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The Gift
by English Bob

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Under Megan's instruction, Barry told the driver to just keep driving around the city and to close the partition screen between the main body of the car and the drivers seat. As the limo pulled away, Megan looked at Carla. She took a deep breath and, with trembling fingers started to unbutton the front of Carla's silk blouse. Megan ordered Barry to just sit and watch for the time being. As Megan released the last button, the material swished away from Carla's upper body revealing two perfectly formed breasts. Megan had not seen another woman's breasts up close before and she was surprised at how much this was turning her on. Carla just sat back against the cool leather seats as Megan slowly removed the blouse completely and bent forward to kiss her nipples. As Megan's lips closed around the nipple, she could taste Carla's subtle body spray. Her skin felt hot and taught as Megan rolled her wet tongue around the hardening bud and drew it deep into her mouth. As she suckled on Carla's tit, Megan's hands found the hem of Carla's short skirt and quickly pushed the whole thing up round her waist. As Megan released her nipple and looked down she was pleasantly surprised to find Carla wore no underwear at all, and that she was completely shaved.

"Open your legs now Carla" instructed Megan

Carla's breathing had become a little short and her nipples had stiffened after the attention they had received as she spread her long legs in front of her Mistress

"Use your fingers. Play with yourself" continued Megan

Without hesitation Carla brought both her hands between her legs and started to stroke her shaved pussy.

"Mmmmmmm oh yes.... oooooooooohhhhhh..... that feels nice Mistress" groaned Carla

Megan smiled to herself as she felt the power of the situation. Feeling bolder she continued her instructions to Carla. "Push your fingers in deep. Play with your asshole as well. But do not cum without my permission" Megan and Barry both watched intently as the half naked Carla sat between them with her legs spread and her fingers in her ass and pussy masturbating for all she was worth.

Megan could feel her own wetness seeping through her bikini panties now. This was amazing to be able to watch a beautiful young girl finger both her holes in front of her like this. She turned her attention to her husband.

"Barry, you little shit. You never went down on me throughout our entire marriage. But you're sure gonna now!"

Pulling the hem of her dress up to her waist and wriggling out of her damp panties, Megan spread herself open.

"Down on your knees Barry, my cheating excuse for a husband. Make me cum on your face!"

Without question, Barry dropped to his knees in front of Megan and pressed his face to her open wet snatch. As his tongue flicked over her exposed clitoris, Megan pulled the straps from her dress and lifted her bra. She could feel Barry's tongue start to fuck her slit as it went in and out and she drew a sharp intake of breath.

"Lick my clit as well you idiot!" she screamed as she pulled on her hard nipples. "God, I never realised how useless you would be at giving head!"

Barry complied silently as his tongue swirled over and over her clit occasionally taking it between his teeth and nibbling gentle.

Megan, now getting hotter by the minute, turned to the masturbating figure of Carla sitting next to her.

"Stop fingering yourself for a moment and suck on my nipples" she commanded.

As Carla's lipstick red mouth closed over her nipple Megan could stand it no more.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh yessssssss.... lick my clit.... mmmmmmmm.... suck on my nipple....I'm CUMMINGGGGGGG... AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH"

Megan's orgasm took her completely by surprise. She bucked her hips off the seat covering Barry's face with her juices. Her tits bounced up and down as Carla struggled to keep the nipple in her mouth. She squeezed her legs together around Barry's face keeping him in direct contact with her flowing pussy as wave after wave of intense excitement crashed through her body.

As her orgasm subsided, Megan looked over at Carla. Her fingers were back in her pussy and she could see her cunt lips glisten with moisture.

"Oh dear" said Megan patronisingly, "does the poor baby need to cum?" "Lean over my lap so I can feel your tender little ass cheeks"

Carla positioned herself so that she was lying face down across Megan's lap with her ass in the air and her head in Barry's lap who was now sitting next to Megan.

"Well, I guess you have seen his cock a few times before, so you might as well suck on it now" ordered Megan. "But you will need to be punished for sucking off another woman's husband"

As Carla unzipped Barry's trousers and released his cock, Megan watched. All thoughts of jealousy had now vanished as she saw with lust how Carla gently wrapped her small hand around his erection and lowered her mouth over the head. Carla's throat bulged as she took Barry's penis deep inside humming slightly to increase the stimulation.

