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The Fantasy
by Katerina Val-Kyrie

Darkness surrounded her, except for the soft glow of candlelight upon her skin. Not a sound could be heard, except for the soft moans escaping her lips. Dezerae loved to fantasize when she was alone. She would envision wonderful dreams, and live them within her mind. Her fingers softly caressed her body with feather light touches. She loved the feel of her touch against her skin. Her hands lay along side her breasts, and she stopped there to playfully tease her nipples. Dezarae started her fantasy, all the while caressing herself, finding her fingers traveling further down.

Ante stood before her. He looked incredibly sexy in the soft glow of candlelight. Dezerae's fingers found her soft mound, and started to work their magic. In her mind her fingers became his, and she was forever lost within her dream.

Beside her now, Ante took Dezerae into his arms kissing her passionately. Her soft warm lips were so inviting, he found himself unable to resist them. He couldn't stop kissing her, his need to taste her was so strong. His tongue found hers, and as they entwined he became even more aroused. She tasted so good...God how he wanted her!

Dezerae kissed him deeply, pulling his tongue further into her mouth. She held him tightly, feeling more passion then she had ever known. As her mouth left his, she continued to kiss him further down, teasing him with her tongue. Dezerae stopped at his nipples taunting them with her fingers, gently caressing them. She then put one nipple in her mouth and nibbled, swirling her tongue around it. She went to the other one, not wanting to leave any part of him untouched. She tweaked his nipple, and took it into her mouth sucking it deeply.

Ante ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her tighter against him. His hands found their way to her breasts, and he circled his fingers, softly caressing. He took one tenderly, and lovingly kissed the erect nipple he found there. He gently took the delicious bud into his mouth, and caressed it with his tongue. Ante then went to her other breast, and teased her more with his tantalizing fingers. "Mmmmm"...Dezerae was getting more aroused by the minute...She playfully pulled away, and lay Ante back down on the bed. She continued to assault his body with her tongue, licking him, kissing him everywhere. Her lips trailed along his belly, finding what she was looking for...

Ante had other things on his mind though. He wanted to satisfy Dezerae first, hear her cries of ecstasy, see the look of lust in her eyes. His fingers found her softness, and he slid them along the folds of her hot wet pussy. He gently played with her clit as she whimpered softly."Mmmmm...don't stop Ante, please don't stop!......mmmmm..." Ante loved to hear Dez moan, and listening to her made him want her even more...

Dezerae found Ante going even lower. Pulling apart her pussy lips he inhaled her sweet nectar, as it played havoc with his senses. Up and down his tongue circled along her slit, tasting her wetness. He sucked her sweet nub into his mouth, swirling his tongue all around. Back and forth his tongue went, rolling over the trembling bud. He then flicked it rigidly against her clit, which was hard and swollen from his touch. Dezerae continued to moan, lost to Ante now. She arched her back wanting him to suck her harder. Ante kept up his momentum, trying to meet her thrusting hips. Ante's cock was throbbing as he fought to stay in control. In her fantasy her fingers (his fingers now) found their way inside her pussy. First one slid all the way in effortlessly, she was so wet! Dezerae cried out in her passion."Ante do it to me baby.... mmmmm" Another finger slipped inside her, and then another. Dezerae was going wild, wanting, needing to cum soon. Ante could feel her muscles squeezing tightly as he fingered her deeply. His tongue trailed along her pussy, gliding back and forth, and he stopped to suck on her clit once again. "Oh God Baby....I'm going to cum"... Ante sucked her even harder, and flicked his tongue wildly with hard fast strokes. He felt her body start to shake uncontrollably, "Oh God Yes!... Aaaaaahhhhhhh"... Ante loved tasting her juices, as she climaxed long and hard. He licked her wet pussy savoring the taste of her, feeling the pulsating of her clit inside his mouth. Her body now lay still, although her breathing was still rapid. All was silent now, as Dezerae waited for her speeding heart to slow down. Her pounding heart was the only sound she could hear. She felt her clit pulsating, as the waves of her orgasm receded...

