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The Encounter
by Wook

Craig looked across the jangled mass of writhing bodies. It seemed like an amorphous organism had sprung into being before his very eyes, undulating with sporadic and jerking life. A being whose sole function was orgiastic pleasure. It spun and whirled, grew dense and abated, always changing shape and form. Energy streamed from it in seemingly endless quantities. Craig could almost feel it washing across has body, caressing him like the fingertips of a beautiful woman, beckoning him to step forward and join his body to the mad melee. He was tempted, very tempted, but he hung back. He was looking for something specific, or rather, someone.

He had spotted her the moment she had walked through the doors of the darkened nightclub. An attractive woman by anybody's standards, but for Craig she stood out from the crowd like a blazing beacon. Her hair was blonde, drawing down from her head in a flowing cascade to end in a curly tangle just above her shoulder blades. Her eyes were large and slightly slanted, with thin, clearly defined eyebrows topping them. The jawline threatened to become strong, but failed by a short margin and her mouth was clearly defined with full, rose-coloured lips that broke easily into a smile. Her nose was aquiline and finely chiseled, flanked by prominent cheekbones that strangely seemed to soften her face rather than accentuate it.

Craig had watched her walk past him towards her table, and marveled at the shape of the breasts that thrust proudly against the tight grey blouse that she wore. He wondered what it would be like to cup them in the palms of his hands and rub his thumbs across the nipples, to watch them harden magically beneath his touch and then to put his lips to them to tease the twin projectiles with his tongue.

He had been watching her furtively all night, trying to project his interest across the space between them. There had been a few instances of fleeting eye contact, but Craig could not be sure if it denoted interest on her part or mere curiousity. She had spurned the advances of several men, preferring to talk to her two girl friends, all the while drinking steadily. She had stood up once to go to the bathroom, and then again to enter the dance floor.

Craig was looking for her there now.

The neon lights bathed everything in an eerie glow, giving the whole scene an unearthly, ghostlike appearance.

He shifted position, looking for a tousled mane of blonde hair. The dense pack of bodies swayed suddenly, and there they were, dancing in a group. She danced with a sensuality that brought a constriction to Craig's breathing. God, she was beautiful. Her body seemed to glide across the dance floor. He could see that she was very in tune to the music, enjoying every second of it. Her eyes would close every now and then, as though she was listening to some private song inside her head and closing herself off to the world to be alone with it. Craig ached to be a part of her world, if only for an instant. He didn't know what it was about her that moved him so. He hadn't been this powerfully attracted to a woman for a long time. He was staring at her when she looked up directly into his eyes. He expected her to look away immediately, but she didn't. She turned her body fractionally towards him, as if in invitation, and smiled. He felt the shock of it like a blow to the stomach. He stood rooted to the spot like an idiot, only remembering to smile back an instant before she turned away, grinding her hips lasciviously in tune to the beat. Craig felt the familiar tightening in his groin and the boil of excitement fizzling in his veins. Could it be that she was attracted to him too? Or was she just toying with him? He had to find out. He couldn't wait any longer. He plunged headlong into the sweating, writhing press of bodies.

Sandra was looking forward to this. She had been working hard lately, and hadn't had a decent opportunity to unwind in some time. Jenny had phoned her earlier in the day, asking her if she felt like going dancing that night. "Only us gals, Sandy. We will leave the men to their own devices."

Sandra wondered what Jenny's husband Bill thought about that idea, but then pushed the thought away. Jenny and Bill had been married for four years. They would have sorted out most of their differences by now. But did new ones grow in their place Sandra wondered. She was 26 years old and single, never having being married. Her relationships never seemed to last very long. Always seemed to be something out of place, either with her, or with the other participant. She had been single for over a year now, dating infrequently, not missing it too much. Every now and then she would get lonely, bewailing her circumstance, but then she would forge ahead in her work, and forget about it until the next bout. The occasions were becoming more frequent lately. Oh, just forget about it , she berated herself as she pulled the grey blouse over her head to cover her torso. She looked into the full length mirror to check her appearance. The black skirt dropped down to just above her knees, and her feet were encased in comfortable shoes, just right for dancing the night away. She whirled and made for the door. Running late again. She sighed inwardly.

Jenny and the friend of hers were waiting patiently when she finally made it to the nightclub. The line was long, snaking around a corner to the big, ornate doors that marked the entrance to " Bewitched ", the newest nightclub to make its appearance on the cities dance scene. Sandra endured the barbed remark about timekeeping aimed at her, and began catching up on all the latest news. She hadn't seen Jenny in some time. The club was as she expected, this being her first time there. Fairly large, with bars running along the sides and a dance floor at the one end, lit almost pyrotechnically with the normal accrual of strobes and neon lights. She walked towards an empty table, feeling uncomfortable as she always did in these situations, knowing that there were eyes on her, both male and female. The male pairs looking on at her with a hunger that she did not fully understand, but enjoyed nonetheless, and the female eyes looking on with acute judgement, which irritated her, but which she accepted as the way of things.

"Make it a double." The waiter nodded and disappeared to his domain. She felt like having fun tonight. A strange and giddy excitement gripped her.

A man approached them, spouting the usual banter. He asked her to dance. She rebuffed him politely. She wanted to talk for awhile. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure standing at the bar. She gave him the once over fleetingly at the pretext of calling the waiter for the next drink. There was something about him. Tall, but not huge, he was wearing a shirt that accentuated the breadth of his shoulders. He looked lean and hard. He had a way of tilting his head to one side and he was smiling at his male companion when she looked at him. Even white teeth formed part of a generous mouth lined by very kissable lips. He had jet black hair that was neatly cut and styled. Tapering eyes, too far and dark to make out the colour. Very well shaped biceps. She wondered what he smelled like. All this in an instant. A shiver ran up and down her spine. Whooa, get a grip on yourself girl she thought. She turned her attention back to Jenny and Caryl with an effort, just in time to hear about Bills latest escapades.

