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The Fifty-Cent Tour
by PumpDeg

I've always enjoyed watching Michelle walk by in front of the house on her way to work at the local Kroger's. I always try to make it a point to be out in the front yard to talk to her for a few minutes every day. She likes my little poodle and always bends over to pet him a little and I get a quick glimpse of her pert little tits.

This time it was just a little different. I was working on the new motorhome. I'm somewhat of a voyeur and I was installing a video surveillance system to watch the master bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room to watch the guest bed. I was in the basement area installing the recorder unit when Michelle walked up to the camper. We had only had the camper for a couple of weeks and she asked if she could go inside and look around. Of course, I said, "Sure, come on in and I'll give you the fifty cent tour."

I had all of the cameras installed already and they were very hard to spot. We looked around the front part for a while and I had her sit in all the chairs and the driver's seat. We moved on toward the back of the camper and she said that she really had to pee, damn, I didn't have the receiver hooked up yet. She went into the bathroom and did her business and we went on back to the master bedroom.

When we got into the bedroom, I had her Lie down on the bed. I teased her by lying down on the bed next to her and said that I had always wanted to get in bed with her. She gave me a mischievous grin and said that wasn't such a bad idea. I moved a little closer, looked her in the eye and said, "Don't say things that you don't mean." She said that her husband was in Germany, had been gone for two months, and wouldn't be back for another month. I leaned over to give what I thought was going to be a short kiss, but she almost attacked me! The kiss turned into a long, deep, probing kiss. I was in heaven.

The kiss lasted quite a while and by the time we came up for air I had my hand on her breast. I didn't release it when we broke the kiss and she put her hand on mine. I thought that she would move and she did, she rearranged it so that my fingers were pinching her nipple, and told me to squeeze hard. That was great, but I wanted that hand to travel south. I squeezed her nipple really hard while we kissed again and she was moaning the whole time. I headed south with my hand and when I got to her crotch she said that it felt great to have a man's hand on her cunt instead of her own. She sighed and said that she didn't have time for me to do it right.

She only had about 20 minutes and she had to be at work, but that she would give me something to tide me over until she got off work in six hours. She slid down on the bed until she was staring at my crotch. She looked back up at me and gave me a big smile, then started to unfasten my belt and pants. When she got my 7" cock out she engulfed it in one long, slow dive. After the first slow deep throat, she backed off and said that she didn't have time to do that right either but she would see what she could do. What she did was suck me to one of the most intense, if very quick, orgasms I had ever had.

When she had swallowed all of my cum, she said that she had to get to work. She stood up and walked out of the bedroom leaving me lying on the bed. Wow, I couldn't believe what had happened! Then I realized that I had enough time to get the receiver hooked up so I got busy, but my mind kept wondering, I wonder why?

I got the receiver hooked up so I could record whatever happened, and went in to take a shower. By the time I got done I only had about 45 minutes to wait, it was the longest 45 minutes of my life. I felt like a kid waiting for his first date.

I saw her strolling down the street and went out to meet her in the yard. We went into the camper and I gave her a passionate kiss and started to grope her but she backed away. I thought she had reconsidered, but no, she said that she wanted to take a shower first. Great, the cameras were ready. She grabbed me by the crotch and headed for the bathroom. I had already taken a shower but I thought what the hell? When we got into the shower, she told me to just relax and she would take care of everything. So I did, for a while. She washed me very slowly, as though she were studying every part of me. She spent a long time on my cock and I thought that I would cum right there. She told me to get out and dry off, that she would be there in a few minutes. No way was I going to miss this. I got a wash cloth and gave her the same treatment that she had given me. I took my time washing her; it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Her breasts were small and didn't bounce at all, they sort of quivered. As I washed my way down her body, she moaned as though I had hurt her, but her face told the story. When I washed her pussy she came and almost fell down. I dried her off and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and we kissed for a short while before I started working my way down to her pussy. She smelled wonderful. I ate her to a shuddering orgasm and then let her relax for a few minutes. When she had recovered, she rolled over on top of me and slowly worked my cock into her tight cunt. When she got it all in, she just laid there for a while, enjoying it. She wasn't alone, the feeling was indescribable. Her cunt was so tight it seemed to massage my cock without even moving. We fucked for quite a while and she had several orgasms before I was ready to shoot a load into her pussy. She told me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth again and I almost lost it. She got my cock into her mouth just in time to swallow a big load.

We rested for a few minutes and I thought I would never get it up again that day. That is, until she said, " I want you to fuck me hard in the ass. I thought I was in heaven. We rolled into a 69 to get each other all lubed up and I tongued her asshole for a long time. She rolled off of me and got on to her hands and knees, spread them as far as she, which was quite a ways. She looked over her shoulder and told me to hurt her! I got lined up on her little asshole and probed it with just the head of my dick and then pulled out to a running shot at it. I fucked her ass as hard as I could with her moaning and groaning the whole time. It was wonderful. It seemed as though she was cumming the whole time I was in her asshole. As I got ready to give her my third load of the day, she said that she loved the taste of my cum, and wanted to take it in her mouth again. I sure didn't want to upset her, so pulled out of her beautiful little asshole and gave her what she wanted. She deep throated me and sucked so hard I thought I would be six inches shorter when she got done. I came what seemed to be forever but it was a pretty weak load.

That was all I had to give that day. Michelle said that she would leave for work a little earlier tomorrow, and that I should save a good load to feed her before work. She wanted to carry my cum in her mouth all the way to work and swallow it after she punched in. She did, and we have repeated it many times since. Oh yeah, the cameras worked just fine,

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