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The Education of Jen Part I
by JenJo

I really didn't intend for it to end up this way, but I'm not sorry that it did, really.

My boyfriend, Hank, was telling me that his best friend Jim had just broken up with his long time fiancé, and he was taking it pretty hard.

"Let's take him out clubbing with us," said Hank. "He's really down and needs some cheering up."

"Well . . . okay," I agreed.

I like to go out dancing with Hank alone, because kind of turns me on, get me excited.

"Wear your red dress, the short one," he said with a grin.

That evening I looked myself over in the mirror. I really did look hot with my tight red dress barely covering my ass and. It was low-cut low showing off my full lovely titties. My legs looked sexy in the nylons and heels.

"Let's go!" called Hank. "Jim's here."

Jim whistled low. "You look good enough to eat!" He exclaimed.

"Don't you wish," I answered, laughing, kind of pleased that he found me so appealing.

"I do, I do wish," he replied.

The club was crowded, but the three of us found a little table in the back in a dark corner.

The band started playing, and Hank and I got up to dance. After a couple of dances, Hank said, "Why don't you dance with Jim. It'll sure as hell cheer him up."

I was reluctant, but Hank insisted, so I said okay.

The first dance with Jim was fast. But the next was a slow ballad. Before I could say we should sit down, Jim pulled me to him. I found myself with my hands around Jim's neck. He held me very tightly. Mmm, it felt good to be held like that. I could feel his hands creeping down my back. Then he was squeezing my ass cheeks. My large breasts ached as they were pressed against his chest. He pulled me tightly against him, and I could feel his cock start to grow. He had a big one, I could tell. His enlarging cock rubbed against my crotch. I could almost feel the heat as his shaft rubbed against my clit. By the time the song had ended, I was panting slightly.

"Shall we sit down for awhile," said Jim.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

Hank was grinning when we sat down. He whispered in my ear, "You sure looked hot out there, Darling."

It was very dark in the corner where the three of us sat as we sipped our drinks.

Suddenly I felt Jim's hand on my left leg. At first he squeezed my knee, then he moved his hand up further along my inner thigh.

The two friends smiled at each other.

At the same time, Hank caressed my right leg. Hank moved my tight red dress higher until my thighs and pussy were completely exposed. Hank pulled aside the think strip of panty covering my pussy, and both he and Jim caressed my cunt.

God, it felt so fucking good to have all those fingers playing with me.

"She loves to be finger-fucked," Hank whispered to Jim.

Jim kissed my neck as his fingers caressed my twat. Slowly, he slipped his middle finger into my cunt. I was slippery and wet from all the playing. Hank diddled with my clitoris while Jim fingered me. I was so turned on I had to bit my lower lip to keep from crying out.

"You're beautiful, darling," Hank whispered to me.

"Incredible," said Jim.

Jim reached up and slipped his hand into the front of my low-cut dress, feeling my boobs. He rolled the nipples between his finger and thumb, making them hard and nasty, making me very nasty. He returned to my pussy, and the guys took turns finger fucking me and teasing my erect clit. I was panting with want.

Suddenly, I couldn't keep it back any more. My nectar spilled over the cup of my pussy, making the guys' hands wet and sticky. With small sighs, I came and came in that crowded club. Luckily the band was so noisy; no one heard my little cry of release.

Gasping, I slumped against the wall, letting the waves of climax roll through my pleasured body.

Little did I know that was just the beginning of a long night?

I sat there coming down from the high of my orgasm my mind was spinning. I was thinking where is this going to go from here. Could Hank mean for me to be with both of them tonight? That could be really fun.

"Jen would you like to dance with me?" both Hank and Jim asked me.

"Why don't I dance with both of you right know only lets go somewhere private." I said.

Jim and Hank exchanged glances before saying "yes" without much hesitation.

"Where should we go?" I asked.

"How about we go back to our house Jen." Hank said.

"Ok." Jim and I replied at the same time.

On the drive home I sat between Hank and Jim. I was rubbing their hard cocks through there jeans. Then all of a sudden I stopped rubbing and started to kiss Jim while Hank was driving. I thought for a second that Hank was going to go off the road because he was watching what Jim and I were doing.

