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The Education of Jen Part III
by JenJo

"Are you guys going to untie me?" I asked.

"Yes we are." Hank and Jim replied.

Hank and Jim untie me and I start to rub my arms where they were tied.

"What are you guys going to do with me know?" I asked.

"Jen we invited a couple of friends over." Hank said.

"How many?" I asked.

"Three." Jim replied.

"Oh Hank this means I get to live out my gang-bang fantasy. How long till they get here?" I asked.

"You have some time Jen. Why don't you go take a shower and put on some sexy lingerie." Hank said.

"Ok I will. I'm not going to be tied up again am I?" I asked.

"Only if you run." They both replied.

I went to take a shower and to figure out what to wear. I settled on my light blue see through nightgown that Hank loved so much. After I put that on I heard the guys yelling for me. So I slipped on my heels and went downstairs.

When I arrived downstairs I saw Hanks poker buddies; Rick, Justin, and Lance. I was thinking how did Hank know which ones I had the hots for.

"Hi guys." I said as I entered the room.

All their eyes focused on me and they all said, "wow" at the same time. I walked to each one of them and kissed them long and hard.

"So what do you guys want to do?" I asked.

"How about a sexy strip-tease, Jen?" suggested Lance.

And all the guys applauded.

The guys put on some slow and slutty music, and I began to sway back and forth. My titties grazed the fabric of my light blue see-through gown. My nipples got extremely rigid, poking out through the material. I went up to each of the five guys and undulated my rounded hips in front of them. They looked at my luscious body intently, watching my hips moving in a fucking motion, watching my titties sway. In front of Lance, I slipped off the blue see-through and let it fall to the floor. I stood naked in front of him in just my high heels. Lance leaned forward and held my boob in the palm of his hand as he kissed me deeply. Our tongues caressed each other.

Behind me, suddenly, I felt another hand. It was Justin's and he was caressing my ass. "God, you're beautiful, Jen."

Rick joined Lance and Justin. He sucked on my other breast, lashing the nipple back and forth until I had to gasp and grab his head.

Since the three new-cummers hadn't had me yet, I expected them to go first.

With grins on their faces and their peckers in their hands, Hank and Jim watched the action as the three guys lowered me to a blanket they spread out on the floor.

Lance said: "Guys, would you please allow me to go first? I want her something fierce."

"Sure, go ahead. There's plenty for all of us," the other two guys said.

Lance got between Jen's luscious thighs. She lifted her knees. Lance guided his 8-inch cock to Jen's sopping pussy. He slid in to the hilt, his balls resting on that little area between Jen's cunt and her asshole.

Jen, giggling a little, tightened the velvet sheath of her pussy around Lance's cock.

"Jesus," he groaned perspiration on his forehead.

Putting his hands on either side of Jen's body, Lance leaned over her and began to stroke his pussy in and out of her snug little cunt. Her love juices dribbled down the sides of Lancelot's cock. His cock gleamed.

Justin and Rick lay on either side of Jen, watching her expressions as Lance fucked her thoroughly. She bit on her lower lip and she groaned each time his thrust was particularly deep.

"Is it good, Baby?" Lance asked the curly-haired little slut.

"Uh-huh," Jen gasped.

"Do you like to be fucked by five guys at once."

"Yes, oh, god yes. It's always been my fantasy, to be fucked senseless, to be fucked until I was sore."

"Well, we'll try to do our best, won't we guys," Lance said panting, fucking her hard now.

And the other four guys cheered.

Lance was ramming his cock into Jen as fast as he could now.

She was panting too.

"Here's your first load of your gang-bang," shouted Lance and he erupted, shoot hot cum deep into Jen's marvelous cunt.

"Who's next? He asked falling off the beautiful nympho to let another guy take his place.

"Rick Justin who's next?" I asked, after Lance slipped out of me.

"I am." they both replied.

"Guys one at a time right know so pick a number between one and 10, the person who is the closest goes first." I replied.

"Five." Justin says.

"Nine." Rick says.

"Rick you go first you got the number right on." I say.

Rick quickly sheds the rest of his clothing revealing his nine-inch cock. He rammed his cock into my wet nasty pussy. That caught me a little bit off guard so I screamed out, "AAAAAA."

"Are you ok Jen?" Rick asked.

"Yes I feel wonderful." I replied.

He continued to move in and out at a very fast pace. I moved my hips to meet his thrusts. The faster he was moving the greater it felt. It seemed that the faster he went the harder is thrusts were. He seemed to know what I needed because fast hard sex is something I love.

