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The Fountain Pt. II
by hullo_nurse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I contemplate whether I tell her that I know why she is here, but decide to play into Paul's fantasy a little & say "I have always had a fantasy of being with another girl and of having Paul tell me what to do, are you up for it?" She just gasps & smiles & nods her head yes. "First I guess we should introduce ourselves to each other." I tell her my name & Paul tells his & she finally gives in & says her name is Judie. I look Paul in the eye and say, "so, Master, what would you like for us to do?" His mouth kinda drops open, not knowing if I am teasing him or serious, and decides to play it safe.

He pulls me to him & kisses me & tells Judie to kiss my tits. She does without hesitation & Paul decides to test me. After a quick kiss he turns me around & tells me to lay down on the bed with Judie. We scramble onto the bed & he tells us to start kissing, like we are two timid virgins. Well, this was easy enough for me, cuz technically I was a virgin when it came to being with another girl. Paul sat in one of the chairs facing the bed & leaned back to relax & watch the show. Judie & I started to kiss slowly & I was a little hesitant, but once we started to get into it I lost all my inhibition. Judie took my hair in her hand & was pulling it & running her fingers through it alternately. I was just dazed at what I was actually doing to do much of anything else. Slowly I can out of it & started getting into Judie's persistent kisses. I wrapped my arms around her neck & dove deeper into the kiss, my lips pressing more firmly against hers. I heard a small moan escape & I still am not sure if it came from Judie or myself. We deepened the kiss further still, lips parted, tongues toying with each other, hesitant to take the plunge without the okay from Paul. Paul cleared his throat & says "You don't look like virgins to me! Back off a bit!"

So, I pulled away from Judie & we started all over. First it was just quick awkward pecks on the cheek, then we moved to the lips, but keeping to the quick kisses. We did this for about 5 minutes until Paul gave us permission to go ahead. "Oh, damn it to hell, I can't stand it anymore than you can! Please, use whatever passion there is between the 2 of you & give me the show of my life!!," he exclaimed. His hand was resting on his upper thigh & he had a boner that was standing straight up in the air.

Judie & I looked at each other & I smiled hesitantly at her. Her eyes said that she was ready to go for it, I'm sure mine said I wasn't quite sure what to do. Judie took the lead & started to kiss me softly. As I stared to moan she slid her tongue into my mouth. My body was saying 'full speed ahead!' but my head was a little shy still. I backed away a little & Paul immediately sensed it. "What do you think you are doing?" I look at him & see his hand wrapped around his tool & know that I can't let him down. I have to go through with this to the end, even if it is just for his sake.

"Nothing," I say, "just had to catch my breath." He doesn't have a chance to say anything before I lean back into Judie & start to kiss her as if it were Paul. I find her tongue & begin to let mine dance around it, then run it across her lips, and then back into her mouth. She has realized that I am into it 100% now & starts to lead us down the path of no return. I am breathing heavy now, my hands running over her body, up to her head & hair then down to her buttocks & abdomen. I let them rest at her breasts, softly touching her nipples with the palm of my hands. She lests out a cry of pleasure & I know that she is sensitive from earlier in the day. Her nipples must be very sore from grazing the pavement & gravel by the Fountain. I break away & apologize for hurting her & bend my head down to take her left nipple into my mouth. I gently lick it & move my tongue around in circles, then I suck it into my mouth & keep it ther while my tongue continues to circle the nipple. After a few minutes of this I release her left breast & move to her right breast. I repeat my actions here & am very careful not t be too rough. Once I start trailing kisses back up to her shoulders she gasps in shock & pulls away.

"You are her! You are the one from by Buckingham Fountain this morning! You saw me...what he made me do to...what I did can you be doing this to me now? How can you not be disgusted? How can you be so gentle when you saw how rough..." I can't help but feel compassion for her. I hold her to me and tell her "shhhh. Yes I am the one. You sniffed & licked at my crotch this morning by the Fountain. Do you know how turned on you made me?! I practically jumped Paul's bones when I got back! I was soaking wet by the time I got back to the hotel. I was just mesmerized by you & your Master & the love I saw in your eyes for him. When Paul came in I told him about you & we had the best sex we have ever had! Don't apologize for who & what you are as long as you enjoy it."