Ante was now very aroused. He kissed Dez fully on the mouth, and she tasted her sweet juices on his lips. She began to reach for Ante's very hard cock, with a look of mischief in her eyes. He loved her childlike playfulness, and her laughing eyes, that now showed only pools of lust. Dezerae lowered her mouth over his hard shaft, swirling her tongue softly. As he felt her warmth and moistness around him, the passion in his body grew more intense. He felt the heat inside his balls, and Ante moaned wanting more..."mmmmm"... Dezerae ran his shaft along the outside of her mouth. Running circles along the tip, she flicked it with her tongue, slowly sucking him once again. Ante tried to push his cock deeper into her mouth, but Dezerae let him know, that she was the one in control."Mmmmm.... Dez please.......suck me baby, suck me!"...Her warm mouth circled his rigid cock as she took him in fully, deep throating him. While holding the base of his shaft, she pulled and sucked on him deeply. "Oh God Dez!.....go deeper, suck me hard babe!"...Ante thrust his hips faster to meet Dezerae's lips, feeling his orgasm build into a crescendo of unimaginable heights. "Mmmmm"...Ante continued to moan... Teasing him even more, she took his cock out of her mouth, and placed it between her hands. Dezerae then wrapped her lips against his hardness, using slight pressure. She ardently slid her lips up and down, warmly surrounding his manhood. Sensing Ante's urgency, Dez took him in her mouth once more. As his cock drilled in and out, faster and faster...Ante moaned loudly, the silence in the room long gone. "Oh God Dezerae! I am going to cum...let me cum in your mouth baby......aaaaahhhhh.... yes!...I'm cumming baby...mmmmm".......He thrust his cock hard into her mouth, feeling his orgasm reaching it's peak. Waves of passion hit him full force, as his cock shot hot cum down her throat. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh"............ Dezerae smiled, watching the ecstasy in Ante's face as she licked him clean, savoring the taste of his cum.

They lay together for awhile, just enjoying their embrace. A soft breeze from the open window caressed their bodies, a feather light touch against their skin. The light from the burning candle cast a soft glow as the couple slept, content and happily spent...

Dezerae's fantasy was not yet over, she still had a need to feel Ante inside her. Caressing her body with her fingertips, she gently circled them lightly against her skin. "Mmmmm"....she moaned softly wanting, needing, yearning. As Ante slept peacefully beside her, she kissed him tenderly on his lips, and a small moan escaped them. He felt her hands travel down the entire length of his body, and his cock stiffened almost instantly. God he wanted her again, he couldn't get enough! Dezerae watched Ante as he became aroused once more. The mischief was back in her eyes, along with the lust. She took some ice from the nearby ice bucket, running the ice cubes along her breasts, making them nice and wet. The ice felt sensual against her skin as she found herself too, fully aroused. Ante was ready for her, his cock grew to complete fullness as he watched her. Dezerae lay on her back and enticed him with her beautiful breasts, waiting for him to slide between them. Taking his cue from the urgency in her eyes, Ante came to her. Dez took his hardened shaft, and placed it between her breasts. She was so wet from the ice, that he slid in effortlessly, enjoying this new sensation. Dezerae held her breasts tightly against Ante's cock, watching him glide back and forth, in and out. She teasingly kissed the tip, swirling her tongue around as it neared her mouth. Ante fucked her breasts in long fluid strides, as she squeezed them even tighter against him. "Mmmmm.........God Dez! make me crazy.....I love you baby...mmmmm"...... Up and down he slid between their fullness, wanting, needing to cum soon. They were so soft and so wet...His passion turned to fire, he was so hot for her...Ante had to have her soon."Mmmmm...God, I need you babe... let me love you fully"... Dezerae turned her body, and positioned herself on her elbows and knees. Ante loved fucking this way, he could see all he wanted to see, and be in total control. He eagerly knelt behind her, anticipating what was yet to come. Ante then placed his hand on her ass, and with his other hand, he guided his cock inside her very wet pussy. He felt her warmth, her moistness, so tight against him. He pulled himself out slowly, then entered her again, with even deeper thrusts. Enjoying her fantasy even more, Dezerae's fingers worked wildly on her clit, feeling herself about to cum once again. As Ante was nearing his second climax, he grasped her hips and rammed his cock deeper inside her...Pumping, grinding, feeling her wet pussy tightening, as her orgasm threatened. Dezerae's fingers went faster and faster, as they both attained heights of pure ecstasy. Ante grabbed her ass and pumped wildly, his body glistening with sweat. "God.......I'm cumming baby!.......aaaaaaahhhhhhhh"............His climax rocked his body hard, as he finally gave in to his passion.

Dezerae was now, also at her greatest peak. Her erotic fantasy had come to an end, as her own orgasm exploded deeply within her....."Mmmmmmm......Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh".....Dezerae cried out, as she climaxed for the second time, during her wonderful dream.

Both Dezerae and Ante have had their dreams fulfilled tonite. The candlelight still glowed, casting soft shadows of light against their entwined bodies. Their hearts slowly beat together as one. They were twin souls now, forever bonded by this magical moment of love. The only sound in the room, was Dezerae's even breathing. She slept peacefully, feeling fulfilled within her wonderful fantasy.

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