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The Game
by Ms. Vicious
*** WARNING - This story contains graphic violence. If you do not wish to read such content, do not go further. ***

It started out as a game. She was to come home from work, and he was supposed to burst in posing as a violent rapist. Julie and Sam had been trying to spice up their love life, but this was mostly Julie's idea. She had wanted Sam to be forceful with her during sex before, but the worst he would do was spanking her. This time she had convinced him. She had been bored with Sam for quite some time, but this, she knew, would make things better.

She walked into the knife shop on her lunch hour. The man behind the counter was old and mangy, and had scars covering his face. A confederate flag hung in the corner. Yes, she thought, This is perfect. She smiled as the man asked in a raspy old voice, What can I do you for, miss? Julie looked down the rows and rows of knives carefully. Finally she saw it. A seven inch perforated edge black handled one. This would be perfect. Id like to buy this knife here, she said. The old man looked at her curiously, but got the knife out of the case carefully. Now this here knife is a- Its fine. Ill take it. she interrupted. He stopped his presentation abruptly. If you say so, missy. That'll be sixty-four dollars even. She gladly handed over the money as the old man bagged the knife. Now you be careful with that there knife, the old man said. I will, she said, smiling.

All was quiet when Julie entered the apartment. She smiled. Her stomach turned excitedly. He was here, she knew. He was here, and he was waiting for her. She looked down at the knife in her purse and smiled. I hope he's got enough balls to go through with this, she thought. She then went into the kitchen and took out the knife. She looked at it lovingly for a second before placing it on the table where Sam could find it. She then headed to the shower. Ill give the guy some time to get psyched up, she thought. She laughed as she remembered his shock the first time she asked him to spank her. He was a sensitive little guy, into traditional missionary position sex. Well, Julie had changed him a little since then, but tonight would really do it. It was all she could do to keep from touching herself there in the shower. She decided instead she would save up her energy for the Rapist. Suddenly she stopped and thought. The shower, the knife, someone lurking in the reminded her of the Hitchcock movie, Psycho. She laughed out loud with wild delight at this.

After the shower, Julie put on a sexy nightgown and settled down to watch TV. She was beginning to wonder where Sam was. He should've been there by now. The nightie was satin and black and short. It brought out her red hair amazingly, and it was Sams favorite. She absentmindedly flipped through channels as she felt slightly annoyed. Damn it, Sam, she mumbled aloud, Where the fuck are you? The only answer came from the glowing television. Julie cursed it and headed towards the kitchen. She grabbed an apple and began slicing it, thinking of the knife and Sam. She smiled. The little bastard had backed out. She knew it. She had barely gotten the thought completed before she felt cold steel against her neck and a hand at her waist. She sighed. Don't say a word, he whispered. Her breathing became heavy as she began to get excited, despite the pitifully gentle way Sam was holding the knife. What are you going to do to me? she asked playfully. A giggle escaped her throat uncontrollably. Suddenly and with great force, he pulled her hair and slammed her head down onto the counter. Shut the fuck up! he yelled. Julie submitted to this, a wave of fear and excitement swept over her as he leaned down, breathing on her neck.

You think I'm weak? he asked huskily, You think I'm sensitive? Against her better judgement she whispered, Yes. He picked her up by the hair and threw her down to the floor. He positioned himself behind her as she struggled to get up. Once on her hands and knees, she began to crawl away from him. The Rapist grabbed her and flipped her over, towering above her. It was then that she realized he was wearing a ski mask and an all black outfit. He slapped her face, delightfully stinging it. Her breathing became even heavier with shock and excitement as she looked into those brown eyes that were normally so clear and understanding, but were now cold and glazed over.

Mmmmm... he ran the knife over her body. Her neck, her face, her breasts, and then her thighs. She quivered beneath the cold blade. Suddenly he grabbed her arm and cut her, not deeply, but she screamed out from shock alone. Yeah, he whispered, You like that? I bet you do. Julie felt tears welling up inside her and heat building between her thighs. She felt confused. She was terribly aroused, but terribly afraid. She began to struggle, not knowing why. He pinned her arms above her head and spread her legs with his. He held her arms with one hand and he held the knife with the other. He held it to her throat, gently running it over her tender, pale skin. You want me to fuck you, don't you, you fucking whore? She began to cry and shake uncontrollably. He pressed it into her collarbone. Don't you?

She stammered out Don't hurt me... He dug the blade into her collarbone, cutting her, this time more deeply. She cried and wailed. Answer me, you fucking slut! he commanded. Y-yes...,she whispered. Her arm began going numb as the blood flowed from her collarbone. The Rapist laughed. I knew you did. He lifted her nightgown and slit open her panties. She continued to cry as he unzipped his pants, his penis fully erect already. His knife lingered at her inner thighs as he looked her over. Her eyes widened. I...Sam? Please...? Its...its not.....its not fun anymore Sam.

SHUT UP! he screamed, slapping her nearly into unconsciousness. When she reached full conciousness she realized he had cut her inner upper thigh, very close to her pussy. He smeared the blood up and down his cock as he moaned. S-Sam? she tried to ask through her fog. I know, I'm getting to it, you fucking horny bitch, he said as he slid his cock into her and began fucking her semi-lifeless body. She instantly felt stimulated as he pumped harder and faster than he ever had. She marveled at his strength. The hand that held the knife moved to hold her arms as the other hand reached for her throat. The Rapist clutched her throat, cutting off her air. She gasped and gurgled, and despite the fact that she was being brutally attacked, she came, again and again. You like that dont you? Dont you? he asked her in a gruff voice. He reached back from her throat, and as she gasped for air, he slapped her again and again, making her come each time.

Finally she began to feel dizzy, the room spun, and she was getting numb from all the blood lost. She suddenly didn't know what was happening, where she was, what was going on. Yes...mmmmm.... the Rapist moaned as he fucked her. want me to kill you, don't you? She mumbled daddy? daddy? He slapped her already dully aching face again. You want me to kill you, I know you do. Yes, daddy.... her eyes rolled back in her head as he plunged the knife deep into her throat, blood gushed from the fatal wound as he came inside of her then dead body. He then withdrew the knife from her throat and his cock from her pussy, as he leaned back on his heels. He smiled at the blood soaked knife. The knife she had bought for him. The knife she'd bought for their game.

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