too soon. I feel the pressure of a dam about to burst in my balls.

I let go of your hands and let your legs fall from my shoulders. I lay on your body and your automatically wrap your legs around my lower back and your arms around the back of my neck. I begin pushing further and further into your body in an attempt to dominate you and control my desire to fire my load into your depths. Finally I lose control of my ecstasy just as I feel your grip on my cock tighten. We are cumming together. My hips begin to fire sporadically into your waiting pussy. I feel you gripping me at the three points, neck, back and pussy, harder as I kiss you again.

At some point, we begin to regain our breath and we hear the phone ring. I am exhausted and roll of your body. You reach up and answer the phone. The voice at the other end says, "Ma'am, you may want to get dressed. The elevator has been repaired."

Your mouth drops and you manage to stutter, "How did you know we are undressed?"

"Ma'am, we have been watching through the security camera and I must say that was the most entertaining show we have EVER seen."

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