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The Flat Tire
by Ed0613

This was really only our second date.

There had been a luncheon meeting to discuss whether my small export firm could represent her company's line of fiberglass products in an overseas market. The second meeting the following evening over dinner was to finalize the agreement. Since we got along so well, I asked her out on a formal dinner date the next night.

In the two earlier meetings she had met me at the restaurants. On the first true date I picked her up at her house. When I arrived she asked me in, and we had cocktails and a pleasant chat before going to dinner. Over dinner we talked some more and I learned she was a widow. I told her I had been divorced for 15 years. We didn't leave the restaurant until well after 10:00 P. M.

When we got to her house, I walked her to the door. It was awkward moments until I leaned down and kissed her. She seemed very responsive and things were heating up well when suddenly she pushed me away, and said, "I had a lovely evening, thank you very much." Like a whisper of fog she opened the door and was gone, leaving me standing there with my whatever hanging out.

I thought about her all the way home, and again in the morning as I showered. I couldn't help it -- later that day I called her. Her voice was light and pleasant as if nothing it happened, so I took a flyer and asked her out for dinner and a movie the following night.

Again I picked her up at her house, this time a little earlier. The view of the lake with the dock and rolling lawn behind her house was beautiful. Again, dinner was pleasant and the movie was all right, just a bit mushy for me.

Disaster struck on the way home.

When we came out of the movie it was raining. About halfway to her house we had a flat tire. When I called the recognized AAA roadside repair service on my cell phone they told me it would be at least an hour before they could come and change the tire, so, in the rain I put on the funny little spare while she held the flashlight. By the time I was finished we were both drenched, cold, and my hands were filthy.

When we got back to her house, she told to come in and cleanup while she made cocktails. I washed at the kitchen sink as she got busy with the drinks.

I finished and dried my hands. Her back was to me so I took a quick step up behind her and without touching her anywhere else I kissed her on the neck. She gasped and dropped the glass on the counter, ice went everywhere. With a mischievous smile she turned around and I put my arms around her. Although she used her hands and forearms as a shield between our bodies she turned her face up to me to be kissed. The kiss was long, slow, wet and delicious. Without changing the position of her hands and arms she laid her head against my chest. This left me looking down at a bare neck, begging to be kissed. When I did what comes naturally, I could almost see the goosebumps and I could certainly feel the shudder that ran through her.

I thought, "Damn, you've done it again." Another "Thanks I've had a good time, good night." But it was not to be. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me again, this time with a passion I didn't know existed. When our tongues met it was like an electric shock. In retrospect it was almost comical, two 60 year olds standing in the kitchen, soaking wet, her shaking, me panting, with a lump in my trousers, making out like a couple of teenagers.

The next kiss was even more passionate than the last, if that was possible. Without a word she took me by the hand and let me into her bedroom. There I found that it didn't matter where I kissed her, she shuddered. She shuddered a lot since I kissed her from her nose to her toes and every place in between. I found one spot that was extremely sensitive and kissed it often. (She seemed to enjoy shuddering.)

When we finally made love it wasn't like two inexperienced teenagers groping in the dark, but rather like two mature adults who knew how to elicit the best from each other. The first time was pretty quick, but the second was slow, long, drawn out and mutually rewarding. I wish there could have been a third time, but as willing as my spirit was, my flesh was weak.

I finally left at dawn and we made plans for dinner again tonight. I am praying for rain and wonder how I can arrange another flat tire.


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