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The First Time Pt. II
by D4Dave

This occurred back in the 1960's, when gay sex was still a taboo subject for most in Great Britain and, whilst many experimented with it, it was seldom discussed. The previous day I had had a brief encounter with my best friend Steve in the shower block after a soccer match whilst on a Venture Scout holiday in Northern Ireland. Later that evening he wanked me and fucked me. The next morning, after a painful visit to the toilet block, my story continues. We avoided eye contact for most of breakfast but my attempts to ease the discomfort I felt from my anus by continuously shifting my weight from one buttock to another whilst clenching and relaxing my ring was the cause of some comment from others at our table. As we were leaving to return to our tents to prepare for the day's activities he caught me eye and smiled. In our tent we were changing into swimming trunks for a walk to the beach and a swim. Steve sat on his sleeping bag next to me and watched whilst I removed my shorts and underpants.

Leaning across he whispered, "Are you sore?"

"What do you think?" I replied.

"Lean on your stomach and I'll put some Vaseline on your hole, that'll ease the pain," He said.

"You're not fucking me again," I hissed.

"Wait a minute till the others leave."

The others were leaving the tent when one turned and asked if we were coming. "Be there in a minute," I replied.

Steve said he wasn't going, as he was duty cook that day. Left alone, Steve turned to me and told me to lie on my stomach. When I had done this he began to run his hands up the insides of my thighs, easing my legs apart. At the top he gently ran his finger backwards and forwards on the soft skin between my ass and my balls. With one hand he spread my buttocks, exposing my anus, against which he placed his finger. I squirmed in discomfort. "Sorry," he said, "You are sore". He reached behind him and produced the jar of Vaseline he used the night before. He put his finger into the jar and removed some of the contents. With the fingers of one hand he again spread my cheeks and gently applied the Vaseline to my hole. Whilst there was some discomfort it was nothing like the last time he touched me. He applied more Vaseline, his finger probing at my hole and slowly entering me. Instinctively, I pushed backwards to meet his finger. Each movement allowed his finger further entry. All pain had gone by this time and I was in seventh heaven.

Twenty-four hours before the thought of having sex with another man let alone my best friend had never occurred to me. Now here I was being fingered again, after a night of being fingered, fucked and wanked. He removed his finger and turned me on to my back. He applied some Vaseline to the helmet of my prick. He closed his hand around me and slowly began to stroke up and down. I took a deep breath. His hand began to pick up speed. His other hand he places on my forehead, brushing away some hair that had fallen across my eyes. Each time my hips began to move he slowed then stopped the movement of his hand until I settled and then slowly began stroking me again. Finally as my hips began to move again he increased the speed of his hand until, with a gasp, I came. My come splattered my lower ribs and stomach.

Steve looked down at me. With his right index finger he collected some of my come. Lifting my T-shirt he rubbed it around my left nipple. Collecting some more he repeated this with my other nipple. Collecting my come for a third time he put his finger against my lips, rubbing gently. I kept my mouth tightly closed and tried to turn my head but his hand on my forehead kept me still. He moved his hand across my ribs, collecting the last remnants of my come. Involuntarily I licked my lips, tasting the salt of my sperm. His fingers again pushed at my lips, this time I allowed them entry. In moved two fingers in and out of my mouth until he was satisfied they were clean of come. Moving towards the door he said, "You had better be off to the beach, I'll see you tonight."


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