As Barry closed his eyes, lost in a sea of extasy, Megan started to run her hands over Carla's beautiful, smooth, naked ass. Using her hands to open Carla's legs, Megan pushed two fingers deep into her pussy.

"Mmmmuuugghhhhhhh" Carla's groan was muffled by the large erection that was filling her mouth.

Megan pulled her fingers out of Carla's cunt and proceeded to wipe them on her upturned ass. Instinctively Megan slapped her hand down on to Carla's butt.


"Ooowwwww...oh Mistress that that my punishment?"

Megan was surprised at her actions, but watching the perfect flesh of Carla's ass turn pink and ripple slightly excited her more.

"That's just the start, my little slave" Megan chuckled, and immediately landed two more slaps.


Barry now had his eyes open as Carla had let go of his prick, but for some reason felt he was completely unable to protest at the use of his girlfriends ass.

"Mistress?" asked Barry "I am so close to cumming. Please may I be allowed some release from Carla?"

"Very well" replied Megan "Carla, I'm going to continue your punishment. With every slap you will take Barry's cock deeper into your throat until he cums"

"Y..yes Mistress" Carla sobbed. "I..I..I.. understand"

As Carla once again took Barry into her mouth, Megan fumbled through her purse. Eventually finding what she wanted, she pulled out a wooden handled hair brush. Hardly believing she was capable of such actions, she brought the brush down three times on Carla's already reddened ass cheeks.


As the third strike landed Megan could clearly see the familiar shape of Barry's cock swell deep in Carla's throat. Barry drew in a sharp breath and screamed as he felt the pain mixed with extasy as the third strike landed and he felt Carla's teeth on his shaft.

"Ooooooowwwwwwwwww... oooooohhhhhh hurts... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I'm cumminggggggg... YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS... AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

As Barry's cock erupted and Carla tried in vain to swallow his cum, Megan pushed the handle of the brush deep in to Carla's wet pussy and began to fuck her with it.

"You like this my little slave bitch? Hmmmm yes?" Megan said as she continued to pump the brush. "You want to cum with Barry's sperm all over your face?"

Carla was in a world of her own. Barry's cum was dribbling from her red lips as her pussy was assaulted from behind by her Mistress. She could still feel the fire from her ass cheeks from her *punishment*, but this was now replaced by a feeling of complete and total lust as she felt the brush go deep inside her. She could not understand why she felt unable to complain, she was not usually submissive but felt that she had no choice but to obey her Mistress. She felt the heat in her pussy build as she ground her hips into the lap of her Mistress beneath her.

"Ooohhhhh goddd Mistress....Please may I cummmmmm??....I'm so close now" Carla pleaded

"Yes, my little slave bitch...cum for me now" screamed Megan as she quickly replaced the brush handle with her own fingers. "Cum now..cum now.."

Rather than screaming, Carla more whimpered and sobbed her way to orgasm. "Oh Mistress..Mistress..Mistress" she called over and over as her fresh young body convulsed and twitched on Megan's lap. Megan's fingers kept a regular rhythm as they plunged in and out of the girl's open pussy and asshole as her orgasm exploded through her body.

Now satisfied with her work Megan ordered the driver to pull over. They were in a remote part of town more than 3 miles away from the residential areas.

"Right you two" said Megan "I've finished with you...for now. You can both walk home from here. But one more thing. You may not dress yourselves, and if anyone wishes to take advantage of you on the way home, you will allow them to do with you whatever they wish. When you awake tomorrow you will remember nothing of this evening. However, the next time that you see my face, you will immediately be under my control. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress" both Carla and Barry responded.

As they walked hand in hand down the street, Megan watched them from the window of the limo. Barry still had his limp cock hanging from the fly of his trousers and Carla was naked from the waist down with her skirt bunched around her hips and her breasts exposed for the world to see.

"I wonder how far my slaves will get" thought Megan with a grin.

She tapped on the window and gave the driver her address. As she sat back and straightened her clothes she looked forward to using her Gift again soon.

The End

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This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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