"Jen why don't you wait till we get home I don't want to get into an accident. There will be plenty of time to do everything you want to then." Hank asked.

"Ok honey are we almost there? Because I want both of you very much." I said.

"Jen we will be there in about three minutes." Hank said.

We arrived home and Hank pulled into the garage. I couldn't even wait till we got inside of the house before I pounced on Jim because I wanted to see his hard cock because when we were dancing it felt a little bit bigger then Hank's cock which when fully aroused is about ten inches. I wasn't disappointed either it appeared to be at least one or two inches longer then Hank's.

"Jim how long are you?" I asked.

"About twelve inches." Jim said.

I was right he is longer then Hank. What to do know? I decided to start the action in the garage by starting to do a strip tease for Hank and Jim. My actions were making Jim and Hank even more aroused. By the time my clothes were off the guys were jacking off to me dancing around naked. Then I walked over to each one of them and kissed them long and hard before dashing into the house leaving them standing there with their mouths open.

The two men chased me into the living room. Hank, laughing, caught me by my wrist, and Jim wasn't far behind. We collapsed all three of us laughing, onto the floor. Since we have a nice thick carpet, it tickled my bottom.

Playfully, Hank on one side of me leaned on one of my arms and Jim on the other leaned on my other arm. I was helpless between the two studs, they could do whatever they wanted to my luscious body, and I loved it!

Hank started to nuzzle my neck. My lovers from long experience that that gets me hot. Jim started to kiss my large breast. He circled the areola with his tongue's tip. Then he flicked the nipple back and forth until it was achingly hard. I squirmed, but my dual lovers weren't about to let me go.

Jim tucked back my long, curly brown hair and kissed my full, sensitive mouth. The kiss went on forever, until I was dizzy. When he finally released me I was gasping for breath. Hank played with my other nipple rolling it until it joined the other one for stiffness.

"Come on, you guys. Somebody fuck me, please."

"I think we should let our guest go first, don't you?" said Hank.

"Please, Jim," I pleaded with him, because I wanted it so much, that enormous rock-hard twelve-inch cock of his.

On his knees, Jim got between my widespread thigh. He took hold of his shaft and swirled it around the entrance to my sopping pussy.

I groaned, lifting my hips, arching my ass.

Slowly, Jim allowed his shaft to penetrate my snug little pussy. It didn't feel uncomfortable, but he was stretching my hole until I could accommodate him. It was heavenly. He eased inch after inch of his cock into my pussy.

"Think you can take it all?" he asked looking down at me with a mocking smile on his lips.

"I sure as fuck what to try?" I gasped, lifting my ass and squeezing my cunt muscles.

I was rewarded with a groan from him, and I grinned my own taunting smile back at him. "Feel okay?" I asked innocently.

"Fuck you're tight," he said. "You feel wonderful, Darling. You feel silky and divine."

As if the word had released him, he shoved his cock in to the root. I could feel his balls against my butt. Jim slowly and sensually pulled back until just the massive head of his dick remained in my love cup.

"Shove it in. Fuck me!" I ordered him.

And being the good lover he is, he rammed his cock down my love chute so hard my ass bounced on the carpet. Then we were going at it like a couple of rabbit, fucking hard and fast and furious.

I felt something graze my check, and when I turned towards Hank, I was rewarded by a vision of Hank's ten-inch shaft. It bobbed in front of me.

"Mmmm, beautiful," I purred.

With my full, sensual lips, I nuzzled his cock, dragging my lips up its length. I nibbled on the head of his shaft, dragging the hot hunk of meat into my mouth.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," whispered Hank.

I know I felt beautiful, having a cock in my pussy and in my mouth at the same time. I took his cock out of my mouth long enough to say, "Thank you." Then I gobbled his meat, sucking on it, giving him a blowjob he would never forget.

I was lost in an erotic haze, feeling my pussy being pounded, my sensitive lips feeling the cock in my mouth.

"Would you like to cum, Baby?" asked Jim.

I nodded.

