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The Gift
by English Bob

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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(Inspired by Venus)

Megan had a Gift. Her mother had it, and her grandmother, when she was alive, had it. Megan had discovered at an early age that if she looked at another person for long enough with her large emerald coloured eyes, that person would become transfixed. With practice and more concentration, she realised that she could not only transfix the person, but also virtually control their mind. In her earlier years this had become a great source of entertainment for Megan. She would have her brother and sister run errands for her and volunteer to do her chores. When out shopping with her parents it was easy to get her mother to purchase the fashion clothes that she wanted rather than the boring conservative items that her mother thought that she should have. When at school, although she was a pretty girl, she found it was much more fun to use her Gift to secure a date with the best looking boy for a dance or social gathering.

However, as the years passed and Megan matured, she found that she used her Gift less and less, relying on her instinctive intelligence, sharp personality and good looks to get her the things she wanted from her life.

At 35 years old, Megan thought that she was well settled. Her management career with a good PR company in the city kept her busy enough, and she had her husband Barry. However, a week ago all that had changed. Barry had left her. After a long conversation that continued well into the night, Barry had informed her that he had been seeing another woman (ten years Megan's junior), and that he wanted to move in with her. Barry had left that night and after crying herself to sleep, Megan awoke the following morning vowing to get her life together.

And so she found herself a week later preparing to go out for a night on the town. She had selected a large noisy bar with good music, and there was always the possibility that she might meet someone else. Firstly, Megan took a long hot bath, indulging herself with expensive oils and soaps. As she dried herself, she looked at her naked body in the full length mirror. She was pleased that her daily aerobics class had kept her body in good shape. Her legs were long and smooth, tapering nicely to her ankles and small dainty feet. She kept her pubic hair well trimmed with just a small patch of blonde hair above her pussy. Her waist was trim and her flat tummy accentuated her full breasts. Casually she cupped her hands under her breasts. Although large, regular exercise had kept them fairly firm. She ran her fingers lightly over her pink nipples feeling a tingle down her spine. She shivered slightly and, on an odd impulse, pinched them a little, feeling then start to harden slightly. She felt strange standing in front of the mirror, she had not masturbated properly since her teens. Her sex life with Barry had been adequate but not excessive; the usual Friday or Saturday night sessions with some brief foreplay before intercourse usually in the missionary position. Her nipples were now quite hard. She felt oddly excited as if she were doing this for the first time and that it was somehow very naughty. Feeling more daring, she let her hand drift down to her trimmed bush, letting her index finger slowly drift up and down the warm folds of her pussy. She was surprised that she had become quite moist down there and as she looked back into the mirror she could see that her face was flushed. As her finger came into contact with her clitoris she let out a sigh.

"God what am I doing?" she thought as she pulled her hands away. "You're not a teenager any more you know".

Megan glanced at the clock on the dresser. Time was getting on. She made a mental promise to continue with her caresses when she returned. She thought briefly about not going out at all and tending to herself now, but realised that if she didn't get her social life back on track now she would more than likely regret it later. With this, she selected her clothes for the evening. The night air was warm so she chose a light summer dress, low enough at the front to show a little cleavage and the hem finishing just above her knees. She complimented the dress with a pair of tight yellow bikini panties and a matching bra. She finished the outfit with black heels and a black short jacket. Applying her makeup carefully and tying her long blonde hair back into a pony tail, she once again inspected her work in the mirror.

"Excellent" she said to herself, laughing. "You can still look good!!"

She picked up her keys and purse and headed out into the night.


As Megan stepped from the taxi, she felt a cool breeze play around her legs sending a shiver down her spine and reminding her of her earlier excitement. She paid the driver his fare and, taking a deep breath, walked into the bar.

The bar was dark and fairly crowded for the hour as Megan meandered her way towards the counter. Taking a seat on a high stool she attracted the attention of the bar tender and ordered a large vodka martini. As she sipped her drink she looked around the bar.

"Mostly couples" she thought to herself. "That's OK, plenty of time"

During the next hour, several men approached her with offers of drinks, all of which Megan politely refused. "You can spot a married man a mile off" she thought "they are so obvious".

As a few more martini's warmed her insides, Megan began to feel more relaxed. As her eyes flitted around the room she began to think that she might like to use her Gift once again.

"It might be fun" she thought, grinning to herself, "having a man at my command."

