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The Education of Jen Part II
by JenJo

I'm staring at two raging hard-ons what should I do to make them happy.

"Jim why don't you lay down on the bed." I suggested.

"Ok Jen." Jim replied.

Jim laid down on the bed and I straddled his rock-hard cock and lowered my wet pussy on to his cock. Moving up and down, up and down.

"Jen what about me?" Hank asked.

"You know what to do Hank." I replied.

I stopped moving up and down on Jim as Hank came behind me and spread my ass checks apart and started to insert his fingers in my ass to get my ready for his hard cock. Hank inserted his hard cock into my ass and started to move. It felt so good having two big cocks in me. Once Hank established a rhythm I started to move up and down on Jim again. Hank would move in and I would move up and when Hank moved out I would move down on Jim.

"That feels great you guys." I said.

We started to move faster as we were reaching our orgasms. Jim came first squirting his cum into my already wet pussy. Hank felt this and it made him cum because my ass contracted around his cock. I came when I felt Hank start to shoot his load of cum deep into my bowels.

"That was Jen." Hank and Jim replied at the same time.

"No problem guys any time." I said.

Hank pulled his softening cock out of my ass. When Hank did that I rolled off of Jim so we could all curl up together to rest.

"You guys aren't done yet are you?" I asked.

"No, we need a rest." They both replied.

I kissed both of them long and hard before I dashed out of the room.

Yelling over my shoulder "who ever catches me gets to do what they want with me."

Laughing, Jim quickly caught Jen by the wrist.

"You run around entirely too much, girl," he said to the brown-hair, voluptuous beauty.

"So what are you going to do about it?" teased Jen.

"Tie you up, that's what."

Jim dragged Jen back into the bedroom where Hank said, "Sounds like a good idea to me." Hank rummaged in his closet and got out some neckties.

Although Jen was fighting like the little wildcat she is, Jim held Jen's two arms while Hank tied one wrist to the bedpost, then the other. Jen continued to kick and squirm, laughing the whole time. Hank grabbed one of her ankles and Jim grabbed the other, and they finally had her tied, spread-eagle on the bed.

"My, but she looks like a tasty morsel," said Jim, gazing with admiration at Jen's voluptuous body.

"Okay, guys, enough is enough. Let me up now." Jen struggled with the ties, but without success.

Each of the men sat on opposite sides of her sexy body.

"No way," said Jim. "Besides remember you said that the one who caught you could do whatever he wanted to your body."

"So what area you going to do?" Jen asked.

"Hank," Jim said, turning to his friend, "does Jen have a vibrator?"

"Are you kidding-a whole drawer full."

"Get one of her favorites," Jim said a smirk on his face.

Hank left and returned with a twelve inch beauty."

Jim bent over and sucked on Jen's clitoris. He made the girl very wet.

Jim turned on the vibrator. It hummed softly. Gently he applied it to Jen's helpless body. She gasped as the vibrator entered her damp pussy.

Slowly, tenderly, Jim worked it into Jen's pussy.

Hank offered his cock to Jen's lips, and she eagerly began to suck on his giant prick. Hank held Jen's head and he fucked her mouth until she was gagging.

Meantime, Jen was sobbing because of the vibrator in her cunt.

"Feel good?" Jim asked Jen.

For a moment, Jen took her mouth away from Hank's cock. "It feels wonderful. It makes me all nasty."

Jen started to undulate her hips as the vibrator hummed away and pleasured her in her pussy. Her juices were streaming down the crevice of her cunt, down into the crack of her ass.

Jim bent over and sucked her clitoris between his teeth, lashing it with his tongue. Jen was arching her ass and shoving her pussy into Jim's face.

She held her ass up high, as she climaxed. Jim watched her pussy juices spurt from her cunt, flowing and sticky. He pulled out the vibrator and licked her clean.

Panting, Jen said, "Thanks, Honey, that was magnificent . . .. Now, untie me."

"What do you think, Hank?" Jim asked his friend with a grin on his face.

