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The First Time
by SubHoney

You step off the plane as I feel my heart racing. Even though we've known one another online for months, I am so nervous to finally meet you in person. We've planned this weekend for so long and discussed it in depth on the telephone for hours on end, but now the reality of it is here and I can hardly contain my excitement.

I recognize you immediately by the quiet smile on your face as you approach me. There is no awkwardness as you gently pull me to you in a soft kiss. I have awaited this moment for so long. The softness of your lips is exactly what I imagined.

After retrieving your bags we go to my car and enter the throng of traffic waiting outside. You tell me all about your flight as we turn onto the freeway. All very ordinary everyday conversation to help break the ice as we head for the bed and breakfast where we will spend our weekend together. The scenery is magnificent as we get off the freeway and begin our journey through the beautiful mountains. The fall foliage is breathtaking as we wind along the country roads.

As we round a bend in the road, you reach to take my arm and ask me to pull over. You turn the car off and ask me to join you for a walk, saying you've been sitting far too long on the flight. We find a little used trail and begin a beautiful walk with the leaves cascading around us. You take my hand as we walk past a small stream flowing with crystal clear water. In a small clearing you place your hand around my waist and turn me to look at your smiling face. Looking into your warm brown eyes I feel the nervousness melt away as a feeling of longing takes its place.

In a voice almost too small to hear, you say "I've waited for this for so long" as you gently kiss me. A kiss that lasts for what seems like forever. Not too hard, not too soft....just a perfect kiss. My hands feel their way to the small of your back as you pull me closer....our bodies pressing together. I feel you stroke my hair and the nape of my neck as my hands trace the outline of your muscular back and shoulders. A soft moan escapes my lips as we kiss. This moment could not be more perfect or more erotic as I feel your fingers glide across my breasts through my thin cotton blouse.

There is a gentleness in your touch that makes my knees weak. Your embrace is breathtaking. I almost gasp as I feel your lips trail down to my neck, lightly nibbling and gently suckling as your tongue awakens my senses. My head lay back to allow you full access to my soft skin as I stroke the back of your neck and relish the feel of your touch. Your hands find the buttons of my blouse and begin to free my now erect and sensitive nipples. I cannot contain the moan of pleasure that slowly escapes as I feel the fabric fall from my shoulders to the leaf covered ground.

Your mouth finds the spot which will, in short time, be so sensitive I will surely lose my mind in pleasure. I look down to watch as you ever so gently lick and caress my nipple with your warm moist tongue. A shiver passes through my body as I see you take it past your lips and suckle it gently. With one hand on the small of my back pulling me close, you tenderly kneed my other breast in the palm of your other hand. My body trembles and I fear my knees will no longer support me.

I know that I can't take much more of this as I feel you bending my knees with your hand and allowing me to slide slowly to the ground....your body pressing against mine. You lay me gently on the forest floor as your mouth moves to find mine once again. You feel the urgency in my kiss as I open my mouth to accept your searching tongue. I want, NEED you to make love to me.

I feel my body temperature soaring as you slide your hand down to the top of my skirt. I can hardly contain my excitement as your hand continues its path to lift my skirt and slide underneath. Finding my supple thighs, with a featherlike softness you caress your way up to their end. I am so glad now, that in my haste to get ready and drive to the airport I have forgotten to put on panties this morning. You kiss me harder as you discover a mound of soft wet pubic hair. My body takes over for my mind as my legs part and allow your fingers to probe my most intimate place.

I can no longer contain my body's need for your touch as a long soft moan of pleasure crosses my lips. Your tongue leaves a trail of wetness on my neck and chest as you lower to find my nipples again.......your fingers driving me into a frenzy of pleasure and longing.

As I feel my body approaching a climax, your hands and mouth cease their exploration. I open my eyes to see you standing over me now.....removing my skirt. You fold it and place it under my head, asking if I am comfortable. I smile and assure you I am as you take my hands and place them on my naked breasts. I know what I am to do to please you, my Master.

* * * Part Two * * *

As you stand looking down at me lying on the ground, I caress my breasts as you've told me you so enjoying watching. You remove your shirt, exposing your well muscled chest and abdomen. I enjoy having you see me pleasuring myself, but waht I really want is to please you. I need to feel your body. I need to find what makes you moan and gasp with erotic delight.

You move to stand between my feet as you say, "Open yourself to me Little One." My heart pounds as I hear you call me that for the first time in person. My longing to please you is overpowering. My legs spread to expose myself to you fully. The crisp fall morning air is invigorating...or perhaps it is because I am here, at last, with the man I so long to serve. I look up to see you admiring what is now yours. You have prepared me well to serve you, telling me what I am to do to please you. Telling me how I will be richly appreciated for my gift to you. I want nothing more at this moment than to give myself completely to please you in any way possible.

You start to unzip your jeans when I quietly ask, "May I do that for you, Sir?" You smile coyly as you nod your approval and move to stand beside me. I ask if I may kneel before you and again you nod your approval. I rise to my knees, looking up into those loving gentle eyes and slowly unzip your jeans. My breath halts as I see what my body so desperately longs for, bulging in its constraints.

As I lower the cloth down your muscular thighs I cannot keep from kissing your hardness. You cup my chin and look down to ask, "Do you want to serve me, Little One?"

I feel myself slip into another dimension, so to speak, as I take your cock into my hand and caress it so gently, so lovingly. I look into your eyes as my mouth opens and ask, "May I, Sir?" With a smile of pleasure on your face you simply nod and gently pull my head to you, inserting yourself into my waiting mouth. I hear you moan longingly as I feel your cock slide across my lips.

"Your mouth will be mine. Do you understand this Little One?" Unable to speak, I nod that I understand and agree. Your hand in my hair, you slowly begin rocking your hips to push yourself deeper and deeper into my warm, moist mouth. I feel you growing harder as my mouth envelopes your full erection. I know you are pleased by the way your breathing becomes faster and heavier. Your movements quicken and become harder and faster. Your breath catches and becomes raspy as I feel you swell inside my throat. As I move my hands to your thighs I hear you let out a long guttural groan as I feel your body pump a stream of warm salty cum into my mouth. I drink it in, loving the taste and feel of it sliding down my throat. I gently suckle you until I feel you becoming flaccid against my tongue. You look down with a gleam in your eye and say, "Little One, I am very well served by you. You have earned a reward for yourself."

With that you lay me back to the ground and place me gently on the bed of our discarded clothing. You spread my thighs and, on your knees, you begin to explore me with your warm tongue. I gasp as you find my swollen clit and begin gently sucking it between your lips, your fingers probing deep inside me. You lick and nibble it until I can't contain the orgasm that has been building for so long. My hips rise to meet your mouth as I scream in body racked by an electric charge running its full length. As I relax and regain my composure, I feel you sliding up my body.....your hands tracing the curves of my shape. Our mouths meet and I taste a heady mix of our salty juices. Our tongues explore, seeking out the remaining drops. I take your hand in mine and kiss each finger as I look deeply into your eyes, saying softly, "I am yours Master......please let me serve you."

A look of utter contentment crosses your face as you kiss my forehead and tell me, "You will serve me well Little One. Very very well."

Our weekend together turned out to be just the beginning of a truly beautiful loving lifelong relationship. One I am so grateful for. Every time I hear you call me "Little One" it reminds me of our first time and makes me love you even more.


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