Judie looks at me & then at Paul & then smiles. "Ok, where were we?," she asks. Judie & I laugh & then get back to kissing. This time there is no hesitancy & we are going at it like we have been together before. My hands wander to her back & ass, squeezing her cheeks, telling her how cute I think her ass is. She has let her mouth wander down to my breast & is sucking, kissing & biting it. Her hand is on my other breast twisting & twirling the nipple. I moan & she lets her other hand wander down to my snatch.

She pushes me down on the bed & kisses her way down my chest & stomach to the "V" between my legs. She inhales deeply & moans her pleasure. "I love the smell of a well used pussy! I hope you left me some fuck juice to lick up!" And with that she dives in. She has me moaning in moments & it seems that Paul can no longer stand it. It looks as if he is about to cum. I call to him to cum to me & let me swallow him down. He straddles my face in the bed & positions himself so that he can watch Judie eat me out while I suck on his cock & balls. Before you can say "supercalafragalisticexbealadocious" we are both ready to explode.

I start to moan with his dick in my mouth & the vibrations cause Paul to start to cum. As he starts shooting his hot spunk into my throat I am brought over the edge when Judie inserts 2 fingers inside. I am cumming hard & crying out, but Judie doesn't stop. She keeps licking my clit & starts to put a third finger into my sopping pussy. Then she puts in the fourth finger. I feel like I am being stretched wide open. Paul comes down from his orgasm & goes down to the end of the bed to watch Judie as she curls her thumb into her hand & proceeds to push her whole hand into my slick pussy! Oh my gawd! I think I am ready to burst. Paul has gotten his erection back faster than ever before watching Judie's hand slowly go deeper & deeper into my pussy.

Judie spreads her finger out once inside me & starts to massage the walls of my vaginga. I am starting to feel an incredible orgasm build, like I have never felt before. Paul pulls me down to the edge of the bed & lifts my ass up & puts 2 pillows under me. He has Judie move a bit so that he has access to my tight little anus. He starts by inserting one finger & I gasp. I can't talk, but I don't need to. Paul tells me to open my eyes. I look at him & he tells me that Judie is going to fistfuck my pussy while he fucks my ass. All I can do is nod & moan. I am in no position to tell him no, even though I have never had both holes filled at once. Paul is usually a gentle lover, but not this time. He has Judie moisten his cock in her mouth & then he puts it at my rosebud & pushes his way in. I yell out, but once he is buried in to the hilt I can only whimper my pleasure.

As Paul starts to slide in & out, Judie starts to piston her hand in & out. She is opening & closing her hand & Paul's mouth is hung open wide. He tells Judie that he can feel her hand against him. Judie tells him to hold onto his horses & she starts to match his strokes with her hand open, caressing the back wall of my vagina, so that she is caressing him as well through the thin layer of tissue that separates her hand & his shaft. I can take it no longer & start spasming uncontrollably, crying out, moaning, thrashing my head back & forth, my legs are shaking & I start having this incredible orgasm that is pure ecstasy. Paul shoots his load deep inside me & I feel him pulsate over & over again. My box is squeezing Judie's hand like a vice grip & she dares not try to pull it out until the contractions subside. Paul comes over & kisses Judie full on the lips & thanks her & that is the last thing I remember before I pass out.

I wake to see Judie & Paul talking, and lay there & listen to what they are saying before letting on that I am awake. He is asking her how she became her Master's slave & what he did to her to teach her how to act properly. Judie tells Paul of the days locked up in the basement, hands cuffed above her head & feet spread wide apart & tied down to the bed. She tells of the spankings that progressed to whippings that escalated to beatings & how she thought she could tolerate it no more & then her pussy would betray her & get wet & excited & beg her Master just to touch it so she could cum. Then she told Paul about the nipple clamps that started out as just clips with pretty crystals hanging from them. The clips gave way to stronger clamps & the crystals gave way to weights. She also told of the small dildos that her Master had started out with, ones that you can purchase at any sex shop.