She had lost count of the drinks that they had all consumed by the time Caryl suggested they " get up and boogie ". Sandra felt a little wobbly when she stood up, but soon recovered, pushing her way onto the dance floor behind Jenny. She loved dancing, loved the way it made her feel, the physicality of it. She closed her eyes, reveling in the thunderous cadence of it. When she opened her eyes, he was there. Had he sought her out, or was it just chance, tossing its careless dice? Lets find out she thought, turning towards him and flashing her best " come hither " smile, the drink making her brave, but almost instantly regretting it when he didn't respond. Heartbeats of time, and then with a soaring sense of relief that she couldn't justify, she saw him smile back. She turned her back on him and ground her hips to the music, partly to hide her relief, and partly due to a surge of excitement that coursed through her body. The next moment he was pushing his way towards her through the crush. He came up close to her smiling again, and she acknowledged him by moving aside, opening a small space for him. Craig began to dance, looking down at the goddess in front of him, taller than her by a head. He couldn't believe his luck. It had happened so fast, so naturally, almost like it was pre-ordained. He stopped thinking, and just enjoyed the music and the presence of the sensual creature that filled his vision, heightened now due to the adrenaline pulsing through his veins. He was staring into her eyes, and she was returning the gaze with rapt attention.

He has green eyes, she noted quickly. Her favourite color eyes. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but she couldn't quiet bring herself to do it, even with the help of the alcohol in her bloodstream. He did it for her, as if he could read her mind, reaching out and touching her shoulder. She accepted it with exultation and pulled him closer for a slower song, their bodies melding together. Craig could feel the heat of her, the press of those awesome breasts against his chest, and he began to respond, a twitching in his crotch betraying his growing excitement. He tried to pull back embarrassed, but she ground her hips against him and so he reciprocated, pressing back with equal fervour. She could feel his growing member against her, and smell the scent of him, and she was losing herself in the eroticism of it. With a start she realised where they were and looked around, but Jenny and Caryl were lost somewhere in the crowd.

Craig was in heaven, having this beautiful woman so close to him, and he took her chin in his hands and tilted her face upwards, covering her lips with his. Sandra was surprising herself with the way she was responding to this stranger. She didn't normally act this way, but she felt an incredible excitement grip her, and when he began to kiss her she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, becoming the aggressor. A wild and reckless abandon came over her, and she reached down between their bodies to touch him through his jeans. She could feel him pulsing against her hand. Craig gasped involuntarily into her mouth at the touch, and dueled with her tongue, lost in the sensations. Made bold by her actions, he reached around behind her, and began running his hand up the inside of her thighs. She shivered at the touch and continued to caress him through his pants. She felt his hand move higher under her dress and reach one of her tight buttocks, circling there, caressing. He had large hands with spatulate fingers, and he was driving her crazy. She could feel an itch between her thighs, willing him to touch her there, to quench the burning desire.

Craig felt her buttocks clench and unclench as she moved, his breathing ragged and deep with excitement. He moved his hand lower, towards the core of her, still kissing her mouth and feeling her body quiver and shake next to his. She was incredibly wet, her underwear soaked with proof of her excitement. He touched her through the materiel and she arched against him, pressing herself against him, feeling his fingers move across her sex.

She wanted to touch him without any restriction. She began to tug at the zip in his jeans.

Craig opened his eyes and looked around. They had moved into a corner of the dance floor . It was dark, largely untouched by the strobes, and nobody was taking any notice of them. And then he didn't care anymore. She had opened his zip all the way, and she reached her small hand in to find him. She moved his underwear aside and pulled his cock free, exposing it to the air. A small drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip of it. It was as hard as a steel bar. Craig's mind was reeling. He could not believe that this was happening. Sandra flipped up the front of her dress to cover him from view, pressing his dick against her belly and began moving her hand quickly up and down. Craig felt his legs quiver and weaken at the sensation, but he remained upright. Sandra was lost in a world of her own. The feel of him in her hand and against her belly, the touch of his hand between her legs, the alcohol and desire fizzling in her veins, she was close to the edge, beyond coherent thought. Then he moved the fabric of her underwear aside and touched her clitoris. She jerked involuntarily and moaned deeply, sensations exploding through her body, radiating out from between her legs to burst at the top of her head and drop down to her feet. She was as excited as she had ever been before. She felt his fingers run across the length of her sopping slit, delve in a short way and then return to the sensitive little nub of flesh. It was too much for her. She felt the impending orgasm approach like a flood rushing towards a dam wall built to contain waters that had become far too weighty to contain. It rushed onto her, took her up higher and higher, tighter and tighter, and then in a series of powerful constrictions, it brought her slowly down to firm ground again.

Craig felt what was happening and it pushed him over the edge too. Her hand had not stopped moving and he groaned as he felt himself tighten and his thighs tense at the impending orgasm. His cock twitched spasmodically and he erupted, coating Sandra's belly with his emission. He had never felt such a powerful sensation in all his life. It consumed him, a fireball of feeling not just involving his groin but his whole body. Pinwheels of light whirled and burst in his head and he felt as if he was aware of every inch of his skin, every hair, every fibre, every pore. He slowly became aware of his surroundings, coming down from the heights to which she had taken him, as if waking from a dream. Sandra was slumped in his arms breathing heavily. She opened her eyes and looked at him. They both smiled. This was a night they would not soon forget.


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