"I don't think so Jim, we don't want her to run again." Hank answered Jim with a mischievous smile on his face.

"I won't run I promise." Jen pleaded.

"I think we should leave her tied up for a while." Jim said.

"I agree." Hank said.

What are they going to do with me know thought Jen? What ever it is it better be fun.

"Jim why don't you go pick out another vibrator." Suggested Hank.

"Sounds like a good idea." Said Jim

Jim returned with a ten-inch beauty. Hank was licking and sucking on Jen's clitoris making her even wetter. Jim turned the vibrator on and started to rub it all over Jen's body. When Jim rubbed the vibrator on Jen's breasts she moaned with delight. Jim then made sure that the vibrator was good and wet before he put it into Jen's ass making her scream with pleasure.

"JIM OOOOHHHH." Screamed Jen.

Then Hank turned on the twelve-inch vibrator and pushed it back into Jen's pussy.

I was overwhelmed with sensations that I barely heard the guys.

"What do you think Jim should we leave her like this for a while?" asked Hank.

"That sounds like a good idea Hank," said Jim.

The guys started to leave the room that's when I noticed them.

"Guys your not leaving me like this are you?" I asked.

"Yes we are Jen. We will be back in a few minutes." They both replied.

Alone with the two vibrators humming away inside of her Jen was overwhelmed with sensations. Time after time she climaxed until the sheets were stained with her juices. The sexy young girl moaned steadily and she squirmed under the steady flow of flickering sensations. Sweat made her voluptuous young body glisten. Her nipples were standing up. She was panting. She was weak from all of her orgasms.

She heard the two guys come back into the room, laughing."What have we hear?" said Hank in mock surprise."Why, it's a lovely little nympho," exclaimed Jim.

Each carried in his hands a glass of scotch."I hope you don't mind, Jen, but we were both thirsty.""I don't mind," Jen gasped. "Will you let me up now.""Not quite yet," said Hank."What are you going to do to my defenseless body now?" asked Jen.

The two studs laid down on either side of the young beauty.

"Nothing you won't enjoy," Jim answered.

They took out the two vibrators and set them aside."You're a magnificent woman, Jen," they both said.Hank took a cube of ice from his glass. "You look so hot," he said. He took the cube and rubbed it on Jen's tummy. She was trying to pull away from the freezing ice, but she couldn't. Hank gently rubbed the cube over Jen's entire breast. Then he rubbed it on her nipple. The nipple stuck straight up in the air.Jen was panting with pleasure.Jim took an ice cube and rubbed it on Jen's inner thighs. Then on her plump pussy lips. Finally, he spread her pussy lips apart and rubbed the ice cube on Jen's aching clitoris.She whimpered with delight.

Finally, Jim shoved the ice cube in Jen's pussy.

"Do you think her pussy will contract because of the cold?" Jim asked Hank.

Hank said, "That's an interesting experiment. Why don't you test it out for yourself?""I think I will," said Jim, as if he were some sort of scientist.

First, Jim took another ice cube, but this time he kept it in his mouth.

He knelt between Jen's shapely thighs and pressed his mouth against Jen's pussy. He shoved the ice cube into her twat. The helpless girl groaned with voluptuous lust, feeling the ice cube go deep into her pussy. Jim tongued the ice cube deeper and deeper. Then Jim rose up on his knees, and took his pecker in his hand, and buried it in Jen's incredibly tight pussy. She gasped at being stretched so. Jim rammed his rod into her cunt furiously.Jen humped him in return, gasping and panting. She came and came, shuddering and groaning. Jim shot his wad into her pussy to mix it with the icy water.When Jim pulled his prick out of Jen, Hank took his place. But instead of what Jen had expected, Hank bent over her feverish cunt and he licked her sensitive clit until she exploded again. Then he dipped his tongue in Jen's pussy and licked her out thoroughly.

When he was finished, Jen collapsed from exhaustion.

To Be Continued...

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