As they got larger her Master had to buy them out of catalogs until he gave up on that & hired a wood worker to fashion some on a lathe & a plasters man to make a few out of plaster of paris. She said she had the biggest dildo collection in the world, with ones as small as her baby finger to ones larger than both of Paul's forearms put together. Judie explained that when she obeyed her Master, they would make love in whatever way he chose & she was allowed to climax. When she disobeyed her Master or did something against his wishes or without his permission that she was punished. This punishment came in many forms. It could be a beating or just being tied up in an uncomfortable position & left there for hours. It could be having her pussy or ass stretched with a new toy in the most unplesant way. Sometimes he would put the nipple clamps on & add more & more weight, or he would put the clamps on her clit. Judie said she learned that obeying was much more advisable than pissing her Master off.

Judie started to explain how she got into the voyeurism when I "woke up." I sat up & my head started to spin a bit. I waited for the dizziness to go away & got up. I sat down at the table with Paul & Judie & poured us each a glass of wine. It was getting really late & I started to doubt that we would get any sleep tonight. I wanted to hear what Judie had to say about how her Master convinced her to parade around in public practically nude & in such a humiliating manner. Judie explained that it all started by her Master having "friends" come over to use his "slave"--her. She said at first it was embarrassing & she did it only to escape punishment, but that eventually she started to like the variety. Granted she was always the one to give & give & give, but she was allowed to receive pleasure as well, & she was such a slut at heart that it was really fulfilling her every fantasy.

Then it wasn't just men that came over, there were women, too. After she learned her place in all of this her Master started bringing her to gatherings & conventions. The parties usually lasted only the night, but the conventions were held at a resort & could last all weekend or even all week, depending on what time of year it was. Judie described what happened at these in detail from when she crawled through the door on a leash to when her Master carried her out in his arms because she was too exhausted to move on her own. She had been to many now & was used to the multiple sex partners & orders from multiple Master's, & the cute little outfits (or lack thereof) that her Master dressed her in. She wanted to be the best looking slave she could to make her Master proud. If it meant putting on a dog collar & wearing nothing but panties with a tail, then that is what she would do. Judie explained that there was a convention starting tomorrow that would last for a week here at the hotel & that she & her Master had come a day early to check out the sites.

By this time Paul was sporting another hard-on. He could only imagine more vixen's like this one here in the hotel, all with Master's that they had to obey, knowing that they had somehow been given a room on the floor that was supposed to be just for the conventioneers. They had requested that all the people cumming to their convention be put on the same floor so that they could "network" easier after business hours & so that they would not disturb the other guests of the hotel. Paul leans over & starts kissing on Judie. I AM very jealous, but figured that I had had my fun & it was time for him to have his! I went into the bathroom & got a towel wet & another one soapy & wet. I brought them out to Paul & as he was kissing Judie I took his cock in my hands & started to soap it up.

I knew that he had probably cleaned himself since being buried deep in my ass, but I was taking no chances. If I was gonna suck him I wanted it to be clean. I gently washed his shaft, head, balls, pubic mound & ass. Then I rinsed him off with the second towel & let him air dry. I started to kiss his nipple, fingering the opposite one. I could see a bit of precum at the tip & could not resist licking it up. I move my head down to his groin & use my tongue to gather the sweet droplet. I let my tongue swirl around the head, making it glisten in the light & then move back up to his chest. He breaks off his kiss with Judie as she moves to the end of the bed. Paul is lies down on the bed, and Judie positions herself on her stomach in front of Paul's erection. She starts to give Paul a wonderful licking when I decide that it is time for me to have my first taste of pussy. I kneel on the floor at the end of the bed and position my mouth at Judie's wet box. I start to tentatively kiss & lick at her outer lips & she tells me "yes, that's right."