All thoughts immediately vanished as she watched a familiar man approach the bar.

"Jesus Christ.... BARRY" she said to herself in disbelief. "What the hell is he doing here"

Megan quickly turned back to the bar so as not to be noticed by her estranged husband. Barry purchased his drinks and Megan watched out of the corner of her eye as he returned to his table. Seated with Barry was a tall slim woman in her mid twenties. She was stunningly attractive with long jet black hair and fine features. As she was seated, Megan could not make out the rest of her body but guessed that it was as attractive as the rest of her!

Megan was seething. "Shit - how dare he bring her into this bar. Had he known she would be here? Was he flaunting his new prize?" The thoughts rushed through Megan's mind at 100 miles an hour.

Megan thought of an idea. She had to get closer to the couple. Had to see more. She knew that the woman was younger than herself and extremely attractive, but she wanted to get closer. Gathering up her drink she looked for the last guy who had recently tried to hit on her. She spotted him standing by himself and manouvered herself into such a position that she could see Barry and his little bitch over the guy's shoulder without being seen herself. As the stranger introduced himself and started to bang on about something intensely boring to Megan, she let her eyes drift over his shoulder. She could now clearly see the younger woman with Barry. She had been right, she was stunning. She had a perfect figure with medium sized breasts (no need for a bra Megan realised) and very long legs. She wore a micro skirt and silk blouse and the outfit was finished off with spiked heel shoes. Megan stared at her. The woman seemed deeply engrossed in something that Barry was saying to her and smiled revealing perfect teeth. The guy hitting on Megan was still oblivious to her disinterest as he rattled on.

Megan seemed slightly uncomfortable as she continued to watch the woman. She had never been attracted to another woman before but she realised that she was seeing this woman in a sexual context. Megan believed that she possessed a completely open mind about such things but was shocked at her current feelings. "She is just so sexy" she thought

Suddenly an idea came to Megan. She could use her Gift on both the woman and Barry and she could satisfy her curiosity about the woman's body.

The woman with Barry moved from her seat. Megan realised that she was on her way to the bathroom. She must act now. Throwing only a cursory apology to the guy still talking to her she turned and followed the woman to the bathroom. As she watched the woman go through the door, Megan waited outside. After a few minutes Megan heard movement from inside as she realised the woman was about to come out again. As she exited, Megan moved forward and collided with the woman.

"Oh...I'm sorry" said the woman, surprised. "I didn't see you th..."

Megan stared deep into the woman's blue eyes, rooting her to the spot. The seconds ticked by as Megan turned up the mental intensity penetrating her way into the other woman's mind.

"What is your name?" asked Megan.

The woman seemed perfectly calm and had a glazed expression as she replied.

"Carla" she said "My name is Carla Evans."

Megan continued "Carla, I have complete control of your mind. You should not be alarmed as I wish you no harm, but you will obey my instructions. Is that clear?"

Carla nodded her agreement as Megan continued.

"Everything that I command of you will seem perfectly natural. Do you understand?"

Again Carla nodded as the two women made their way back to Barry's table.

"Hello Barry" said Megan as she stared deep into his eyes.

"Megan...god...what are you doin..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Barry immediately became transfixed as Megan intensified her stare. Megan repeated the same warnings to Barry as she had to Carla. "I should have thought of this before" she laughed to herself. "It might have improved our sex life!"

"Right. Let's go somewhere a little more private shall we?" Megan said. "Barry, telephone that limousine service that your company uses. Tell them we need the largest limo they have for a few hours and put it all on your company expense account."

"Let's see you explain that to your boss!!" she thought to herself

As Barry pulled his cell phone and dialed the number, Megan turned to Carla.

"Well now little Miss, I'm not really sure of my feelings at the moment. You certainly have me attracted to you and I guess that I should explore that side of my personality a little. From now on you will both refer to me as Mistress. Is that clear?"

Both Carla and Barry sounded their agreement without hesitation as the trio finished up their drinks. Megan's heart was fluttering like a scared butterfly. Could this really be happening? Was she about to have her first encounter with another woman and her soon to be ex-husband? The thoughts kept flying around her head as she looked up and saw a large black limo pull up outside the bar.

"It's now or never" she thought to herself as she swallowed the last of her drink and led Barry and Carla outside and into the car.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by English Bob.

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