As he Rick continued to thrust in me I felt myself start to cum. This set him off because as I started to cum Rick said, "here's the second load of your gang-bang."

After Rick was done he slipped out and said "Justin your turn."

"Get ready baby here I come." Justin said.

I looked at Justin after he had shed the rest of his clothes and there before my eyes was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was bigger then Jim's. I asked, "Justin how big are you?"

"14 inches." He said. "Can you take it all?" He asked.

"Well I'm sure as hell going to try, just be gentle." I said.

He started to push his cock into me inch by inch until he was all the way in. My pussy stretched to accommodate him. I had never felt so full with just one cock in me. As I got used to Justin in me he started to move in and out of me faster I arched up to met him thrust for thrust.

I started to cum and it trigged Justin because as I was cuming on his cock he started to spurt his cum into me. I looked up and Hank and Jim were also cuming. When Justin finished cuming he slide out of me.

"Break time." I said, "I need a drink." I got up and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. I walked back into the living room and kissed each one of the guys long and hard before dashing out of the room. Yelling over my shoulder "who ever catches me gets to do what they want to with me."

Jim grabbed me and said, "Jen, you've got to learn not to run away when you've got five guys to satisfy. "

"Let's tie her up some more," said Hank.

As much as I struggled, I wasn't any match for five guys. Four of them held me, one each at my wrists and one each at each of my ankles. They tied me to the bed and looked over their handiwork. My big tits had sweat on them from all of my work. My nipples stood up proudly.

"Let's take turns fucking her," said Lance. "Just a couple of strokes each."

The guys nodded and got in line. Lance held his cock in his hand and inserted it into Jen's dripping pussy. The slutty nympho immediately stopped struggling and began to hump his cock. But after three strokes

Lance pulled out, his cock shiny with Jen's pussy juices.

"Next," he called.

Rick was next. He slipped his cock into Jen and gave her three strokes. Then he pulled out.

"What are you guys doing to me?" gasped Jen.

"Teasing you for running away. Next," he called.

Justin with his gigantic pole took his place. Slowly he fed Jen his 14-inch monster. She whined, holding steady as his cock filled her. He gave her three long and slow fuck-strokes.

Then he pulled out.

Even when the guys weren't fucking her now, she undulated her hips in a woman's fucking motion.

Jim gave her three strokes of his shaft, then pulled out, and then Hank gave her three more boffings.

Gradually, the men fell into a rhythm, giving Jen three strokes, then moving for the next guy to give her three strokes. Jen fell into a flow of orgasm to orgasm; cuming until she had cum her fucking brains out.

As one of the men fucked her, two of the others would lay on each side of the bed and suckling Jen's large breasts with their large nipples. Sometimes, one of the guys would fondle her clitoris while her pussy was being filled.

Jen's awareness shrunk until all she was. Were two breasts being loved, a clitoris being teased, and most of all a pussy that was constantly being filled with cocks. The more cock she got the more she seemed to want.

Finally, Rick said, "I'm about ready to cum, guys."

The other four guys nodded.

This time instead of three strokes each of the guys fucked Jen until they exploded.

Rick rammed his cock in Jen again and again. He erupted shooting his wad in her twat. Hank took a turn. He groaned as his cum spilled into her cunt.

Then it was Jim. He buried his meat into Jen's by now sloppy and steamy pussy. He squeezed her ass and kissed her as he fucked her hard.

She climaxed with him. Justin's 14-incher was now ready for action. This time he wasn't gentle. He fucked her with his monster until she whimpered with lust.

"Fuck me with your big cock!" she hissed to him.

He exploded. She twitched under his ejaculation.

Finally, Lance took his place between Jen's pink legs. He kissed her inner thighs. She was so sensitive by now; she shuddered under his lips.

Lance took his cock in his hand and used the head of his dick to tease Jen's aching clit. When he sunk his cock in her pussy, it slid in easily because of all the cum. When his cock went into her, some of the other guys' sperm dribbled out and down her ass-crevice.

On his knees, he rocked back and forth until Jen was crying because it felt some good.

"I'm cuming, Baby," he told her, and as his love lava began to flow so too did Jen's.

The five guys rested and contemplated what to do to Jen next.

"I know," said Rick. "How about if Justin fucks Jen in the ass. With that monster of his it should be great fun to watch.

Justin grinned.

Jen said, "Oh, no, guys, not that. Please not that. He's just to fucking big."

To Be Continued...

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