And Jim picked up the pack even more, furiously pummeling my pussy. I whimpered around the cock in my throat, matching him stroke for stroke.

I felt a warm tickling building up in my cunt. It spread throughout my body. I couldn't hold it back any more, and my orgasm erupted in my pussy.

I thrashed and writhed on the carpet. Jim climaxed with me, spewing a thick load of cum in my cunt.

"God, that feels good," I exclaimed.

I finished giving Hank a blowjob. I could feel his balls filled and quivering. His cock expanded, and then my mouth was filled with the warmth of his jizz. I eagerly swallowed the sperm until he was completely drained.

A little bit of the cum trickled from the corner of my mouth, and in front of the guys I licked it away.

The three of us collapsed in a sweaty tangle on the floor. We relaxed.

"What?" I giggled, "My two studs aren't exhausted already, are you?"

"No, way," said Jim.

"Jen, Hon," said Hank after we had rested up for awhile, "why don't you put on a little show for Jim and me. You know I love to watch you play with yourself and cum, and I'll bet Jim will get turned on by it too."

I smiled rather saucily, tossing my long curly brown hair over my shoulder and dragging my middle finger along my wet, wet love-slit. "Say, please," I purred.

"Please," said Jim immediately, grinning.

"Pleasepleaseplease," Hank said.

I put a pillow behind my head, against the bedstead, so that I was half sitting up. "Get down to the foot of the bed," I told the two guys, "and I will put on a show for you that will get your cocks fucking aching!'

They laughed, but I noticed that both did it immediately.

I spread my legs, allowing the two men to gaze at my pussy, glittering with diamonds of sperm and my own love juices. But I wasn't ready to go there myself yet. When a woman plays with herself, teases herself, loves herself, she likes to take a long, long time.

I let my lovely hazel eyes drift partially shut as I let my fingertips glide over my large and sensitive breasts. Slowly, slowly I did it, time after time. I held my two breasts in my hands and slowly drew in fingertips up until they were teasing my wine-colored nipples.

"Mmmm," I purred. I was making myself so nasty!

With my right hand I continued to fondle and squeeze my breasts. In the meantime, my left hand drifted down to my naughty little pussy. My honey pot was already creaming! I grazed my fingernails over my incredibly sensitive thighs, spreading my voluptuous thighs a little more. Gradually, my hand moved closer to my warm core. I caressed my pussy lips gently. I heard myself moaning softly.

With one hand I held my pussy lips open, and with the other I caressed my clitoris. It grew hard and stiffer and longer as I teased it. I flicked it back and forth with my middle finger.

By now my pussy juices were flowing freely from my cunt over my fingers. I dipped a finger into my twat. God, I was hot down there. I teased my vagina, seeking that sensitive spot that can bring me off so fast. I dipped two fingers into my pussy, making myself nastier and nastier.

I glanced down at the two guys. They were mesmerized, staring at my cunt, gazing at my fingers as they disappeared into my pussy and reappeared all shiny with my love juices.

"Jack off," I told them, "while I finger-fuck myself."

Hank took his ten-inch cock in his palm and stroked it. Jim grabbed his twelve-incher and gave it long, smooth strokes.

I dipped my fingers into my pussy and lifted my nectar to my lips. I tasted so good and nasty, fragrant and spicy. I sucked my fingers clean, then gazing from one guy to the other, I fucked my mouth with my own fingers.

"Fuck, beautiful," whispered Jim in homage.

"I love to make love," I told him.

"God, you look sexy like that Jen," Hank told me.

I rubbed my pussy and my clit real hard then. Then I went to town, fingering myself like crazy. One hand busy in my pussy, the other went from playing with my tits to tormenting my clit. I was panting and a trickle of perspiration slid down between my heaving breasts.

Suddenly, I crested. Gasping, I came and came, spilling my juices on the bed. Ripples of pleasure wove through my body. Lights flashed and spun through my consciousness. My pussy spasmed with delight.

When I finally came back to earth, with a sigh I opened my eyes. There before me were two raging hard-ons.

"Well, let's see what we can do to make them happy," I exclaimed with a smile on my lips.

To Be Continued...

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