Paul has his eyes closed & is enjoying Judie's ministrations to his hard phallus. I start to spread Judie's nether lips & see that she is glistening with her own dew. I push a finger inside her love tunnel & bring it to my mouth. I slowly stick out my tongue & taste her. "MMMMMMM, you are good. I never knew pussy could be so sweet," I tell her. She mumbles back some answer, but I can't understand her with Paul in her mouth. I go back to Judie & begin kissing her & sucking on her lips. She seems to enjoy this & I remember that she is a girl, just like me & I should just do what I like. I plunge my tongue into her wetness & tongue fuck her until she starts to moan. I then move up to lick from her clit all the way down to the end of her hole with my tongue flat, so I can feel & taste all of her.

I move back up to her clit & start to lick it, first up & down, catching it under the hood & going up above the hood putting pressure on that sensitive spot. When Judie starts bucking her hips I change my tactics, remembering that she will be punished if she cums. I start to lick her clit back & forth, which eventually leads to circular action around her clit. I am ignoring her clit itself, just teasing around it. I let the tip of my tongue barely glance her engorged clit as I move my mouth away. Judie moans her displeasure at my stopping, but I have to let her cool down.

I can't let her find out that I know about her situation, so I go up to Paul's mouth & start to kiss him. I bury my tongue deep in his mouth, as Judie is giving his stick a great sucking. I pull away & ask him if he like the taste of Judie's pussy. He nods his head yes & then exclaims that he is going to cum. I cover his mouth with mine & work both his nipples with my hands. I can feel his orgasm as his body jerks & his breath stops. After he unloads his breathing returns & he starts to kiss me back. Judie is licking his cock clean & he jumps when she licks at his head, as it is always ultrasensitive after climaxing. After his breathing returns to normal Paul breaks away from my kiss & asks Judie if she is ready to cum. We all know the consequences of Judie saying yes to Paul, and Judie know it the best. Is she willing to take the chance that her Master will hear her climax in order to give into her needs & desires? Is punishment actually what she desires, thus making her have no choice but to give in to her needs right now?

Judie contemplates this as Paul is sucking on her sensitive nipples. I move back down to the edge of the bed & start to finger her now sopping wet pussy. Paul tells me to start kicking again, that this slut slave is going to cum whether she likes it or not. Judie seems to give a sigh of relief that she does not have to make the decision on her own, that she is being forced to endure this pleasure. I start to lick in earnest at her clit, sucking it in between my teeth to nibble on it & then sucking it again. Paul is beginning to get a little rough with her breasts and Judie moans. I start to push three fingers into her, knowing that she can take my whole fist without my needing to really prepare her all that much. As I lick slower at her clit, teasing her, I add a fourth & then fifth finger into her snatch. Judie is moaning & pushing back on my hand, begging me to stuff her full with my fist. I take my hand out & make a fist & push it into her with one thrust. She shudders and cries out in pleasure, as I start to slowly move it in & our of her gaping hole.

Judie doesn't wait for me to increase the speed, she starts rocking herself back & forth onto my fist, gaining momentum with ever lunge. I look at Paul & he seems to read my mind. All of a sudden I pull my fist out of her & she yells out "NOOOOOOOOO!" as her pussy slurps. Paul & I switch places & I start to kiss her as Paul starts to work his fist into her. Judie begins moaning again & takes Paul's fist without any trouble, as my fist had stretched her enough to engulf his. Paul works her pussy into a frenzy & she is frantically kissing me & moaning at the same time. She starts to scream as she cums, yelling "YES YES!!! FIST-FUCK YOUR SLAVE'S PUSSY!!" She has a squirting orgasm like I have never seen before & she collapses onto the bed, passed out. Paul & I leave her there & go to the other bed in the room. We cuddle & hold each other & I whisper to him that I love him.

We hear another knock at the door & wonder who it could be. It is Judie's Master, I recognize him from this morning. We ask him in & Paul thanks him for the use of his slave. He & Paul shake hands & clap each other on the back. "See you tomorrow, Paul?" asks the Master.

"Yep, I'll let you teach my new slave some tricks. Thanks for telling me about the convention. I knew it was the perfect way to introduce her to this side of my life." As the Master carries Judie out of our room & to his next door I just stare at Paul with my mouth open wide, not knowing how to put what I am thinking into words.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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